20 Stylish Dashiki Outfit For Plus Size Women To Wear This Year

Smart Dashiki Outfit For Plus Size Women. Many celebrities and stars have embraced the beauty of Dashiki outfits. There are numerous models and personalities out there who have started wearing Dashiki outfits publicly. Certainly, this brought fame and attention to African clothing. Now that everyone knows what Dashiki fabric and print are, they are surely admired for their perfection. 

Consequently, we see more and more people wearing Dashiki outfits to every and any event. The intricate prints not only symbolizes unity with the black community but also is a style statement for the coming years. After being originated in West Africa, Dashiki outfits rose to fame as a sign of black pride and are now worn all around the world.  

Whenever a piece of clothing is designed it is not specified to a certain age or size. Unquestionably, all prints and fabrics are meant to be worn by everyone. Likewise, Dashiki outfits are a piece of clothing that compliments everyone. Especially, plus size women feel that oomph in their self-esteem and confidence they have been lacking while dressing up in a Dashiki outfit. Surely, the unique patterns grab all the attention and bring the lady in the highlight. Getting creative and stylish is the only thing that is usually left behind when someone is wearing a Dashiki outfit, so this article comes to help.  If you are wondering how to wear stylish dashiki outfits for plus size women this year, then keep reading this article!

Why Should Plus Size Women Wear a Dashiki Outfit?

Previously, plus size women used to scare away from dressing up. They usually wore light colored clothes with minimal designs. Most surprising of all was when few of them avoided going to parties just because of the fear of being body-shamed. It is high time now! Now as the world has evolved people have started accepting the fact that no size represents beauty. Everyone is perfect just the way they are.

Certainly, Dashiki outfits are also meant for all, irrespective of any size. Surely, they give the plus size women the confidence to style up and be the next fashion queen of any party they go to. Lastly, the diversity in the styles of Dashiki outfits gives various options to the women to dress as per their preferred option.

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Dashiki Outfit

Tips for a Plus Size Women on Wearing a Dashiki Outfit 

It is important to make sure that whatever clothes you are wearing suits you. It should feel as if they were made only for you and your body. Following these tips will help you in doing so;

  • Be Confident and Comfortable – Foremost ensure that you wear your Dashiki outfit with utmost confidence and surety. No one should have the audacity to question your choice of clothes. Then be comfortable and cozy in it, you should not feel awkward during the entire party.
  • Wear Statement and Chunky Jewelry – To take away attention from your body you need to divert it to somewhere else. Certainly, jewelry plays that role very well. A heavy choker or big earrings will always be a good choice. 
  • Let Your Hair Down – To tone down your face always let your hair open. Loose curls or straight hair does not matter, just do not make high buns or tight ponytails that will make your face rounder.  
  • Go for Structured Clothes – Structured jackets or tops are a must have in your wardrobe. They hide the flabby arms and balance the hips and curves.

↓ 20 – Keep Things Casual

A Dashiki shirt dress is the comfiest option. Especially when you are only planning to go for groceries or just a walk in the neighborhood, but in style. Certainly, the vibrant colors compliment the fresh and lively weather while the prints add up to everything. Either you style it with denim shorts or wear it only as a dress, you will slay.

Dashiki Outfit


↓ 19 – How to Twin your Dashiki Outfit?

Surely, when you love something your best friend also becomes a fan of it. So why not you and your bosom buddy twin in your Dashiki outfit. Evidently, everyone will be left in awe and they will envy your relationship. Go for a similar print and style but in different colors to set friendship goals for everyone out there.  

Dashiki Outfit

Dresses For Women Plus – $71.99

↓ 18 – How to Wear Dashiki Outfit For Teenagers ?

A plus size teenager is usually low on confidence and to boost that there is nothing better than a Dashiki outfit. Certainly, the unique designs and bold colors of the dress will boost her self-esteem. She will not only feel good but also look fabulous in a tight fit midi dress with some chunky jewelry.

Dashiki OutfitDashiki Plus Size Dress – $57.99

↓ 17 – What to Wear to the Park?

Going to the park on a cloudy day to admire the beauty of nature? Choose the Dashiki top residing in your wardrobe to balance both style and comfort. As the earthy color palette of the top remains the highlight of it, the geometrical designs also do not lack behind. Throw on some sunglasses and sneakers to complete the look.

Dashiki Outfit

Red Dashiki – $58.95

↓ 16 – Go Glamorous 

Looking hot and chic is usually something plus size women never think of. But, Dashiki outfits are a perfect choice for them. The thigh high slit maxi skirt with a cutout top makes a great choice. It not only balances the curves but also gives a glamorous look. Lastly, wear this with high heels and minimal jewelry.

Dashiki Outfit

Dashie Black Maxi Skirt- $87.17

↓ 15 – When to Wear Matching Separates?

 A matching top and bottom is the ongoing trend of 2021. The same color and same print is what everyone is looking for these days. As this is incorporated into a Dashiki dress, the result is for sure gorgeous. Style this off with some dainty earrings and a huge smile to show how good you feel in it.

Dashiki Outfit

Modern African Print Dress – $199.99

↓ 14 – When to Wear Dashiki Outfit for a Brunch 

It is a hot summer day, the sun is beaming down and you are invited to a brunch. Certainly, there is nothing better than a chiffon Dashiki dress with a touch of modern prints. Not only the light fabric keeps you cool but also your dress brings you into the spotlight. Throw on an aesthetic purse and jewelry to complete the brunch look.

Dashiki Outfit

Oversize Chiffon Dress – $38.22

↓ 13 – How to Wear Dashiki Outfits for Ladies Above 50?

Being above 50 and plus-size at the same time is kind of demotivating at times. But, a Dashiki outfit is an ultimate savior. It gives the elderly the freedom to dress up in whatever way they want without feeling like a misfit. A skirt remains the preferred option while there are numerous styles and designs to choose from.

Dashiki Outfit

Dashie Navy Maxi Skirt – $87.67

↓ 12 – Opt for Shorts

Shorts have been in fashion for a long time now and will stay forever. They not only make a woman look gorgeous and chic but also gives them the freedom to do activities like running. Adding on, the pockets are the best thing about them. Either you style them with a plain tee or a similar Dashiki top, both will look fab. 

Dashiki Outfit

Summer Dress – $81.94

↓ 11 – An Ultra-Modern Dashiki Outfit

In 2021 everyone wants to look different from others whenever they go to any party or event. This hand printed midi dress is an excellent choice for such people. It perfectly balances both traditional and modern Dashiki prints. Wear it with wedge heels and confidence to rock the look.

Dashiki Outfit

Hand painted dashiki dress- $100

↓ 10 – The Floral Print

No one can ever get tired of flowers and colors. Similarly, a floral print Dashiki outfit is something every woman should have in her pile of clothes this year. Surely, it is the most user friendly clothing item. Whether it is a birthday party or a bridal shower you can always wear floral prints. Also, a matching headpiece will add to the stunning look.

Dashiki Outfit

Floral Skirt Red Roses- $24.95

↓ 9 – A Basic Dashiki Outfit 

Movie date, get together, lunch whatever in the world it is, a basic Dashiki outfit will always come in handy. You can not only style it in various ways but also play around with your jewelry and makeup to achieve a different look every time. While you may wear sneakers to lunch, high heels will be a great choice for a date.  

Dashiki Outfit

Plus Size Dashiki Tie-Sleeve Dress – $71.99

↓ 8 – Style it with a Jacket

As stated above jackets give structure to the body of a plus size woman. They not only accentuate the curves but also give dimension to the flabby and chubby figure. Evidently,  a  Dashiki jacket will go a long way. Wear plain black jeans with a similar top and throw on the jacket to complete the outfit.

Dashiki Outfit

Plus Size African Clothing – $74.95

↓ 7 – For a Friends Hangout

Friends hang out is something we all yearn for and want to look the best of ourselves regardless of whatever size we are. A shirt dress with half sleeves is what you should be going for on such a day. While the bold colors will give an illusion of a slimmer body the color will add a modern tinge to the Dashiki outfit.

Dashiki Outfit

Modern Dashiki Dresses – $199.99

↓ 6 – Kaftan-Style Dashiki Outfit for the Plus Size

Kaftan style Dashiki outfits have been there since the origin of Dashiki clothes. It is like a match made in heaven which surely looks chic and cute at the same time. The black kaftan with geometrical Dashiki prints is a perfect option for any occasion or event. Also, the black color helps tone down a curvy body.

Dashiki Outfit

Kaftan Plus Size – $149.95

↓ 5 – A Bell Sleeves Top 

You do not need to do much to look good in a Dashiki top. A little sleeve detailing and cinched waist make them an excellent piece of clothing especially for plus size women. Not only do the bell sleeves give structure to the flabby arms but also the top hugs the curves giving dimension to your figure. 

Dashiki Outfit

Bell Sleeves wrap Blouse – $32.50

↓ 4 – For the Prom Night

Do you have your eyes on the lady of the night title? Then grab a Dashiki gown asap! The unique and intricate prints of the gown along with the bright colors make sure all eyes are laid on you as you enter the venue. Accessorize it with minimal gold jewelry and a belt that tightly hugs the waist.

Dashiki Outfit

Dashiki maxi dresses – $170

↓ 3 – Footwear with a Dashiki Outfit

There is no specific footwear that needs to be worn with a Dashiki outfit. You can choose almost anything as per your preference. But if you are planning to go for an all-Dashiki attire then these Dashiki sandals have to be there. In addition, matching sandals and handbag sets are also now available to help achieve a more unique look.

Dashiki Outfit

African Beaded sandals – $48.05


Dashiki Outfit

Leather shoe pouch-woven loincloth set- $123.97 

↓ 2 – Attractive Jewelry for a Dashiki Outfit 

Jewelry can make or break a look. Likewise, keeping a Dashiki outfit in mind you should go for minimal jewelry. The no-bling jewels will not only complement the loud colors of the dress but also help accentuate its individuality. The gold ring and earrings are the best example of what to wear.

Dashiki Outfit

 Maputo ring – $18.30

Dashiki Outfit

“coffee bean” earrings-  $17.59

↓ 1 – Where to Buy Dashiki Outfits?

Now that African prints and clothing are recognized worldwide there are numerous stores that are either selling Dashiki outfits solely or have launched them with other clothing lines. Some of them are;

  1. Africablooms: They have both men and women Dashiki outfits along with tips and ideas on how to style them appropriately. 
  2. Etsy: It is an online market where numerous vendors are selling high quality Dashiki outfits with amazing prints. 
  3. Dashikipride: Their vast collection of Dashiki clothes consists of everything from dresses to hoodies to accessories. 

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Q. How do you dress flattering for plus size?

Ans. Being heavy or plus size does not mean that you are supposed to wear loose clothes to hide those curves. Instead, go for wrap dresses or blouses that will help enhance your waist and accentuate your figure. Adding on, deep V neck, peplum tops, and pencil skirts also top the list of those dressing styles a plus size woman should surely opt for.  

Q. What should you not wear if you are plus size?

Ans. Most importantly, a plus size woman should never never wear shapeless and baggy clothes as that will only add bulk and weight to her body. Also, tiny prints and dresses without waist definition should be avoided.
Here is a bonus tip for you. If you have a loose flowy dress and wish to wear it then style it with a belt on top so that it grabs your waist and gives the dress some definition.

Q. What colors look good on plus size?

Ans. Dark colors like blue, purple, and brown are a must have of your wardrobe. Also, the black color should be your best friend. These colors give an illusion of a slimmer body and help tone down bulky arms and waist. Whereas, light colors might add weight and make you look larger.

Q. Which shoe styles are suitable for plus size women?  

Ans. Platform sandals and flat sandals are the go-to option when you want to stay comfortable. Certainly, they give extra support and comfort to your feet. While wedge heels and block heels are a great choice for parties you want to look glamorous

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