20 Summer Outfits For High School Girls To Wear This Year

Cute summer outfits for high school girls. Since the summer season is here and every one of us likes to get new clothes. But how to dress for highschool in summers to beat the heat, what outfits to wear is the most burning question for high school girls?

Keeping in view the same, we have included some cute outfit ideas which girls can wear. Colorful patterns and funky designs are a significant trend this season. Shirts can be worn for a movie night or to a brunch party. Casual clothes are perfect to wear to a beach party, or for a hangout with friends. Tank tops can be worn with jeans, whereas shorts and capri pants can be co-ordinated with floral print sleeveless shirts. Accessorize outfits with beautiful handbags. These summer outfits can be well co-ordinated with accessories such as bags, necklaces, belts, shoes, etc.  Some of the ideas are shown in the pictures below.

What To Wear In High School This Summer?

If you are confused about how to style your outfit, then we may have the perfect ideas for you. You don’t have to worry about what to wear to your party, a high school dance or a random day at school, and we have got you all covered with some cute chic and stylish summer outfit ideas. You can check these styles below.

Cute Summer Outfits for High School Girls

Making a Cute High School Outfit Out of Nothing

There are some awful days when you have nothing to wear to school. Some dresses seem so dull and some look so loud to wear to a high school. We have enlisted some quick and easy fashion tips for those terrible days.

  • Footwear to Wear in Summer School: Wear light-colored floral pattern dresses with flip flops, and it will look perfect. Never be afraid of trying out new fashion styles!
  • Budget-Friendly Fashion Outfits for Teenage Girls: You can look adorable by choosing to wear cute attire like baggy jeans and funky pattern shirts. Pair your attire with some cute accessory to add a twist in your appearance
  • Pairing an Outfit Smartly: You should be careful about your color scheme. For example, you can wear black or white colors with any piece of clothing.

↓ 20 – Denim Skirts

Mid-length denim skirts always look cool on teenagers. You can pair them with an aesthetic or funky T-shirt, depending on the occasion. To complete your look, you can carry a crossbody bag with a pair of matching sneakers. Below is one look that can help you get inspiration from it! You should also check out these Most Popular Teen Clothing Stores In The World.

Denim skirt outfit

↓ 19 – Crew Neck Rainbow T-shirt

Summers are always fun to experiment with bright colors. If you are someone who loves to wear a combination of bright colors, then this rainbow T-shirt outfit is perfect for you. It is attractive, funky, and looks cool as it is flooded with colors. You can wear faded jeans or shorts, whatever you wish for!

Rainbow Tshirt and Jeans

↓ 18 – Funky Back To School Look

Highschool girls look beautiful when they wear cute and funky prints, especially in summer. Below you can get inspired by the picture; you can call this outfit a jumper, romper, or a jumpsuit whatever you like. This strawberry patterned jumpsuit will definitely be the perfect choice for teenage girls.

Patterned Jumpsuit

↓ 17 – Off- Shoulder Shirt Outfit

Off the shoulder shirts are a trend this year, girls of all ages can wear it, especially teenagers, these kinds of outfits are best of any type of occasion, whether casual or semi-formal. If you wish to wear this top on a formal party, you can wear a delicate statement necklace with it as well. But if you are going to a casual hangout below is the picture-perfect outfit for you paired with ripped jeans.

Off shoulder outfit

If you wish to wear a solid color with no prints, then here is another combination of black chiffon off-shoulder top with three-quarter sleeves. Complete your look with a cute necklace and a crossbody bag, and you are ready for your outing!

Black off shoulder top

↓ 16 – Printed Summer Dress

Mini dresses of light, flowy material look stunning for your beach party with a friend. This V neck Mid-length casual dress is one of the looks you can get encouragement from. To complete your look, wear a nice pair of sandals, and you are good to go, don’t forget to wear your beach hat if you wear it on a picnic!

Printed Summer Dress

↓ 15 – Casual outfit Combination for Schoolgirls

A Greyish black top can be worn with flared leg jeans, and perfect combination accessories such as black shoes should be added to this look. It’s a chic and simple ensemble for school girls. Complete your school wardrobe for the season with these Fashionable Back to School Accessories Every Girl Must Own.

Black Flared Jeans Outfit

Here is another outfit combination if you like to wear a colorful t-shirt on mom fit jeans and cool checked shoes.

Casual Outfit

↓ 14 – Lace Outfit

Lace tops have always been a girl’s favourite choice, and they look stunning when worn with jeans. A white lace top can make you stand out in the crowd if you pick up some cute matching accessories. You can wear any type of shorts with this outfit, though we feel that Bermuda shorts would look cool. You can also wear faded jeans as it is a top trend this year. Top it all with an EOS Lip Balm. They are really great lip balms, made from all-natural ingredients and they’re available in some of the most amazing scents like “Strawberry Sorbet,” “Summer Fruit,” “Passion Fruit,” “Mint” and a couple more too so you’ll surely be able to find one that you’ll love.

White Lace Outfit

↓ 13 – Simple & Chic

A backpack is one of the basic and yet the most useful accessories for any high schooler. It works best with your everyday outfits like jeans and tees.

summer high school outfits


↓ 12 – Cute Outfit with Shorts

Heading out for shopping in style is not that difficult. Pull out your favourite top and shorts, and pair them up with some colorful flip flops. Accessories are always essential to make the outfit shine, so remember to wear some cute jewelry and sunglasses. You can wear this printed shirt with a plain scarf in contrast as well. This outfit is best for everyday running errands.

Everyday Outfit With Shorts

↓ 11 – Sporty Look

Do you have a sports event at your college or a match in your city? Then this is the best choice for you to wear. Wear some classic joggers with your boyfriend’s jeans and don’t forget to wear a cool watch and cap. Here is one look with ripped jeans and a midnight blur sweatshirt with a neatly done braid as a hairstyle.

Sporty Outfit For Highschool Girls

↓ 10 – Party Style Outfit

For a girl, day out, one needs to wear something that’s all about fun and partying. This is why we suggest that you wear mid-thigh shorts with a pair of Flats and a  sleeveless blouse. Here is one outfit combination with a blush pink scalloped blouse with white shorts!

Blush Pink Party Outfit

Here is another very cool outfit for your party at night. This beautiful multicolored sequin top is perfect to wear at club parties. Pair it with black stilettos and an elegant clutch, and you are good to rock the party.

Multicolored sequin top

↓ 9 – Funky Outfit Styles for High School Girls

Funky style is meant for high school girls. All you need to choose the right fashionable outfit according to the weather. A sweatshirt in winters and a t-shirt for Summers are the apparent preferences. But you should always be open to experimentation. For example, if you wish to go with a professional look for a change, then these white jeans look fantastic when worn with a yellow blazer. You should also check out these Chic Ways to Wear Blazer in Different Styles.

Funky Blazer Outifit

If you want to wear something casual for a sunny day out with friends, here is a funky summer outfit with a fresh butterfly printed shirt that looks mesmerizing to wear on a bright sunny day.

Printed shirt outfit

↓ 8 – Style It With a Skirt

Aren’t Skirts just your ultimate best friends! They can indeed never go out of fashion. Whether it is summer season or winter. Below you can see a cute baby pink mini skirt paired with a t-shirt perfect for highschool girls. Here are some gorgeous Skirt Outfits for Teens.

Pink Skirt Outfit

Here is another type of outfit with a pleated midi skirt worn with a t-shirt To enhance your look you can wear a headband and matching sneakers, don’t forget to wear your sunglasses on a bright sunny day. A perfect combination of summers!

Yellow midi skirt

↓ 7 – Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a must-wear item to have in your closet. Girls adore skinny jeans, and they look great on all girls. It can be worn with any kind of top, whether a simple sleeveless top or a formal peplum top. A crossbody bag worn with the outfit will enhance the look. Below is another look with a striped shirt paired with wedges, perfect for a casual outing. Skinny jeans make your physique look perfect, and teenage girls will perfect in them.

Skinny Jeans

↓ 6 – Flared Jeans Outfit

Flared jeans of you can call them broad bottom jeans are trending this year. You can wear them in any style you want, with simple tank tops or formal shirts. For a chic bohemian look, wear flared jeans with a patterned boho top and heels. A matching purse would be the cherry on the top. Don’t forget to choose from these 10 Bohemian Accessories for Girls for the Perfect Boho Look.

Boho Style Outfit

Here is another flared jeans outfit paired with a white tank top with a net shrug. This is the simplest and the most effortless look you can achieve to look perfect

Flared Jeans Outfit

↓ 5 – Military Style

If you have a pair of military pants, then this is a look worth trying. They can be tricky to style, but we have you covered as usual. These pants look especially useful when worn in the Fall season, and they create a slimming effect. So if you’re on the curvy side or just have big thighs, then these are the pants you need.

Military Outfit

If you love dressing up as a tomboy, then you can also wear a military shirt or jacket if you like. Below is the picture you can get inspiration from

Military jacket

↓ 4 – Stripped High-waisted Pant Outfit

Patterned pants are really in fashion this year, and it looks eye-catching when you wear it with a plain shirt in contrast. These black and white striped pants are a chic combination for teenagers to hang out with friends this summer!

Black and white Stripped pant outfit

↓ 3 – Ripped Jeans Outfit

Jeans are always in fashion and every weather but ripped jeans are a cool trend this summer, especially for teen girls. You can wear these pants with any graphic T-shirt you like or even with boyfriend shirts for the cooler vibes!

Ripped jeans outfit

↓ 2 –  Vintage Summer Dress

Summer vibes always are surely positive ones, and when it comes to choosing outfits for every day or even hangouts, it can be pretty challenging sometimes. This Vintage mini denim dress is perfect for highschool girls, and you can wear it to your school or party as well. Pair it with a cute t-shirt or a blouse as an inner. Make sure you don’t forget to wear matching sneakers with it!

Vintage dress

↓ 1 – Black And Pink

Who doesn’t love wearing black? But a combination of Black and Pink is mind-blowing. The black color gives a gothic appearance, and adding pink to it is more on a girly side, so this combination should be on your list. Here is one outfit combination of a black T-shirt and a pink skirt, you can add some minimal jewelry if you like.

Black and pink Outfit

Here are some stylish teen girl Dressing style pictures that you can copy or get an idea to make your combination.

summer highschool Dressing Styles latest

 A perfect Summer Hairstyle and Accessories to go with school outfits

These looks would make you look like a diva at school! For more ideas, check out Cute Hairstyles for School Girls With New Styles And Tips.

Sexy teen girl outfit ideas summer

Tuck in your favourite tank top in your favourite skirt and you’ll Fall in love with the fantastic results. It creates a beautiful mixture of casual and formal outfit that you can wear anywhere you want.

Cute highschool outfit for black girls


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