English Muslim Names-100 Best Muslim Names that Sound English

English Muslim Names. Here are some wonderful and amazing names for Muslims around the world, that sound a bit English. Have a look and happy naming!

Modern Trendy Muslim Baby Names Like English

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1- Claudius: The name of a Muslim astronomer who charted the position of nearly 1,000 celestial stars and is one the top Muslim astronomers of his age.

2- Rayan/Ryan: It means the gates of Heaven. e.g Ryan Reynolds – a Hollywood actor.

3- Damia: a greek-derived name and means, “Goddess of nature’s elements”.

4- Alysha: noble and kind

5- Alya: exalted

6- O’Neal: also one of the names that have Muslim reference in their meaning

7- Rashaun: means ‘little warrior’ in Arabic.

8- Cengiz: means universal lord

9- Aileema: wise

10- Ariana: means the ‘holy one’ in Arabic

11- Tobias: the name means that lord is good

12- Eliza: also an English sounding Muslim name, e.g My Fair Lady’s protagonist: Elize Dolittle.

13- Aydin: another English sounding name, that is for both boys and girls

14- Adam: very common. e.g Adam Levine

15- Elena: meaning wise, just like Alina or Aleena

16- Hannah: an English name, but also adopted by Muslims

17- Amelia: a very popular American and Australian name, but a Muslim one too

18- Arya: surely very common, as in Arya Stark.

19- Abagael: one of the unique ones in the popular names right now

20- Abbie: not exactly with the same spelling, because there is, in fact, an English name; Ebbie

21- Abegail: same in pronunciation as Abagael

22- Abelena: meaning, hazelnut

23- Abelina: of a poised or gracious nature

24- Abellana: hazelnut

25- Abelone: extremely wise

26- Abie: means father or mother of many

27- Abigail: the joy in fatherhood

28- Abilia: very skilled

29- Abiria: a passenger

30- Abriana: feminine version of ‘Abraham’

31- Abriella: means mother of many nations

32- Abrienda: an opening

33- Aceline: means, noble

34- Dalia: name of a yellow flower

35- Aaralyn: a beautiful melody

36- Abby: one who gives joy

37- Abril: April

38- Avril: buds of spring

39- Achira: swift, prompt

40- Acira: brief, swift

41- Adalene: very noble

42- Adalissa: powerful

43- Adalyn: very noble

44- Addie: son of Adam

45- Adisyn: son of Adam

46- Adele: kind, tender

47- Adelie: kind

48- Adell: gentle

49- Adena: kind

50- Adiana: dark, rich

51- Adline: noble, pious

52- Adreana: city of Adria

53- Adrina: means, darkness

54- Aenor: a latin word with no known meaning

55- Adiva: pleasant, gentle

56- Adora: glory

57- Adria: a city

58- Aemilia: rival

59- Agathe: goodness

60- Aggie: agriculture related

61- Agie: same as Aggie

62- Aglae: uniqueness

63- Agne: pure and holy

64- Agnes: pure and holy

65- Ailen: handsome

66- Ailey: same as Ailen

67- Ainra: sensitive, creative

68- Ainsley: awe inspiring

69- Aimee: dear, beloved

70- Ailene: one from a meadow

71- Aimili: independence

72- Ailana: a Hawaiian island

73- Agnese: pure and holy

74- Agilina: messenger

75- Alama: a symbol

76- Alanis: an idler

77- Alayna: dear child

78- Alberta: very bright

79- Albie: brilliance

80- Alcie: determined

81- Alcyone: a Greek name

82- Alea: introverted

83- Alicia: nobility

84- Aleena: soft, delicate

85- Aleit: ambitious

86- Alesha: protected by God

87- Alethia: disclosure

88- Alette: truth

89- Alexia: a true helper

90- Aislin: vision

91- Alabama: herbs, plants

92- Alana: fair, beautiful

93- Alarice: rules

94- Alaura: idealistic

95- Alayne: beautiful

96- Alba: sweet-scented flowers

97- Albine: dawn

98- Alcina: famous bearer

99- Alda: name of an 8th century saint

100- Aldis: from an old house



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