25 Latest Wedding Saree Designs & Ideas for Muslim Brides

Wedding Saree Designs for Muslim Brides. Choosing a wedding bridal dress for your dream wedding can be a daunting journey. With so much minor detailing of motifs and bright head-turning designs, one has to go through a complete guide of Bridal dressers which should be in accordance with the latest fashion having a combination of traditional and trendy touch all in one.

Being a Muslim bride, wearing a hijab on your wedding day is purely your choice, whether you choose silver shimmering jewelry or gold Kundan jewelry designs to wear on your wedding but if you have chosen to adorn Saree and got your mind boggling on how to carry it modestly on your big day then let us help you to become a dream princess on your wedding day.

How to Choose Best Wedding Saree for a Muslim Bride

Let us show you some innovative ways of how a Muslim bride can look chic with a traditional Saree on keeping Islamic culture and modesty into consideration. Have a look at the practical guide of different sarees which various Muslim brides have chosen to put on themselves on their wedding day and they absolutely rocked the look like no one else and ditching the boring traditional lehenga look successfully and proudly.

Saree Designs and Ideas for Muslim Brides

↓ 1 – Stunning Hijab Saree for Daylight Weddings

Beautiful summer hijab look cannot be made more perfect than this! A bridesmaid at a summer wedding has exhibited goals for a white bridal saree hijabi wedding too with perfect toned makeup going very well with the daylight summer look keeping everything balanced.

And for your big day, here are the Top 11 Halal Nail Polish Brands for Muslim Women.

Muslim Girls in Hijab and Saree


↓ 2 – Overwhelmed with Cuteness and Simplicity

Isn’t the couple looking totally adorable with their innocent photogenic looks? A Bangladeshi bride had just ditched the traditional heavy makeup and jewelry avatar by wearing her grandmother’s white cotton saree with no makeup and without any jewelry. Upon asking why she adopted such simpler look, she explained that she was deeply disturbed by the image of a bride that what society has made up for a bride i.e. getting married with tons of heavy ornaments, expensive dress and hefty makeup trying to make a bride look more fairer hiding all her natural beauty. She further remarked that a bride should not be covered with whitening lotions, extravagant gold jewelry or have to wear heavily embroidered bridal dresses. Although she faced pressure from society by getting dressed so simply on her wedding day even people refused to click pictures with her on her wedding day because she wasn’t dressed like what most brides are dressed on their wedding day. Let’s wish them a very happy married life together!

Modest Saree and Hijab

↓ 3 – Valima Saree Hijabi Look

Modest hijabi bride on her valima is looking more than a Disney princess! With a pink touch on her saree and lighter toned pink hijab is making her look way cuter than ever. Desi South Asian brides can rock in any look with their natural beauty. With embellishment on her dress and plain tea pink hijab balances, her look in a sophisticated way. Light pink makeup with silver shimmers is the makeup secret formula of innocent looks. Have a look at these 12 Modest Saree Style Designs for Muslim Women for Chic Look.

Saree for Muslim Brides

↓ 4 – Matha Patti + Hijab + Saree = Perfect Wedding Look

Full sleeves Red saree with Hijab decorated with Matha Patti is nothing but perfection for an eastern Islamic wedding. However, to avoid bright red look, the saree has been balanced with off-white shade in a saree making a pretty combination with bright red and assisting in toning down the pungent red color. The Chunri print on edges of dupatta is giving a super awesome finishing look marking the wedding avatar look complete.

Wedding Saree


↓ 5 – Dream Look of Indian Hijabista Bride

If you are a die heart fan of golden hefty jewels and red banarsi saree then we suggest you go for this getup on your dream wedding. With banarsi saree, usually dull golden kundan is preferable as it goes hand in hand with typical banarsi look giving Indian cultural touch without being so loud.

Wedding Saree for Muslim Brides

↓ 6 – Floral Head Band + Hijab + Saree = Perfect Bridal Look

If you are in love with vintage pearls and light golden then we will suggest you go ahead with off-white golden saree. If off-white and golden appears too dull for you then you can put a tinge of three shades too. See how beautifully Pink, Blue and golden borders are looking with tikka on along with Hijab on. You can take help from Hijab tutorials on YouTube which many Muslim women are publishing online and they are too easy and quick to adapt.

Hijab and Saree

↓ 7 – Hard to Ditch Reds and Blacks

Add a wow factor to your wedding looks by adding Black as a support to Bright Reds. Wearing a full sleeves dull golden blouse is adding modesty factor to Hijabi look with Saree on. Here you can notice that it is really not mandatory to overload yourself with heavy jewelry in order to go for a wedding. One can simply rock a wedding look with elegantly designed saree and hijabi look very easily.

Saree and Hijab

↓ 8 – Blues for Wedding

Well, if you are planning to go minimal for your wedding this year then you can opt for a monotone scheme. Adding wedding jewelry can give a boost to this much simpler look if you are planning it for a wedding. However, the basic hijab and saree style can go hand in hand for this year wedding season.

Saree and Hijab Ideas

↓ 9 – Dholki or Mehndi Hijab Saree Dress

Opting for floral mehndi or dholki function, one can confidently go for multi-shaded saree (reds, yellows, and greens are basic colors for henna functions or dholki sangeet event). To embellish a dholki Mayu look, you can go for handmade floral tikka, rings made from real flowers, floral bangles, and floral earrings too. Floral handmade jewelry gives an uplifting factor to simple mehndi dresses.

Wedding Saree for Muslim Brides

↓ 10 – Monotones or Multi-Shades

If you prefer more of monotone or maximum dual shaded dress then we suggest you go for left one look wearing pink and white gold with large size tikka (depending on your face cuts). If you want to prefer a bubbly look, then you can go for brighter toned saree orange and golden with Maroon colored hijab and a silver sparkling clutch. To tone down a loud look, smaller size tikka was preferred but it again depends on the type of your face cut. Here are Wedding Hijab Styles & 20 Simple Bridal Hijab Tutorials.

Wedding Brides

↓ 11 – Dual Tones Saree and Hijab

Wide golden bordered saree with the dark brown scarf or Blue color based saree with dull Red designs is something which every Hijab fan will prefer any day, especially with a Saree hijab combination. If you are aiming to go for a wedding look, you can combine a fancy beaded hijab with some fancy jewelry to go hand in hand for a wedding look.


↓ 12 – Wearing Scarf with Saree for a Wedding Look

Sea Green, Black, and Kundan with Hijab Saree is just the right thing you need for this wedding season. Full sleeves black velvet blouse is giving the royal extravagant look to a simply styled saree.  Here you can see scarf tied in a braided way and is left on one side of the shoulder. Tikka is inserted inside the hijab giving a final finishing look depending on the face cut.

Fancy Wedding Saree for Muslim Brides

↓ 13 – Dual Scarf Tying Methods

Hijab can be used by two methods with Saree. One is all tied up on head coupled with a long red chain and is left on the back side of the neck which is comparatively easy to carry. While on the other hand, a scarf is pinned up with a beautiful brooch and is lying on front depending on which way you find easy to carry.


 ↓ 14 – Desi Wedding Look

For any Muslim lady, the factor is of foremost importance that saree should not be too revealing as Islamic values teach everyone modesty and to dress modestly.

Red Saree

↓ 15 – Tied Hijab with Saree

Few ladies feel suffocated while wearing a tight hijab on the head and around the neck. In order to cope up with tight hijab suffocation, one can opt for loosely tied hijab accompanied with modestly dress saree with all the flair of what a saree exhibits.

Hijab saree

↓ 16 – Hijab and Saree for Daylight Wedding Events

Confused about what to wear on daylight wedding event? Take an idea from the picturesque posing girl below.

Indian Culture and Hijab

↓ 17 – Bridal Hijab Saree Look

Let your saree be longer, let your saree be tightened around your waist and let the falls of your saree draw everyone’s attention! Prefer wearing a hijab that either matches or have a good contrast with your saree’s color and there you have it!

Hijab Saree

↓ 18 – Who Said Black Can’t Be Worn On Weddings!

Many people have a common perspective that Black is not a color of a wedding but the good news is Yes, it is! Gone are mine and your grandmothers’ days when only Red was considered as a wedding color.  Nowadays brides can be seen wearing Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, and even Black. Still not sure how Black would like while wearing it on a wedding event? Will Black make you look awkwardly unique? Here is the idea and there you go! … Isn’t looking so chic and stylish? So why running away from Black!

Wedding Saree for Muslim Brides

↓ 19 – Bright Colored Saree Hijab Style

Gone are the days when only dark colors like Maroon and Red shades were only to be worn on wedding events. See how beautifully bright colored sarees look with Hijab on resulting in awesome yet modest Islamic look of what every Muslim female starves for!

Saree and Hijab Combination

↓ 20 – Single Shaded Saree with Hijab

Aren’t sure if single shaded saree would look equally good as compared to multi-colored saree? You can wear a hijab in contrast with the color of single shaded saree that you prefer wearing and insert a fancy shimmering golden or silver pins or brooch that can uplift the single shaded look of a saree that might appear boring for some. However single shaded saree with solid colored hijab is something which will look beyond elegance and will help you to embark a sophisticated style statement and building your image as an inspiration for many leading fashionistas. Here are s23 Latest Indian Wedding Saree Styles to Try this Year.

Hijab Style

↓ 21 – Saree Hijab Bridal Wear

Brides all around the globe are shattering stereotypes associated with the overall look of how a bride should look on her big day i.e. her wedding day. It is now no more a mandatory clause to wear long lehengas on your wedding day. One can have her wedding done wearing a saree with long pallu hanging and with beautiful falls of her saree. Marriage is a union of two souls and wasting such prestigious occasion on glitters and shimmers is not the essence of marriage in Islam as being Muslims Islam teaches us simplicity and modesty. A bride can definitely look beautiful wearing a simple dress than wearing the hefty dress and expensive jewelry items.

Daytime Wedding Saree for Muslim Brides

↓ 22 – Solid Colored Saree and Hijab

Bridal looks often leave the audience to mesmerize but what about bridesmaids? Everyone has limelight set on bride and groom but sometimes bridesmaid feels left out. A bridesmaid can also look trendy and traditional at the same time. Saree hijab look is not limited to only bridal wear but bridesmaid can also opt confidently without feeling hesitation for this look. Have a glance how decently the below girl has draped her saree and tied her hijab on making her look a sophisticated follower of Islam and a die-hard Muslim who loves to dress modestly without revealing much body parts.

Black Hijab and Saree

↓ 23 – Matching or Contrasting Blouse

The blouse of saree can be worn of exact color or can be worn in contrast to the saree color keeping daytime or night time event in consideration. In the daytime, it is preferred to wear light shaded colors probably solid light shades and in night events dark colors are advised to wear on nighttime weddings. So get yourself prepared for this year’s wedding season in Saree and Hijab look just like that!

Bridal Saree

↓ 24 – Ready for Hijabi Eastern Wedding?

Be it east or west, Islamic essence has spread all over the world. Planning to have a hijab as a bride on your big wedding day is itself an act of shattering stereotypes like no other!

Multi Color Saree

↓ 25 – Way Better than a Disney Princess

Hijab and Saree

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