Punjabi Lacha Outfit Ideas – 15 Ways to Wear Lacha for Girls

Punjabi Lacha Outfits for Girls. The state of Punjab in India and Pakistan is the heart of each country’s spirited culture and traditions. It’s known as the ‘land of five rivers’; the word Punj meaning five and ab meaning waters, referring to the Indus River’s tributaries.

Several languages are spoken in the state though Punjabi is the dominant language. The culture of Punjab is famous for its energy and spirit. The clothing worn by the Punjabi people is an expression of this vibrancy. Among many different types of outfits worn by the Punjabi people, a ‘lacha’ is a gorgeous outfit favored by the women. Bright and chirpy colors and luscious silks and cotton are used to construct this piece. It’s one of the many ways the people of Punjab identify themselves in a cultural context.

How to Wear a Lacha This Year

Thanks to a global call for diversity and inclusion, owing to multiple social media platforms, the customs and traditions of other cultures are not only being accepted and appreciated, but they are also being adopted by people of different races, cultures, and countries. Take henna, for example. It used to be restricted to South Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, but now we see the West whole-heartedly absorbing it into their lifestyle.

Clothing of Punjab

Let us take a look at the stunning dresses and outfits that the Punjabi people wear with pride. Some are common to this day; others are worn on formal occasions only since the trend has died out. Most dresses have embroidery on them; they’re colorful with extraordinary designs and patterns.


Clothing worn by the Punjabi men and women can be categorized as follows:

  1. Dhoti/Lacha: Both men and women wear this. Men’s outfit is generally called dhoti, while the women’s costume is called lacha. Both genders wear a kurta or kurti over this garment.
  2. Kurta/Kurti: The kurta is a shirt that is loose and collarless. Many different styles and cuts exist. A shorter form of kurta worn by women is called kurti.
  3. Kameez: Kameez and shalwar is the traditional dress for all genders in South Asian and Central Asian countries. Kameez is a long shirt or tunic which can have a variety of collars. It can also be collarless, in which case it becomes similar to a kurta.
  4. Shalwar: shalwar are trousers of sorts worn by both men and women. It is wide near the waist and hips while being narrow at the bottom. There are dozens of types of shalwars worn today, such as Patiala shalwar, Afghani shalwar, Dhoti shalwar, etc.
  5. Dupatta: Women wear dupattas with their shalwar suits. A dupatta is a long scarf or shawl used to cover their heads and chest.
  6. Ghagra Choli: It’s another traditional combination dress. Ghagra or lehenga is a long flowing skirt while choli is the blouse worn on top of it.
  7. Pagri: It’s the name for a manually tied turban that mostly men and sometimes women in the subcontinent wear.
  8. Khussa: It’s traditional, hand-crafted footwear made with tanned leather.
  9. Paranda: paranda or parandi is an ornament used to braid hair. It’s a mix of long threads and decorative tassels.

What is Lacha?

Lacha is the feminine version of dhoti, which is worn mostly by the men of Punjab. It is a long, flared skirt with the central portion of the skirt lifted and sewn over the belt, creating a raised section with pleats in vertical.

Lacha Top: Usually, a kurta or kurti is worn on top of the lacha and a dupatta. The dupatta is optional. Some women also wear a small sleeveless coat over the kurti.

Material Used: Numerous types of fabrics are used to make a lacha; there is no set rule. Silk, cotton, velvet, georgette, chiffon, etc. can make luscious-looking lachas.

Embellishments: Embroidery, mirror-work, beads, stones, gems, and fancy laces are used to embellish lachas.

Accessories: Traditional jewelry such as jhumkas and bangles are worn. Parandas and khussas look homely when paired with lachas.


Lacha in Popular Culture

It’s the type of outfit infused with gaiety and happiness, and it’s worn on almost every Punjabi festival and celebration. Besides that, it’s a big part of the stage drama culture in Pakistan. Actresses performing on stage dramas can be frequently seen wearing flamboyant and provocative lachas.

How To Cut and Stitch a Lacha At Home

This is an easy and simplified take on a lacha. See the whole video for a complete cutting tutorial. You’ll need drafting paper and fabric length of three meters. The stitching tutorial is separately uploaded in two parts.

We’ve put together some fantastic lacha inspiration for you in this article. You’ll find lachas in the following categories:

  • Bridal Lachas
  • Formal Event Lachas
  • Punjabi Lachas
  • Traditional Lachas
  • Lacha Inspired Outfits
  • Casual and Modern Lachas

Depending on these various categories, you can wear a lacha on formal occasions and casual outings and in everyday routine.

↓ 15 – Neha Dhupia’s Dynamic Green Lacha

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi did a little bit of cosplay here. They wore the exact outfits Shahrukh Khan and Kajol wore in their hit film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge in 1995. This proves how timeless and classic this spirited lacha is. The costume is made with green satin silk with gold lace and embellishments, and the dupatta is of green net fabric.

It’s an inspiring and uncomplicated take on a lacha which you can easily duplicate in any color or material.


↓ 14 – Festive Lacha for Formal Functions

Want to make your wedding a complete Punjabi experience? Need outfit inspiration? Look no further! Going with a theme on weddings and parties is one of those hot trends, everybody is eager to try. There are infinite themes to choose from, but why not show your love for your roots by choosing a Punjabi theme? It’s a merry culture with sparkling traditions and customs which are full of fun and wonder.

This bride has chosen to wear a lacha for her mehndi function. It is commonly seen that lachas and kurtas are of contrasting colors. It adds more strength and vibrancy to the overall look. The kurta is delicately embroidered while the hot pink lacha has a fine hemline and gorgeous beadwork. It’s a gorgeously subtle outfit.

↓ 13 – Bubbly Bridal Lacha

Another great style to wear a lacha is to go with different colors for each item in your outfit. This bridal lacha styled on Priety Zinta is a thing of exquisite beauty. The lacha, kurta, and dupatta are of different colors, all of them bright and fruity. Of course, it’s heavily embellished in all the right places. Worn with the right kind of jewelry, heavy, flashy, and traditional, this can become your ultimate Punjabi wedding dress. Just don’t hold the gandasa; you’ll be there for your wedding not to beat up goons.


↓ 12 – Punjabi Lacha for Kids

Style the little ones in adorable lacha bridesmaid dresses like this one! After all, everything must be on point for your unrivaled Punjabi wedding ceremony. If you’ve got a couple of tiny bridesmaids to brighten up the aisle, get cute matching lacha outfits in silk and jamawar with dupattas sewn. Go for every color on the spectrum. Kids feel uncomfortable in heavy outfits, so a gaudy lace sewn on the hems, and the neckline will do nicely. If this is how the bridesmaids make their entry, you are bound to vow the wedding guests with your bridal lacha.


↓ 11 – Nargis Lacha Style

Any article about lachas is incomplete without mentioning Nargis. She is a former Pakistani stage actress, well-renowned for her performances and dance numbers. Pakistani stage dramas are always in Punjabi, and every actor is attired in Punjabi clothing. Most of the actresses can be seen wearing lachas.

Stage drama lachas are purely traditional in their cut and make. They are form-fitting, made with bold colored silks, accessorized with hefty bridal-appropriate jewelry, and decorated with gota work or some other kind of dense and extravagant embroidery.

Nargis’s lachas are excellent inspirations for desi-style bridal-wear.


↓ 10 – Pink and Grey Lacha

This outfit provides another perspective on desi, traditional lachas. It’s made with chiffon, is two-toned, and is embroidered with silver thread and beads. With a short kurta and exposed leg, it’s certainly more revealing, but you can easily work around this problem by increasing the kurta size and wearing trousers underneath.

The two-toned nature of the lacha is fascinating. Instead of mixing and matching different colored articles of clothing to complete your outfit, as we showed above, you can choose the same fabric and dye it into the colors of your choosing. A cool technique, right?


↓ 9 – Color-blocked Lacha with Jacket

Choosing colors that complement one another and blend into each other is one thing, choosing colors at the opposite ends of the spectrum is another. This yellow and blue lacha suit shows you how you can color-block your Punjabi outfit like a boss. The sleeveless jacket/coat on top adds a nice touch to the entire thing.


↓ 8 – Vivacious Silk Lacha Outfits

The power of silk in bold colors cannot be underestimated. These emerald green and hot pink silk lachas are capable of setting fire to the stage they grace. These are suitable for parties or performances. Some must-haves with this lacha style are; a paranda, bangles, jhumkas, and khussas.


↓ 7 – Cute Twining Lacha Dresses

The kurta worn over the lacha must be considered seriously. It’s something that can make or break your entire look. Consider making a plain silk lacha in colors like gold, silver, white or black and then construct a bright-colored kurta to wear with it. Things we learned from this style are hot summer shades contrasted with pale pastels, long-length kurtas with multiple slits down the front and back, and understated patches of embroidery here and there.


↓ 6 – Glamorous Lacha for Parties

At a Punjabi disco party, you can vow the crowd in this magnificent lacha gown. The outfit has a sequined crop top, a printed lacha, and a gown to wear over it. It’s the funkiest and most fashion-driven take on a lacha we’ve seen yet. This kind of ensemble demands a modern approach to dressing up and accessorizing, so make sure to ditch cumbersome traditional jewelry.

When it comes to wedding wear, you can always get the best inspiration and ideas from the top designers, even if you can’t afford them, so here are the Bridal Dress by Manish Malhotra


↓ 5 – Lacha Inspired Kurta and Trousers

Another great thing you can try is creating an outfit that takes inspiration from the lacha silhouette. The model in this picture is wearing a flared kurta/dress and trousers, and the cut of both is similar to how a lacha looks. This is for people who don’t feel confident enough to wear lachas but want to incorporate the likeness in their ensembles nonetheless.


↓ 4 – Classy and Modern Black Lacha

From here on out, you’ll see how the desi youth has modernized and converted the lacha to fit the changing times. The first one is this classy-looking black lacha. It’s been paired with a black t-shirt and black dupatta. The burst of color comes from the spunky overcoat and bronze sandals. It exudes unparalleled elegance and charm and is sure to be a stunner at any party.


↓ 3 – Aesthetic White Lacha

The word ‘aesthetic’ immediately comes to mind when you look at this lacha style. How striking it is in its plainness, how enchanting in its simplicity! We love the masculine sandals the wearer has chosen to put on, though we’re a little unsure about the dash of green.

If you’re confused about the right dupatta style to go with your lacha, we’re sure that this article will help you out: How to Wear Bridal Lehenga Dupatta in 10 Different Styles


↓ 2 – Street Style Lacha

If Punjab had street culture and street fashion was alive there, Punjabi fashionistas would be seen rocking this awesome denim lacha. We whole-heartedly approve of the sneakers!


↓ 1 – Simple Lacha Suit

Our number one choice for a lacha outfit is this casual suit. It has a cute color combination, soft embroidery on the chest area, the shoulder cuts are great for summer, and on the whole, it’s a fine casual-wear ensemble.


Lachas deserves more love and appreciation. Show us your feedback by commenting below your favorite look from our picks!



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