African Attire For Men – 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Dapper African Attire For Men. Men can easily pull off any look if they are properly guided and given ample ideas to dress up. They usually do not shy away from experimenting or trying on new things. Meanwhile, a person can not even resist the bold and bright patterns of an African outfit. Certainly, the beauty of it is so captivating that once you lay your eyes on it you would not be able to look away. Once you are in a striking African attire you can feel a change in yourself and your aura. You feel more confident and it looks as if all attention is on you only.

If you understand African attires you can easily play around with them and execute your inner creative self without regret. Previously, men’s outfits were not talked about or designed with attention to detail. But, with modernization and increased interest in the fashion world, men also look forward to what they should wear to any occasion or party.

How to Wear African Inspired Outfits For Men?

Proper styling is what can make any outfit look fabulous without much effort. Now when men have started paying attention to their looks, they look into every possible way of slaying an event. Indeed this is the year of impressing everyone with your charming looks. Everyone says that a first impression lasts forever, knowing that you should attempt all ways to make it a long-lasting one.

African attires are available in different patterns, prints, designs, and fabrics to wear anywhere. They are one of the clothing styles with the most diversity in the fashion world. The assortment of African outfits offers excitement and thrill as you can have a new and different look every time, perfectly suitable to what you are attending. Whenever you are trying a new style or outfit it is best that you take expert advice or else you might end up looking like a disaster. This is where you should be right now if you are in search of some amazing African attires for men that are top-notch.

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African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

A Guide To The Perfect African Attire For Men 

Having knowledge of a certain clothing piece or outfit goes a long way. It allows you to dress up in various ways and gives some extraordinary ideas leading to the road of perfection. 

  • Don’t Be Afraid Of The Bright Colors: Usually, African outfits are of bright colors with abstract embroidery and exquisite designs. Despite it seems to be a bold choice to wear one, it is surely the best. You are not only in the highlight but also remembered for a long time. 
  • Revive The Traditions: African clothing is known for its deep-rooted tradition and culture. All the attires symbolize something from the history of African people. You should not be afraid of bringing them back to life by option for either a classic dashiki or agbada. 
  • Accessorize With Kufi: A short, round, and brimless cap are what we refer to as Kufi. It is worn by men throughout Africa and is an essential part of their attire. It gives the extra oomph to the outfit.     
  • Feel Rich And Confident: African attire for men are known for their richness and diversity. You can only look handsome in one if you feel confident while wearing it. Never shy away and always carry yourself with a huge smile on your face. 

↓ 20 – The African Attire for the Wedding 

African wedding attire always gives a sense of royalty. They not only look grand but also make the person wearing them feel good. Weddings are undoubtedly an extra special event and a fully embroidered African outfit is a perfect choice. It makes the groom look different from everyone present and has a stunning entry to be remembered by all. Also, have a look at African Wedding Dress-20 Outfits To Wear For African Wedding.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Ope African men groom suit – $69

↓ 19 -What to Wear to the Park  

If you are going to a perk it does not mean that you can not look stylish. Wearing some African shorts with a matching shirt gives you the comfort and freedom you need. You can easily play or run around with style. Adding on, the green color complements the surrounding and you kind of camouflage.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

ANAN African Print Ankara Shorts Suit, Green – £75.00

↓ 18 – The Matching Pair for Men


Certainly, solid-colored African outfits for men are a discovery of some fashion guru. It can never go wrong. Either you are going to a birthday party or a friend’s reunion it is a savior for all events where you wish to slay the look. Moreover, the bright colors are a plus.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

OSULA African Suit, Red – £85.00

↓ 17 – How to Wear it to a Meeting  

Be it a meeting or a formal event, all your juniors look up to you. It is very important that you look confident in your outfit. The African blazer is a statement choice that also depicts that you have a strong headed personality and that you stand firm on every decision you make.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Kasim Men’s African Print Blazer (Red Yellow Vines) – $129.99

↓ 16 – It’s Your Birthday 

Birthdays are the one special occasion in a person’s life when they want to look their best. An African printed shirt is there to make you the prime focus of the event. Try on a white tee-shirt with minimal African design so that things do not go overboard. Lastly, a big wide smile is a necessity to complete the overall look for your birthday.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Idi African Print Applique T-shirt – $39.99

↓ 15 – Traditional Dashiki 

Dashiki is a loose fitting, brightly colored tunic or shirt that gives a really cool and fresh vibe. If you are someone who loves to show emotions and have a lively personality then for sure Dashiki are specially made for you. In addition, they can be styled with some denim jeans or short and chunky jeans to give a hippie feeling. 

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Dashiki Shirt- Unisex 100% Cotton – $24.99

↓ 14 – African Attire for the Prom Night 

African outfits for men are very magnificent and striking in their designs and looks. Unquestionably, wearing one to your prom night is a fine choice. Moreover, try matching it with your partner so that everyone sees how awe-inspiring you guys look together.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

African couple matching outfit – $155.02

↓ 13 – The Street Look 

You say a man can not look attractive while he is walking down the street? Surely, they have not yet tried an African printed shirt. Blue is a universal favorite and especially when it is combined with some distinctive prints, it makes a deadly combination. Next time you go for grocery or to grab some drinks wear this shirt out with some jeans and sneakers.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to TryJAFARI Ankara Shirt, Blue – £55.00

↓ 12 – All White 

White is the dearest color for both genders. Any white outfit in the wardrobe is a go-to one. You can wear it to almost any event or party without looking the odd one out. Similarly, a full white traditional African attire for men is a must have. Minimal embroidery and designing only adds to its beauty.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Sike,African men’s clothing – $155.02

↓ 11 – Button It Up 

Men usually prefer button-up shirts for both casual and formal wear. There are dozens of them in their cupboard. The perfect balance of the bright colors with the staple ones uplifts the mood in no time.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Tumelo African Print Applique Button-Up Shirt – $54.99

↓ 10 – When to Wear it on a Date  

Men can also get conscious of how they look, especially when it is a date and they want to have possibly the best first impression. To depict how you have the best dressing sense opt for a 2-piece African outfit. We will suggest you to try on a blue one as it stays an all time favorite. 

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

BASSEY Ankara Shirt, Blue – £55.00

↓  9 – Monochrome African Suit for Men 

Though black and white do not seem to look exciting enough, they go really well with African designs and prints. The overall look stays subtle and elusive. People can not really understand whether they love your attire or you in that outfit. Furthermore, monochrome can never go out of fashion thus is a trending one.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

BERHANE African Print Ankara Shorts Suit – £75.00

↓  8 – For the Plus Size 

You do not have to get disheartened because of your size. Designers have been kind enough to design African attire for men in plus size as well. Moreover, the outfits also suit you well. The vibrant colors compliment your chubby and funny nature and you become the heart of every event.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

African men casual traditional wear – $112.50

↓  7 – The Ankara Print

Outfits with Ankara prints are a dominant part of African fashion. The 100% cotton fabric makes it the most suitable one for hot and humid weather. Adding on, the intense and vivid colors link it to its area of origin. You can wear it to any club or birthday party and look dapper and smart at the same time. 

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Ankara Shirt – $81.56

↓  6 – African Outfit for the Winters 

Now that African fashion has got recognized worldwide and is popular among all fashionistas have started incorporating it in clothes for all occasions and seasons. Likewise, a hoodie with striking Ankara prints is what you will now see everywhere this year. It will help you rock the cold and chilly weather.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Ibesi African Print Unisex Color Blocked Hoodie – $64.99

↓  5 – The Classic African Agbada

An Agbada belongs to West Africa and is a flowy robe that men of high status prefer to wear. If you also wish to look supreme and majestic then a 3 piece Agbada has to be your choice. The red colors add to the magical look and you can wear it to all the special occasions including a wedding reception.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Classic Man 3 Piece Agbada – $180

↓  4 – Opt for the Geometry 

African attire for men is available in various textures and designs. Evidently, one of the most popular ones among them are geometrical patterns. They not only add on masculinity but also look smart and sleek. If you are someone with a reserved and sophisticated personality then it is the right choice for you. 

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

REHEMA African Suit, Black – £95.00

↓  3 – Accessories To Complement

Though previously men didn’t choose to wear accessories, this year they have become a vital part of an outfit. They add the final touches to an African attire for men and bind everything together. Firstly, how can someone miss out on the traditional Kufi hat, it has to be there when we are dressing up in the African style. Moreover, some chain bracelets or necklaces also complement the bright colors and distinctive prints.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Wine Modern Kufi Hat – $59.99

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Men’s Curb Chain Necklace & Bracelet Set – $140

↓  2 – Footwear 

Footwear is a supreme necessity. It is said that the first thing someone else notices in your outfit is your shoes. Thus, it is very important to choose the best pair of shoes to complete your African attire. So why not give a shot to some African print loafers, after all, you are giving those cool vibes that will suit them well. Moreover, white sneakers are something everyone already owns, they break the continuity of the bright colors.

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try

Maasai Ankara shoes – $75.60

African Attire For Men - 20 African Outfits You Need to Try


↓  1 – Clothing Brands Selling African Attire  

Evidently, African fashion has bloomed and got much more diverse with time and people living outside Africa also admire it. Subsequently, with increased popularity, numerous clothing lines have started selling African clothes. Some of the top ones are;

  • Afrikrea: the vast collection of clothes are suitable for every occasion
  • D’iyanu: the clothes are a perfect fusion of western and African designs 
  • Naborhi: all the clothing pieces are made in Africa and never fail in making you look the best

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Q. What does the color of African clothes represent?

African garments are available in multiple colors with each having its own identity and meaning. On one hand, red and black are for traditional healers while blue and gold depict royalty. 

Q. What does African clothing symbolize?

Due to their origin from native Africa, all clothing items carry a certain significance. The quality, color, texture, etc, all represent status, religion, and much more. Moreover, in the “Black Power Movement” in the ’70s, they stood as a symbol of Black pride.

Q. How can a black man look better?

Skin tone has notable importance when it comes to what colors will complement a person more. Colors that usually work well include pastels, orange, rich shades of yellow, white, etc. However, black and dark brown should be avoided if they can be resisted. 

Q. What are African clothes made of?

The African clothing line is as premium and high-end as it can be. All items are made of fabric like hand-painted satin, cotton, and hand-woven silk. They are available in either 2 or 3 pieces and you wear them with a kefi to complete the look.


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