30 Ideas On How To Wear White Shalwar Kameez For Women

White Shalwar Kameez Ideas for Women. The color white is the epitome of grace and elegance. White acts like a perfect blank canvas to show off any colorful embroidery, beadwork, or intricate work. Considering these, it is no wonder why this all-time angelic and celestial color has stayed in fashion for so long, primarily that it serves the purpose to both of the genders. Its heavenly and holy aura has made the color to be a symbol of purity.

With qualities like these, it is no wonder why this all-time favourite color has made its mark all over the world. But this color has a special place in the heart in the east when it comes to the traditional clothing of Shalwar Kameez. For women, this clothing cleverly incorporates the modesty that the culture requires while blessing them with the voguish and modern looks due to its capacity to absorb various fashion-centered innovations.

What To Wear With White Shalwar Kamiz

One of the most admirable attributes of white attire is its versatility and the fact that there exist no restraints when it comes to Shalwar Kameez. You can slay Shalwar Kameez in any season while just playing with the fabric (cotton in summer or velvet in winter). This attire is free from age-limit. From kids to older women, this can be adorned by anyone and still look like it is made just for that age-group. Don’t you worry as we have gathered the best ideas to wear white Shalwar kameez for women in 2019! Be it the dotted-designs or buttoned Shalwar kameez, 2019 allows us to play with the heavenly and angelic color with the traditional clothing that results in classy and beautiful statement outfits for us to play with.

how to wear shalwar kameez

Do’s & Dont’s Of Wearing White Shalwar Kameez

Kameez Length: The length of Kameez should not be too long or too short. One can wear knee-length Kameez with Shalwar. If you’re wearing Patiala shalwar, then you can wear a short shirt too.

Dupatta: Nowadays, dupatta wearing Shalwar and Kameez is optional. It depends on your style statement. Wearing colored dupattas with white shalwar kameez is also one of the latest trends that also looks great.

Appropriate Fitting: Too tight or too loose shalwar kameez can make you look awkward so don’t be a fashion disaster.

Footwear with Shalwar Kameez: Kolapuri Chappal goes well with Shalwar Kameez. If you’re wearing long Kameez, then you can go for heels too, especially if you’re dressing up for a formal occasion. But as you’ll see below, the most popular footwear with white shalwar kameez is the khussa or mojari.

Colors that look best with white shalwar kameez: As you’ll see below, certain underrated colors like yellow look spectacular when paired with white shalwar kameez. You can incorporate them in your outfit as a dupatta or in the form of accessories like shoes or handbags.

Accessories: Since white shalwar kameez is a minimalist outfit, you can easily go overboard and dress it up with your accessories. For example, if you’re wearing this outfit for Navratri, Eid or some other special occasion, you can bling it up with huge jhumkas.

White Shalwar Kameez

↓ 30 – Bell Sleeves with White Shalwar Kameez

Be the high-end brands or the local ones, the mixture of west and east fashion has surely made waves in the fashion industry. It is no wonder that the unique western fashion of flappy sleeves has merged with the traditional eastern clothing of shalwar kameez to result in this beautiful outfit. The V-neck of the kameez/Kurti surely elevated this dress to a whole new league. Want to know more about Eastern Fashion? Head over to 15 Modest Ways for Women To Wear Shalwar Kameez Fashionably

White Eastern Wear Styling Ideas

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (1)

↓ 29 – Golden Detailing

The shiny golden color elevates any color. So it is no surprise that the golden color looks breathtaking when it is paired with the white shalwar kameez. When adorned with golden jewelry, you will look no less like a royalty.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas for Women

White Shalwar Kameez

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white shalwar kameez

↓ 28 – Loose Tunic Style Kameez

It is no surprise that almost all colors look beautiful on the serene aura of white. But no color seems to display the elegance and grace on white than golden. It cleverly elevates the outfit from the sheer simplicity of white and makes it a praise-worthy outfit.

White Shalwar Kameez Outfitswhite shalwar kameez outfits

↓ 27 – Dotted White Shalwar Kameez

The presence of heavy shalwar cleverly complements the shiny attention-grabbing silver dots on the dupatta and kameez of the outfit. The above knee lent long kameez preserves the traditional look while giving the outfit a modern touch at the same time.

White Shalwar Kameez Outfits


Alternatively, you can also go for a dotted shalwar but in this case, you will have to keep the shirt in plain fabric.

white shalwar kameez

↓ 26 – Colourful Dupatta with Short Kameez

Play with the simple yet surreal white shalwar kameez with a colorful statement dupatta. The colorful dupatta also gives you the confidence to rock the traditional chappals or even khussas!

Are you a fan of Shalwar Kameez? So we are! Grab a cup of tea and read Latest Shalwar Kameez Designs for Girls-15 New Styles to try

White Eastern Outfits

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The white color acts as a blank canvas for you to experiment with colors. This dress will give you exactly that. With its simple look, it invites you to play around with the outfit a little bit, and this is where the multi-colored dupatta comes in. The touch of colors will bring light into the whole outfit and makes it appropriate for summer to compliments the sunny heat.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas for Women (24)white shalwar kameez outfits

↓ 25 – Silvery Detailing

The color white is future elevated when paired with the bright and attractive silver color. This is exactly what happens with this outfit when the traditional white shalwar kameez is met with shiny silvery color. You can further only by bordering the kameez with the intricate design of lace, giving it the perfect traditional finish.

White Eastern Outfits


↓ 24 – Embroidered White Shalwar Kameez

Golden is not the only color that suits white color. Almost any color will make you feel like a holy and angelic goddess. This outfit is no different. Instead of using a single color, this color went all in and used the display of various color in the shape of embroidery, which makes it all the more unique.

White Eastern Outfits

white shalwar kameez outfits

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↓ 23 – Collar Neck White Shalwar Kameez

The mix of western and eastern fashion almost in every case brings out the best in the fashion world. This outfit is the perfect example of it. The western touch of the collar on the Kameez beautifully complements the traditional and eastern look of shalwar kameez.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (2)

↓ 22 – With Floral Dupatta

We all have some floral dupattas from our lawn suits that can be paired easily with white shalwar kameez. You can pair it with a colorful necklace too like Urooj did and of course, we’re loving her beautiful makeup that’s perfect for daywear, you can find a close-up below:

white shalwar kameez outfitswhite shalwar kameez white shalwar kameez

↓ 21 – With Statement Earrings

white shalwar kameez outfits

↓ 20 – With A Jacket

Want to look like a boss-lady and traditional at the same time? Well, this outfit will do the job for you! The gown on the Kameez adds the modern western touch to the traditional shalwar kameez. The modern touch will allow you to rock the western heels like the perfect cherry on top to your outfit of the day.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (5)

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↓ 19 – Simple & Angelic 

What you are looking at is one of the most classic and ever-loved designs of shalwar kameez. The most appealing aspect of the design is that it gives you the same sophisticated and mature look that will look flattering on you on any color. The angelic white, with its unique and intricate designed of kameez, is surely a masterpiece on the world of fashion of shalwar kameez.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (6)


↓ 18 – Pure Punjabi Look

Want to merge the bright color to pair up with the simple look of white? This dress’s pink on the kameez and the eye-catching pink dupatta will make you stand out from the crowd. The traditional heavy shalwar will complete the cultural shalwar kameez look for you.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (7)

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↓ 17 – Silk Shalwars

White color, when coupled with silk fabric, truly gives you the aura of nobility. The expensive look will make you the center of attention on any occasion, especially with work of golden thread on the outfit. The beautiful and glamorous look is completed with the accessory of bright red dupatta.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (8)


↓ 16 – Styling Sheer Salwar Kamiz

The sheer fabric of the outfit will give you an expensive and stylish look, especially with the tulip shalwar. This tulip shalwar is unique with the threaded hanging accessory. The golden hanging at the neck will let you play with the appropriate and matching accessories.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (9)


↓ 15 – Sheer Embroidered White Shalwar Kameez

Are you tired of the traditional and basic looks and want to experiment with your look while looking elegant and graceful at the same time? Look no more because here is your answer! The beautiful colorful flower-like embroidery on the kameez and on the dupatta will give your outfit an aura of spring.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (10)


↓14 – Golden Embroidery For Formal Wear

The thick golden lace on the kameez and the dupatta gives the outfit a classy and elegant touch. The golden color invites you to play with accessories like sparkling and glittering bangles earring and rings.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (11)

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↓ 13 – Unique Colored-Jacket Shalwar Kameez

The best aspect of white shalwar kameez is that you can make the simple outfit as your statement piece just by playing with it the right way. This is the perfect example of it. The colorful jacket-like design on the kameez will make you stand out from the crown on any occasion like a Mehendi and make you look like a fashion diva.

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White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (12)

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↓ 12 – Sleeveless White Kameez For Summers

As shalwar kameez gives you the space to experiment with various designs, you can gain from this opportunity by adding a modern touch to the traditional clothing. The short sleeves kameez cleverly compliments the shalwar and the whole outfit in the result.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (13)

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↓ 11 – With Frilled Details

This look would work for you if you had enough of short kameez style. This knee-length kameez looks angelic in its sheer simplicity.

white shalwar kameez outfits

white shalwar kameez outfits

↓ 10 – Tulip Shalwar

The kameez, with its beautiful feminine a-line design at the edge, grabs the attention of the people and but stands out from the crowd is its unique design of shalwar, which is called tulip shalwar. If stitched properly, this simple angelic piece can be your favourite outfit in your closet!

white shalwar kamez

↓ 09 – Accessorize With Buttons

The long embroidered kameez is inspired by the long kurti which cleverly complements the loose shalwar. The winning factor of the whole outfit is the long white buttons in the middle of Kameez, which cleverly contours your figure to be slim.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (16)

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↓ 08 – Traditional Prints

Incorporate traditional prints and elements like ajrak into your outfit to add on the desi vibes. You can find more ideas on this from our earlier post on 20 Ways To Wear Traditional Prints in Everyday Outfits.

white shalwar kameezwhite shalwar kameezwhite shalwar kameez

↓ 07 – With Floral Embroidery

The most appealing aspect of the white color is how it fits all seasons. The lively aura of the color white can fit the spring and summer or the serene and calmness of winter and autumn. The dress perfectly fits the former case. With the flowery patterns at the neck and the intricate work on the kameez, this outfit embodies the good vibe of the white shalwar kameez in the perfect way. Check out our earlier post about 21 Best Ways to Wear Hijab with Shalwar Kameez.

white shalwar kameez outfits

↓ 06 – Statement Sleeves

This outfit will truly suit the young girls.

white shalwar kameez outfitswhite shalwar kameez outfits

↓ 05 – Self-Printed Shalwar Kameez

Self-prints are a great way to make you white outfit stand out.

white shalwar kameez outfits

↓ 04 – Cotton Fabric For Spring/Autumn

 The real beauty of the above outfit lies in the simplicity and seductive appeal of the white color. The gorgeous white shalwar kameez is surely a masterpiece, especially with the revolution of the fashion industry. Nothing looks more appealing when the traditional fashion of shalwar kameez is mixed with the modern style of sneakers.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (21)

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↓ 03 – With Khussas

In the world of ever-changing fashion, be the star of the occasion by opting out this beautiful yet simple white shalwar kameez. To get the essence of the angelic and euphoric white, rich, and high-quality fabric is necessary as it elevates the whole outfit and makes it look expensive.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (22)

↓ 02 – With Yellow Colored Dupatta Or Accessories

The simple white heavenly fine silk shalwar kameez will look perfect for a fancy occasion. When paired with colorful khussa, the fine threads of silk will be pronounced, even more, making you look like a true empress. The fancy yellowish-golden dupatta will a cherry on top to the outfit.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (23)


how to wear white shalwar kamiz

↓ 01 – Off-White Shalwar Kameez For Casual Wear

If there is one fashion trend in summer that has made everyone crazy, that trend is “chickenkari”. Chickenkari is actually a form of embroidery with its roots in the Mughal architecture. It’s a very delicate and skilfully done embroidery that is available in most fabrics these days. But when buying a chickenkari suit, do have a close look to make sure that the embroidery is neatly done. The loose-fitting of the outfit is modest enough to make it appropriate for any occasion while making it fashionable with the unique design.

White Shalwar Kameez Styling Ideas (24)


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