50 Beautiful Turkish Names for Boys with Meaning

Turkish Names for Boys – There are many beautiful names in the world. Some of them are inspired by nature, while others are inspired by art or literature. But no matter where they come from, beautiful names have a way of making people feel special.

Turkey has a rich and diverse culture, and this is reflected in the beauty of Turkish names. Turkish names often have interesting meanings and origins, and they are often quite beautiful to say and hear. The uniqueness of Turkish names makes sure your child stands out from the crowd.

So if you are looking for a beautiful Turkish name for your baby boy, be sure to check out our list of the most beautiful Turkish names. You are sure to find the perfect name for your little one.

How Did We Decide?

The Turkish language has a rich history and culture that is reflected in its names. Turkish names are unique and beautiful, often with meanings that are special to the individual. Beauty is subjective, hence we gathered the beautiful boy Turkish names based on their meanings, origin, and popularity. Also, the list of names present in this article contains names starting from different alphabets and the most common and preferred alphabets for naming their kids by people.

Does the Name of a Person Affect the Personality?

A child’s name is often the first thing people learn about them, and it can shape people’s perceptions of them before they even meet. A name can influence how people see a person and how they interact with them. Naming a child is one of the first and most important decisions parents make. But what many parents don’t realize is that the name they choose for their child can have a lasting impact on their child’s personality and future. There is some evidence to suggest that a person’s name can influence their behavior. For example, children with ‘prettier’ names are more likely to receive favorable treatment from adults, which could lead to better life outcomes. Similarly, people with ‘unusual’ names are often treated as more trustworthy, which could lead to greater success in business.

Beautiful Turkish Names for Boys with Meaning

In our last post we talked about English Muslim Names and today we’ll look at Turkish names.

Turkey has a long history of being ruled by the Byzantines, Anatolians, and Ottomans. Due to the rule of the Ottoman Empire, which was an Islamic Caliphate, the roots of Turkish names have deep roots in Islam.

As Turkey is a Muslim country, so most of the names have Islamic roots. However, due to the influence of the Greco-Romans, and Persians, many Turkish names are quite unique and different.

Following is a list of Beautiful Baby boy names in Turkish with meanings:

Most Unique and Rare Turkish Boy Names

If you are looking for some unique Turkish boy names, then the following are a few beautiful Turkish boy names:

50 – Ferman

Meaning: Edict

The name Ferman is present in German and Turkish, both languages.

Although it is a Turkish name, due to the influence of the Persian language on Turkish, Ferman has Persian roots.

49 – Mazhar

Meaning: Esteemed.

The name Mazhar has various meanings. However, esteemed is the most settled meaning. It is an Islamic name and has its root in the Arabic language.

You can hear the name Mazhar not only in Turkey, where it is quite rare but also in other Muslim countries.

50 Beautiful Turkish Names for Boys with Meaning


48 – Miraç

Meaning: Muhammad’s ascent to heaven.

Miraç is a beautiful Muslim boy’s name. If you happen to reside in Turkey, and you are looking for a unique name for a boy, then Miraç is a perfect name.

The name has an Arabic origin and is used by parents in different countries to name their children.

47 – Mahir

Meaning: Talented and skillful.

Mahir is a popular yet unique Turkish boys name. It has a beautiful name meaning, which is Skillful and Talented.

As the meaning of names has certain effects on the name of the people, you would definitely love naming your child Mahir.

Even though this name is Turkish, it has an Arabic origin.

46 – Okan

Meaning: An individual of a noble nature or an archer.

Okan indicates a person of a highly noble nature. If you are looking to give your baby boy a name of Turkish origin, then Okan is a beautiful name with an attractive meaning.

45 – Ozan

Meaning: A composer or storyteller.

Ozan is an attractive Turkish name having Turkish roots. The name has a creative and artistic touch to it. Who knows that it might have an influence on your kid’s personality too!

Strong Turkish Boy Names

44 – Aslan

Meaning: Lion.

You must have heard different variations of the name Aslan, like Azlan. It is a strong and beautiful Turkish name.

Remember the movie Narnia and Lion, who was the King above all High Kings? Well, that is exactly what Aslan means.

43 – Burak

Fast and strong, like a lightning bolt.

Burak is a strong and manly Turkish name. This name has an Arabic origin and is based on the heavenly horse, Buraq, which could fly with the speed of a lightning bolt.

42 – Batuhan

Meaning: Brave and strong ruler.

Another manly and strong name, Batuhan, is given to a male child in Turkey. This name is composed of two words, Batu and han, which mean Brave and ruler.

41 – Erhan

Meaning: Soldier King

Erhan is another fascinating Turkish boy name. It used to be the name of noble people in the old days, or the tribal leaders and their sons.

40 – Hakan

Meaning: Noble, of the highest race or exalted son.

Hakan has a strong vibe attached to it. Many rulers had this powerful name as it suited their position. Hakan refers to a nobleman or a man of a high race.

39 – Kahraman

Meaning: hero

Kahraman is a Turkish name with Persian roots. Even though it is a little longer name, the name has a positive meaning. If you are not a fan of small and short names, then this name is just of a perfect length.

50 Beautiful Turkish Names for Boys with Meaning


38 – Orhan

Meaning: Great Leader

Orhan is another name that used to be opted in old times by Turkish tribal leaders to name their male child.

The name has powerful meaning and despite it being an old name, there is still something lovely about this name.

37 – Ruslan

Meaning: Lion

If you happened to like the name Aslan, then we have a similar name for you. Ruslan is an attractive Turkish name with the same meaning as Azlan, which means the lion.

36 – Süleyman

Meaning: Man of peace.

Süleyman is the name of Kings. Many great leaders and rulers of Turkey had this magnificent name.

Most Popular Turkish Boy Names

35 – Ali

Meaning: High, elevated, or champion.

Ali is a beautiful Muslim name and Muslims of different countries use the name Ali.

This name has a strong meaning, and Ali is the name of one of the most beloved companions of the Prophet P.B.U.H and a highly respected personality in Islam.

34 – Ahmet

Meaning: Highly praised

Ahmet is a variation of the name Ahmed. It is a beautiful Islamic name, and one of the most popular Muslim names across the world.

Primarily used as the first name, but many people use this name as a middle or last name as well.

33 – Abdullah

Meaning: Servant of God

Abdullah is a religious name, as our Prophet P.B.U.H’s father’s name was Hazrat Abdullah. So Muslims all around the world hold the name Abdullah with great respect.

32 – Hamza

Meaning: lion, and strong.

If you are looking for strong and popular Turkish male names, then Hamza should be on your list too.

31 – Hikmet

Meaning: Wise.

Hikmet is a Turkish name, and as the primary meaning of the word Hikmet is wise, so the name Hikmet means someone who is wise or who likes wisdom.

30 – İbrahim

Meaning: Father of many.

İbrahim is a common and popular Muslim name. It has Arabic origins and it is the same as ‘Abraham’ in Hebrew meaning “Father of many”.

29 – İsmail

Meaning: heard by God

İsmail is a fascinating Muslim name and it is the name of one of the Prophets of Allah and a highly respectable name in the Muslim community.

28 – Mehmet

Meaning: One who praises.

Mehmet is the Turkish version of the name Muhammad. It is the beautiful name of the most beloved Prophet of Muslims, Muhammad P.B.U.H.

27 – Mustafa

Meaning: Chosen, selected, appointed.

Mustafa is another highly respectable name in the Muslim community because it is the name of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

26 – Ömar

Meaning: Populous and flourishing.

Omar is one of the most popular names among other Turkish names. It has Arabic roots and is an Islamic name.

25 – Osman

Meaning: God’s protection.

Osman is a loveable name among Turkish people, many great Turkish rulers in past have had Osman as their names. So Osman is just a perfect name to give your child.

24 – Selim

Meaning: Safe.

Selim, Saleem, or Salem is a Muslim name often heard in Turkey. It has an Arabic origin which means safe or undamaged.

23 – Yusuf

Meaning: God increases in piety, power, and influence.

Yusuf is the most popular name in Turkey for boys. In 2019, Yusuf was the most popular Turkish name for boys.

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Modern Turkish Names for Boys

22 – Aras

Meaning: Eagle.

Aras has a modern touch in the name. Moreover, this is a Persian, Kurdish, Turkish and Urdu name for boys.

21 – Aybars

Meaning: There is the moon

If you want to name your child Aybars, then not only does it sound unique, but it also has a sweet meaning, so you should definitely consider this beautiful name!

20 – Baris

Meaning: Peace

Baris is an equally modern and cool name. This beautiful name has the meaning of peace. Moreover, it is a Turkish name with Turkish roots. So in case you are looking for a Turkish-originated modern name, then Baris is just perfect.

50 Beautiful Turkish Names for Boys with Meaning


19 – Can

Meaning: spirit, life, soul, or heart.

Can is a Turkish name, which is the same as the Persian word Jan meaning life or commonly used for referring to your beloved.

18 – Deniz

Meaning: Sea.

Deniz is a modern and cool name anyone would like to have. It might sound like the Greek name Denise. However, this is an Arabic/Muslim name.

17 – Doruk

Meaning: Top Of The Mountain

Doruk is a modern and powerful name. The meaning of the name is a mountain which signifies something strong itself.

16 – Eren

Meaning: Saint.

Eren is a short modern Turkish boy name that means Saint. Even though it is a Turkish name, you can hear it in different cultures such as

15 – Kıvanç

Meaning: Pleasure, and pride.

Kıvanç is a sweet Turkish boy name, and it reminds us of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. So if your boy is a handsome boy like him, then why not choose this name?

14 – Neval

Meaning: The new city or original place

Neval is a stylish Turkish name, you can either name your son or your daughter Neval as it is a unisex name.

Most Cool Turkish Names

13 – Cihan

Meaning: Universe

Surely, children are quite equal to a universe for their parents. If you are looking for a unique Muslim boy name, then naming your baby boy Cihan would be perfect.

Pronounced as [dʒihan] or Ji-Haan, Cihan is a beautiful name having its roots in Persian origin.

12 – Kerem

Meaning: Nobility and generosity.

Kerem is a Turkish Muslim name; it has an Arabic origin. The name Kerem is pronounced as Kareem. It is derived from the word Karam which means kindness.

11 – Murat

Meaning: Desired, and wished for.

Murat is a famous Turkish name which you must have heard in Turkish TV series. This name would perfectly suit your little handsome boy.

10 – Zehab

Meaning: The Fountain That Lasts Forever

Zehab is a cute and cool name with a touch of modernity in it. The beauty of this name is that it sounds perfect with any other name.

9 – Yagiz

Meaning: the brave and handsome one.

If your baby has pretty features and you think of him as a young brave boy, then naming your baby Yagiz would just complement him.

What are cute Turkish boy names?

8 – Bayram

Meaning: Festival.

Feel free to name your sweet little boy Bayram, which is a perfect Turkish boy name.

7 – Cem

Meaning: The One Who Rules

Cem is a Turkish name driven from the Persian word Jam. It is a unique name with a powerful meaning.

6 – Emin

Meaning: Trustworthy or confident.

There can be no greater quality than being Trustworthy. If you think the same, then giving this sweet name to your kid would be great.

5 – Emir

Meaning: Prince

Emir is an old Turkish name and was often used as a title in the old days. However, this beautiful short name has a royal meaning which would sound amazing on your little one.

4 – Ihsan

Meaning: Perfection.

The name Ihsan is often spelled differently, such as Ehsan and Ahsan. It means “to do beautiful things”, “beautification”, “perfection”, or “excellence”.

With such beautiful meanings, Ihsan is surely a beautiful and perfect name.

3 – Ufuk

Meaning: Horizon.

Ufuk is a Turkish name of Arabic origin, having the same meaning as the Arabic word Ufuk, Horizon.

2 – Umit

Meaning: Hope.

Umit is a gender-neutral name, so it can be used for both boys and girls. Moreover, if you have a baby boy, then this beautiful Turkish name which is short and unique can just give the right vibes.

1 – Zeki:

Meaning: Clever.

Zeki is a cute and short name for your little one. The name means clever and intelligent.

If you do not like long names, then Zeki is a cute name to give to your child. This name has Arabic origins.

We hope you found a good name from this list. If you’re still not sure, do go through these Modern Names For Muslim Boys with Meanings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the most Popular Turkish name for a boy?

According to Popularity, Doruk is the most popular Turkish name for a boy in 2022.

Q. What are some Turkish boy names that start with Z?

Zeki, Zehab, Zain, and Zohan are a few Turkish Male names that start with Z.

Q. What are some Turkish boy names that start with S?

Sevket, Suleyman, Saim, Safet, and Selim are some Turkish boy names that start with S.

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