20 Must-Have Accessories for Pakistani Brides

Accessories for Pakistani Brides – Pakistani Bridal Fashion has managed to separate itself from Indian Bridal Fashion over the years. While the two share many similarities, the significant difference in the two styles is that compared with Indian bridal lehengas, which are undoubtedly very elaborate and beautiful, Pakistani lehengas are understated. They tend to look simplistic in comparison even with heavy work and therein lies their beauty: in simplicity and subtlety. They are also much more modest than Indian bridal dresses.

The jewelry and accessories are, however, much the same. No bridal look is complete without appropriate accessories. These are essential to complete the bridal look and complement the theme by being light or heavy, less or more.

What Accessories Must A Pakistani Bride Buy?

Here is a list of such accessories, jewelry, bags and the like. These can be paired with each other or can be selected one at a time. In any case, there’s plenty to choose from. It’s a special day, so there must be a lot of options after all!

pakistani bridal accessories

↓ 20 – Nail Art and Makeup

You can’t be a bride unless you have makeup on! Simple glow-ups have been in vogue more than heavy dark makeup looks lately, but you can go with whatever you wish. Nail art is another thing. While simple one-toned colors have been in fashion among brides for a very long time, intricate and colorful nail art has become trendy and highly favorable among women these days. Things like flowers, faces, gems and even whole landscapes are now painted on nails so if you want to stand out and do something different you may go for elaborate nail art. Here are Top 5 Expensive Weddings in Pakistan & Complete Details On The Most Lavish Pakistani Weddings.

pakistani bridal accessories

↓ 19 – Mehndi

Mehndi on both hands and feet is one of the most important rituals of a wedding. A bride always has her hands full with either intricate designs or simple tikkas. It’s the number one thing that identifies her as a bride-to-be, and it’s a really beautiful custom. Mehndi designs have also been fluctuating and evolving like nail art. While traditional designs have tikkas, flowers, sun bursts and the like, symmetrical henna designs called Moroccan henna have gained popularity.

Furthermore, as the West has also adopted the practice, many eccentricities have been introduced to the art. For example, there’s a new practice where the faces of the bride and groom are painted on both hands while some designs tell whole stories such as how the couple met.

↓ 18 – Hair Jewelry

Hair/headpieces such as tiaras are slowly getting more popular among brides who opt for white dresses or western styled gowns on their wedding days. Apart from simple tiaras, there are elaborate crown pieces, headbands, bun accessories, combs and even a new trend of adorning the side of the head with multiple pins. This last trend has been seen on fashionistas such as Sonam Kapoor, Mahira Khan, and Mawra Hocane so any bride wanting to do something unique and fashionable can do that on her wedding day. You can see here some gorgeous and of course, real Pakistani brides, wearing different types of hair accessories for their bridal showers as well as their wedding days.

accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides

↓ 17 – Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka or simple Tikka is a piece of jewelry worn in the hair, usually down the middle parting. The tikka comes in various styles, designs, and sizes. This can be worn high up in the hair or further down on the forehead. It is something that has become compulsory for desi brides. No wedding look is complete without it. It’s usually matched with the earrings and the neck pieces and comes with a bridal set. Individual, non-elaborate maang tikkas are also called bindis. Whether simple or intricate, tikkas are what make a bride look like a bride.

↓ 16 – Matha Patti

It’s an ethnic piece of jewelry that is similar to a tikka except that it also extends on both sides of the head encircling it. Afghan tribal matha pattis are especially beautiful because of their unique look. These are representative of the Afghani culture and are heavy and full. In recent times, desi brides have taken to wear Afghan mathapattis on events such as mehndis and dholaks. Mathapattis can also come with a complete set. In such sets they would replace tikkas or bindis. If you’re going for a traditional look on your wedding day, mathapattis are highly recommended.

↓ 15 – Jhoomar

Jhoomars are optional but no less elegant. It’s a gorgeous piece of bridal jewelry that adds more spice to the look if combined with a tikka. It’s worn typically on one side of the head. Jhoomars are usually very elaborate, which is why they are almost always paired up with simple tikkas. Since they are very wide and encompassing the entire one side of the head, they more than makeup for the simplicity of the tikka. Pearl jhoomars are the most popular among brides with about six lines of pearl beads branching out. It’s a statement piece that has gained popularity in the last few years. Have a look at these Top 5 Bridal Designers of Pakistan.

↓ 14 – Nath

A nose ring, also called Nath is a decorative piece of jewelry that represents the culture, beauty and marital status of a South Asian bride. Naths used to be very popular in olden times among brides. These are making a comeback in Pakistan after a period of dormancy and a good thing too because naths are ethereal. Naths, come in a variety of sizes. The big-sized naths are worn by brides while the small ones are preferred for semi-formal wear so the bride can wear them on post-wedding dawats if she wants. The bigger ones are timeless classics for a bride, these can be simple or elaborate and you can choose either depending on whether you are going for a stout or understated look.

↓ 13 – Jhumkas

A jhumka is a particular brand of earring that, while no longer restricted to only wedding ceremonies, are more or less compulsory to wear for a bride. Jhumkas are ageless. They are eternal and have been in vogue for many years. For a desi bride, these usually go with a set, with matching neck pieces and head pieces, whether they are math pattis, tikkas or jhoomars. Lately, a lot of Pakistani brides have favored simple and elegant earrings instead of traditional jhumkas but when it comes to true classic style, these have no equal.

↓ 12 – Choker

Choker necklaces are another favorite item South Asian brides wear. These aren’t as simple or minimalist as the ones that Western brides wear. Instead, these are rich with traditional designs with beads, pearls, diamonds, etc., and are full-sized and heavy pieces. It’s essential for a bride to wear these and rarely does one go without it. Kundan chokers are incredibly beautiful and intricately crafted and are generally favored as bridal jewelry. Chokers are sometimes also matched with another piece of jewelry and these two complement each other.

↓ 11 – Rani Haar

Another traditional bridal jewelry piece, a Rani Haar is a long necklace that is longer than a choker and usually rests above the chest area. Chokers and rani haars are trendy these days and Pakistani plus other South Asian brides today have taken to wear them together as part of a set. While each can be worn alone and it will still be a beautiful bridal look, together they make the bridal style feel complete. Kundan or pearl rani haars are the most desirable. These haars look best when worn on barat and mehndi functions.

accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides

↓ 10 – Rings

Of course, you can’t forgo wearing rings at your wedding! The style and number of your rings greatly depend on what theme you are going for. If it’s light and subtle, you might want to wear two rings at most, less ostentatious and gaudy rings, inset with pure pearls or stones. If you are going for an extravagant look, more than two rings in all manner of fancy styles and made of gold would serve your purpose. Either way, it’s impossible for a bride not to wear rings. Recent studies have suggested that rings with sharp and odd cuts with diamonds have been more commonly used nowadays among brides. Gone are the days when brides used to wear massive and detailed gold rings. Today is the age of minimalism, and we see people embracing this change, even brides. For more ideas, here are some of the best Pakistani Bride and Groom Photoshoots & Pakistani Wedding Poses.

↓ 9 – Kangan & Choorian

Kangans or bracelets or kadas are other things uniquely associated with South Asian brides only. Kangans are, however, optional. A bride can do simple kangans or kangans mixed with bangles or chooriyan. Kangans come in different widths. Some are thin and used to create sets with bangles while some are thick and they are worn separately. Gold and kundan kangans are popular while silver ones are rarely own. It’s the bride’s choice regardless. Nevertheless, they look beautiful and make the bride’s arms look full and that adds to the charm of the whole look. If you go with kangans on kadas on your wedding day, it is recommended that instead of heavy gold ones you choose simple ones with gems inside that match the color of your dress.

Like rings, jhumkas and haars, chooriyan or bangles are a trademark bridal thing. A bare-armed South Asian bride wouldn’t look like a proper bride at all! The great thing about these is that you can get these anywhere in virtually any color you want and they aren’t even expensive! Even if you’re going for a minimalist look you cannot go without these. For mehndis multiple colors are mixed but for barat and valima looks, the shades are less varying. Interspersed with kangans or bangles in between and the sides, they make the bride’s arms look something to behold.

↓ 8 – Chooda or Gana

There are many different names for this particular kangna and it is different from other bridal jewelry because it is associated with a special custom. In many asian families, but particularly in Punjab, there’s a tradition where the bestman or the bride’s uncle (mamoo) puts on a sacred thread on her wrist which is to protect her from the evil eye or any other bad omen. Over the years, the ganas have evolved from simple threads to gorgeous pieces of jewelry (often even made of gold) and in many families, the bride is not expected to untie the gana until after the walima.

pakistani bridal accessories


pakistani bridal accessories

↓ 7 – Ring Bracelet Or Panjangla

A more pragmatic bride may choose a ring bracelet. These are a wonderful mix of two things, a ring, and a bracelet, as the name suggests. They aren’t, however, terribly popular. Pakistani brides do occasionally wear these, but most tend to gravitate towards separate rings and simple bangles. Still, the option is always there. There are all sorts of designs available online, elegant and straightforward, eccentric and traditional. As always, you can go with the theme of your look. The great benefit of these is that they combine two things at once and depending on the style you choose they entirely live up to the theme. If you are going for a heavy look, some ring bracelets have huge rings with multiple branches and a matching bracelet likewise. If you want to keep it simple, the ring, bracelet and connecting chain can all be fine and delicate looking.

accessories for pakistani brides

↓ 6 – Watch

Honestly, most brides do not wear watches on their wedding because there usually is no terrible need to see what time it is. However, one can sometimes leave practicality aside for the sake of style. Watches are still accessories and they make the wearer look classy and sophisticated. Matched appropriately with other wrist jewelry, a watch will surely make your look uniquely chic. However, watches are not recommended with gaudy and flamboyant jewelry.

↓ 5 – Anklets

An anklet, also called ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string, is an ornament worn around the ankle. Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as pattilu, payal and sometimes as nupur. These come attached with a toe ring as well. The practice of wearing anklets or payals as they are usually called isn’t that prevalent among Pakistani brides, however, these can be worn.

↓ 4 – Bridal Shoes

Desi brides have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right shoes for their wedding. Instead of just plain colored pumps or heels, there are literally thousands of color combinations and designs available. Flat heeled shoes like khussas are prominently worn on nikkah or mehndi ceremonies while high heels are generally chosen for rukhsati and valima. Most brides tend to favor bright heels because of course, one can never go wrong with a little sparkle.

↓ 3 – Flowers

Flowers are very common as an accessory among Pakistani brides. As opposed to Western brides who carry them or Indian brides who wear huge garlands, Pakistani brides wear flowers in their hair. They are white flowers or roses and look gorgeous in jooras or buns or braids. However, floral jewelry is worn during the mehndi and dholak ceremonies.

accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides accessories for pakistani brides

↓ 2 – Purse

And we come to another essential item! Wedding purses are mostly clutches but they can also be drawstring pouches, these are more traditional looking and easier to carry. They look slightly funky compared to the refined clutch purses, but both work well with lehengas. Matching bags can be made with the same material as that of the dress, or new ones can be bought to go with your dress.

↓ 1 – Dupattas & Ghoonghats

Among many other popular trends is the use of a separate dupatta that is basically a ghoongat dupatta. It’s mostly red with a golden filigree lace on all sides. These are used on nikkahs, barats and even valimas. In the same vein, brides have also started using double dupattas with their lehengas; one is of a thicker material while the other dupatta is of a lighter, see-through material.

When it comes to dupattas, these days the old kiran dupattas are trending again so you might want to go with them for at least one of your functions.

pakistani brides accessories

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