14 Most Affordable Pakistani Bridal Designers You Need To Try

Most Affordable Pakistani Bridal Designers: The dress worn by a bride is not merely any dress. It speaks of the traditions and cultures of the one who has the dress draped on her. In Pakistan, the wedding dress is in fact NEVER a subtle affair. The wedding dress is supposed to be lavish and heavily adorned according to cultural norms.

Fashion designers are the people who bring these wishes to life and create an appealing attire for the brides. While many brides might be breaking the stereotypical visualized versions of brides, opting for lightly embellished dresses and looking equally splendid, the essence of a wedding dress for the majority in Pakistan remains the same. Fortunately, the brides in Pakistan have several days to enjoy all the different styles over the course of their weddings. But unfortunately, while we love the work of our famous designers like Elan, HSY, Sana Safinas, Maria B and so on, most of us can not afford them since they easily cost at least 5 to 10 lakh even if you go for a simple design. So if you want a designer dress without having to break your bank, try these designers who’re extremely talented but also pretty affordable for us.

Best Bridal Designers That Are Budget Friendly Too

Starting with the smaller events of Dholkis, brides choose to wear formal dresses in bright colors, followed by the Mayun where yellow hues in the dress are a must; one can just not deviate from this tradition and most brides are happily willing to follow the rituals of wearing yellow on this day. Mehndi is another day to show off a variety of some beautiful shades in the dress which includes various tones of greens in combination with teal or hot pink, some more yellow or even plum shades. The dress gets slightly heavier in terms of work for the mehndi and these days we’re all aware of the Ghagra Choli buzz. It does look really pretty though on a Mehndi bride! 20 Must-Have Accessories for Pakistani Brides

The Ultimate Wedding Attire. Moving on to the dress for the “Big Day”, we can all agree that Red is the first thing to pop up in our heads when we think of it. For decades now, it has been in the ways of Pakistani weddings that the bride’s dress for the main day is found to be Red in color. The beauty of this color is undoubtedly outstanding. A heavily embellished red dress is what we wish to see on our lovely brides. Yet again we do have some trend-setting brides that have chosen differently for their weddings and picked colors such as pinks, peaches, and ivories for their wedding dresses; their choices were phenomenal in terms of attempting for a unique look.

Mostly the heavy red dress wins when it comes to brides and it never ever gets old or boring. Every wedding dress is unique on its own. The flowy Lehengas or Ghararas with smartly fitted blouses or shirts and dupattas to give the brides the final touches are never outdated. We do see a new trend of the brides carrying two dupattas nowadays; one held over arms, lighter in terms of work but to add a hint of colors to the dress and the other one, much heavier, set over the head traditionally. Ghagra Choli for the wedding day apart from the Mehndi are also very trending these days. I mean for years Pakistani girls saw the Indian culture of beautiful ghagra cholis and only wished on getting to wear something like that so why not have a go at it when our amazing designers are offering us the chance.

The best thing about Pakistani weddings is the long array of events. I mean seriously, once the wedding begins, it seems like a never-ending business. But when it ends, it does with an elegant and formal reception dinner. Well, brides here’s your day to express all your creativity and unique ideas. For the reception, brides these days are opting for full-length dresses, Lehengas with shirts or even traditional Ghararas at times, I mean the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a dress for the reception. The color palette is vast for this occasion; beige, ivories, burnt oranges, blues, and greens anything you want you can have as your dress for this event and all these colors are trending these days with the designers.

Who Is The Best Bridal Designer?

The best answer to this is any designer your ideas for the wedding dresses click with. There might be designers that have huge names but don’t really work in styles that you would prefer for your designer dress whereas there might be others who would quickly understand your taste and liking and work accordingly since day one. Building a friendly, comfortable relationship with your designer can be very helpful through and through as you both will be able to convey your imagination and ideas to each other effectively while working on the masterpiece.

  • Do not delay the wedding dress hunt until the last month. Start at least as early as 4 months prior to the wedding.
  • Be sure to make appointments with designers so that you can have detailed discussions without rushing the time.
  • Do detailed homework on the designers in your city, their price points, and showroom locations to save time.

I know, all this sounds a little too much to handle, so to help you out, here is a list of the top 15 emerging and generously talented bridal designers in Pakistan. But most importantly, they’re all offering bridal outfits in a range of PKR 50,000 to PKR 400,000. Now, this may seem like a lot we understand but considering how most renowned bridal designers these days are starting at 5lakhs, this is still a pretty affordable range for most brides. Top 10 Online Jewelry Brands in Pakistan That You Will Love


↓ 14 – Seema’s

Situated in Karachi, Seema’s is your place if you are a little short on time but want a stunning wedding dress. The designer offers a wide collection of cuts and palettes adorned with intricate and crusted details like of any renowned designer’s. The work on the dresses is made with precision and neatness, something a bride desperately wants for her wedding dress. Not just for the wedding day, but Seema’s has offerings for you to grab plenty of other formal and semi-formal dresses for your wedding clothes collection.

↓ 13 – Musk By Moazzam & Mahnoor

Brilliantly talented, this duo from Faisalabad is simply marvelous at their job. The designers have great taste personally and offer unique choices in their collections. They express their craftsmanship in subtle tones and beautiful delicate adornments on their dresses. Their work speaks of elegance, creativity, and novelty in the wedding dresses world.

↓ 12 – Iqbal Hussain

One of the best rising designers of Karachi, Iqbal Hussain is magnificent at his work. His formals are to die for. The dresses are very trendy and stylish and justifiably stand out from what is normally being offered by everyone else. The designer makes use of different varieties of fabrics to complete a single dress and that quality really makes the dress look unique. The cuts are trendy and stylish with a modern touch of work on the dresses. 25 Latest Wedding Saree Designs and Ideas for Muslim Brides

↓ 11 – Murtaza Hussain

The use of colors to the most is the forte of this particular designer. Murtaza Hussain from Lahore is a mastermind when it comes to using colors in wedding dresses. You might see a shade that is not so attractive individually but with his creativity, he spins out a masterpiece with his intricate artistry of peculiar designs; exactly what we require a fashion designer to do. The dresses in his collection are stylish and modern speaking for the contemporary brides.

↓ 10 – Hina Mohamed

For the brides who wish to stick to the roots and are fending for something traditional for their wedding dress, Hina Mohamed has got it covered for you. The designer is based in Karachi and is a master at showcasing the cultural and traditional forms of attire. The colors used are also very earthy and represent the Desi culture and so does the materials used in work. The bridal dresses are beautifully handcrafted in just the right amount of work over them without giving a very gaudy impression.

↓ 9 – Amna Syed

Detailing is a crucial part of a wedding dress and when you are getting the dress from a designer, the expectations are naturally very high. If you are someone from Lahore where there is already too much talent bursting out, you might want to check out Amna Syed’s work. The finesse and creativity in her work speak for itself. A fusion of eastern and western can be seen in her pieces at the same time elegantly managing the conservative heritage of our region.

↓ 8 – Mirusah by Misbah Haider

Getting a beautiful bridal dress is definitely not a piece of cake but Mirusah’s Misbah Haider is there to take care of you. The designer, from Lahore, looks after all your wishes patiently and offers you amazing customer service. You don’t need to spend too much time running back and forth to the designer to discuss all the nitty-gritty as one elaborate meeting is enough for her to deliver you a dress that is better than your expectations.

↓ 7 – Maheen Shah

If you are someone from Islamabad and don’t want your wedding dress to be merely noticed but to be REMEMBERED for what an elegant beauty it was, you have this woman in your city to do the job for you. The designer incorporates the traditional embellishments in modern cuts and the final product is a piece of art. The old school adornments of using the evergreen kamdani/mukesh and chunari works make her dresses remarkably beautiful.

↓ 6 – Zohra Alam

The designer from Karachi uses a very interesting color palette in her dresses. The dresses are perfectly balanced between eastern and western styles where the work and material come from the traditional categories such as gota and dabka and the styles are much more modern. The dresses are heavily and beautifully embellished and apart from the wedding dress, her formals are an absolute go for.

↓ 5 – Warda Qutub Khan

For brides in Islamabad that are naive and don’t have a lot of experience what should or shouldn’t they get or what kind of work is preferable for their wedding dress, Warda Qutub is your person. She will practically take off all the burden from your shoulders and give you all the information and advice you what will be the most suitable for you to wear on your wedding. The designer is very professional and knows how to entice her customers and make them feel special. The designer’s working style is inclined towards the traditional appeal which is the demand of the majority of the brides. Although she is great at formals and reception day dresses as well but for your actual wedding day dress, well she is beyond great at it.

↓ 4 – Mariyam D Rizwan

This Karachi designer is the one that sings for modern brides. Subtle tones light to medium embellishments and intricate detailing are her forte. Much distant from the very deeply rooted traditional styles, Mariyam D. Rizwan is the one for you if you are searching to look like an eastern bride in the western region. Her cuts are very unique that gives most of the style to her dresses along with the delicate work. Her dresses are the ones to go for when choosing for your reception.

↓ 3 – Nimrah Khokar

Yet another amazing designer from Lahore, we have Nimrah Khokhar that is highly talented at her work. With a very interesting choice of colors being offered in her formals, Nimrah’s bridals are very beautiful too. She makes the perfect use of a variety of different fabrics to style different and unique cuts that make her dresses stand out.

↓ 2 – Sana Abbas

Modern with a traditional hint is what can be said to defined this Karachi based designer’s work. The cuts and styles are traditional with the work giving a modern touch to the dresses is her style of working. The dresses are intricately worked upon, all by hand and are purely elegant for the sight.

↓ 1 – Allechant Couture by Sehr Khosa

Making it to the top of our list of emerging talented designers is Sehr Khosa from Lahore with her brand Allechant Couture. The store is a one-stop complete solution to all your bridal dresses dreams along with the formal ones that you need to collect for post wedding parties and dinners. The dresses are stylish and intricately adorned as per the latest trends of the fashion industry. The hues used are fresh and pleasant and the work is a fusion of traditional and moderns trends.

Hopefully, these talented emerging designers will prove to be what you are searching for and will be able to offer you the bridal dress of your dreams.


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