32 Cutest Ariana Grande’s Outfits That Every Girl will Love

Ariana Grande’s Outfits of all time-Ariana Grande, as you probably know, is a famous young actress and singer from America. Starting her career at the age of 8 in children’s theatre and building her way up through Nickelodeon and onto the big stage. With all these achievements, Ariana is also regarded as an ultimate diva in the fashion world.

With influences from Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Fergie, it is not surprising that her career hit the highlights. Despite yet being in her twenties, Ariana still stands high in the world of fashion with some stunning outfits from red carpet attire to daily casual wear. Most of the young girls love to dress like her, which is why we bring this collection of her best looks. You can get a lot of ideas from this collection on how to dress like Ariana Grande and see which brands she likes to wear. To get more celebrities style ideas, check out these 5 brands that every celebrity wears.

Latest Outfits Of Ariana Grande That You Can Copy

As a fan of florals, patterns, and polka dots, it is not unusual to see Ariana rocking outfits of these styles. These styles being famous worldwide it is not difficult to copy any of Ariana’s outfits. It should also be noticed that Ariana’s choice of shoes is seen repeatedly throughout her outfit styles. Her hairstyles are simple and chic and so easy to copy.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (3)

↓ 32 – How To Dress Like Ariana Grande? Steal Her Style!

If there’s one piece of clothing that Ariana is seen wearing, again and again, it’s oversized layering items like jackets, coats, and sweaters. So if you’re interested in stealing her style, you definitely need to invest in some rad oversized clothes. She has been seen wearing them as dresses, for layering and even as her favourite street style outfits. So if you’re a true Ariana Grande fan, you must share the same love for oversized, baggy clothes.

latest outfits of ariana grandelatest outfits of ariana grandelatest outfits of ariana grandelatest outfits of ariana grande

↓ 31 – Ariana Performing In Jumpsuits

We mostly see Ariana Granda performing while wearing swimsuits or dresses at formal events, but at times she also wears amazing jumpsuits to her performances and looks ultra-modern and fabulous. If your physique is similar to Ariana’s, you’ll find a lot of inspiration from these 25 Outfits for Skinny Girls.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (16)

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (14)

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (15)

↓ 30 – Pretty Lady In A Coat

Black straight pants with a black tank top and matching high heel pumps. The long cream coat and statement hairstyle make it all the more Ariana Grande.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (11)

↓ 29 – Time 100 Look

This look is from the Time 100 gala that named the top 100 most influential people. The celebrity wore a Christian Siriano dress made of black net and ruffle details. A stunning look for a remarkable occasion.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (6)

↓ 28 – Ariana In Overalls

Denim overalls on a white sleeveless tank top. The one unhooked the strap, and black boots make it the outfit of a celebrity.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (23)


This is also a charming look of Ariana Grande in overalls where she wears a white and black striped full sleeves round neck tee-shirt under denim overalls with a denim belt at the waist.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (13)

↓ 27 – Ariana In Action

How cute is this style for a sunny day concert? High-waisted denim shorts with a black tank top and black boots. A black and white check button-down shirt tied at the waist and a choker on her neck.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (24)

↓ 26 – Breathtaking Beauty Outfit

A deep maroon flowy net dress with an off-shoulder and pleated bodice cut by Vera Wang. Hair donned in a high up ponytail, making her look like a princess right out of a fairytale.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (21)

↓ 25 – Red Carpet Look

The ultimate fashionista’s outfit to wear to the red carpet event. Full-length printed dress with unique cuts and a slit over one leg to make it look more stylish. Black heeled pumps and diamond studs for the ears.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (9)

↓ 24 – Amazing Airport Styles

Grande is a celebrity that loves travelling in style. Her airport always looks talk of comfort but are simultaneously perfectly aligned with fashion trends. A comfortable pair of track pants with a matching tee and purse. The long parka to keep the cold away and comfortable white sneakers.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (27)

Casual airport-style where she wears black tights and black tees under a black puffer jacket. Pink comfy pumps and her luggage make her ready for her adventures.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (28)

↓ 23 – Woman Of The Year Look

This is the stunning look Ariana Grande wore on the night she accepted her Woman Of The Year Award. The dress was a custom made one by designer Christian Siriano from his 2019 pre-fall collection. The shoes were Eva Long Stretch Boots by Lesilla. This outfit was sure to win her the award!

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (5)

↓ 22 – Black And Bold Styles

Ariana Grande is definitely a diva; She can carry any style beautifully that is for sure. Here she wears an all-black leather skirt, and sleeveless top-dress with matching long leather boots. The reddish-brown lip color also makes a bold statement on its own. Another bold black look is this off-shoulders black mesh lace crop top dress worn over high-waisted black pleated bell bottoms.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (22)

↓ 21 – Pretty In Pink

How cool does Ariana look in this pretty pink bomber jacket? The jacket is unique in its color and embroidery. To make it the outfit of a superstar she wore it over black fishnet sheer stockings and matching velvet long stretch boots.  You can choose to wear the style differently if you wish by wearing black shorts or a skirt with this stunning jacket.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (12)

↓ 20 – Ariana’s Lazy Day Look

This Ariana style is so easy to follow that anyone of you out there can pull it off perfectly well. Grey sweat pants and a grey sweatshirt are the best clothes to wear when you don’t want to dress up too much. White canvas shoes, a white purse, and her sunshades make the perfect accessories for this lazy outfit look. Also, have a look at these Hollywood Celebrity Snapchats Accounts to Follow.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (8)

↓ 19 – Ready For Girls Night Out

In this look, Ariana appears to be perfectly ready to party on a fun night. The simple choices of pink jeans with a pink tank top and black pumps make her look amazing. To make it even better, the black hoodie adds to her fun look.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (10)Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (19)

Another way to dress for a night out can be this black mini skirt and a plain white tee shirt. For the shoes, go for high heeled black velvet booties and hair done in the classic Ariana Grande ponytail.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (17)

↓ 18 – The Minimalistic Style

Pretty sleeveless mini dress over high heeled pumps. The half up half down hairstyle also looks gorgeous to go with this choice of outfit.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (7)

↓ 17 – Cinderella Look

This amazing Zac Posen dress made Ariana look like the modern-day Cinderella. The stunning silver grey hues made the dress look royal, and the jewellery complimented it perfectly.

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (26)

↓ 16 – Ariana Grande Party Wear

Stunning Floor Length White Gown with Silver Sequin Side Panel and Clutch Bag

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (1)

↓ 15 – Ariana Grande Concert Dress

 Embellished Black Dress with Side Wings, Nude Fishnet Tights, and Suede Thigh High Boots

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (2)

↓ 14 – Ariana Grande Date Outfit

Cute Tweed Pattern Coat with White Dress and Pink Platform Pumps. If you like keeping up with the latest celebrity style trends, do check out these 10 Best Dressing Styles of Kylie Jenner.

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (3)

 Detailed Black Lace, Floor Length, Spaghetti Strap, Fishtail Dress.

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (4)

↓ 13 – Ariana Grande Summer Outfit

60’s Style White Strap Patterned Dress with White Leather Knee High Boots!

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (5)

↓ 12 – Ariana Grande Swag Street Style

Logo Printed Tank Top with Jeggings and Buckled Ankle Boots.

This all-black outfit idea is the best when hitting the gym or when going to grab a cup of coffee after a workout session. For this kind of outfit idea all, you need to go for are black tights and then wear a black colored sleeveless top over it. The top can have a cute message on it or a cool little drawing on it. For the shoe, you can wear sneakers or anything that is comfy and easy to find.

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (6)

Floral Short Skirt with White Crop Top and Tights. White Jacket and Contrasting Plum Suede Peep Toes. Knee-length skirts are the best kind of skirts in the word. The best thing about these skirts is that they and be paired up with almost anything in the world. For example, if you have an event or a party coming up later in the week, then you can wear this outfit easily. For this outfit idea, go for any dark-coloured knee-length skirt and then wear a cropped top shirt on top. For the shoe wear Peep toe shoes in bright colours and in heels.

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (7)

↓ 11 – College Girl Style

Tartan Skirt with White Blouse and Bow. Black Peep Toe Pumps and White Handbag

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (8)

 Black Lace Crop Top with Skinny Jeans and Black Faux Fur Jacket. Black Shiny Pointed Pumps and Short Strap Bag

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (9)

↓ 10 – Ariana’s 60’s Style Outfit

For her love of Nickelodeon, she chose a simple yellow fitted dress with white pointed pumps. Character Print Chanel Clutch Bag and left down here too look pretty and simple.

Stylish Ariana Grande outfits (10)

↓ 9 – Cute Simple Lolita Style

Furry White Top, Black Skirt and Black Rounded Pumps! For the cold winters, this outfit idea is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy throughout the night and winter days. The outfit is made of a black-coloured silk knee-length skirt with the fluffy white-coloured top. You can tuck the top inside the skirt to make them look more formal. For the shoes, you can go for black colored heels. If you want to add some more color to this look, then replace the shoes and bag with red-coloured ones and also wear a matching red lipstick for a hot and attractive look.

↓ 8 – Ariana Grande Casual Style Dressing

Grey Short Sleeved Crop Top with Blue Skinny Jeans and Rounded Pumps. This is an extremely casual dressing style that you can opt for. It’s dark blue-coloured skin-tight jeans with a greyish-blue coloured tight crop top. If you don’t have a crop top, you can wear a shirt but tuck it inside the jeans to make it look like a crop top.

Beautiful Floral Blue and White Strapless Fitted and Flared Dress with Nude Heels. This kind of outfit is perfect if you want to go out with your friends to get lunch or if you want to go on a date night, this is a dress that will never disappoint you. You can always replace the colours with ones you prefer. For this outfit, Ariana chose to go for a white-coloured floral knee-length dress and for the footwear she chose nude colored high heels. For the makeup, you can take inspiration from Ariana and wear smokey eyes with bright red coloured lipsticks.

↓ 7 – Ariana Grande Sporty Look

White Cropped Vest Top with Jogging Bottoms and Brown Ugg Boots style is perfect for a casual day out when you just feel like grabbing a cup of coffee.

↓ 6 – Ariana Grande Cute Hairstyle

A cute hairstyle is complementing this simple white shirt with Patterned Red and White Skirt with Zipped Pockets! Plaid pattern shirt is great for any occasion but have you ever tried plaid pattern skirts? They are even better. For this type of dress you can go for a red-coloured plaid pattern skirt and for the skirt you can wear a plain white tee and tuck it inside the skirt to make the skirt the star of the outfit look. It’s definitely the cutest daytime outfit.

We usually see Ariana Grande in her signature a neatly tied long ponytail. It is quite rare that she tries other styles in her hair, but, whenever she does, the girl looks pretty damn awesome. Here is one of those occasions where Ariana did her hair in two french plaits right from the hairline. Doesn’t she look cute?

Most Stylish Ariana Grande Outfit Ideas For Girls (25)

↓ 5 – Ariana’s Funky Style

Off the Shoulder Pink Logo Jumper with Skinny Jeans and Silver Sequin Ballet Flats. This outfit idea is perfect for school going girls as it is really cool and also appropriate for school at the same time.

↓ 4 – 50’s/60’s Style

Matching Crop Halter Neck with Flared Skirt and Matching White Lace Plimsols

↓ 3 –  Stunning Formal Look.

Ariana Grande totally stunned the crowds with this V Neck Crop Top with Matching A-Line Skirt. Contrasting Faux Fur Coat and Short Strap Bag were the perfect additions to the dress.

↓ 2 – Street Summer Style

White Strapless Top with High Waisted Denim Shorts and Black Rounded Heels. With her hair blowing with the summer breeze, the outfit looks even better.

↓ 1 – Spring outfit

Gorgeous Floral Fitted and Flared Dress with White Heeled Points. The look is pretty and modest.

Out of hundreds of Ariana Grande’s stunning styles, these are the best of the best. All you pretty ladies can try your take on these outfits and rock your own styles as good as this singing sensation. The outfits are pretty easy to imitate, and you can get your hands on similar products easily. So, just pick one look and start searching the stores for your own fashionable Ariana Grande effect.


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