20 Amazing Pictures of Black People with Blue Eyes

Beautiful Black People with Blue Eyes. Regardless of an ongoing discussion about whether or not dark skin with blue eyes is a genetic anomaly, a completely natural occurrence, contact lenses or people playing on photoshop, it is completely clear that the people who possess this combination of eye and skin color are amazingly beautiful people.

This striking look is considered rare however it can be put down to recessive genes where the blue lays dormant or a condition called Waardenburg Syndrome. This is where there are alterations in genes including color pigments. As brown is a dominant color for eyes its pigment can be inactive thus gaining blue eyes. Waardenburg Syndrome Type 1 Heterochromia Iridis is what causes the unusual and absolutely stunning combination of one blue eye and one brown eye. Celebrities such as Kiefer Sutherland, Dan Aykroyd, and Kate Bosworth have this amazing look.

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Images of People with Dark Skin and Blue Eyes

Celebrities including Vanessa Williams and Michael Ealy have the combination of dark skin and blue eyes. Here are 20 beautiful images of people with dark skin and blue eyes.

African Boy with Blue Eyes

Africa is full of beauty and treasures that someone else in the world can find from anywhere else. The people there are full of blue eyes and kind heart.

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Stunning Ice Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are extremely rare in black people and many scientists believe that these are a result of a genetic mutation. But many historians believe that these eyes are inherited by these people from their ancient ancestors. No matter what the reason is, they surely look magical.

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Haitian Girl with Blue Eyes

Many interesting characteristics are attributed to people with blue eyes. It is said that they are very strong, emotionally as well as physically. It is also said that these people are strategically intelligent  but have poor reflexes. Do have a look at 50 Cutest Pictures of African Girls of All Ages

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Older Gentleman with Bright Blue Eyes

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Boy with Blue Eyes in Sierra Leone

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Very Pale Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are very easy to combine in your makeup and be able to rock. For a perfect and dashing eye makeup look you can combine all the nude colors in your eye makeup palette, mixed with a little bit of sparkle. For example, you can go for light brown taupe colored transition shade with a little bit of light sparkly brown for the entire eyelid color. For this kind of eye makeup, you can use the eyeshadows from the Naked 2 palette by urban decay. For lipstick you have two choices, you can go for either nude color or in the darker shade of red for more emphasis on the eye makeup. But if you are going for smokey eye makeup then switch your red lipstick with a nude one. For more beauty inspiration, have a look at these 10 Most Beautiful African Women in World; Cute African Lady

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