28 Recommended Shoes to Wear with Skirts of Different Types

Best shoes to wear with skirts. Bored of wearing jeans and trousers daily? If you’re thinking to break the fashion monotony of jeans and trousers then give skirts a try! Skirts never go out of fashion and look good on almost every body type because of the versatile styles they come in. You can mix and match them with different shoes, shirts, and jewelry, which is both time and cost-effective.

You should also experiment with different lengths and pair them up with stunning shoes for best looks.

What Shoes To Wear With Skirts?

Are you sure you are pairing your skirt with the right type of shoes? If you’re in a confused state while deciding which shoe to wear with skirt outfits then let Branded Girls team help you out.

There are a variety of footwear choices to pair up with different types of skirts. But which shoes will look best with your skirt? In this article, we’ll be sharing the recommended choices of shoes that you can wear with skirts. But first, let’s get a little know-how on this relationship between skirts and shoes.

  • The options of styling shoes with skirts are unlimited. There is no such thing as “these shoes don’t go with skirts.”.
  • Heels or flats, it is up to you because with skirts you can wear any shoes you like that make you comfortable and look nice to your own self.
  • It is perfectly alright to wear casual sneakers on every day regular skirts and also your fancy tutu and mesh lace skirts.

Best Ideas To Style Shoes With Skirts For Women (1)

Now that we are rid of any myths that say that there is a dress code to be followed while wearing skirts, let’s see the different ways you can take ideas from to style your perfect skirt outfits.

↓ 30 – Ethnic Vibes

For ethnic/bohemian vibes, pair your skirt printed with nude toe-ring sandals.

shoes to wear with skirts

↓ 29 – Shoes With Skirts For Curvy Women

For more ideas and tips, check out these Ideal Plus Size Outfits Ideas with Skirts for Curvy Ladies.

plus size shoes with skirts

↓ 28 – Brooch Peep Toes With Tutu

Tutu skirts make ladies look like dolls from the Barbie world. The best shoes to wear with tutu skirts are high heels. Wear a black and white blouse on a black tutu skirt with beige peep-toe brooch detail heels.

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↓ 27 – The Most Comfortable Shoes To Wear With Skirts

Traveling means a lot of walking of course. When you are traveling you definitely want to look pretty for the pictures but also do not want to feel tired of the long adventurous trips on foot. Wear an animal printed skirt and a white blouse for the pretty pictures and for the comfort where your joggers or sneakers. Don’t forget your coat to keep warm.

Best Ideas To Style Skirt With Shoes (2)


↓ 26 – Mesh Lace Skirt With Trainers

Mesh lace skirts obviously make into the fancy category of skirts. Well if you are someone who does fancy with comfort and a little bit of sport then you can always pair up your favorite trainers with a mesh lace skirt. Purple blouse on a lemon skirt with trainers from the closet makes a fun outfit.

Best Ideas To Style Skirt With Shoes (9)


↓ 25 – Flat Gladiators On Tulip Skirt

Tulip skirts look ultra fashion-forward. The cut of this style of skirt is very different. You can wear gladiator strappy flats with a full-length tulip skirt. The white blouse, peachy skirt, and gold sandals make a great outfit.

Best Ideas To Style Skirt With Shoes (10)


↓ 24 – Pumps With Pencil Skirt

Fitted pencil skirts are a form which is loved by many women. You can always pop into a pair of black pumps with heels when wearing a pencil skirt. The pumps maintain the overall slender stature a that a pencil skirt has to offer. Black pumps are a must-have in your closet since they can work on so many different outfits; for instance, this gray floral blouse over a russet pencil skirt.

Best Ideas To Style Skirt With Shoes (13)



↓ 23 – Slides On Skirt For A Chill Look

Slides scream of lazy and casual. Well, it is not necessary that the casual and laidback style of dressing cannot look stylish. Or maybe you’re just dressing up for a day at the beach. You can confidently wear a pair of slides slippers over a white cotton skirt. Pull over a colorful round neck tee and not to forget, sunglasses.

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↓ 22 – What Shoes To Wear With A Layered Skirt

Layered skirts look very stylish when worn nicely. Like this printed layered skirt of which one half is a straight skirt and the other half is cut in layers. The black strappy stilettos look so nice as they tie all the colors in the skirt and the plain white blouse together. If you like this beautiful ankara skirt, do check out these Top 20 Ankara Styles outfits for Ladies to Follow.

Best Ideas To Style Skirt With Shoes (3)


↓ 21 – All Over Denim Skirt Outfit With Stilettos

Allover denim dresses can look pretty nice. You can wear a denim skirt and blouse with pink stilettos. Why pink though? To break the monotony of the blue from the entire denim dress and to keep the feminine touch going of course.

Best Ideas To Style Skirt With Shoes (4)


↓ 20 – Block Heels With Pleated Skirt

Block heels are great footwear if you are someone who enjoys wearing heels along with the luxury of comfort. Also, block heels look very pretty when worn with skirts. A pink pleated skirt with a black blouse is sure to look good when paired with black block heels. Here are the best Skirt Outfits for Teens.

Best Ideas To Style Skirt With Shoes (12)


↓ 19 – Ankle Boots With Pencil Skirts for Work

Wear neutral-colored ankle boots with pencil skirts to have a balanced look and this also makes your legs look longer. Darker shades of ankle boots just make the bottom area of your outfit look heavy.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (1)


↓ 18 – Boat Shoes With Pleated Skirts for School

Wearing pleated colorful skirts with boat shoes is quite a popular trend. Boat shoes clash with formal outfits. So, always pair them up with funky looking skirts as they both complement each other.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (3)

↓ 17 – Shoes With Long Skirts

Flip slopes can be worn with flowy maxi skirts as they both give a quite summery look. You can choose colorfully or animal printed flip flops to wear with maxi skirts.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (4)


↓ 16 – The Diverse And Creatively Designed Espadrilles

 You can wear espadrilles with a maxi or midi length skirts. If you wear them with maxi skirts try choosing espadrilles with heels to differentiate them from normal slippers.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (5)


↓ 15 – The Cute Ballerinas

Pairing up cute colorful ballerinas with denim skirts is always a good option for a stroll around the town. There are a number of different ways to wear ballerina with your skirts and to rock them on whatever occasion you are going to wear them. If you want to get a perfect street look mixed with elegance and grace then this ballerina combo is the one for you. Go for the dull-colored skirt and then wear a dull-colored plaid pattern shirt with it tucked all the way into the skirt. For the ballerinas go for opposite colors like gold or silver to perfect the whole look. For the accessories, you can wear anything as long as it is going to be in gold or silver color to match your ballerinas.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (6)


↓ 14 – What Shoes To Wear With Skirts In Winters?

This winter season, invest your money in buying a cool and classy pair of boots to pair up with denim skirts. Try choosing flat boots or the ones with lower heels. This idea is perfect for winter and if you want to look chic and pretty during the winter too. Basically, this look is all about wearing leg warmers and along with it, you can wear long boots to match it. For the color combo, you can go for a denim mini skirt with off white colored loose sweater or cardigan and then go for classic brown colored long boots with gray colored leg warmers for the best combo for winters.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (7)


↓ 13 – Golden Shoes For A Super Hot Look

The golden color is quite trending these days. Have fun by pairing glittery golden sandals with a blackish skirt and some funky top to give a totally funky look. If you are wearing a totally black dress that includes a black shirt and black colored knee-length skirt and you feel like going for black shoes is going to be too mainstream then switch to pure golden heels. Gold heels go with any colored dress from blue to orange to black. Give this unique combo a try.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (8)


↓ 12 – Get A Dapper Look With Brogues

People usually think that brogues can only be worn with styles that are guy inspired but that’s not true anymore. Try and pair them up with skirts and enjoy the look. For a dashing and chic combo, you can wear a gray-colored extremely loose top and tuck it in the jet black skirt in a messy way. For shoes, you can go for Brogues in black and gold colors to match the look because you can never go wrong with the combo of black and gold.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (9)


↓ 11 – Clogs Are The New Favorites

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Clogs are the new favorite for summers and work perfectly with pleated skirts. This outfit and shoes are great for a casual day out.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (10)

↓ 10 – Pair Up Pull Up Sneakers With Skirts For A Classy Look

How cool does these cheetah print pull up sneakers look on this leather skirt and tank top?, This is an utter fashionista’s outfit who loves to look chic even when going to grab a cup of coffee. If you want to add extra spice into your outfit game and if you want it to be full of different textures then go for this brilliant idea to match your outfit. For this look, you can go for the off-white colored sleeveless shirt and tuck it all the way inside the black leather mini skirt. For the sneakers, go for leopard print slip-on sneakers to give your whole outfit an extra hint of spice. We also recommend that you check out these Outfits with Hi-Low Skirts.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (11)

↓ 9 – Shoes To Wear With Midi Skirts

You can pair up mid-length skirts with soft colored mules but if you want to pair up mules with a mini skirt then go for the ones that are not much delicate. Contrasting colors are always a great idea when trying to find your shoes to match your whole outfit. For this contrasting look, you can go for a leopard print skirt in black and white and then wear a formal blouse in pure white color and tuck that blouse all the way inside your skirt. The skirt can be of any length from knee-length full length one, It is totally up to you. For the Shoes, go for bright orange-red colored mules to match with your outfit. You can wear any kind of bright colored mules for this outfit.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (12)


↓ 8 – Peep Toes

Peep toes make great footwear on almost all outfits. A leather skirt with peep toe shoes is sure to look good.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (13)


↓ 7 – Oxfords With Fitted Skirts

Plum skirt with tees and black jacket and hat with oxford shoes make a great outfit for sunny days.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (14)


↓ 6 – Platform Shoes

Platform shoes do add a good few inches to the height. Plus point is that they also look great with skirts. Wear a white ruffle detail skirt with black blouse and jacket and for the shoes, choose to wear black platform shoes to look fabulous among the crowd.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (15)


↓ 5 – Shoes With Skirt & Tights

This makes a very cute and cozy winter look. Skirt over tights helps you keep warm and the brown riding boots also look great on the style. Top your look off with a long-sleeved cardigan and scarf around the neck.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (16)


↓ 4 – Wedge Shoes

Wedges and skirts make a great combination. You can wear nude and mustard wedges over a khaki skirt with a black leather jacket for a fabulous look.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (17)


↓ 3 – Track Shoes Give An Adorable Look When Paired With Skirts

Who says one can’t wear skirts to the park. Well, you always can with a pair of comfy track shoes.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (18)


↓ 2 – High Heeled Gladiators

If you want a little more classic and formal look for parties and night out with friends or even for date nights then this combo is the one that you have been looking for. For this combo, you can need to wear a black cropped top with a classic brown colored knee-length skirt and then wear a thick and prominent belt with it. For the shoes go for black colored gladiators to spice things up.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (19)


↓ 1 – Stiletto Heels

Stiletto heels always look great on skirts. If you are wearing them on a mini skirt, they’ll make your legs look all the more slender and sexier.

Different types of shoes with a variety of skirts (20)


These were all the different ways in which you can style your skirts and shoes together. All the styles are equally fabulous so pick those that you like the best and dress to impress.

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