10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Best Sleep Bras: Do you ever wonder if the cause of your restless sleep might be related to your basic night lingerie? Yes, you’re right to question as investing in sleep bras for a comfortable and restful sleep might sound like an extra expense, but it’s one thing you should stock up on for a healthier sleep cycle.

In the midnight hours when you’re dozing off, an unbalanced, unsuitable bra might make you feel itchy and fidgety. So, to meet the new sunrise with a confident and restful body, prepare yourself the night before by wearing the most supportive sleep bras with a soft fluttery feel.

How Did We Decide?

There are several qualities that make the most comfortable sleep bras so breathable and relaxing. As we browsed through the best ones, we centred on certain appropriate features to present you with our top picks for all breast shapes.

All sleep bras share some basic qualities like being wireless, seam-free and padding free, so you don’t have to tiptoe around specific stiff angles while you sleep or fear painful marks resulting from fancy wired, padded bras.

Hence, we’ve got you covered with the best sleep bras for large or small breasts, implants, or for the elderly, as well as the best sleep bras for nursing mothers to finally get some snug-worthy sleep after baby feeding.

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What Bra to Wear When Sleeping?

If you’re asking this question, you obviously don’t have a comfortable enough bra that can be worn during the night time. Sleep bras are bras that are specifically designed for the night to offer you optimal comfort because of their flexible and soft fabric.

Another benefit of having a separate bra for nighttime is that during the daytime, bras can get sweaty and this can often cause acne for women with sensitive skin. So having a sleep bra that you wear only before going to bed as you change into your PJs is a much healthy alternative.

1.   Bali Comfort Revolution EasyLite Bra – Best Overall

Made to stretch with side-on panels, this bra truly offers a comfort revolution with its soft fabric for all women, no matter what their size.

Its breathable quality makes it best for larger breasts or saggy breasts that are prone to sweat through the night.

And its soft fabric makes it perfect for restful sleep as it feels silky smooth on the skin with an add-on feature of support zones for additional relief. 

Furthermore, It’s the best wireless bra for saggy breasts with its clasp-free quality that eliminates the marks resulting from fancier bras, making it safe for a sound slumber.


  • Washable, soft cotton fabric.
  • Flexible for all sizes, with a thoughtful feature of side flex panels for maximum elasticity, making it the best sleep bra for lift and side support.
  • Soft and breathable.
  • Youthful, pull-on feature.


  • The stretchable zones might be a hassle for plus-size women with heavy breasts, as they’re prone to scoop up if not the right size.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $17.9-$48

Buy on Walmart for $22.99

2.   Calvin Klein Women’s Invisible Bra – Best for Smaller Busts

This fluttery soft, thin slip-on bra is sure to be on your list of favourites for soothing sleep, it’s flexible and stretchable quality makes it suitable for any size.

It’s the best sleep bra for a small chest and has the option of removable pads, so you can adjust the comfort level according to your need.

It also has adjustable straps, and its high quality ensures that it stays in your wardrobe for long-term sleep use.


  • Provides support no matter the breast size, fitting perfectly like soft second skin.
  • Wireless so wipes any issue of rigid, tight feel.
  • Removable breast support padding for additional comfort.
  • Carefully made invisible features offer a free and airy aura for sleep. 


  • A bit difficult to remove if prone to sweating due to the thin, soft fabric.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy On Amazon for $22.79-$57.40

Buy on Walmart for $40.00

3.   Motherhood Maternity Sleep Bra (Best for Nursing Mothers)

This best quality nursing sleep bra is made specifically for pregnant women or fresh mothers to sleep cozily after exhaustive baby hours.

The flexible design is perfectly suitable for sensitive feeding breasts that vary in size every day, with soft, breathable cups and no steel ring or back buckle clasp to worry about.  

Its main feature is the convenient cross-lactation, which allows the wearer to remove the front for feeding and to breathe without suffocation.

The bra is stitched in fine-quality cotton fabric which is friendly for all seasons.


  • The convenient cross-lactation feature makes feeding easy and allows for a restful night of sleep.
  • The stretchable, loose fabric offers the best of rest and comfort.
  • Helps erase the fear of deformation and displacement while catching sleep.
  • It’s an inexpensive bra, providing quality with economical benefits for all nursing mothers.


  • Straps without an adjustment feature can typically slacken.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $14.99-$21.99

Buy on Walmart for $12.99

4. Hanes Women’s X-Temp Comfort Flex Bra (Most Affordable)

This comfort bra is a seam free bra fashioned for peaceful slumber without an edgy feel.

Soft and stretchable, it’s designed as the most affordable bra to wear consistently for gentle sleep.

And its pull on closure feature is sure to give comfort with no hard clasps at the back or front.


  • Shaped for all sizes with stretchable quality.
  • Soft, washable fabric. 
  • No frustration of twisted straps or itchy marks.


  • The fitting of the bra might be unsuitable for larger-sized women.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $9-$21.49

Buy on Walmart for $22.60

5. Elita Women’s ‘Silk Magic’ Microfiber Crossover Bra

A great sleep bra with Ice Silk texture, highly airy and cozy. Its flexible crossover feature is proven to fit any shape with no fatigue of adjusting while sleeping. Not to mention, its elastic quality allows you freedom with comfortable sleep angles. 


  • Designed in a way that makes it suitable for all seasons, solving the need to change sleep bras all year long.
  • Cool silk fabric allows air inflow during sleep, eliminating suffocated sweaty frustration. 


  • Might seem tight if not the right size, resulting in lack of comfort.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $16.19

Buy on Walmart for $25.74

6. Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Size Bra (Best for Plus Size)

Tailored to plus size women’s needs, this bra’s wireless, pull-on design confirms a restful night.

Composed of Nylon material, the bra is super stretchy and soft to feel. And its soft, smooth back is free from hardware features that leave achy scars.

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  • It’s an extremely friendly sleep bra with a shape-fitting style fabric to accommodate plus sizes. 
  • Great value for the money.


  • Might not be suitable for smaller busts or nursing mothers.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $9.99-$31.01

Buy on Walmart for $19.99

7. Momcozy Seamless Bra (Best for Pregnant Women)

With its feathery touch, this maternity sleep bra is sure to give you cosy tingles before you even reach your bed.

The fabric is designed to soak up moisture and sweat even in extremely humid conditions.

Plus, the wireless, no-seam design offers a relaxed fit.


  • An ideal leisure hours bra suitable for single ladies, young moms and elderly women.
  • Special “W” structure for increased support and coverage without stiffness.


  • The low support for heavy breasts makes it an unsuitable pick for plus size women.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Walmart for $29.99

Buy on Amazon for $29.99

8. Warner Women’s Easy Does It Comfort Bra

Nothing shouts comfort like a wireless bra with crisscross back straps, and these are made to adjust according to size.


  • The thick bottom band provides supper without being too tight.
  • Adjustable straps according to need.


  • The straps are slim and might feel uncomfortable to some.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $24.38-$33.80

Buy on Walmart for $29.40

9. Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Pullover Bra

Stocking up on this top-recommended bra is a must due to its silky, light touch to skin.

With its pullover, and effortless design, this bra features 100% quality cotton fabric perfect for gentle wear.


  • Capturing the most buyers, this bra offers an escape from sweaty and weighty bras with its thin pure cotton material and spaghetti straps.
  • Economical and machine washable, it lasts a long time, offering long-term comfort.


  • The elastic straps are not flexible to adjust and might result in a rough feel to the skin.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $10-$31.25

Buy on Walmart for $49.91

10. Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Bralette

Calvin Klein’s bras are known for their fine quality and this mega snug standard bra is bound to take you on cloud nine with its premium cotton feel serving as the best push-up sleep bra.

This tension-free, breathable bra backs you up with its non-wire, pullover design, ranking it among the comfiest sleep bras.


  • Ideal for lazy, cosy times with its premium quality soft fabric.
  • No fuss, easy to wear and lightweight.


  • Due to the thin material, this bra might not be suitable for heavier plus-size busts.
10 Best Sleep Bras Designed For Comfortable & Restful Sleep

Buy on Amazon for $13-$48.13

Buy on Walmart for $33.12

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which type of bra is best for sleeping?

The best sleeping bras are focused on support with features like wirefree, soft material (preferably Cotton or Nylon), clasp free front and back and pull on design to make them hassle free and comfortable for a restful night.

Q. Is it good to wear a sleep bra?

While there is no health concern if not worn, it depends on preferences. It’s a positive buy, especially supporting women with plus size, lumpy breasts sensitive to pain and free movement during sleep.

Q. Is there a night bra?

Yes, just as there are bras designed for fancy and casual wear, there are night bras to wear throughout the night hours, designed to give your breasts support for a cozy and comfortable sleep.

Q. How can you support your breasts while sleeping?

The best solution to support your breasts for comfortable sleep is to wear a fine quality sleep bra designed specifically to support and provide relaxation for those with lumpy, tender or larger breasts

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