10 Most Beautiful African Women in World – Cute African Lady

Most Beautiful African Women in World- Magnificence lies in eyes of onlooker. In the event that one believes that beauty is name of fair complexion then he is absolutely off-base. Every woman is pretty either she is white or black. Everybody has her own excellence a few has wonderful eyes other has long hair and someone else has some other features. African countries owes many self-reliant and cheerful women who established their names in the race of  beauty. Many African women partaken in various beauty pageants and conquered their crowns.

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10 Prettiest African Ladies

Nowadays we are observing the emerging talent from Africa it may be Egypt or Ethiopia or Sudan or Somalia or any other African country. We have arranged a list of gorgeous African women who are glorified by people.

#10- Leila Lopes

Beauty queen Liela Lopes belongs from Angola. She won title of Miss Angola and Miss universe 2011. She is a talented actress as well as an amazing model. Her stunning looks is increasing her fan following day by day.


#9- Thandie Newton

Famous elegant Thandie Newton is a wonderful actress. She was a part of Mission Impossible-II. She also won awards due to her great acting skills. She belongs to both London and Zimbabwe because her father was British but mother was Zimbabwean.


#8- Jawahir Ahmed

Somalian beauty Jawahir Ahmed is a cute, upcoming and lovely model. She was a winner of Miss Africa and Miss Somalia. Here she is modeling with traditional clothing and absolutely looking outstanding in this wardrobe.


#7- Nadia Zighem

Nadia Zighem is a recognized french singer whose parents belongs from Algeria. She is a good vocalist and owns a charming personality. Her lovely looks makes her prominent enough to be noticed.


#6- Joelle Kayembe

Black beauty Joelle is basically from Congo. She is one of the highest paid South African model. She was a part of different famous reality shows and competitions. Her famous TV show is Zulu. She is a superb model and actress.


#5- Arwa Gouda

Arwa Gouda, the Best Model of World. She won this title in 2004. As a model she introduced herself and on the basis of her brilliant talent she became a popular actress. She also worked in movies. She is a versatile entertainer with gorgeous looks. She has a really beautiful face but also chooses the right make-up to enhance her looks, if you are also looking for make-up ideas, have a look at [highlight]simple party makeup tips for black women to look gorgeous[/highlight].


#4- Gete Berhe

Gete Berhe is an adorable Ethiopian model. She influences her fans with her curly hair and pretty smile. She is a upcoming actress who is going to impress her viewers in very little time.


#3- Zeinab Suma

This pretty lady is wife of Gambia’s President Yahya. Zeinab is originally from Morocco. She is a elegant woman whose confidence makes her more beautiful.


#2- Brenda Biya

Glamorous Brenda Biya is daughter of President of Republic of Cameroon. Her great fashion sense and stunning looks make overall Brenda awesome.


#1- Harriet Edide

Miss Nigeria 2014 is here is mesmerize everyone with her fantastic looks. Harriet Edide won crown in 2014 and proved herself in her community. She is truly a marvelous girl who participate in noble causes.


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