20 Skinny Men Shorts Outfits- Ways to Style Skinny Men Shorts

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits- We know how hard it is to put together with shorts outfits being a skinny guy. Because there is so much pressure on skinny guys to hide their thin legs or arms, they start missing out on really cool outfits. Well, now you should not be scared of wearing shorts or Bermudas that reveal your legs. You must have heard a lot of people say that skinny guys look unattractive with shorts but do not let anyone tell you that, because it’s totally not true. If skinny celebrities can pull off shorts outfits, so can you. With a few tried and tested fashion tips, you will be able to wear skinny men short outfits while looking absolutely ace!

Shorts- preferred by men of all ages- can help you achieve any look that you are going from. Covering a wide range of men’s fashion spectrum, this piece of clothing can be paired with a number of shirts and shoes. From looking athletic to preppy, from wanting a casual outfit to slaying a formal one, shorts will be your number one best friend and probably the most used item in your wardrobe. The best thing about shorts has to be their all-weather friendly nature. Not only will they keep you cool in summers but also provide you with a classy outfit in winters- when paired with a jacket or hoodie. Moreover, you can achieve a very well-proportioned and balanced outfit with the help of shorts, which is everything a skinny guy needs to look perfect.

How to look like a complete dapper in shorts for skinny men?

With shorts being so trendy and fashionable, you can recreate unlimited casual, smart casual, and athletic looks with them. Skinny men can look absolutely dope in shorts if they follow a few simple guidelines, and most importantly, stay confident. When it comes to looking attractive, confidence is always the key. There are many kinds of shorts that you can choose from; running shorts, denim shorts, pleated shorts, cycling shorts, as well as a little longer in length Bermuda shorts.

Tested fashion tips for elevating your shorts outfits if you are slim

1- Wear slim-fitted shorts: Slim-fitted shorts look best on skinny men because of the well-balanced look they give to your legs and torso. If your shorts are too baggy or oversized, your legs will, unfortunately, look thinner than they actually are. To avoid this, do not buy shorts that are too big for your size, or have extra material hanging around the edges.

2- Buy straight-fit shorts: To avoid having a “skirt effect” because of baggy shorts or extra fabric, go for straight-fit shorts that sit well on your legs. Materials that hang loose on the body do not look attractive on skinny guys.

3- Choose bulkier fabrics: As a skinny guy, your ultimate goal should be creating an illusion that you are more muscular and bulky than you look. For this reason, choose heavy fabrics such as denim and corduroy.

4- Avoid vertical stripes: One thing that you should always remember is not wearing vertically striped shirts or shorts because they give your body a more elongated look. However, horizontal stripes are a great option and should definitely be worn by skinny men.

5- Go for extra layers: In winter, you can always layer with a leather jacket or a Harrington jacket and look bulkier. Also, these items look great with fitted shorts and give you a casual yet fashionable look.

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20 Ways to Wear Your Shorts Outfits for Skinny Men

↓ 20 – Shorts with Formal Button Down Shirt

Who says shorts cannot be styled formally? You can now go to formal events or office parties in a pair of fitted shorts and button down shirt. Not only is this outfit super comfortable, but it looks dope as well. You can wear brown or black loafers with this look to give it a more professional touch.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

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↓ 19 – Summer Swim Shorts for Skinny Guys

Summer season calls for some cool and funky swim shorts that make you look perfect for a beach party or a day out for surfing. Skinny guys can rock these swim shorts if they are fitted and sit nicely on the legs. With a pair of cool shades, you are bound to make people stop and stare.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

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↓ 18 – Laid Back Look with Printed Shirt and Shorts

Contemporary line prints such as this one are pretty trendy right now. Long and baggy shirts only look good with baggy shorts or Bermudas. For a chill yet sophisticated look, go for these articles of clothing. You can also wear long socks with platform boat shoes.

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 17 – Skinny Men Beach Outfits with Simple tee and Floral Shorts

Nothing is more “beachy” than a pair of floral shorts with your favourite white comfy tee! While these fitted shorts make your legs seem well-proportioned with your torso, a white tee will also give shape to your body while complimenting your thin figure perfectly.

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↓ 16 – Skinny Men Shorts Outfits for Teenagers

Who does not want to be comfy and look stylish at the same time? With these comfortable and fitted shorts, you can match printed button down shirts for semi-formal look. A pair of loafers or boat shoes will put this look together for you.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 15 – Casual Shorts Look with Full Sleeved Shirt

Skinny men feel more comfortable wearing full-sleeved shirts because it hides their arms. If you are also one of those people who shy away from showing too much arms, go for a long sleeved shirt that is both comfy and fashionable. Adding a beanie to your outfit would definitely be a plus!

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 14 – How to Style a Camo Shorts Outfit?

There has never been a time when camo went out of fashion! Being a trendy and chic print that is loved by all genders and people of all ages, camo can never get too old! Camo shorts can be styled in a number of ways but the best one would be with a simple tee, a hat, and some oldschool high-top Vanz.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 13 – Outfit with Guess Denim Distressed Shorts

“Guess” is a great place if you are looking for some long-lasting, distressed denim shorts that look absolutely badass! The possibilities of styling these shorts are endless. They look especially great with all-white sneakers that compliment both their colour and design.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

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↓ 12 – Denim Jacket with Fitted Shorts

In winters, you can style your casual running shorts with cool denim hooded jackets that can make any outfit look amazing! With low top Vanz, and a round-neck tee-shirt, this outfit looks the absolute best for a casual day out or even a date!

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

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↓ 11 – Black Chequered Shirt with Black Shorts

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 10 – White Blazer with White Shorts Outfit

All-white outfits make you look modern and sophisticated. White shorts paired with a white shirt and white double-breasted jacket makes up for a great outfit. Wearing a fedora and some super-cool shades with this outfit makes you look even more trendy and up-to-date!

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↓ 09 -When to wear T-shirt with Cargo Shorts Outfit?

On an adventurous day out with your friends, comfortable cargo shorts are the best option you can go for. Additionally, these shorts are also super useful because they have so many pockets. You can also get these shorts fitted so they can compliment your legs.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

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↓ 08 – Footwear for Short and Shirt Outfits Mens’

Footwear is one of the most important part of a man’s outfit. It can either make or break your entire look. Footwear depends on the type of look you are going for. If you are wearing relaxed shorts for a more casual fit, you can wear sandals or flip flops with it. Boat shoes and espadrilles look best with semi-formal or formal outfits. On the other hand, sneakers can go with absolutely any look that you are going for. You can also opt for boat shoes and brogues when wearing formal shorts. Also, have a look at 25 Shoes for Guys with Skinny Legs–Skinny Men Footwear Ideas.

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 07 – Double Shirt with Shorts Street Outfit for Skinny Men

Street style is always preferred by men of all ages. As a skinny guy, layering is everything in order to look bulkier and give the illusion that you have more body mass. By wearing a shirt over your tank top, you can create a dope street style outfit that will turn a lot of heads. With pastel-coloured high-top sneakers and cargo shorts, this look will be one of the best you have ever recreated! Add a chain to your outfit for a more street touch.

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 06 – Mint Green Shorts Outfit for Skinny Guys

Pastel colours work best on hot summer days. Even though this may seem like an odd option for most of the guys, it looks extremely fashionable and trendy. A relaxed light blue shirt with a breezy fabric will keep you cool and make you look handsome.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

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↓ 05 –  When to wear Skinny Men Shorts Outfits?

There’s absolutely no place where a shorts outfit would not work! Be it school, office, a formal event, or a casual day out, you can always style your shorts in such a way that they look just appropriate for the event. For a more formal look, pair your tailored shorts with buttons down shirts and blazers. For a casual look, go with relaxed shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. Additionally, for a beach day out, you can opt for funky printed shorts such as floral shorts or pineapple printed shorts.

↓ 04 – Where to Buy Affordable Skinny Men Shorts?

Amazon is a great place to buy tailored and fitted shorts for skinny men. For people who cannot afford high-end brands or expensive clothing items, Amazon shorts are the best option. They have amazing quality and look good as well!

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

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↓ 03 – How to Dress Semi-Formally with Shorts?

With polo shirts and tailored shorts, you can dress for formal events while also remaining in your comfort zone. You are bound to look like an absolute dapper in this outfit. A formal watch and vintage pair of sunglasses also look great with this outfit.

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Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


↓ 02 – Accessories to Wear with Skinny Men Shorts Outfits

Accessories are the perfect way to elevate your outfit from zero to hundred, in a matter of seconds. with shorts outfits, you can wear watches with matching straps. Moreover, chains with low-neck shirts also look super cool. Get a super trendy belt that is the same colour as your shoes. Also, get yourself some nice shades according to your face shape. Also, have a look at Accessories for Skinny Guys – 8 Style Essentials for Slim Men.

skinny men shorts outfits

↓ 01 – Dope Shorts Outfit for Black Men

Light khaki shorts with oversized tees look absolutely great. You can also wear black platform sneakers with this outfit to make the outfit look amazing.

Skinny Men Shorts Outfits


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What shoes go best with shorts outfits for skinny men?

Different short outfits look good with different styles of shoes. You can style a lot of shoes with shorts such as low top sneakers, high top sneakers, athletic chunky sneakers, boat shoes, and even casual sandals for a more laid back look. For a semi-formal look having a button down shirt, you can also wear leather derby shoes.

Q. Which shorts style works best for skinny men?

Skinny guys are super conscious about how thin their legs are. For this reason, they avoid wearing shorts. But, worry not! You can easily wear slim-fit tailored shorts without your legs looking super skinny. Anything that’s super loose will give the impression of your legs being too thin.

Q. Where can skinny men buy good shorts from?

Skinny men can get their hands on some good shorts from Nike, Puma, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle. There are many other brands that you can go too as well. You can also get some cheap and good quality shorts from Amazon. 

Q. Should skinny men wear socks with shorts?

It is advisable to wear low-top and almost invisible socks with your shorts outfit. In this way, people will not know that you are wearing socks and your shoes will look good. Also, you can wear long socks too, without thinking too much about it.

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