20 Most Beautiful Ankara Outfits for Women To Wear In 2022 

Ankara outfits for women: Are you the kind of person who is just in love with Ankara? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Guess what’s in trend? Well, you will be thrilled by the intriguing styles of the top Ankara outfits for ladies to follow.

Get ready to be amazed by vibrant colors and tribal prints. The best thing about Ankara is that they are available for ladies of all ages. You don’t have to worry about your figure. You can be a slim bodied person or a full-bodied person, Ankara is going to make you look elegant. Usually, they are worn at weddings, high profile occasions, or even night outs.

How to Wear Ankaras?

These days, such designs are available locally, too, which you can wear in an office or on regular hangouts. That means you can outshine your coworkers with an Ankara that is trendy and in fashion. Have a look at the top 20 must-have styles that should make a place in your wardrobe.

Top Ankara Styles for Ladies

The Ladies Guide to Wearing Ankara Prints

Team Branded Girls have come up with a mini guide for ladies to help them out in carrying Ankara wear anywhere. Be it there offices or weekend parties, and our ladies squad will surely rock the Ankara look.

  • Choose Geometric Ankara Prints: Prefer keeping the Ankara fabric design classic with more stripes or simple floral designs with dual tones of colors. You can even go spiral geometric designs too to add more elegance.
  • Can I Wear Ankara Designs for Office? Make sure the design possesses a professional silhouette. No bells, long tassels, dangling accessories, and whistles. We suggest no over the additional top fabrics and loud dramatic contrasts.
  • Opt for Minimal Accessories: Since Ankara involves contrasting radiant shades, so prefer keeping your accessories complimentary and style it with a balanced approach. Wearing huge earrings with an overly sized necklace is a no-go zone. You can either wear earrings and a ring but not all these accessories at the same time.
  • Wear Ankara Boldly with Confidence and Pride. You are a gorgeous, phenomenal woman, and daring to wear Ankara prints to work and projecting the cultures and traditions of Nigeria should make you proud!

ankara outfit ideas

20 – Yellow Abstract Print

Who would want to say no to this yellow abstract printed Ankara? It’s like a mini dress, so it’s going to play the role you never imagined. With these black shoes, the print really pops out, and you can make an impressive style statement. Other than abstract prints, Ankara fabrics come in many different prints like The Big Bang Design, The Zing design, The Bonsu design, The Record Disc Design, and The Feather Design.

different styles to wear ankara (1)


19 – Time to Go to Office

If you are up for looking formal yet trendy, you will like this elegant style. The top is a combination of dull pink and printed design, which is going absolutely lovely with the white palazzo.  As an accessory, the belt and the clutch are looking awesome. Your next read about Ankara fashion can be 20 Gorgeous Ankara Gown Styles & Ideas On How To Wear Them

different styles to wear ankara (17)


18 – Summer Day Party Perfect

This style would be great if you are going to a birthday party. It is a pure printed Ankara, yet it will make a great addition to your wardrobe. The full length makes it even classier and does complete justice to the fashion outfit. Ankara pairing with Denim jeans is one of the coolest casual fashion ideas that one can opt for.

different styles to wear ankara (18)


17 – Chic Jumpsuit for Everyday Wear

If you are looking for an Ankara that is a bit casual and cute, you have found yourself the right one. It is simple, but the belt in the middle makes it completely classy. The off-shoulder style also gives the outfit some extra hotness.

different styles to wear ankara (15)


16 – Short and Funky Chic Style

Who says you cannot wear an Ankara in summer? This outfit would be a perfect show stopper. The print is just lovely. For the young ladies who want to flaunt their personal style in summer, this is precisely what you need.

different styles to wear ankara (6)


15 – Ankara For Winter Girl’s Night Out

Do you ever think of wearing an Ankara outfit in the winter season? If not, then you must give it a try! Have some style inspiration from the below-pictured lady. Another idea is to strategically layer your vibrant Ankara outfit with a leather jacket or a puffer jacket. Many fashion bloggers have been seen wearing a radiant Ankara outfit with a military jacket over it. In winters, you can wear an Ankara printed warm jacket over any neutral-colored outfit, so that depends upon your personal choice and fashion sense.

different styles to wear ankara (5)


14 – Ankara Maxi For a Dramatic Look

Ankara styled maxi are one of the hottest trends of this year. Ankara maxis are one of those outfits that are ready to wear for any formal or casual event. If you are one of those tall girls having lean body shape, then you should definitely give Ankara maxi a try.

different styles to wear ankara (14)


13 – Ankara Party Skirt

Going to a party but can’t decide what to wear? How about this pink Ankara? It is an elegant choice, especially if you are carrying it precisely the way it’s presented. The plain top blends so nicely with the Ankara skirt. Ankara skirts look best in both long and short forms, so enjoy the fashion freedom that comes with Ankara styles.

different styles to wear ankara (10)


12 – Ankara Gowns for Formal Events

That’s a hell of a choice for a special evening. If you are one of those who are a fan of minimal fashion, then, your wardrobe must-have this beautiful gown. It’s made of lace at the top and an Ankara print at the bottom. We love the silver crown on her head.

different styles to wear ankara (20)


11 – Ankara Suit for Office

If you want to wear something different, this Ankara would be perfect for you. It has the schoolgirl type look, but it’s chic! Looks lovely with those shoes, but you can go for black heels too. Looking for workplace outfit ideas? Head over to Best Work Outfits for African Women 

different styles to wear ankara (9)


10 – Ankara Skirt for the Club

Here is another remarkable choice for a summer party or your night out at the club with your friends that will make you the center of attention among all. This print will again steal the show.

different styles to wear ankara (11)

9 – Get Inspired from Wedding Ankara Styles 

Ankara is not always about yellows, reds, blues, and greens. Even pastels can be a part of the Ankara wear any day. If you like the mermaid style dresses, this is precisely what you will love. The print is fantastic, and so is the style of the dress. It is perfect for any wedding you’re going to. Moreover, the floral headband is so looking so classy with her pastel outfit.

Read more about wedding Ankara from 17 Cool Ankara Style Dresses To Wear For Weddings

different styles to wear ankara (8)

8 – Ankara Styles for Ladies to Try Out!

Do you want to look different but classy at the Prom? This outfit will surely do the trick.

different styles to wear ankara (3)


7 – Ankara Fashion for Plus Size Girls

If you’re a plus size girl who wants to wear an Ankara, then this is the perfect look. The loose style and belt create a slimming effect.

different styles to wear ankara (12)

6 – Celebrity Style Ankara: Beyonce Vibes

How hot does Beyonce look in this funky Ankara? The African print can be styled in any way, and anyhow you desire. The issue begins when you can’t think of different ways to show off your Ankara fashion and style. When you aren’t able to think out of the box ideas and other styling techniques.

different styles to wear ankara (7)


And here’s another superstar, Gwen Stefani who has always loved wearing bold and beautiful Ankara prints

different styles to wear ankara (4)

5 – The Street Style

Here is something different than any classy lady would want to wear. The dress is a crop top with shorts. The shoes and purse are both a matching shade of nude, making the whole outfit merely perfect. Ankara street style can be revamped by using graphic vibrant prints too. By the way, silver hoops are looking too good on her, right?

ankara crop top

4 – Hot Casual Ankara Pants for High School

That can be one of the perfect summers Ankara looks for a high school girl. You might find some high school girl to design her Prom nightdress with Ankara touch.

different styles to wear ankara (19)

3 – Matching Sibling Ankara Print

This picture shows the real family goals for me. Both the sisters look super adorable while wearing matching Ankara outfits.

different styles to wear ankara (13)


2 – Mom and Daughter Twinning in Ankara

Don’t you think that Ankara outfit twinning with mommy and daughter is a great idea? Check out the below Ankara twinning Instagram worthy click of a beautiful mom and cute daughter twinning wearing bold Ankara print. Denim looks equally good when paired with an Ankara shirt, blouse or jacket. Ripped jeans look appropriate for casual events only. For Formal occasions, prefer wearing straight cut blue or black jeans with Ankara shirt. Aren’t they too adorable to handle?

different styles to wear ankara (16)

1 – Ankara Print with Western Touch

The union of Ankara prints with Western-styled stitched clothes is a match made in heaven. The below outfit is a real-life example that blending both the fashion niches is simply not a bad idea. You can style this outfit either with elongated length or with the shorter version of it.

different styles to wear ankara (2)


winter ankara


These are just a few choices in Ankara dresses. If you really want to flaunt your culture, you can do it by keeping up with the trends. Ladies, what are you waiting for? If you have got a special occasion and you are wondering what to wear, get any of these Ankara dresses. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Match the dress up with all the right accessories, and everyone will love the way you look!

Branded Ankara Wear For Ladies

Team Branded Girls have come up with some branded Ankara outfits that are readily available on brand’s online stores and can be purchased with just one click. Here you go with a mini list of Ankara branded wear!

↓ 4 – WithFlare Ankara Outfit

This Ankara midi dress is made from 100% cotton from African Wax Fabrics. This is not a printed fabric but rather a fabric created from numerous Ankara prints in a patchwork technique. This Ankara dress is very special and unique because it qualifies as art wear too. Special Care should be taken with this dress by hand washing lightly (no aggressive rubbing) and dry flat. Then Follow with a thorough hot iron. It will surely turn heads and will amaze the people wherever you go. It’s a great piece for a day out at the museum as well as a romantic date night! It can be dressed up or down with shoes and accessories that complement the dress.

Price: It is available on Etsy at a price of $150.

Buy Now

↓ 3 – Diyanu Ankara Dress

Rock the Cyrah African Print Maxi Skirt with Sash in the yellow contrasting and blue circles pattern. You can pair the elegant piece with a black turtle neck and some gold accessories of your choice to complete your regal look. Please don’t overdo the accessories part as it will make you look like a fashion disaster. Be completely prepared to steal the spotlight in this unique African Ankara inspired style with western touch!

Price: It is available online on the Diyanu site at a price of $50.

Shop Now

↓ 2 – Fhibbis Signature Ankara Wear

Fhibbis is one of the most dominating Ankara brands in Nigeria and is endorsed by millions of women around the globe. Their colorful yet chic prints are, so eyeball grabbing that the person wearing the brand instantly becomes the talk of the town.

Shop from Fhibbis Signature


↓ 1 – STGGC Clothing

One of the Ankara clothing brand that has taken over Instagram timelines of many fashion fanatics. Their bold and radiant prints are making ladies fall for them. Being an Ankara clothing fan, we are highly thankful to the owner of the brand Adetoke Oluwo for creating such beautiful Ankara creations for us. We love the black pom pom on her heels. Isn’t it too cute to handle?

Buy Now


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