12 Simple DIY Room Interior Decoration Ideas

Have you ever thought of decorating your room yourself? There are many DIY ideas how to make your room beautiful available on the net that can be used to renovate or change the room. Thousands of creative ways can be opted to decorate the room. There are many beautiful ways to design the walls, shelves, tables, etc with the help of inspiration. We have selected few easy diy ideas for interior room decoration. These ideas will fit within your budget and are very creative.For teen girls don’t miss to check out 18 ways to decorate your room with pink colors and accessories.

DIY Room Decor Ideas

how to decorate your room

12- Hand Painted Shelf

If you have an old wooden rusted shelf at home and you want to renovate it with easy diy ideas. Buy stencils and paint that you would like to use. Use floral designs to create designs inside the shelf.

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11- Brush Holding Jars

Use glass jars on a wooden plank and fix them. You could either fix it up on the wall inside the room or washroom.

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10- Book Shelf

If you have a pile of books and you want to set it then you could design a similar tree shelf. This will cost you only few dollars.

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9- Lighting Decor for Room

The most creative way to enhance the dressing table space is to decorate it with LED lights. They are available in different shapes and can be set up easily.

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8- Hanging Hand Painted Elephants

If you have a plain wall whether white or any other color, you can use chart papers and cut it into different shapes, join them with a thread and hang them on the wall. In the picture below, you can see that colorful elephant shaped designs are used.

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7- Wooden Triangular Shelf

A wooden triangular shelf could be designed at home or with the help of a carpenter. Decoration pieces such as pots or vases could be kept over the shelf.

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6- Colorful Flower Vases

Colored ink could be used inside the water to create a colored water. Simple white flowers could be kept inside the vase.

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5- Lighting Design

A designed light lamp is perfect to enhance the beauty of the room at night. An easy diy tip for this would be to use a designed cloth over the lamp.

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4- Wooden Hand Painted Shelf

A bright red shelf with white wall behind it looks stunning. With the contrast of the shelf, you could keep a pot over the shelf.

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3- Light Bottles

Use old drink bottles as a piece of decoration with colorful tiny lights inside it.

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2- Jewellery Holder Shelf

For a girls bedroom, a wooden plank could be painted and necklaces could be hanged on the knob.

Room Decor DIY Ideas (11)

1- Picture Frame with Lights

Use your pictures and your memories on an old window wire frame. This could be decorated with LED lights.

Room Decor DIY Ideas (12)


I hope you have taken enough ideas from this post. DIY projects are not just easy but they are also cost effective. With the help of ideas available online, you can renovate and completely change the look of the room.


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