21 Stylish Short African Dresses For Weddings And Parties

Short African Dresses For Weddings and Parties: Wedding season is just around the corner and consequently, many find themselves struggling back and forth to find the right outfit to wear. Colors, themes, and designs aside, it’s always a challenging task to find a fit that not only suits your taste but also looks just right and is easy on your wallet. Short dresses are never out of style! They are easy to wear and furthermore, allow you to show off your legs! Adding to that, short dresses can be styled in various ways to fit anyone anywhere. Whether you like flare’ ruffles, lace, cutouts, tight body-hugging clothes, or loose and light fittings, you can never go wrong with short dresses.

And what better short dresses to choose from than African ones? In short, African dresses are just as diverse as the continent itself. These dresses are, indeed, the ideal pick to make you the star of any party with their alluring hand-woven fabrics, vibrant designs, and tons of versatility! Laced with intricacy and elegant details, you will find yourself wanting to buy all the dresses you can find of African origin. Following this, in today’s article, we have gathered some of the trendiest and most chic looks you must try this season to woo everyone at any event!

short African outfits for parties

How To Wear Short African Attire?

Although it’s important to dress how one desires to reflect one’s personality through their dressing, there are some unsaid rules or guidelines one must follow when attending weddings or parties. First, for formal black-tie events, select more monochrome hues and elegant minimalistic looks. Now, on these occasions, less is more, so keep it simple. On the contrary, for cock-tail events and most weddings, wear glamorous outfits however you like. Following this, you can wear colorful attires, pastels, monochrome; it’s all upto your taste. You can go full-blown with the glitz and glam at more festive events, so wear flamboyant and flashy outfits.

Tips For Styling Mini and Midi African Dresses

Before getting started, here are some things you should be mindful of before wearing your African prints so you can make the most out of your dress and look your best at the party!

  • Lowers: You can easily wear these short dresses bare-legged and in contrast, even with tights, stockings, and leggings. Thus, depending on the occasion, the weather, and of course, your mood, you can flaunt your short dress any way you like.
  • Jewelry: If you choose to go with bold prints, then go equally all-out with jewelry and embellish your dress with colorful statement pieces, chunky ornaments, and sizeable gems and jewels.
  • Bags: Besides jewelry, wear a flashy clutch or purse to match your dress.
  • Headwraps: It is often customary to accessorize your African short dress with a cute head wrap or a headband; thus, don’t shy away from using those for a complete traditional look.
  • Shawls: If you’re going to an evening event or in winter, we suggest you wear a simple cape so you can wrap it around your shoulders for an elegant finish.
  • Footwear: Another great tip is to finish dressing in your African print clothes with a nice pair of heels or pumps. On the other hand, wear sandals or slides for more casual and comfy looks.

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↓ 21 – Bridal Short African Dress

This beautifully detailed bridal dress together with its unique animal print design will be an excellent choice for your wedding if you like to break norms and traditions and seek to be different!

Short African Dresses

↓ 20 – Short Fitted African Dress

Try this hand-made cotton body-hugging dress to show off your sexy curves! Perfect for prom, cocktail parties, and weddings together with any other events where you can wear bright and funky colors. 

Short African Dresses

Ankara Short Dress-110$

↓ 19 – How to Wear Short Party Dresses with Elegance?

This classy and minimalistic dress is excellent for black-tie events; besides, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Moreover, the ruffles at the bottom add more flare and help will help you stand out instead of just blending in the crowd with a simple black dress.

Short African Dresses

Buy Here

↓ 18 – Ankara Party Dresses for the Summer

Another funky and colorful dress, this look is ideal for a daytime summer event with its bright and vibrant features. In addition to that, it’s made from breathable cotton fabric, which will do a great job at keeping you cool. Also, have a look at 17 Cool Ankara Style Dresses To Wear For Weddings In 2021.

Short African Dresses

African Print Peplum Midi Dress- 97.82$

↓ 17 – Mini African Gowns With Flare And Ruffle

This classy black cocktail dress, for evening events, has a sleek off-the-shoulder design together with the unique Ankara touch to it. Its simple yet elegant design will make heads turn as you walk by.

Short African Dresses

Off-shoulder flare dress-80.29$

Another exquisite black dress embellished with ruffles and lace, this is a perfect short dress for a maid of honor.

Short African Dresses

African black skater dress- 100$

↓ 16 – Short Sleeve Kitenge Dresses

Switch things up with this convertible dress, wear it differently to each event and transform it into a whole new dress by changing its style. Furthermore, it’s excellent for bridesmaids looking to wear unique dresses with the same fabric! 

Short African Dresses

African Short Yellow Blue Sleeveless Dress-65.91$

↓ 15 – Ankara Short African Dresses

Flaunt your confidence with this daring backless dress guaranteed to make you look super sexy at any event!

Short African Dresses

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↓ 14 – How To Wear Mini Dresses With Lace?

This show-stopping Ankara dress with its unique lace detail will certainly make you the star of any party!

Short African Dresses

African Ankara Dress with Lace Detail- 100$

↓ 13 – Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Nothing shows off your lovely collar bones better than a sexy off-the-shoulder dress, so grab this stretchable abstract-patterned dress for a cute daytime party outfit.

Short African Dresses

Kente African print short dress for women-75$

↓ 12 – How To Wear Modern Mini African Dresses?

This unique dress is a fantastic fit for posh parties, weddings, and dates alike! Its pretty ruffles and nicely fitting structure, together with its beautiful colors and lace sleeves, will have everyone questioning where you got it!

Short Ankara Lace Dress-80$

↓ 11 – When To Wear White Short African Dress?

Another stunning but simplistic dress with a one-of-a-kind touch of dashiki for black tie events and also high school prom, family dinners, and office parties is this one.  

Short African Dresses

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↓ 10 – Short Kente Dress

This pretty sophisticatedly styled dress will glam you up for a red carpet look! In addition to that, it is handmade, so you can have it tailored to fit just your size.

Short African Dresses

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↓ 9 – Mini Dresses For Skinny Girls

If you’re a skinny girl looking for African prints to try, look no further! Try these absolutely gorgeous dresses and look effortlessly beautiful!

Short African Dresses

Zara Kente Dress- 99.58$

Short African Dresses

Oke Skater Dress- 110$

↓ 8 – Short Kitenge Dresses For Plus Size Women

On the other hand, if you’re a plus size woman shopping for African short dresses, then we’ve got you covered too! This chic strapless dress will do wonders for you! Also, have a look at  How To Style African Skirts For Plus Size Women.

Short African Dresses

Ankara Asymmetric Strapless Red Midi Dress- 97.82$

↓ 7 – Short Kitenge Dresses For Women Over 50

Just because you’re over the age of 50 doesn’t mean you can’t steal the spotlight and be the center of attention. Despite being past your prime, you will be sure to shine like a jewel in a crown with this dress.

Short African Dresses


↓ 6 – How To Wear A Formal Mini African Dress?

For everyday formal events and official parties, you need a more put-together outfit that will make you look graceful. Thus, try this tube dress by L’aviye to achieve precisely that.

Short African Dresses

African Print Asymmetric Strapless Midi Dress-139.74$

↓ 5 – Long Sleeve Short Party Dress

This absolutely stunning prom dress is going to leave everyone speechless when you show up at the party. All eyes will be fixed on you as you make your way past!

Short African Dresses

Sequence dress-150$

Another many-hued long sleeve dress that will have you serving looks at brunch and lunch parties and dinner parties alike!

Short African Dresses

African print Pinafore dress- 80$

↓ 4 – Short African Dresses For Teenagers

For teenagers, this golden summery dress is a great fit for daytime parties and events. 

Short African Dresses

Sunny orange dress- 94.18$

This mini floral Ankara dress is also an excellent choice for Summer daytime events.

Short African Dresses

White Adena Dress- 94.78$

↓ 3 – Footwear

Your outfit certainly isn’t complete without the proper selection of shoes with your dress. Whether you chose to wear heels and sandals for a chic and feminine look or sneakers for a more casual and trendy look,  we’ve got you covered with our selection of the best footwear with short African dresses.

  • Sneakers: Rock the party with these cool funky sneakers!

Short African Dresses

Women’s Ankara Slip-on Sneakers- 226.15$

Short African Dresses

Purple African Print Sneakers- 199.99$

  • Sandals: If you want to wear something more feminine but aren’t a fan of heels, then flats are your way to go! Try these sleek sandals with your look.

Short African Dresses

African Wax Slider – LAVINA- 63.67$

Short African Dresses

African Fabric Flat Sandal – ELLA- 91.97$

  •  Heels: Heels are forever-favorite footwear with dresses and, by choosing the right ones, you can give your outfit the pop it needs! Here are some native African printed heels.

Short African Dresses

Ankara Print Block Heels – CAROLINA- 141$

↓ 2 – What to Wear With African Dresses? -Accessory Guide

Spice up your African outfit with matching African jewelry to complete the look! African jewelry is known to be big, bold, and chromatic. Beads, headbands, and scarves are a great addition to the outfit. Adding to that, big hoops are also a fantastic gesture of traditional African looks.

  • Capes and Collars:  A classic accessory to add to any outfit, African or not, to give it a very ethnic finish.

Short African Dresses

Fringe Ankara Cape -$65

Short African DressesPleated Ankara Collar -$40

  • Hair Accessories:  Headbands, headwraps and, scarves are just as important as anything else in your outfit. Luckily, with so many options and styles available on the market, it’s easy to find one that goes perfectly with your outfit.

Short African Dresses

Keta Kente Wire Headband- 15$

Short African Dresses

African Print Headwrap – THALIA- 28.27$

  • Jewelry: With flamboyant and glamorous outfits, you need jewelry that’s just as flashy and pretty to match the colors.

Short African Dresses

Large Cowrie Shell Necklace- 60$

Short African Dresses

Keta Fringe Earrings- 18$

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↓ 1 – Where To Buy Short African Dresses?

If you like to shop often, you might be wondering what the best places to buy African dresses for any occasion are. Well, we’ve also taken the initiative to compile a list of the top sites you can use to purchase African clothing. These include

  1.  Etsy: From Nigerian lace tops to kente outfits to Ankara dresses, this place has it all. It’s also a site that features many famous African clothing-selling online brands like Zizi Bespoke, L’Aviye, Borian Clothiers, Yetunde Sarumi, and many more!
  2. Afrikea.com: If there were an official site for African Clothing sellers to showcase their outfits, it would be this one. This website supports thousands of designs from hundreds of stores, all selling apparel from Africa.
  3. L’aviye: A well-known African attire brand catering to the clothing needs of women. Besides beautiful designs, colorful clothing, and matching couple outfits, this brand also has original African prints. Shop here for unique and well-made African pieces that are budget-friendly as well.
  4. Gita’s Portal: This is a UK-based brand that’s an expert at clothing made from traditional African fabrics. Explore its beautiful collection of African prints to find the right dress for you!
  5. Africa Blooms: Another African clothing brand specializing in Dashiki clothing. This brand sells clothing made in Africa all over the world. Additionally, they have tips and ideas to dress too!
  6. Adrinka Expo: This brand is going to be your go-to for ethnic and exotic African accessories and clothing. They have 100% authentic materials and, eccentric designs from Ghana will capture the heart of any who lay eyes upon them!
  7. Kitenge: Another great online African store that will be sure to fulfill all your African apparel needs with their ravishing and stunn9ing pieces.


Q. What fabrics do African brides prefer in their dresses?

A. African Brides prefer to use Kente in their dresses. So, this wedding season, be sure to rock a short kente dress!

Q. What do you wear to a traditional African wedding?

A. Brides usually wear white gowns with red, gold, rich greens, vibrant blues, or even black! The groom’s outfit is usually a pantsuit of a matching cloth or a western suit.

Q. What are Ankara short dresses?

A. Ankara fabric is another very popular fabric in Africa made of 100% cotton. It is famous for its brilliance and vibrancy and is additionally also known as “Holland wax,” “African Print,” “Dutch Wax,” “Kitenge,” or “Chitenge.”

Q. Can you wear a black short African dress to a wedding?

A. Yes, guests are certainly allowed to wear black to an African wedding. So, don’t be afraid to rock the party in a black short African dress.

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