English Muslim Names-100 Best Muslim Names that Sound English

English-Sounding Muslim Names. Every culture and every language has a unique way of naming things. But sometimes despite the diversity, or perhaps because of it, some names tend to ‘cross-over’. These are the names which can be found in all languages, either in the exact same way, which is rare or with certain levels of variations in spelling or pronunciation. However, it is easier to recognize them because they also share similarities in the same ways.

Such names have roots in every language, but due to the linguistic differences, they are pronounced in a distinct manner. The meanings also tend to vary, depending on the language in which the name is being spoken. There are also ‘bilingual names’, the type which are pronounced the same in two or more languages.

Modern Trendy Muslim Baby Names Like English

Modern Muslim parents in Western countries like the United Kingdom, USA, etc are constantly on the hunt for unique Islamic names for their children which can be westernized easily. The main reason why they do this is fear of persecution and of not being accepted. This is the biggest concern immigrant parents face in non-Muslim countries. The bullying and suicide rate in such countries is alarmingly high.

Another reason is that Westerners tend to look down upon and mispronounce names they deem as ‘difficult’. Such blatant racism has been called out and publicly shamed in recent years, however, it might take time to completely eradicate such way of thinking.

English Muslim Names -100 Best Muslim Names that Sound English

Therefore we present some wonderful and amazing names for Muslims around the world, that sound a bit English. Have a look and happy naming!

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1- Claudius: Claudius is of Latin origin, it means ‘crippled.’ A historically famous bearer of the name is the fourth Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who ruled from 41 AD – 54 AD. The name of a Muslim astronomer who charted the position of nearly 1,000 celestial stars and is one the top Muslim astronomers of his age.

2- Rayan/Rayyan: Rayan or Rayyan is a male name of Arabic origin. It means ‘watered’, ‘plentiful’ and ‘luxuriant’. It’s also the name of a gate of heaven through which observers of the Ramazan fast will be allowed through. It’s English counterpart is Ryan. Famous person  with the name is the Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.

3- Damia: It’s a Greek-derived name that means “Goddess of nature’s elements”. Historically, Damia was one of the first queens of the kingdom of Numidia.

4- Alysha: Alysha has Germanic and French roots. It means ‘noble’ and ‘kind.’

5- Alya: Alya has roots in Greek, Hebrew and Arabic. It means ‘sky’, ‘heaven’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘exalted’.

6- O’Neal: It means ‘cloud’, ‘passion’ and ‘champion’. O’Neal is of Irish Gaelic origin, and it’s original form is Ó Néill which means ‘the descendant of Niall’.

7- Rashaun: It means ‘little warrior’ or ‘daylight’ in Arabic. It can be considered a combination of the English names ‘Ray’ and ‘Shawn’.

8- Cengiz: It’s the Turkish form of the name Ghengis. It means ‘universal lord’, ‘ruler of ocean’, and ‘strong.’

9- Aileema: The name means ‘wise’.

10- Ariana: Ariana or Arianna is of Italic origin. It’s the short form of Ariadne. It means ‘the holy one’.

11- Tobias: This name has different versions in different languages. It comes from the Hebrew biblical name “Toviyahu” which means ‘goodness of ‘Yahweh’. It is also used in German, French and Swedish, with minor spelling variations.

12- Eliza: This name is of Hebrew roots. It means ‘pledged to God’. My Fair Lady’s protagonist is a famous bearer of this name: Elize Dolittle.

13- Aydin: It’s of Turkish origin, and means ‘enlightened’. The English counterpart of the name is Aiden or Aidan.

14- Aadam: It’s an Arabic name. Aadam is considered the father of all humans in every religion, and is the first Prophet sent by God according to Islam. English counterpart is Adam which is a very common name e.g Adam Levine.

15- Aleena: English counterpart is Elena. It means ‘wise’.

16- Hinnah: Hinnah means ‘affection’. It’s an Arabic name. It’s English counterpart is Hannah which means ‘favor, grace.’

17- Amelia: The name exists in multiple languages. It’s short forms in English include Mia, Emma, and Amy. Amelia comes from ‘amal’ which means ‘hope’ or ‘work’.

18- Arya: Means ‘noblewoman’ in Arabic. A famous bearer of the name is Arya Stark from G.R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones series.

19- Abigail: It comes from the Hebrew word Avigail which means ‘my father’s joy.’

20- Abbie: not exactly with the same spelling, because there is, in fact, an English name; Ebbie

21- Abegail: same in pronunciation as Abagael

22- Abelena: meaning, hazelnut

23- Abelina: of a poised or gracious nature

24- Abellana: hazelnut

25- Abelone: extremely wise

26- Abie: means father or mother of many

27- Abigail: the joy in fatherhood

28- Abilia: very skilled

29- Abiria: a passenger

30- Abriana: feminine version of ‘Abraham’

31- Abriella: means mother of many nations

32- Abrienda: an opening

33- Aceline: means, noble

34- Dalia: name of a yellow flower

35- Aaralyn: a beautiful melody

36- Abby: one who gives joy

37- Abril: April

38- Avril: buds of spring

39- Achira: swift, prompt

40- Acira: brief, swift

41- Adalene: very noble

42- Adalissa: powerful

43- Adalyn: very noble

44- Addie: son of Adam

45- Adisyn: son of Adam

46- Adele: kind, tender

47- Adelie: kind

48- Adell: gentle

49- Adena: kind

50- Adiana: dark, rich

51- Adline: noble, pious

52- Adreana: city of Adria

53- Adrina: means, darkness

54- Aenor: a latin word with no known meaning

55- Adiva: pleasant, gentle

56- Adora: glory

57- Adria: a city

58- Aemilia: rival

59- Agathe: goodness

60- Aggie: agriculture related

61- Agie: same as Aggie

62- Aglae: uniqueness

63- Agne: pure and holy

64- Agnes: pure and holy

65- Ailen: handsome

66- Ailey: same as Ailen

67- Ainra: sensitive, creative

68- Ainsley: awe inspiring

69- Aimee: dear, beloved

70- Ailene: one from a meadow

71- Aimili: independence

72- Ailana: a Hawaiian island

73- Agnese: pure and holy

74- Agilina: messenger

75- Alama: a symbol

76- Alanis: an idler

77- Alayna: dear child

78- Alberta: very bright

79- Albie: brilliance

80- Alcie: determined

81- Alcyone: a Greek name

82- Alea: introverted

83- Alicia: nobility

84- Aleena: soft, delicate

85- Aleit: ambitious

86- Alesha: protected by God

87- Alethia: disclosure

88- Alette: truth

89- Alexia: a true helper

90- Aislin: vision

91- Alabama: herbs, plants

92- Alana: fair, beautiful

93- Alarice: rules

94- Alaura: idealistic

95- Alayne: beautiful

96- Alba: sweet-scented flowers

97- Albine: dawn

98- Alcina: famous bearer

99- Alda: name of an 8th century saint

100- Aldis: from an old house

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