Pretty First Names-List of 100 Best First Names For Girls

Pretty First Names. It’s always great to have names that stand out or ones that no one hasn’t really heard. And a name can contribute so much to your personality than you know. Have a look below!

Best First Names for Girls and their Meaning

Pretty First Names - List of 100 Best First Names For Girls

Pretty First Names - List of 100 Best First Names For Girls

Pretty First Names - List of 100 Best First Names For Girls

1- Addison: Adam’s first child.

2- Ainsley: comes from the field of Hermits.

3- Alma: care, foster, nurture.

4- Adamaris: very graceful or genuine.

5- Amanda: someone who deserves lots of love.

Pretty First Names - List of 100 Best First Names For Girls


6- Anastasia: act of resurrecting

7- Andrea: dare, courage

8- Angela: God’s messenger

9- Antonia: invaluable, precious

10- Ansley: arisen from the fields of hermits

11- Araminta: something vague and unclear

12- Ash: meadow of an ash tree

13- Ashley: meadow of an ash tree

14- Ashton: town of ash trees (gender neutral)

15- Asia: vagueness

16- Aspen: the tree of aspen

17- Audie: very noble strength

18- Audrey: noble strength

19- Bailey: governer

20- Barbara: stranger, foreigner

Pretty First Names - List of 100 Best First Names For Girls


21- Beatrice: a voyager

22- Berenice: victory bearer

23- Bette: god’s promise

24- Beverly: a stream of beavers

25- Beyonce: gorgeous

26- Blossom: booming blossom

27- Brooke: from a pond/stream

28- Cadence: beat, rhythm

29- Callie: a free woman

30-Camellia: planting, flowering

31- Cecilia: blinding

32- Camilla: attendant

33- Cassandra: a blessing

34- Celeste: sublime

35- Channing: ambiguity

36- Chelsea: pier born

37- Cherish: guard a possession

38- Clara: brightness

39- China: Asian country

40- Claudia: feebleness

Pretty First Names - List of 100 Best First Names For Girls


41- Cornelia: a horn

42- Cydney: for a woman, who is from a large and distant island

43- Dabria: someone who’s an angel of death (fictitious)

44- Daisy: an eye of the day/savior

45- Dale: someone who lives in a valley

46- Dana: a native woman of Denmark

47- Danette: also for a woman who’s from Denmark

48- Daria: owner or controller of goodness

49-Darla: someone beloved or darling

50- Dawn: the beginning of the day, sunrise

51- Delia: a woman from Delos

52- Dee: very unclear

53- Delight: extreme joy or pleasure

54- Dimple: a depression in the human cheek when one smiles

55- Ditte: someone who struggles a lot to be rich

56- Dove: a bird which is a beautiful symbol of peace

57- Dreama: a wonderful dream

58- Earlene: a noblewoman

59- Eartha: a woman from the planet earth

60- Easter: the feast of Easter

61- Ebony: a type of wood which is smooth and dark

62- Edmonda: a rich guardian

63- Edrie: for a very wealthy monarch

64- Edwina: a wealthy companion

65- Elvina: a peer of the elves

66- Emilia: a competitor and a rival

67- Enola: unclarity

68- Era: a delightful and scentful breeze

69- Fawn: a young baby deer

70- Fay: meaning, fairy

71- Fern: just a fern plant

72- Flora: like a flower

73- Fonda: from a fountain

74- Gayle: cheery, joyous

75- Gina: a queen

76- Ginger: a ginger woman

77- Gloria: a woman of glory

78- Hadley: a meadow of heathers

79- Halle: one who lives in a manor

80- Haper: a harp player

81- Haven: a sanctuary

82- Hayley: a meadow of hay

83- Hazel: a hazel tree

84- Hildred: a war advisor

85- Hollis: one who lives in the tree of holly

86- Hope: optimism

87- Hunter: one who hunts

88- Ivory: a creamy white substance

89- Isabelle: a promise of god

90- Ivy: a plant

91- Jaden: Unclarity

92- Kendall: one who’s from the river kelly

93- Kimber: a royal fortress

94- Lark: an early bird

95- Lassie: a little girl

96- Laura: from laurel tree

97- Lindsay: from Lindum Isle

98- Linn: a twinflower

99- Madison: Mathew’s child

100- Marley: from the Lake meadow


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