14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Furniture Brands In India: With various furniture brands manufactured in India today, it can get difficult to select quality designs for your house. Turning your house into a dream home can be quite a tricky task. Home is a spot where one relaxes and looks for comfort in their free time. And furniture plays a huge role in adding meaning to your house. Not only is it necessary for a prosperous living style and decorative purposes, but it also represents your aura. Hence, you need to be one-hundred percent sure about your furniture choices, before purchasing it.

Think about when you visit someone’s house – do you like it if there is furniture in every corner and their house appears overwhelming? Then you definitely shouldn’t opt for that in your own place as well. Pick furniture that fits well depending on its usage in different areas of the house. Ideal furniture should be well-equipped and also enhance the aesthetic sense of place. Moreover, it should be reliable and appear smart. Also, always check for customer reviews for honest opinions before spending on any item.

sofas, coffee tables, rocking chairs, bed & bath items, shopping for all these sounds tiring? Well, don’t worry because we have already made a list of the best furniture brands in India. The traditional, modern, and electric furnishing designs all are made in India. And would be perfect to give an exquisite ambiance to your home. So, read our guide now to shop for the finest interior pieces.

What Are The Famous Furniture Brands In India?

Many reasons can lead you to buy furniture. You could either be moving into a new house or redecorating an old office, which would require some polished furniture. As most of us spend quarterly hours indoors, it creates an essential need for a home makeover. Today, Indian artisans are doing wonders when it comes to interior design. While some of them are turning the old-wood crafts into contemporary designs, others have drawn inspiration globally from various cultures and merged those ideas into crafting household items. So, in this regard, we have collected a list of talented Indian manufacturers and their furniture brands that are a sensation in Indian homes today.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

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How To Create Smart Homes By Using Furniture Brands In India

A smart home requires smart furniture. So if you want to incorporate large pieces or give a touch to small details in your house designs, we have got you covered with the best ideas to give a stylish appearance to your home, using the simplest tricks.

  • Upgrade Your Space Using Modern Furniture: There is a wide variety of furniture you have to choose when designing your living room or kitchen setup. Enhance your space by selecting neat and sharp sofa sets and tables. Go for neutral tones. Usually crisp and clean patterns and compartments for the kitchen work well, in today’s age. Keep these areas simple with minimalistic details, to create a fresh vibe in your house! You can also DIY your living space or room by Interior Decorating Ideas.
  • Bring Back The Traditional Touch: With new designs every day, don’t forget the traditional cuts. Light and dark wooden furniture pieces always bring back that classy era, so use those designs. You can also create a personalized wall art with historical family photo series. Keep the colors rich and bold.
  • Antique Arts: If you want to bring this majestic touch to your homes, opt for the antique designs. These artworks will put the guests’ attention to detail. Use comfortable and well-equipped furniture, featuring royal designs. Select mirrors, clocks, lamps, chandelier, anything and everything having a dose of lavishness in it.
  • Transient Designs: Contemporary furniture and decorative pieces that are a blend of traditional and modern designs, define this style. Use sleek patterns in your house areas. Keep bold furniture and soft wall arts or vice versa.

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↓ 14 –  Nilkamal Ltd.

Based in Mumbai, India, Nilkamal is known for being the biggest manufacturer of molded furniture in the world. The brand deals in home & office furniture – with most of their products made from plastic or wood. The company promises quality & budget-friendly products to its customers.

So if you’re looking to add garden sofa sets, work-from-home chairs, or just some racks/trolleys to organize your belongings, you should definitely head over to their website!

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

↓ 13 – Gulmohar Lane

The brand was established in 2014, with its headquarters in Jaipur. The craftsmen of Gulmohar lane aim to create durable and comfortable furniture for their buyers. Additionally, they offer categories ranging from leather furnishings, bedroom collections, media sets, to captivating sofa pieces. All the household items are made in India yet provide an American & British touch to your homes.

Check out this sophisticated yet chic emerald chesterfield sofa from the brand yourself, we’re sure you’ll love the rest of their collections as well.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Check Out ‘Chesterfield Sofa’

↓ 12 –  Style Spa

Style Spa furniture comes under the umbrella of Forte furniture products – a venture between Indian & European manufacturers. With more than 65 showrooms across the country, the brand sells furniture in various categories. From elegant bedroom sets to the office room, study room, and storage wardrobes, you’ll find it all in the best quality.

We love a sassy floral chair in our room, and so will you. So purchase it here from StyleSpa now!

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Buy Blue Accent Chair – Now

↓ 11 –  Josmo Studio

A contemporary Indian furniture brand based in Goa. With a team of young artisans, Josmo’s motto is to create products that ensure a sustainable and beautiful lifestyle.

The brand claims to make furniture for not just grand cottages, but for short-spaced apartments, coworking spaces, and hospitality projects as well. Therefore, they are one of the top competitors on our list having a range of exclusive furnishing products, you can select from.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping


↓ 10 –  Durian

Durian is one of the largest Indian furniture manufacturers, since 1985. The brand creates premium & moderate-quality furniture, with the advancement of fresh changes to their designs every day. From leather, plywood, marble to solid wood living items, Durian assures their customers a wonderful experience.

Apart from furniture, they have classy decor pieces as well. Head to the website now!

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Purchase Here – Garter

↓ 9 –  Wipro Furniture

Launched in 2004, Wipro furniture is an Indian brand that produces complete office furniture. Additionally, they provide a furniture range for small workspaces, storage & academic centers as well.

Furniture that fulfills every student’s and professional’s needs.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

See the ‘WorkSpace’ Collection From Website Now!

↓ 8 –  Studio Ebony

A brand coming straight out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Studio Ebony specializes in manufacturing Cane and Teakwood furniture. Their goal is to make designs according to customers’ needs because one size cannot fit all.

If you’re looking for some fine artistic furniture or want to add that traditional Indian spice to your home, then this place is for you. Add a pop of color with this magenta swing in your backyard.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Visit Website Now

↓ 7 –  Vetra Furniture

A brand that is known for designing outdoor furniture. The manufacturers create quality furniture made from Teak, Wicker, and Strap. Vetra recently has launched its indoor Cane furniture collection as well. With their 15 years of expertise in the industry, we’re sure they won’t disappoint you.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

See Their Dining & Living Collection Here

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↓ 6 –  Godrej Interio

A Mumbai-based brand that started in 1923, is now recognized nationally and internationally for creating luxurious & classy living spaces. If you need aesthetic designs and functionality all in one furniture store, then you should visit here.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Shop The Kitchen Furniture Range Now

↓ 5 –  Chumbak Furniture

Even though a contemporary brand that just began in 2010, Chumbak wins our hearts by giving colorful & bright touches to homes. Their furniture designs are inspired by different cultures around the globe, and will definitely radiate your house if you try them!

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Check Out Tropical Set

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping

Begum Wing Chair

↓ 4 – Tianu

A brand that masters quality and comfort. All of their furniture designs are hand-crafted.

You can definitely find some statement pieces for your home here!

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping


14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping


Visit Website & Shop Now

↓ 3 –  Amsi Atelier

One of the trusted Indian brands, Amsi creates furniture that is affordable and elegant. Their furniture is made of Resin, Steel, Marble, and other raw materials. Whether it’s your restaurant, outdoor area, or bedroom, they have a massive furniture collection for all.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping


Shop From Website Now

↓ 2 – A Wooden Story

Number second on our list is this young but modern brand, that generates furniture projects on custom demands made by a talented team of artisans and delivers all across India. You can check out some of their latest work on their Instagram page.

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping


Order Yours From Their Store Now

↓ 1 –  Gauri Khan Designs To Try For Luxury Furniture

Wife of superstar Shahrukh khan and designer of ARTH (a posh restaurant based in Mumbai) the designer Gauri khan recently opened doors for people of all budgets to her furniture store based in Juhu, Mumbai.

The brand is offering furniture for outdoor & Indoor living and her accent furniture is said to be inspired by Ralph Lauren & Roberto Cavalli designs.

So if you’re someone with a fine and conscious taste for your living spaces, then you should visit ‘Gauri khan Designs’ once at least!

14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping


14 Top Furniture Brands In India For Furniture Shopping


Visit Online Here


Q. What are the best online furniture stores in India?

A. Flipkart and Amazon might be the best options if you’re looking for a diverse range. However, PepperFry, Fab Furnish, and IKEA also sell quality items.

Q. Which sofa and chair brand should you select?

A. Couch Potato, Urban Ladder, RoyalOak, and Fabindia are some of the famous options you can try.

Q. How is the quality for Made-In-India Furniture?

A. Indian Furniture companies are no less when it comes to manufacturing functional and durable furniture. The talented artisans here work their best to provide exquisite designs. Many of them have global cultural inspiration incorporated in their furniture designs.

Q. What are some brand options for office furniture in India?

A. Zuari Furniture, Hulsta, and Wipro Furniture.

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