20 Best Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls to Wear this Year

Best Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls: Whenever we think about winters, the first thing that pops up in our mind is warm and cozy clothes surely. Then, in clothes, “Sweater Outfits” are always the top choice of both girls and guys. Literally, it’s almost impossible to imagine the season of winter without the warmth and beauty of sweaters. You must have heard this famous saying about sweaters, “We go together, like the winter and a sweater”. Sweater outfits can be styled with plenty of options such as jeans, a skirt, cardigan, blazer, or simply a belt. Whatever the option may be, you will look perfectly stylish and pretty in the sweater outfit. After all, winter is incomplete without sweaters.

As we know, every individual has a unique and different body shape, like some girls are chubby while others are slim and skinny. There are so many perks of being skinny if we particularly talk about the present times. Size-zero is a dream of almost every second girl nowadays. In fact, the truth is that smart girls can wear whatever they want and yet they look adorable. Now, as we are discussing the sweater outfits, skinny girls also have a lot of choices in the sweater attire too and here we will discuss the 20 best sweater outfit looks for slim girls to try this year.

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How to Wear Sweaters if You’re Skinny?

To answer the above-mentioned question, I would like to share a piece of Meghan Markle’s interview that is, “Put on a sweater and really great sneakers with a big scarf, and you’ll look so stylish. For me, they are an everyday essential.If you are blessed to have a smart and slim figure, you can enjoy the amazing winter season in some pretty and trendy sweater outfits effortlessly. The main plus point of sweater outfits is that they can be carried with almost every accessory easily. It’s a universal truth that sweaters are always in fashion.

If you want to rock the sweater outfit look like a pro, all you have to do is to wear the right accessories along with it, and finally, you will be ready to flaunt your best sweater outfit look in winter consequently.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls

Generally speaking, sweater outfits are the essentials of the fall/winter wardrobe of every smart and stylish girl. Therefore, it’s significant to wear these outfits by keeping in view some basic tips in order to experience the full charisma of sweater outfits as a slender girl:

  • Comfort Factor: To begin with, I would definitely suggest selecting and style your sweater outfit in a way that makes you comfortable in it first. Skinny girls can wear loose oversized sweaters that can elevate their fall/winter look instantly.
  • Vibrant Shades: Though slim girls have the advantage of looking fab in almost every color winter is the time to experience dark and vibrant shades particularly if you are scrawny. In a word, sweater outfits in vibrant shades depict style as well as trend.
  • Layered Clothing: Go for layering with the sweater outfit as a slender girl. Proper layering techniques can help you make the most of your cold-weather clothing and prevent dangerous exposure. Layering also gives you the opportunity to play around with the pieces that are already in your wardrobe. Give yourself permission to experiment with different textures, fabrics, weights, patterns, and colors, and the outfit possibilities are endless.
  • Use of Knee/Tall Boots: Next, the long knee boots can add a spark to your entire look surprisingly. Girls with thin and long legs look absolutely stunning in this kind of boots with their sweater outfits.
  • Addition of Belt or a Scarf: Finally, the last ingredient of a complete sweater outfit look for skinny girls is to add the right accessories to their outfit that can either be a belt or a scarf, or both.

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↓ 20 – Sweater Outfits for Tall Skinny Girl

Being tall and skinny at the same time is like having the two most desirable features side by side. There is a lot of possibilities in sweater outfits for tall and slim girls such as this whole sweater jumpsuit with the stunning knitted cardigan add-on. Like Zendaya you can also get a new captivating look by just carrying the cardigan in this new eye-catching avatar.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 20

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↓ 19 – How to Wear Sweater Outfit with Jeans?

Jeans is like an amplifier, it can boost-up your style quotient immediately. In my opinion, the perfect combination of sweater outfits and jeans can be seen in Kate Midelton’s look shown below. Being a thin girl you can also try this combo and thank us later. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 19

↓ 18 – Sweater Kurti Clothes for Slender Girls

Undoubtedly, Kurties and long shirts are like the best friends of slender girls. You can either style a sweater Kurti with jeans, or simply wear it all alone. Moreover, wearing tights or leggings with such sweater outfits is also recommended.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 18Via

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↓ 17 – Sweater Attire for Slim Girls to Look Fat

While being a skinny girl is a blessing indeed, however, some skinny girls want to dress up in a way to look a little bit Chubby too. So, in this case, a loose oversized sweater of any nude or light shade paired with a layered dark shade skirt are the perfect options. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 17Via

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↓ 16 – What to Wear With a Black Sweater?

Of course,  the pre-eminent feature of sweater outfits for slender girls is that it’s very easy to style them with almost every piece of any random outfit. For example, you can look chic and classy by wearing a sweater with short pencil heels and long boots like this.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 16Via

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↓ 15 – How to Wear the Sweater Dress with Skinny Legs?

If you have too skinny legs, in my opinion, leaving them naked is not a good option. Instead, you should always cover your legs with a sweater outfit in form of jeans or high-waisted pants. Furthermore, also consider wearing jumpsuits or loose trousers with such sweater outfits often. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 15Via

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↓ 14 – Sweater Outfits for Slim and Short Girls

Next, if you are one of those girls who are slim and short at the same time, you can wear sweater outfits in form of cardigans or long coats. Additionally, layer your sweater dress whenever possible to create a bulkier image.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 14Via

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↓ 13 – Cardigan Sweater Dress for Very Thin Girls

Cardigan sweaters are one of the best options to carry in the fall/winter season. Clearly, the fashionista girls can’t imagine their winter look-book without cardigans. They look best with the same color trouser-shirt combination and minimalist accessories.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 13Via

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↓ 12 – Sweater and Jeans Outfit Ideas

Another look can be obtained with the help of jeans and sweaters blend that gives super comfy as well as casual vibes at the same time. For this purpose, slender girls can pair up jeans shorts with a knitted sweater and look attractive as a result. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 12Via

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↓ 11 – Jeans and Sweater Outfit Aesthetic

Presently, the priority of every girl out there is to dress up in a way as to get an overall aesthetic attire. For this purpose, specifically in the case of sweater outfits, one should go for jeans, sweater and a classic blazer fusion to make you feel aesthetic as well as classy. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 11Via

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↓ 10 – Oversized Sweater Outfits

According to my research and observation, oversized sweater outfits absolutely make a statement and they can be easily paired with jeans, skirts, or shorts for smart girls. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 10Via

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↓ 9 – Crop Top Sweater Shirts

Some fashion articles are always in demand and no matter how old they are, they look fresh and beautiful whenever you wear them. Crop top sweater shirts are one of those articles surely. So, the scrawny girls can take some fashion notes from Kendall Jenner on how to style a crop top sweater with denim. Also, have a look at 20 Best Trousers for Skinny Girls to Wear in 2021.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 9Via

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↓ 7 – Cute Sweater Outfits

There is no doubt in the cuteness element of winter outfits though, but the sweater outfits are the cutest among them explicitly. Thin girls look super cute in sweater outfits. Winter caps and sneakers can be used to even enlarge this cuteness factor significantly. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 7Via

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↓ 6 – When to Wear a Sweater Dress?

Obviously, fall/winter is the best time of the year to wear a sweater dress particularly. But skinny girls can also utilize their sweaters on rainy days along with long coats or blazers.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 6Via

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↓ 5 – Sweater Outfits for Women Over 50

Currently, due to social media expansion, the older ladies are also enjoying sufficient styling opportunities around the globe. For skinny women over 50, full knitted suits and jumpsuits are the best options in the sweater outfits category.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 5Via

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↓ 4 – Sweater Outfits For Teenagers

Teenage is mainly attributed to continuous experimenting with your appearance and fashion sense. By and large, being a skinny teenager you can enjoy many styling ideas like the unique blend of a sweater shirt and a mini skirt.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 4Via

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↓ 3 – What Footwear Looks Best with the Sweater Outfits

Paired with the correct shoes, you can turn your outfit from daytime casual elegance to a stylish look for a night out. But there are so many choices to make that choosing the best shoes is not a simple task. The trick is to play with various styles especially with sweater outfits, long boots, as well as medium heel boots, which are absolutely the two best choices.

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 33Via

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Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 34Via

↓ 2 – How to Accessorise the Sweater Outfit Perfectly?

Accessories play the most significant part in uplifting the entire outfit without any second thought. The perfect accessories for a skinny girl to carry with the sweater outfits are leather belts, a leather handbag, a scarf or a muffler, and last but not the least long boots. 

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 2Via

Sweater Outfits for Skinny Girls 44Via

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↓ 1 – Where to Buy Best Sweater Outfits for Scrawny Girls?

As sweater outfits are always on the priority list of girls during the fall/winter season, therefore many clothing brands are dealing in the particular category of sweaters as well to address the demand for these outfits. I have listed down some of the main brands that have a wide range of best sweater outfits especially for the skinny girls:

  • Urban Outfitters: This brand offers many beautiful and unique sweater outfits such as sweatpants, mini skirts, sweatshirts, and cardigans for skinny girls. Their prices are also economical on the positive side. 
  • Forever 21: Then, we have Forever 21 on our list, which is an American fast fashion retailer headquartered in Los Angeles, California. If you are looking for pretty sweater outfits to buy for thin girls, this is the right stop for you. 
  • ASOS: next, ASOS, a British online fashion, and cosmetic store is a well-known name in the sweaters industry. They offer many awesome winter clothes for slim girls significantly hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers, cardigans, coats, and jackets.
  • Boohoo: If you are a cardigan-lover like me this website has many options for you. Particularly, you will love their collection of jumpers, jackets, cardigans, and sweaters.


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