20 Best Engagement Outfits For Indian Men To Wear In 2022 

Engagement Outfits for Indian Men. The times when all the Shopping, all the priority, and all the attention is at the disposal of the brides, grooms tend to get a bit lagged behind in the will to look their best. Indian men are a whole different story when it comes to dressing up in general.

These men can be generally described as people who hate Shopping and would rather show up in a T-shirt and slippers to their wedding than put in the effort to dress up. If you identify as such a man and if fate has somehow landed you here, then keep reading because we are here to change your mind.

What To Wear For An Indian Engagement Function?

We will guide you with tips on how to wear your outfit best, what hairstyle to go for, what shoes will best match with your silk coat, and much more. Have a look, and don’t miss out on some handy ideas for your big day, which only happens once.

Trendy Engagement Outfits for Indian Men

Make a Head-Turning Style Statement

If you are a man and who does not have any specific fashion tastes, then you undoubtedly have on several occasions more than just compromised on your clothes. We are not saying this is not entirely on you, but when it comes to weddings, it usually is the bride who gets all the attention.

Everything from her hair to what shoes she will wear is predecided months prior to the wedding. When it comes to the groom, people tend to ignore them completely because of the way things have been. Not much thought is put into what he would be wearing on the big day.

Trends are, however, changing, and the time has come where the groom is also put in the spotlight, and his look for the big day is taken care of. For the longest time, many men have felt that all the celebrations related to weddings are meant to be prioritized for their spouses. This is something that is not talked about as often. But our research shows that men tend to take a step back because they feel unworthy of the attention and feel like their spouse is deserving of all the attention on the big day.

Men generally shy away from shopping for themselves. Their perspective on how their big day should go about further takes away the opportunity for them to feel the need to dress up nicely. For men who are on the path of becoming aware of how they dress up on their big day, you have come to the right place because here we have for you, the 10 Most Affordable Designer Brands for Men 

Styling Tips for Engagement Outfits for Desi Men

The subcontinent is a culturally rich region, where the traditions of the region have remained intact over the course of several hundred years. It was invaded and ruled over by the British, but the values were so deeply ingrained in the culture that no force was able to do any harm to the traditions of the region.

The way people dress up here is distinct from anywhere else in the world. Bright colors with beautiful embroidery on the clothes of both men and women are indicative of the lively people of the subcontinent.

Due to the diversity, however, this too ranges from region to region within the subcontinent. One thing that, however, is universal in a sense for all desi men is the way they dress up for their big day.

There is a massive list of dresses that desi men can choose from to wear on this beautiful occasion. It would be silly to assume every man would want to wear the same dress on their big day.

To make the choosing part more manageable for you, we have listed down the types of clothing you can choose to wear on your big day.

  • Sherwani Dress for Men: Sherwanis have long been the go-to for most grooms. These are classic, and classics are not replaceable. If you are aiming to go for the traditional look, then this is the right outfit for you. Our list includes the most fashionable Sherwanis on the market right now. There are far too many Sherwanis to choose from. To help narrow the process down, decide what colors and the amount of embroidery you want first, then go on the lookout for the perfect sherwani.
  • Shalwar Kameez with embroidery: Shalwar kameez is the one piece of clothing that can be worn on all occasions. Not only is it comfortable to wear but also convenient to carry around. It is indicative of the cultural and the traditional values of the subcontinent, which is why the majority counts on this outfit to be fit for every occasion. Many different styles of this outfit are available on the market. If you’re looking for comfort as well as a fashionable piece of clothing, shalwar kameez is what you need to wear on your big day.
  • Formal Suits: If you’re someone who is aiming for a more western look, then a suit might be the right choice for you. There is a wide variety of suits that you can choose from. For a classier look opt for the conventional black-blue or white hues. If you want to try something different, you can opt to wear funkier colors. Ranbir Singh does not shy away from funkier suits. Florals can also be incorporated into suits.
  • Kurta Pajama with waistcoat: This is another eastern look which you can opt for on your big day. This look is not only chic and trendy but can also enhance your elegance. Currently, this is the most sought after look by the grooms of today. It is crucial, however, that these three pieces of clothing are coherent. An off-balance in any one of these can destroy the look. If you’re looking to experiment with the look a little bit, you can try and incorporate printed florals or other patterns into the waistcoat.

Now that we have your attention, it is now time for us to introduce you to the desi fashion world. We have done out research, and with this article, we are here to help you make a decision regarding what you can wear to your engagement.

We have picked out the latest trends in the engagement outfits for men that rocked this year, and some of them happen to be the work of the best designers in India, such as Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, and many others, which produced such blessing of engagement outfits for men.

↓ 20 – Rajat Tangri Engagement Suit

Rajat designers have always been famous for their rather unique designs of clothing for men. This modern and quite a popular style of engagement suit by Tangri has awed a lot of men in the previous year, probably because of its shady style and a rather intimidating outlook. For a nice hairdo, we suggest you go for any gelled hairdo.

↓ 19 – Vintage Sherwani by Shantanu-Nikhil

A vintage style of sherwani recently designed by the Nikhil designers, which is unlike any style we have seen before. The catchy coat with a unique pattern adds to the class of the outfit, and hence, this is also one of the most popular outfits in the past year.

Are you a fan of Eastern Fashion? Check out Latest Kurta Styles for Men

↓ 18 – Kurta with Jacket Style by Nivedita

It’s hard to get something to impress you when you are too choosy, but not with this Kurta full suit with jacket and a rather appealing gold embroidered one that is bound to grab anyone’s attention. So that makes it an outfit worth your big day.


↓ 17 – Outfit by Nivedita Saboo

A gleaming and subtle outfit by the matchless designer of India – Nivedita Saboo. The outfit includes formal, sleek pants with a mesmerizing dark blue coat.

We would also like to suggest a pushed back hairstyle because it would be best here to match the shady look about the outfit. Since beards are a must with this outfit, do check out Celebrity Beard Styles


↓ 16 – Unique Outfit by Tarun Designers


↓ 15 – Outfit with Turban by Ujjwal Dubey

Here comes a classy mixture of a bit desi as well as western color, with the classic addition of turban to a considerably western outfit including formal pants and an impressive office coat.

This formal design with a turban gives it a sophisticated yet occasional look and it would be a nice try. We suggest you go with a formal pair of shoes rather than some casual sandals.

↓ 14 – New Style by Shantanu-Nikhil


↓ 13 – Manish Malhotra Suit Design

Manish Malhotra not only produces classic and incomparable bridal outfits but also the outfits for the groom to the bride. And this suit design is one example of a classy design of coat and pants for all our engagement pals.


↓ 12 – Embroidered Coat with Pants – Manish Malhotra

A new trend has reached the fashion market with this classic coat with such a prestigious-looking front and gold-embroidered sleeves. What further adds up to the class is the contrasting white pants with the coat. You can go for either formal shoes or sandals because both will match nicely.

↓ 11 – Raghavendra Rathore Outfit

The Rathore designers came up with a style that incredibly had an Indian vintage look to it and this is what the customers looked for when they were buying it. Dressing up in a vintage style always sells well and customers appreciate your approach to it. Sometimes desi is the only way to win hearts.

↓ 10 – Ranbir Kapoor Lakme Fashion Week Style

You could not have missed out on this iconic maroon velvet suit worn by Ranbir Kapoor in the Lakme Fashion Week. It would also make attractive attire for your big day.

Wear your most formal pair of shoes that you own that match the western look of your attire and keep your hair short, composed, and stylish. For hairstyle inspiration, we recommend that you check out these Ranveer Singh Hairstyles.


↓ 9 – Rohit Bal’s Outfit for Engagement

↓ 8 – Sabyasachi’s Kurta Suit Style

Fancy kurta set for engagement for men with prominent gold embroidery and matching gold trouser to go with the silk dark blue Kurta. Surely, you would not want to miss out on something that brings out the best of you.


↓ 7 – Siddhartha Tytler Outfit for Men


↓ 6 – Silk Sherwani with Patiala Shalwar

↓ 5 – Embracing Eastern Fashion

↓ 4 – Vikram Padnis Sherwani

A regular looking sherwani by Vikram Padnis for your big day and we are sure you will impress all.


↓ 3 – Jacket with Pants Style by Rathore

Rathore designers always manage to bring up a rather tough outlook with their designs. And so does this cool jacket with pants style and formally simple shoes to go with. You can keep your hair a bit messier if you want to or you can go with a side pushed back hairdo.


↓ 2 – Handsome Sherwani by Mulpuri

Wearing a Mulpuri Sherwani on wedding is every man’s dream. The elegant and prestigious cannot escape your attention with the flauntingly amazing silver embroidery, its match with pale trousers and brown shoes. Although, we suggest you replace them with a gray or silver one. This one will be a perfect option for your big day and probably more chances to impress your to be spouse.


↓ 1 – Fancy Sherwani by Zarilene

If you want to pick up something that truly brings up your celebrating spirits, then this is the outfit to go for. A stunning wedding/engagement sherwani introduced by none other than the flawless Zarilene designers.

Since they always introduce something that a customer cannot put back once they choose it, this design is no less with a pale gold full embroidered sherwani with jet red trouser and matching red khusas to compensate.

This is all for the list of some trendy engagement outfits for Indian Men. We hope we were of some help in helping you decide what to adorn on your big day. We are sure that with these styling tricks and tips, you will definitely be able to turn some heads. Happy Shopping!

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