Modern Names For Muslim Boys with Meanings – 500 Most Popular Names

Modern Names For Muslim Boys with Meanings – 500 Most Popular Names– Looking for some great names for Muslim boys this year? Have a look here. We have come across many questions in different forums like the famous names for Muslim boys?

Have you ever wondered what is the most popular Islamic name for a boy? It’s Muhammad. Isn’t it beautiful? Even adopted by a famous boxer when he converted to Islam, he preferred opting for the name “Muhammad Ali.”

Does The Name Of A Baby Affect His Personality?

Islam specifically emphasizes giving a beautiful name to your child. The name should have a strong and positive meaning because it affects the child’s personality. Actually, naming is actually the right of the father in Islam. Later this right can be given to the mother or any other relative. During Prophet Muhammad’s era, he himself changed the ill names of people who entered the circle of Islam. Their names were replaced with better-meaning words.

In fact, recent scientific studies have shown a close relationship between a person’s name and his personality. It is observed that people with similar names have similar personalities. In addition to social background, a name also affects future decisions, marriage issues as well as career.

Scientists have observed similar expressions on the faces of people with similar names. These expressions can be observed around the eyes, mouth, and other adjustable parts of the face.

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Modern Names For Muslim Boys with Meanings

In Islam, it is not permissible to choose a name for themselves or their child to be something offensive or disgraceful. Naming your child something pleasant with good meanings has significant importance for Muslims because they believe that having an excellent Islamic name can inspire them to lead a purposeful life.

Those names should not be given to the baby, which changes his personality or turned into an effect of sarcasm. The Messenger of Allah (Sallallaho alaihe Wasallam) constantly altered names which were defamatory (Tirmizi) The title of one of those brothers of Sayyidna Umar had been Asiyah (meaning, disobedient), the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe Wasallam) changed it to Jamilah. (Tirmizi and ibn Majah)

Besides, the Noble Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe Wasallam) adjusted such titles as Aziz, Utlah (hardness, thickness), Satan, Hukm, Ghurab (crow), Habab (snake, Satan). (Abu Dawood) He also modified the titles, Harb (war) into Silm (serenity), Muztaja’ (one that lies down) into Mumbais (one that is ready, prepared), Banu az-Zania (the product of adultery) into Banu ar-Rushdah (good people) Banu al-Maghwiyah (one that misleads) into Banu ar-Rushdah.

Many congratulations for having a little angle in your family! To make your task easier of selecting a Muslim Boy Islamic name, We have created a new collection of Modern Muslim baby names among which you can pick and choose the most desirable Islamic name for a Muslim baby boy.


1- Aadil: upright

2- Aahil: prince

3- Aarif: aware

4- Aariz: respectable

5- Aaron: elevated

6- Aashif: courageous

7- Aashir: living

8- Aatif: affectionate

9- Affan: forgiving

10- Afif: modest

11- Ahad: the one

12- Ahmad: adored

13- Ahmar: red

14- Ahsan: best

15- Ahzab: a narrator

16- Aijaz: blessing

17- Ajer: reward

18- Akbar: great

19- Akeem: wise

20- Akhtar: a star

21- Akif: focused

22- Akram: generous

23- Ala: excellence

24- Ali: sublime

25- Alim: learned

26- Alman: willing

27- Amaan: loveable

28- Amam: safety

29- Ameer: commander

30- Amer: rich

31- Amin: trustworthy

32- Amir: populous

33- Amjad: glorious

34- Ammar: builder/constructor

35- Anas: sociable

36- Aneeq: valuable

37- Anees: friendly

38- Anjam: star

39- Antarah: heroic

40- Anwaar: gleam

41- Anwar: radiant

42- Aqeil: knowledgable

43- Arbaaz: eagle

44- Areeb: skillful

45- Arfan: gratitude

46- Arham: merciful

47- Armaan: desire

48- Arsalaan: lion

49- Arsh: dominion

50- Arshad: honest

51- Arshaq: handsome

52- Asad: fortunate

53- Asghar: shorter

54- Ashar: wisdom

55- Ashfaq: compassionate

56- Ashim: generous

57- Asif: forgiveness

58- Aswad: black

59- Ata: present

60- Ateeb: pious

61- Athar: clean

62- Athir: preferred

63- Atif: united

64- Atiq: ancient

65- Awad: reward/compensation

66- Awn: assist

67- Ayham: brave

68- Aymaan: lucky

69- Ayser: wealthy

70- Ayyub: boy

71- Aza: comfort

72- Azab: wandering

73- Azad: free

74- Azeem: greatest

75- Azfer: leader

76- Azhar: luminous

77- Azlan: lion

78- Azmat: honor

79- Azzam: resolved


80- Babar: lion

81-Badeel: alternative

82- Baha: magnificent

83- Basel: brave

84- Basem: smiling

85- Barraq: shining

86- Batal: champion

87- Behzad: honest/caring

88- Bilal: satisfier

89- Bishr: joy

90- Burhan: proof

91- Bushr: bliss


92- Daanish: wisdom

93- Dabir: secretary

94- Dameer: conscience

95- Dani: close

96- Danish: intelligent

97- Daniyal: intelligent

98- Dawid: prince

99- Daud: beloved

100- Darwish: dervish

101- Dawlah: richness

102- Dayyan: ruler

103- Dean: religion

104- Deniz: sea

105- Diya: brightness

106- Duha: forenoon


107- Ehan: Fullmoon

108- Ehsan: powerful

109- Emran: achievement


110- Faaz: successful

111- Fadi: redeemer

112- Fadil: generous

113- Fahad: lynx

114- Faisal: handsome

115- Fakeeh: cheerful

116- Fakhr: pride

117- Fakhri: glorious

118- Falah: success

119- Falih: successful

120- Faqeeh: jurist

121- Farasat: perception

122- Fareed: unique

123- Faseeh: eloquent

124- Fateen: clever

125- Fath: victory

126- Fawad: heart

127- Fayaz: gracious

128- Fayd: abundance

129- Fazal: grace

130- Fazil: excellence

131- Feroz: shining

132- Fida: sacrifice

133- Fuad: heart


134- Ghalib: victor

135- Ghazi: conqueror

136- Gohar: diamond

137- Gulzar: garden


138- Hadee: a guide

139- Hafs: lion

140- Hafiz: protector

141- Haider: lion

142- Hakim: brother

143- Haleef: ally

144- Hamal: lamb

145- Hammad: praising

146- Hamza: lion

147- Hanai: happiness

148- Hanbal: purity

149- Hani: delighted

150- Haif: believer

151- Haris: protector

152- Harith: cultivator

153- Hasan: handsome

154- Hashim: broker

155- Hasib: highborn

156- Hassan: beautiful

157- Hatim: judge

158- Hayaat: life

159- Haydar: lion

160- Hilal: crescent

161- Hesam: sword

162- Hayaat: life

163- Hubaab: bubble

164- Humair: red

165- Humayun: blessed

166- Hujjat: argument

167- Hurmat: sacred

168- Hurrah: liberal

169- Husam: sword

170- Hussain: handsome

171- Huzaifah: shortened

172- Husni: good


173- Id: feast

174- Ihab: leather

175- Ihsan: kindness

176- Ihtisham: modesty

177- Ilan: the person

178- Imaad: confident

179- Imad: support

180- Imam: leader

181- Imran: long-lived

182- Imtiaz: different

183- Inaam: reward

184- Inayat: bounty

185- Intaj: magnificent

186- Iqbal: prosperity

187- Iqraam: respect

188- Irfan: gratefulness

189- Isam: protector

190- Issar: sacrifice

191- Iyaad: generous

192- Iyaas: compensation

193- Iyad: pigeon

194- Iyas: consoling

195- Izaan: obedience

196- Izz: glory


197- Jafar: stream

198- Jari: powerful

199- Jamil: stunning

200- jaul: choice

201- Jazib: handsome

202- Jawad: generous


203- Kaiser: emperor

204- Kamil: perfect

205- Karam: generosity

206- Kaysan: wise

207- Khalid: eternal

208- Khidr: green

209- Khurram: cheerful

210- Khursheed: sun

211- Kifayat: sufficient

212- Kishwar: region


213- Labeeb: intelligent

214- Laiq: deserving

215- Lutf: enjoyment


216- Maaz: brave

217- Mahad: nice

218- Mehboob: beloved

219- Maheen: fineness

220- Maher: skilled

221- Mahir: skilled

222- Majd: glory

223- Majid: glorious

224- Malik: master

225- Mamoon: fearless

226- Man: benefit

227- Mazar: sight

228- Maruf: good

229- Mashal: light

230- Masoud: lucky

231- Masrur: joyful

232- Masud: fortunate

233- Mateen: tough

234- Mazhar: appearance

235- Mika: sweet

236- Mimar: mason

237- Mirsab: sword

238- Misbah: lamp

239- Mishaal: light

240- Miyaz: preferred

241- Mohid: believer

242- Mohsin: helper

243- Mubin: clear

244- Mueen: helper

245- Mufid: useful

246- Mufti: jurist

247- Muhab: dignified

248- Muhair: skilled

249- Mujibur: responsive

250- Mujtaba: chosen

251- Mukarram: honored

252-Mulham: inspired

253- Munaf: exalted

254- Munahid: strong

255- Muneer: shining

256- Munib: repentant

257- Munis: companion

258- Munsif: just

259- Muntasir: victorious

260- Murad: wanted

261- Mursal: messenger

262- Murtaza: generous

263- Museeb: apple

264- Musheer: advisor

265- Muta: obeyed

266- Mutazz: honored

267- Muti: obedient

268- Muttee: obedient

269- Muzhir: witnessed


270- Naadir: precious

271- Nabih: smart

272- Nabil: generous

273- Nadr: flourishing

274- Naeem: blessing

275- Nafi: useful

276- Nafis: precious

277- Naib: deputy

278- Naim: comfort

279- Najam: star

280- Namir: good

281- Naseem: breeze

282- Nashat: cheer/joy

283- Naseer: helper

284- Nashit: energetic

285- Nazim: intelligence 

286- Nibras: lamp 

287- Nidal: the struggle 

288- Nijad: dominance 

289- Nimr: tiger 

290- Nishaaj: explorer 

291- Nubaid: happiness 

292- Numair: panther 

293- Nur: light 

294- Nurdeen: light 

295- Nuri: brightness 

296- Nusayr: the narrator 


297- Omar: long-lived 

298- Osama: lion 


299- Qadi: ancient 

300- Qaim: rising 

301- Qais: lover 

302- Qani: contented 

303- Qanit: obedient 

304- Qaseem: portion 

305- Qasid: messenger 

306- Qasif: explorer 

307- Qays: firm 

308- Qais: firm 

309- Qudamah: courageous 

310- Qutb: leader 


311- Rihab: the vastness 

312- Riyad: garden 

313- Riyasat: dominion 

314- Robeel: flight 

315- Roshan: bright 

316- Rowel: flower 

317- Ruhi: spiritual 

318- Rushd: maturity 

319- Rasil: messenger 

320- Rauf: compassionate 

321- Rawdah: paradise 

322- Rawh: refreshment 

323- Rayn: the gate of heaven 

324- Rayhan: basil 

325- Raza: handsome 

326- Rayyan: luxuriant 

327- Razeen: grave 

328- Razin: subtle 

329- Reza: wish 

330- Riaz: devotion 

331- Ridha: contentment 

332- Ridwan: acceptance 

333- Rahman: merciful 

334- Rahmat: mercy 

335- Raid: leader 

336- Raif: gentle 

337- Rais: captain 

338- Raji: hopeful 

339- Rakshan: dazzling 

340- Rakin: confident 

341- Rameez: symbol 

342- Rami: marksman 

343- Ramiz: honored 

344- Raseem: designer 

345- Rashad: wisdom 

346- Raquib: watchful 

347- Rabah: gainer/winner 

348- Rabar: caring/loving 

349- Rabbani: divine 

350- Rabi: spring/breeze 

351- Rabee: spring 

352- Rabit: fastening 

353- Radi: content 

354- Raees: chief/rich 

355- Rafan: graceful 

356- Rafay: exhauster 

357- Rafee: refined 

358- Rafeek: friend 

359- Rafid: support 

360- Rafiq: kindness 

361- Raghib: desiring 

362- Raghid: pleasant 

363- Rahat: response 

364- Raheel: fearless 

365- Raheesh: leader 

366- Rahil: guider 

367- Rahim: merciful 

368- Raahil: guider 


369- Shumayl: complete 

370- Shurayh: the narrator 

371- Sifet: quality 

372- Silah: arms 

373- Simak: star 

374- Siraj: torch 

375- Siwar: bracelet 

376- Sofian: devoted 

377- Sohaib: sandy 

378- Sohail: gentle 

379- Suhaim: arrow 

380- Suhayb: companion 

381- Suhayl: star 

382- Shariq: radiant 

383- Shayaan: intelligent 

384- Shayan: praised 

385- Shaybah: aged 

386- Shehryaar: sovereign 

387- Sheraz: daring 

388- Shihab: blaze 

389- Sharaf: honor 

400- Sawad: skill 

401- Sayyar: mobile 

402- Shabab: young 

403- Shad: happy 

404- Shadin: fawn 

405- Sameer: entertainer 

406- Samih: forgiver 

407- Samit: quiet 

408- Samman: grocer 

409- Sanaullah: worshipper 

410- Saqer: falcon 

411- Sarab: mirage 

412- Sarfaraz: king 

413- Sarim: lion 

414- Sarmad: eternity 

415- Sarosh: angel 

416- Sarwar: chief 

417- Sati: shining 

418- Saud: fortunate 

419- Sawa: equal 

420- Saif: sword 

421- Salah: righteousness 

422- Salar: leader 

423- Salif: previous 

424- Salih: safe 

425- Salik: passable 

426- Salman: healthy 

427- Safeer: emissary 

428- Saffar: authority 

429- Safi: pure 

430- Safuh: forgiving 

431- Safwan: pure 

432- Saheed: lucky 

433- Saheim: warrior 

434- Sahil: a guide 

435- Sahir: wakeful 

436- Sahm: arrow 

437- Sahmr: companion 

438- Saib: appropriate 

439- Saif: sword 

440- Saadah: happiness 

441- Saadat: blessing 

442- Saafir: an ambassador 

443- Sab: lion 

444- Sabahat: beauty/grace 

445- Sabeeh: the narrator 

446- Sabir: patient 

447- Sabeer: patient 

448- Sabri: perseverance 

449- Sabur: patient 

450- Sadeed: relevant 

451- Sadeem: haze 

452- Sadun: happy 

453- Saeed: happy 


454- Tasneen: fountain 

455- Tawfiq: success 

456- Tazeem: honor/respect 

457- Taysir: Facilitation 

458- Taimur: iron 

459- Taj: crown 

460- Talal: admirable 

461- Tali: rising 

462- Tameem: perfect 

463- Tamir: rich 

467- Tanwir: enlightening 

468- Tanveer: light 

469- Sulayk: traveler 

470- Sultaan: authority 

471- Tabish: brilliance 

472- Taheem: pure 

473- Tahir: clean 

474- Tahoor: purity 

475- Tahsin: beautification 


476- Umran: prosperity 

477- Urooj: sunrise 

478- Urwah: support 

479- Ubaid: faithful 

480- Ubayd: worshipper 

481- Ulfat: affection 

482- Umair: intelligent 


483- Wali: guardian 

484- Waqar: dignity 

485- Ward: blossom 

486- Waqas: warrior 

487- Wasay: unlimited 

488- Wadi: calm 

489- Wahab: giving 

490- Wafi: loyal 

491- Wail: back 

492- Wajih: notable 

493- Waleed: newborn 


494- Zaheer: bright/shining

495- Zahir: flowery

496- Zayd: abundance

497- Zain: beloved

498- Zayn: beauty

499- Zaman: destiny

500- Zameer: conscience

Baby Boy Names Mentioned in the Holy Quran

Isn’t it great to name your baby boy something which is already mentioned in the Holy Book of the Quran? It is believed that the meaning of the name becomes part of the child’s personality too. Let’s explore some beautiful options for naming your baby boy in the light of the Holy Quran.

  • Aabdar: The name has a quranic origin, which means Moonlight, early, quick. It is derived from the B-D-R root, which is used in the Quran in verse 3:123 in the word Badr, which means “full moon” and is the name of a famous battle.
  • Aabid: The word aabid means powerful, complete, worshipper of Allah, it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlets of energies
  • Fardeen: One who has the strength of three men. Also a name of the first month of the Parsi
  • Moosa: One who is saved out of water. The name of a Prophet of Almighty
  • Rushdan: A man who is guided down the right path
  • Saaqib: Arabic name for Boys meaning Piercing, sharp, keen
  •  Sadan: A sensible, prudent and reasonable person
  • Shalan: One who is emanating light
  • Taul: A powerful man
  • Anwaar: The luminous and bright; an eternal flame and light

Where To Buy Books For Babies Names?

Sometimes, it is easy to see and read things from some hard copy. The same goes for selecting a name for your little human. Moreover, you can either bookmark your favorite names or hand over the hard copy to relatives. Baby name books are easily available in markets, for instance, in book stores.

However, if you want to sit at home and get a copy too, below are the links to buy baby name books from online book stores:


Most Admired Turkish Names for Baby Boy

Do you know that Islamic names for baby boys don’t always exist in the Arabic language but they exist in other languages too like Persian, Hebrew, Iranian, and Turkish? Ever wondered about naming your little prince with a beautiful Turkish name? Team Branded has compiled a list of some most admired Turkish names for baby boys below.


  • Afet: Catastrophically beautiful
  • Agah: Informed, aware
  • Ahmet: Thanking God
  • Ahu: beautiful eyes
  • Ajda: Sprouting
  • Akçay: White creek
  • Akhun: White Hun
  • Alaattin: You did good
  • Alev: Flame
  • Aral: Aral lake
  • Aras: Aras river
  • Arda: Marker on the ground
  • Argun: Clear day


  • Batur: Founder of Golden Horde State
  • Bayar: Founder of the Avar Empire
  • Bayram: Festival, Eid
  • Bedia: Never seen before
  • Beyza: Very white; whiter
  • Bihter: Most good
  • Bikem: Darling! Beloved!
  • Bilge: Learned, wise
  • Bunyamin: Benjamin in Bible
  • Bulut: Cloud
  • Bumin: Founder of the Gokturk Empire


  • Cahide: hardworking
  • Canan: Beloved, sweetheart
  • Candan: Congenial
  • Cemal: Beauty, grace; the perfection of God
  • Cemil: Kindness, friendliness, compliment


  • Dilara: Lover; heart adorner
  • Dilaver: Brave, courageous
  • Diler: One who wishes well
  • Doğukan: Khan of the East
  • Doruk: Peak of the mountain
  • Durukan: Pureblood
  • Durul: calm


  • Ekber : Greatest; oldest
  • Ekmel: Most mature; complete, without fault
  • Ekin: Growing grain, crops
  • Ekrem: most generous, most noble, honorable
  • Emre: Loving friend; older brother
  • Ender: Very rare
  • Engin: Vast, boundless; open sea
  • Enis: Friend
  • Enver: Lights; radiance


  • Faik: Superior
  • Fakir: Poor, needy, pauper
  • Fatih: Conqueror; Fatih Sultan
  • Firdevs: 6th garden in heaven
  • Fıtnat: Natural intelligence


  • Gökçe: Name of the mother of Osman Gazi founder of Ottoman Empire; sky color (blue); sky like; a type pigeon native of Eastern Europe and Anatolia
  • Göksel: Celestial, heavenly
  • Göktuğ: Sky colored horsetail; chosen mostly by Air Force officer fathers


  • Hayri: Goodman; useful man
  • Hayriye: Related with goodness; lucky and blesses
  • Hızır: A prophet
  • Hikmet: Wisdom
  • Hilmi: Mild, gentleman; patient man
  • Himmet: Help, favor
  • Hürmüz: Jupiter; first day of the Iranian calendar
  • Hürrem: Young; green; merry
  • Hürriyet: Independence


  • Levent: Navy soldier; tall and big; handsome, quick, agile, rough fellow
  • Lokman: A wise man well-known with his short stories


  • Mazhar: Object of honors, favor
  • Mecnun: Mad, insane; love crazed
  • Mehmet: Be praised with his good behavior
  • Mehpare: Very beautiful; shining like a moon piece
  • Mestan: Drunken man; merry, joyous man, a man in good spirits
  • Mete: Founder of Great Hun Empire (204 B.C-216 A.D)


  • Neslihan: From khan family; her ancestors are Khan
  • Neslişah: From shah family; her ancestors are Shah


  • Orhan: Great ruler or Khan
  • Osman: The founder of the Ottoman Empire


  • Perihan: Khan of nymph


  • Renan: Person giving out a tinkling sound
  • Reyyan: Person been contented with water


  • Şevval: the Tenth month of the Arabic calendar first three days are Ramadan Holiday


  • Timur: Founder of Empire of Timur Khan (1369 – 1501 A.D)
  • Turgut: Turgut Reis, a well-known brave Ottoman Navy officer
  • Tuncay: Moon made of bronze
  • Türker: Turkish man

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Modern Names For Muslim Boys with Meanings


Q: What Is The Best Muslim Name For Baby Boy?

A: Evidently, name of a person directly affects his personality and basic habits. Being Muslims, we always try to select the unique and best name for our kids. As far as the best Muslim boy name is concerned, it is definitely “Muhammad”. The name was specifically selected for Muslim’s last prophet.

The name Muhammad means “the one who is praised by everyone”. Most of the time, the name Muhammad is combined as a first name with other Islamic names.

Q: How To Choose A Suitable Name For Muslim Baby Boys?

A: You may have more than one option in your mind about your baby’s name. Finalizing the name can be tough because the name could be selected once in your life. However, you should select the name depending on the meaning and type of the word.

In addition to this, the name can be selected with respect to the starting word that depends on the birth month of the baby.

Q: Which Muslim Boy Name Means “Lion”?

A: Ali is a popular and well-known Muslim name that means “Lion”. The name is surely a symbol of power, strength as well as toughness.

Ali is also the name of prophet Muhammad’s cousin who was one of the very first believers of Islam.

Q: How To Select The Baby Name According To Astrology?

A: Evidently, many people believe to choose their baby’s name according to astrology. In astrology, every sun sign is specified with a single alphabet. In fact, the name is selected starting with the specific alphabet of the relevant sun sign. Moreover, naming according to astrology is considered to bring good luck for the little ones.

However, it is recommended to take suggestions from expert astrologists for the perfect name of your baby.


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