20 Most Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands In 2021

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands– The life of a celebrity revolves around so many cameras and since there is a downfall in this carrier as you are not going to stay young forever, people tend to invest in businesses that would help them in long run. In this case, some set up their fashion brands, some beauty brands others spend in sports, and a lot more. Diversity in mindsets erupts while making decisions regarding investments for future consumption.

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Successful celebrity-owned clothing lines

How To Find Affordable Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands In 2021?

You need not worry about finding celebrity-owned clothing brands because we already did! Here are a few famous brands owned by celebrities along with their price range.

Brand NamePrice Range (Clothing)
Savage X Fenty22$-100$
Victoria by Victoria Beckham220$ – 2500$
Kendall + Kylie10$-150$
LC by Lauren Conrad10$-3000$
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker100$-2000$
Elizabeth and James10$-500$
Being Human13$-82$
The Jessica Simpson Collection30$-100$
AnM Closet13$-100$
Good American100$-170$
IVY Park65$- 85$
MAYA Prêt-a-Porter180$ -350$
Wrogn9$ – 45$

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This brand comes with a huge variety in lingerie: undergarments and loungewears. Additionally, these articles come up in various sizes-upto 3X. Furthermore it is a major plus point of this brand that it covers every body shape and size, if you visit their website you will realize that all type of models are welcomed no matter what their color or size. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands6


This brand provides a variety of categories; dresses, jackets, skirts, accessories and much more. The articles come in a variety of rainbow colors. Additionally, the website is extremely user friendly hence facilitates in changing currency according to your shipping location to make it easy for you to know the price range. Since, the dresses available are both formal and informal pick whatever you want from their wardrobe and you are good to go. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands5


Who does not know this brand offers various segments of fashion including: Apparels, eyewear, shoes, and handbags. Since we are focusing on clothing here, let’s stick to it. From this beautiful brand, you can buy yourself Denim, pants, Tees and Tanks, Joggers, Shorts, Leggings, SweatShirt and Hoodies. By this you can assess the amount of miscellany in the shelf. Most of the contents here come in plain colors however the website is extremely user friendly and highly recommended.

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands


The Hill’s star Lauren Conrad is extremely talented! Personally I love the colors and designs on her brand moreover the diversity is mesmerizing. Besides, adult clothing, this brand also provides kids outfits (both; male and female). Highlighting the adult clothing, from cool informals to stylo formals, everything is available here. Apart from Clothing, LC provides a wide range of shoes, jewellery, handbags, accessories and home decor. Furthermore there is a eye-catching range of kid’s dresses available too. Shop for yourself and your little one under the same roof!

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands1


Sarah Jessica Parker has starred in a lot of movies and keep on amazing us with her looks. There’s no less to her wonders as she owns a clothing brand too named SJP. SJP welcomes heterogeneity; footwear, accessories & gifts, fragrances and apparel. Since we are throwing a shadow on the clothing only, for right now SJP presents a beautiful apparel collection. The apparel collection does not have much to show online but I am sure there would be much to choose from, from the store. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands2


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have entertained the industry and shower their amazing movies on us for long. Among their blockbuster movies are; New York Minute, The Challenge etc. Elizabeth and James has a wide variety of beautiful apparels, handbags and jewels to offer. This brand reflects some very cool vibes as it offers informal clothing mostly but with exotic, yet calm prints and styles. As a conclusion it is a very amazing clothing line to shop from if you want routine dresses especially if you are a college/university student. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands4


Wait! Have not you heard about the most famous The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Never mind, who hasn’t! This amazing woman has a brilliant mind and has invested in her brand as well. ED, offers a wide range of cozy socks and pretty sleepwears. However it also provides the customer with an amazing list of rugs, decorative pillows, blankets, candles, mugs and much more. Concluding it showers mesmerizing products under the heading of bedding, bathing and dinning. 

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Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands7


This brand is known for sprinkling beautiful and modest clothes to satisfy its customer’s taste. Its modest fashion styles include: Hijabs and long mexi dresses. This brand furnishes its closet with jumpsuits, jackets, coats, cardigans, bottoms, sets etc. Undoubtedly, the dresses are extremely beautiful with floral aesthetics moreover the jumpsuits are least revealing and eye catching. Along with midi tops and elegant coats, it also provides amazing sets. It is a worth visiting brand!

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands8


You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
When I’m gone

Does this song ring a bell? Hell yes! Pitch Perfect it is. Rebel Wilson starred in this movie and made us all smile due to her cute tricks. Rebel Welson has eased the difficult of a lot of plus sized women by decorating her brand’s closet with outfits for plus sized women. This brand offers its dresses on amazon and poshmark. Mostly, the outfits target daily routine casual dresses additionally they are mostly plain. However they are all trendy and seems comfortable. So pick your favorite outfit and rock it!

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands9


Twilight is one hell of a series starring Nikki Reed. Who does not know Damon Salvatore? The most famous heart throbbing vampire of the century. Not only is he talented enough but his wife has a great taste in jewellery. Bayou with love is mostly about jewellery but showcases some remarkable apparels as well. The trendy dresses are entitled to light colors, some are pastels moreover the variety of costumes is eye-appealing and leaves you out of cash. Apart from apparels, BaYou showers a variety in jewellery, giftcard, beauty etc. Trust me there is no type of piece of jewellery you cannot find here. Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands10


The Kardashians are all over the globe due to their show, investments and lifestyle. SKIMS is a solutions oriented brand creating the next generation of underwear, loungewear and shapewear. Under its umbrella, skims showers different kinds of cozy wears that are made up of comfortable towel textures. Additionally it also offers shapers; backless, normal, and maternity. Furthermore they come for majority of dress types and provide perfect body shapes. Besides, cozy and shapewears, there are kids outfits too that include leggings, knit wear and jackets as well. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands11


Since Covid, clothing lines are becoming more expensive with the passage of time. The prices have doubled ever since, causing multiple issues for the customers hence finding an affordable celebrity line is difficult. Although, the price range-list has been displayed at the top but in order to sum up and provide a general overview, I think the following global celebrity brands are affordable: ED, Jessica Simpson collection and Fenty. On the other hand, Asian brands such as SKULT and AnM closet are extremely affordable depending upon what type of dress do you want. 


Aditiya from Jab We Met, or the rowdy guy from Udta Punjab?No no, it’s the spoilt sweet Kabir Singh. Shahid Kapoor has entertained us with his multidimensional characters in his movies. SKULT is India’s first athliesure clothing line that offers a wide variety of costumes best for athletes. 

SKULT = Shahid Kapoor + Cult

This fashion brand is a partnership with Shahid Kapoor with abof. Besides, just being a clothing line this brand aspires to develop self-faith in oneself along with providing comfort to athletes. SKULT outfits are available on Amazon, Myntra, and Pantaloons. Here, you can find all types of comfortable trousers and shirts for men under one roof. The variety of colors and designs is huge!

Note: Flat 30% off on your first order along with free delivery. 



Salman Khan is well known for his blockbuster movies: Bhajrangi Bhaijan, Wanted, Dabang and lots more. Besides from his roles in bollywood movies Salman Bhai is known for his generous work via Being Human charity. Being Human has a lot of things under its sky including e-cycle, clothing and jewellery. Considering the fact that we are focusing on clothing only, Being Human targets male fashion hence provides brilliant quality tops and bottoms that include shirts, jackets, denims, shorts and lots more. 

Fact: Avail Sale right now!

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands13


The Dukes of Hazard character Jessica Simpson has entertained the audience with amazing content while on screen and while shifting to off screen she switched to fashion industry and provided us with brilliant fashion outfits. This collection is a roof to so many varieties of dresses, shoes, accessories etc. Under the heading of clothing it further has a long list of attires: Tees, jumpsuits, tie-dye, loungewear, activewear outerwear and lots more. Concluding, it has a variety in dresses and styles making it stand out. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands14


Our very own Lollywood actresses/models have enlightened us with decent styles. Aimen Khan, known to be one of the most followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram, along with her sister Minal Khan have established a well known closet; AnM closet. AnM has seen its worst and best days from being criticized for its styles to being praised for its affordable designs. The diversity under this outlet is mesmerizing and leaves you out of cash. Apart from Eastern it also showcases western designs. Shop here in affordable prices and you are good to go.

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands15


Khloe Kardashian comes from a well known family tree, and is well known for her lifestyle moreover her appearance in Keeping up with Kardashians. Additionally from swims, jeans, essentials to clothing and shoes everything is available under this shed.  The quality of products is to the point and the variety is amazing. it provides a good variation to satisfy the needs or wants of every customer hence getting good sales.

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands16


Remember those walls I built
Well, baby, they’re tumbling down
And they didn’t even put up a fight
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Beyonce has been giving us quality music content since ages. Every kid on the street moreover every adult has her songs on his tongue. Besides her talent in music industry she has also taken steps towards fashion industry. Also this closet line is a collaboration with Adidas hence it makes it quite clear that the articles are sporty. This costume line blankets several different types of sport leggings and shorts along with shirts targeting women only. All the articles are in orange additionally swim suits are also available. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands17


Main item number nahi karungi
Jo karna hai karwaale 

Talk about Man Mayal or Sanam, Maya has stolen the hearts of all the viewers. Known to be the sweetest and always readily exchanging gifts, Maya finally decided to establish her own brand that too very recently. MAYA Prêt-a-Porter offers accessories as well as clothing items. Accessories include fancy formal hand pouch additionally embellished clothes that can be worn on ceremonies, weddings and other formal events. The clothes here are vibrant and beautiful moreover all the eastern outfits are so eye catching that they will leave you speechless. Do visit this website and shop the best Eastern outfits.

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands18


India’s popular cricketer Virat Kohli is a multi talented individual. Additionally he has starred in several advertisements and apart from that he has been modeling. Furthermore this talented individual has put a step in fashion industry too. The attires available here are all men only and quality products. From Tee shirts, sweatshirts to joggers and shoes everything for men is available under this single roof. The outfits are in fine quality and good colors furthermore styles. 

Note: Up to 60% off on all the articles right now. 

Successful Celebrity-Owned Clothing Brands19



Q. Who is the most famous person in the world right now 2021?

Ans. Christiano Ronaldo

Q. Do celebrities inspire people?

Ans. Celebrities are a source of motivation for the on lookers (fans) as they idealise their lives as aspire to be like them.

Q. Which celebrity has most expensive house?

Ans. Howard Stern-52 Million

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