Men Floral Fashion–17 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

Men Floral Fashion. Look, how girly he is looking in a floral shirt! Let’s join our hands to shatter such fashion world’s stereotypes in pieces. You can successfully maintain your hard-core masculine look while wearing floral prints too, but there are some dos and don’ts of wearing floral prints for men.

In the midst of Paris and New York Fashion Week, after looking at those stylish men, if you want to master your florals, I completely get that! Although wearing floral and colorful prints might be absurd to some men because it defies the traditional masculine style standards, but a piece of clothing doesn’t affect anyone’s masculinity, wearing floral prints shows nothing but confidence. A man who loves wearing floral prints is a lover of sun and summer. However, It can be a little tricky to incorporate floral prints into an everyday look and to save you from any mistakes; here are some tips from bloggers boyfriend for men. These tips will help you find the right print and how you can wear it to perfection.

Trendy Floral Outfit Ideas for Men

Not to worry if you have no clue about how to carry yourself in men’s floral prints. Fasten your seat belts as we will be flooding you out with some do’s and don’ts of Floral Fashion. Well, generally speaking, floral patterns are quite bold, and usually, they are reserved for upholstery fabrics and wallpapers. Besides, you can find them in outfits of women. But times have changed now, and floral outfits have made their way into menswear too. If you love experiencing new fashion trends, you must try floral outfits.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Men Wearing Floral Dresses

  • Can men wear floral shirts?

Floral menswear is back in style after the 1980s Hawaiian shirt mishap. That doesn’t show that wearing floral decorated attire cannot be worn with caution. If you’re scared of the likelihood of resembling a florists shop front, then cut down that look by using layering.

  • How can men style their floral shirt?

Since floral prints are trendy menswear, they can style their floral shirts with so many options such as by matching pants with the floral print or getting bold with colors and prints. Similarly, men can coordinate their shoes with the color of their floral shirts, or keeping things casual will also look cool. If you have an adventurous soul and if you love experimenting with your closet, you must go for mixing patterns of your floral shirt.

  • Should men wear an undershirt with a bold Hawaiian shirt?

Well, it totally depends on you and your taste. If you prefer to wear an undershirt, it should be of solid color such as black or white. Now you can pull your Hawaiian shirt over undershirt while keeping it open.

  • Are floral fashion is still in style 2020?

Yes, this season the floral print trousers are happening again, and you should count the days until you can wear them. You will be thrilled to wear these, one of a kind pants that will look cool on you.

  • What type of tie will look best on a floral shirt?

This outfit looks great if tied up with a nice pair of brown leather loafers. A flowery dress looks so elegant when matched with a navy suit in a contemporary man’s outfit.

  • What types of pants look good with a floral shirt?

Floral shirts will look good on khaki dress pants. With this, you can wear brown leather loafers to create a classier look and give chill vibes. If you are a modern guy who loves fashion, you can pair your floral printed shirt with grey pants.

  • Are floral ties professional?

Most of the time, in a usual corporate setting, floral ties are considered unethical. However, this statement should not be interrupted. There are occasions where white floral might be professional and acceptable to wear, but usually, they are not considered ethical

  • How do men wear a floral shirt?

Additionally, you can wear a floral dress shirt or a bottom featuring the bold print. Denim shorts can even be paired with the button down. Dress shirt with white shorts can’t beat the look of a man. The flowery printed shirt paired up best with black jeans.

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↓ 17 – Perfect for Spring Summer Season

Similar to a Hawaiian shirt, floral button-down shirts are in trend again. These floral shirts reflect the cool spirit. Also, you can choose any great floral button-down, which is totally your call and depends on your unique personal style. If you feel more comfy slaying a full floral printed shirt in bold colors, more power to you guy! Or else, you can go with some neutral colors as well such as blue or white.

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Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

One important thing to note, you can either dress your floral shirt up or down. If you want to spread your charm throughout the party, pairing the floral shirt with narrow black jeans and Chelsea boots will make everybody envious. Alternatively, you can pair it with a suede bomber jacket or chino which will look chic enough for almost all occasions.

↓ 16 – Floral Hawaiian Shirt for Beach Parties

When it comes to floral prints in menswear, Bold Print Hawaiian Shirts have their own charm. These bold floral prints are not going anytime soon, so get yourself one, specifically for summer seasons and its beach parties. Not only floral Hawaiian shirts look dressy but are ideal for expressing your style. When wearing floral prints, make sure you pair it with some simple clothing such as plain shorts in black, white, or blue colour. Pairing Hawaiian shirt with slip-ons and sneakers will look cool enough.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 15 – Being Minimalistic

Minor floral patterns can be easily combined into any of your outfits as compared to big and bold patterns. You can wear smaller floral prints like polka dots and paisley. Usually, men should avoid wearing bold floral patterns, or else you might look like wallpaper. But wait! There are some exceptions, in swim trunks, wearing big floral patterns is always a good idea. These are also known as orchid prints.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 14 – Wear Floral Prints as Casual Outfit

Good news for you! You don’t need to wear your favorite floral prints on special occasions or beach parties only. Men can wear those statement floral prints as their casual outfits. This is because style is always effortless and timeless. If you want to wear floral printed shirts in casual, you can pair your favorite floral shirts with any worn-out pair of jeans. In addition, pairing florals with trousers and washed linen can also be a good option.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 13 – Dual Shaded Shirts

Running out of ideas about how to dress up? Or if you are just doubtful about the floral prints you’ve got inside your closet, try wearing floral prints with some of your monochrome shirt or pants. You can also wear some neutral hues as well, such as corduroy, denim, and other black and white daily staples.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 12 – Bold Patterns

When it comes to floral prints as menswear, ‘The bigger, the better’. It is because a large scale floral print is not just a floral pattern; instead, it serves as a bold statement and a star of your clothing.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 11 – Do Wear Black And White

Well, we know you won’t be comfortable wearing a pink or red-flowered shirt so why not opting for less feminine colors. You are good to go for floral prints in black and white which is yet another cool fashion option people will be following in this spring season.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 10 – Avoid Floral Prints in Gym

Hard sweating workouts in floral prints sound awkward, right? Don’t wear floral prints, especially when going to the gym, jogging or workouts as it will be a big spoiler of your manly personality.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 9 – Wear Subtle Floral Ties 

Moreover, if your tie is subtle in its floral design, you can wear it throughout the year. Needless to say, neckties are a staple of a man’s closet. Also, if you are a man who doesn’t like to wear classic stripes or checks, you can go for floral neckties to add fun to your persona. You can wear floral ties in both casual and formal styles. In the spring season, when everyone is so into flower printed dresses, so why lying behind? You can wear floral ties with a neutral-colored shirt, and it will go really well onward.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 8 – Floral Head Crown Is a Big NO

Floral crowns are purely girly stuff and don’t ever try it on any of the occasions. Being a man, it won’t look appropriate so never ever do it.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 7 – Do Wear Floral Footwear

Botanic printed shoes with neutral colored outfits will enhance your handsome looks in every way. Let your suit coordination shine by complementing the handsome look with a pair of floral low top sneakers. Wearing floral sneakers is one fantastic way to get yourself a fresh and cool style.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 6 – Don’t Wear Everything All Floral At a Time

Wearing every element of your wardrobe in floral prints in one go will make you look really weird. Please don’t wear floral all in one. Wearing floral prints from head-to-toe is a big NO!

No doubt, some bloggers love flaunting floral-on-floral; however, for many men, this does not really look cool. Instead, you should wear floral prints as an accent contrasted with some neutral hues.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 5 – Floral Jackets is a Good Idea

Winters are here! Have you thought of updating your closet with stylish yet warm clothes?

What about wearing floral printed jackets this winter? It is going to be the must-have jackets of this season. Bold floral print on jackets is one cool replacement of your suit jacket. Wear it over your trousers or as an alternative to your coat over jeans or jogger pants.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 4 – A Dash of Floral Dose

There are other ways to include floral prints in your wardrobe like you can include a floral cap, floral printed socks, floral neckties, floral ties but remember not to carry all of these in one go.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 3 – Floral Tinge

Going to attend an outdoor farmhouse party? Don’t forget to take blooming shorts with you. Modern menwear is incomplete without floral shorts and Camo floral shirts having been included in it. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger are so into these costumed beach shorts.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 2 – Being Fashionably Formal

One of the most Hip Hop men fashion these days is wearing a Floral shirt with ripped jeans. Well, this one of the teenage style so we recommend it more for teenage boys only as it has become more of a street style fashion too.

If you want to create a casual yet cool getup, you should pair the floral shirt with ripped jeans. This combo will fit well together to create a classy look. To dress up effortlessly yet trendy, complement floral print with white canvas low top sneakers.

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

↓ 1 – Embrace Neutrals

Pairing neutral florals with some neutral colors are quite a good option. If you love wearing bright colors, wearing floral printed shirts with some neutral hues and earthy tones will look just classy. This type of outfit is perfect for any day!

Men Floral Fashion–10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Floral Fashion

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t worn any floral print yet, I must say you are missing something to keep up with the trend. The floral style has become the trend in menswear. If you have any thoughts regarding floral prints and that they are not made for men, just shrug it off. Floral prints in no way challenge your masculinity; instead, they bring life back to your boring attire.

So, how are you going to wear floral prints? Let us know your personal take on men’s floral fashion ideas and the latest trends. Will you like to get engaged with some like-minded classy men who prefer wearing floral shirts? Make sure you keep in mind the dos and don’ts of men’s floral fashion, as we mentioned above, and let us know about your feedback in the comment box below.

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