15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

Top Women Leather Jacket Brands. Leather jackets are the ultimate option for women in three out of the four seasons. In winter, you can wear a leather jacket with stylish boots and sexy denim jeans and slay the attire.

Winter is just right around the corner, and the continually changing trends demand that you update your wardrobe, adding a few new pieces of warm clothing to your closet. As it gets colder, you will find yourself looking for clothing that provides extra insulation from the cold wind that can leave you chilled (literally) to your bones. Although we understand that different regions have another degree of coldness during the winter months, we think leather jackets are a must-have, no matter if the temperature doesn’t go below zero where you live.

What Are the Best Brands for Women Leather Jackets

During spring and fall, however, you can wear these classy clothing pieces with short floral dresses, luxurious and light chiffon shirts, and stylish skirts. Investing in pure leather jackets is not that easy for every woman, as it takes a considerable part of your income. But still, you should go for the real stuff and top brands when it comes to buying these charming jackets since they are timeless and ever going. Leather jackets can be worn over shoulders, and they’ll give you a trimmed look. These also look amazing on petite young women.

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

Why you should invest in a leather jacket

Before we get into the best brands for leather jackets on the market right now, we want to go over the benefits of owning one for those of you who are still not sure about getting one. Leather jackets, just like any other piece of clothing, have a personality of their own, but you can make it fit your persona only by pairing it with the right pieces of clothing and accessories.

  • Leather jackets provide a high level of comfort and warmth, proving to be just the right kind of insulator for you during the chilly winter months.
  • Although they might look like they’re not comfortable given the tight fit, they are one of the softest and the single most comfortable piece of clothing you can possibly own.
  • Leather is known for its durable properties. It does not crumble under the pressure of climate change or lose its texture with time. You can trust it to get you through the cold without causing any damage to the material of the jacket.
  • It does not absorb water and is thus resistant to it. You can therefore wear it on rainy days to protect yourself from the rain.
  • In addition to the level of ease, it provides in all other aspects; it is very simple and easy to put on and take off. The same can not be said about many different coats and jackets available on market.
  • It is timelessly fashionable. It has managed to stay relevant for half a century now and is such a timeless piece that it is guaranteed to make you look fashionably classic.

Things to look for in a leather jacket

Now that we have gone over the benefits of owning a leather jacket, we think it is important we give you a heads up on things to look for when deciding on the right leather jacket for yourself. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind while choosing a leather jacket:

  • Leather: Knowing your leather is crucial if you’re on a hunt for the kind of leather jacket you want to invest in. The type of leather you decide upon can affect how your whole look is going to come together. The different types of leathers differ from each other in terms of thickness, hardness, shininess, and texture. All of these decide how the leather will look and wear with time. The right selection of leather will allow you to deal with how it ages and create the kind of look you want it to.
  • Length: The length of the jacket you decide upon can really affect your look. There are many different options available, from everything that is cropped to jackets that fall below the knees even. It would help if you kept your aesthetic in mind before deciding on investing in the jacket that will be hanging in your closet for a while. A cropped jacket goes very well with dresses, so if that is something you wear a lot, you might want to consider jackets that come in shorter lengths. But if your style is more of a casual look, you might be better off choosing a longer jacket.
  • Color: Most classical leather jackets come in black colour. It is the most commonly worn colour, and it is common for a reason. Black is the one colour that goes with just about any other colour. Buying a jacket in a color that is not as common (such as colors like red, yellow, or blue) might lead you to reach for it far less often than you would have if it were black. Funky is cool, and if that is your aesthetic, you should by no means hesitate to experiment with funky colors. If you do, however, like to keep it classy, we suggest you opt for black.

None of us can deny the fact that a branded leather jacket is the ultimate wardrobe staple for a woman as these are the only garment pieces that make you feel and look sexy and enchanting. The best brands provide you with jackets that are made from 100% lamb, goat, or camel skin and are unique and stylish at the same time. Although their prices on the market are reaching the sky, you can still save up a bit and add a unique leather jacket to your wardrobe for a lifetime.

Some of the best brands are Gucci, Alexander Mcqueen, Fendi, Boda Skins, Chloe, etc. Celebs around the world love all these brands. The article is going to cover a few exquisite pieces of the most expensive brands of all time.

How did we decide

We thoroughly researched the topic and narrowed our list to the following, taking the make, type, and quality of the leather jackets into consideration. All of the below-mentioned brands have a reputation in the business, and they have managed to maintain the quality of their products while providing the best for less to their customer base. Our list includes- in no particular order:

15- Boda Napoleon: Military Upgrade Jacket

14- J Brand Karle Biker Jacket

13- LPA 58 Floral Jacket

12- DROMe Belted Kimono

11- Acne Studios Leather “Mock” Moto Jacket

10- Chrismo Black Jacket

9- Alexander McQueen Tailored Biker Jacket

8- Fendi Applique Leather Floral Jacket

7- Chloé Belted Leather Jacket

6- Alexander McQueen Embroidered Leather Moto Jacket

5- Givenchy Leather Poncho

4- Saint Laurent Fringed Leather Jacket

3- Mikhael Kale Stud Embellished Leather Jacket

2- Embroidered Gucci Leather Jacket

1- Isaac Sellam Experience Crocodile Effect Jacket

↓ 15 – Boda Napoleon: Military Upgrade Jacket

The beautiful conquerer style Boda Skins Napoleon: Military Upgrade jacket is made of pure Napa sheepskin leather. The unique historical style and the luxurious satin lining is an add on to your style statement. The striking lines, along with the sexy metallic studs, give a magnificent look to the jacket. This fantastic piece deserves a place in everyone’s closet. The beautiful American actress Olivia Palermo has been seen wearing the Boda Historical Jacket on the roads.

Price: $600

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 14 – J Brand Karle Biker Jacket

This gorgeous piece is designed by J Brand, named as the Karle Biker Jacket. This sexy biker jacket fits the body perfectly and is crafted in 100% lamb leather. Its first lining is that of acetate, and the second is that of polyester, and it also adds a bit of cotton lining. The zipped cuffs and pockets with the adjustable sideband at the waist make it look timeless. Taylor Swift, the heartthrob of youth, has been seen wearing this stylish biker jacket.

Price: $1,257

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 13 – LPA 58 Floral Jacket

Hailey Baldwin’s flawless LPA 58 is a floral jacket designed with stunning metallic studs. The embroidered black leather jacket has two zipped pockets and a side zipper to give the cool motorcycle look. The oversized style and buckle at the waist are quite up-to-date. This is an exquisite piece that you are going to want to add to your wardrobe.

Price: $1,300

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 12 – DROMe Belted Kimono

The pitch-black alluring belted leather kimono by DROMe is worth every penny spent on it. The long collars and 3-quarter sleeves look very stylish with leather skirts and skinny denim jeans. This style is totally unique and perfect for young women.

Price: $1,304

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 11 – Acne Studios Leather “Mock” Moto Jacket

This is Chrissy Teigen’s brown leather jacket, which is designed by Acne Studios. It’s also called Mock Moto Jacket and is belted at the waist. The jacket also has a shoulder yoke and panel seaming at the back with some really classy silvertone snaps. Acne Studio is famous for creating some really dope ready-to-wear stuff for those men and women who do not believe in conventional fashion.

Price: $1,600

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 10 – Chrismo Black Jacket

Acne Studios designed Chrismo pitch-black leather biker jacket is an exquisite piece that is crafted in pure calfskin leather and 52% viscose and 48% cotton lining. The front snap button closure and flap pocket make it look extraordinarily cool and biker style.

Price: $2,000

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 9 – Alexander McQueen Tailored Biker Jacket

Alexander McQueen has one of the strongest signatures in the fashion world. This black tailored biker jacket by Alexander McQueen is crafted in 100% calf leather. This delicate piece feature notched collars with classy long sleeves and silvertone hardware.

Price: $3285

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15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 8 – Fendi Applique Leather Floral Jacket

The sharp red Fendi Applique Leather Jacket in its floral style is stunning and perfect for your glamor girl look and is crafted in the finest red leather. The sexy bomber jacket is from Fendi’s resort collection and which has been making rounds in the fashion industry. Its ribbed shawl collar and ribbed hem and cuffs are flawless. It has a silk lining and gives you a very peppy look.

Price: $4,650

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 7 – Chloé Belted Leather Jacket

Chloé’s exquisite belted leather jacket is everything you can possibly want in a leather jacket. The tan-brown leather jacket is crafted in 100% calfskin and cotton and cupro lining. The buckled belt is going to give your body a fitted look and charming style.

Price: $4495

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15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 6 – Alexander McQueen Embroidered Leather Moto Jacket

The Alexander Mcqueen Embroidered Leather Moto Jacket is ridiculously gorgeous. Karlie Kloss is seen slaying this street style perfectly. It’s made of 100% calfskin leather and is designed with some exquisite floral style embroidery. The self-belt that sits at the natural waist gives a slim-fit look to your body and makes you look classy.

Price: $5825

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 5 – Givenchy Leather Poncho

The beautiful Givenchy short sexy leather poncho is made of 100% calfskin leather. Its off-center zip fastening is exceptionally classy, and the band collar is chic. The zipper style leather poncho is sexy and unique in its own sense.

Price: $6,200

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 4 – Saint Laurent Fringed Leather Jacket

Saint Laurent is one of the most expensive leather jacket brands with a bulk of unique styles. The beautiful leather fringed jacket by Saint Laurent is something out of this world. The British singer and actress Rita Ora is seen wearing this elegant piece with black tights and a black tee. It has unique leopard pattern fringes and is made of pure lambskin. It has a silk lining and a belted waist.

Price: $6490

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 3 – Mikhael Kale Stud Embellished Leather Jacket

As worn by Beyonce, Mikhael Kale’s stud embellished leather jacket is both cool and classy at the same time. The waist buckle and notched collars stand out due to the studded jacket.

Price: $6,800

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 2 – Embroidered Gucci Leather Jacket

Gucci is one of the most expensive brands which is loved by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid, and many others. Gucci trendy embroidered leather jackets are very classy and chic and take your street style to another level. The studded style and long sleeves are incredibly cool. These are made of pure lambskin.

Price: $7980

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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↓ 1 – Isaac Sellam Experience Crocodile Effect Jacket

Isaac Sellam’s super stylish Crocodile Effect Jacket is extremely fashionable and is every bit of classy. This elegant piece is made of 100% Aligator leather, and the lining is 100% linen. It’s made in France, and it’s raw and straightforward look makes it quite desirable for those looking for minimalistic elegance.

Price: $9669

15 Top Women Leather Jacket Brands To Try This Year

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We hope we were able to help you decide on the right leather jacket for you. We would appreciate any kind of feedback in the comment section so that we can cater to your needs better. Happy shopping!

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