Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

Best Travel Money Belt. Have you been wondering what will be the best gear for your upcoming travel adventure but find the idea of investigating and looking through different sites too tiring? Or are you just tired of having to hold a million different things in your hand when you leave the house to run an errand too quickly for you to prepare a bag?

Well, then you have come to the perfect place! We have researched for you to help you find the perfect tool to ease all your worries. The money belt! Before you worry about researching for this, just scroll down below and find all the work done for you. We’ve taken into account the features of safety and comfort as well as style while ranking these belts. Take on a look at our compiled list, with pros and cons, and product specifications mentioned clearly to help you make a knowledgeable choice!

Which Money Belt Should You Buy for Traveling?

Having always to carry around a bulky purse or backpack can get annoying, and with more and more women’s clothing coming out without pockets. It leads to the ultimate question: Where to store your things! The perfect antidote to this bitter reality of life is the money belt! This wearable allows you to store everything necessary without having to worry about matching bags to outfits or fitting things into the tiny excuses for pockets on your clothing.

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

How did we decide?

We used their best selling ranks on amazon, their reviews, and their features to put together this list of the top 10 bestselling Money Belts.

10 – Raytix

9 – Auopro

8 -Alpha Keeper

7 – Trekko

6 – Daitet

5 – Peak Gear

4 – Aikelida

3 – Travel Flame

2 – Miolle

1 – Matein

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↓ 10 – Raytix

Raytix is a lifestyle and travel brand that sells products ranging from money belts to tweezer and mirror sets. These are things that are essential for travel but can also be used in your day to day life. Raytix is a trusted brand by many and has over 4-star reviews for all its products on Amazon and other sites.

Why You Will Love It: The Rayrix money bet is one of the top products in its category and is a comparatively cheaper option. The product is compact and does not bulk up your clothes while keeping whatever you put inside it safe and easily accessible. The money belt comes with a free packing list pad and a mini pen.

Best For: Comfortable for long traveling hours (Moisture Wicking Fabric)


  • It is waterproof.
  • It is equipped with RFID protection to keep your cards safe from being scanned.
  • It is light and easy to adjust for a waist of up to 40 inches.


  • The RFID protection may cause the metal detectors to go off in airports.

Prices: $10.99

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 9 – Auopro

Auopro is a brand that sells products ranging from bicycle lights to travel money belts. Their production os drivers, but they claim to never compromise on quality, and many reviews online agree.

Why You Will Love It: The product is ideal for international adventures with multiple pockets, including mesh pockets and a breathable fabric that allows you to stay comfortable while enjoying your travels. It is one of the most secured money belts on our list because of the double strapping technology that makes sure it stays stuck to your waist like a second skin.

Best For: Durability


  • It has a hole for your earphone wires.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has double buckles on each side, providing added security against snatching.
  • It has a hidden pocket at the back.


  • Some users complain that the belt isn’t easily hide-able underclothes and gets bulky with just a few items inside it.
  • The strap isn’t as comfortable as other options and can cause special discomfort to larger waist sizes.

Prices: $12.96 : AUOPRO RFID Blocking Travel Money Belt Hidden Zipper ...

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↓ 8 – Alpha Keeper

Alpha Keeper is a brand specifically made only to sell RFID money belts and money sleeves. The brand specializes in the production of these products; hence their products are at the top.

Why You Will Love It: The belt has three-layered RFID protection that keeps your credit and debit cards safe from scans. There is a 100% money-back guarantee so you can try the product and return it if you don’t like it. Standing at just 0.704 ounces, the product is extremely lightweight.

Best For Lightweight traveling


  • Not bulky and can be easily worn underneath your shirt or sweater as well.
  • Available in multiple colors and designs, including the army print.
  • The belt stretches out to a waist of 45 inches.
  • Secret compartment present for stashing highly important documents.


  • It can only hold your paper money and cards or documents. Anything bulky like a phone will be hard to store.

Prices: $16.61

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 7 – Trekko

Trekko is a brand that specializes in the production of money belts and hence has a loyal set of customers. The brand is known for its quality and consistency.

What Makes People Buy It: The money belt is equipped with RFID protection and has a lightweight structure that is easy to conceal under your clothes. It can hold a large number of items while keeping them all safe from theft and scanning.

Best For: Sturdiness


  • The belt is water-resistant.
  • The strap can be loosened to wear as a crossbody bag instead of wearing it around the waist.
  • The belt has a small hole through which you can let the wire of your earphones out and listen to music without having your phone in your hand.


  • The buckle is on the outward side, which may prove dangerous is worn outside clothing as anyone could unbuckle it.

Prices: $17.99

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 6 – Daitet

Daitet is a company that specializes in all products that relate to security. From RFID cardholders to fanny packs, the company has it all. Their products are trusted by customers due to the great quality, and the reviews that these buyers leave are always positive.

What Makes People Buy It: This money belt stands out from the rest as it has a 360° RFID protection instead of only having the protection on specific areas. So, no matter where you put your cards in the belt, they will be safe from any kind of illegal scanning. The product is durable and lasts through rains, liquid accidents, and any attempts of theft.

Best For: Durable Fabric (Non-Tearing)


  • It is waterproof.
  • It can also be used as a running belt.
  • The strap adjusts to accommodate multiple waist sizes.


  • Only available in 2 colors.
  • The closing clasp is on the outside and very prominent, which could lead to someone unclasping it and stealing the whole belt.

Prices: $13.99

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 5 – Peak Gear

Peak Gear makes products that stick with you for life.  Peak Gear combines function with extreme durability.  They design their products to withstand the stresses of life and adventure. They claim to have never cut corners on quality to save cost and say that their products stay with you for life.

What Makes People Buy It: The product is sleek and gives a 100% money-back guarantee so you can buy it and test it out. The anti-theft and recovery features allow you to keep your things safe and retrieve your bag if you lose it. The product is durable and fashionable and lasts for many years to come.

Best For: Lock Features


  • It is waterproof.
  • Includes theft insurance.
  • It has builtin RFID protection.


  • Too flat to fit a phone and wallet simultaneously.
  • The strap may not accommodate larger waist sizes, e.g., 40 inches or above.

Prices: $15.97

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 4 – Aikelida

The brand Aikelida makes gear that can be used during running, which includes fanny packs and money belts. These are high-quality products that stay in place and let you complete your workouts with ease. Their products can also be used while traveling or just running errands.

Reasons Why People Buy It: The product is made with great quality, which means you can say goodbye to fears of tears during traveling. You can also easily wash the product in a machine, instead of laboring away with a bucket. The product is specially designed to fit US passports.

Best For: Anti-theft protection (Multi-layered lining with latest RFID Technology)


  • Flat and lightweight. It allows you to easily conceal it underneath your shirt.
  • The adjustable strap fits a waist as small as 26 inches and as large as 42 inches.
  • It is not detected in the metal detectors.
  • It is also ideal for running.


  • The material of the belt isn’t breathable, leading to accumulation of sweat and maybe even a rash if worn for a very long time nonstop.
  • It is not slash-proof or cut-proof.

Prices: $7.99

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 3 – Travel Flame

Travel Flame is a travel brand that produces travel products such as fanny packs and money belts. Their products are made from the top quality materials and are loved by many loyal customers.

Reasons Why People Buy It: This product is highly acclaimed due to its multiple usage design. You can wear it while traveling, out on the run, during a hike, or even while shopping at the mall. The product offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t suit you, so don’t wait and just try it out!

Best For: Moisture Wicking & Durability


  • The back is made of breathable material hence avoiding any sweat formation and accumulation.
  • The product is water-resistant.
  • The strap can stretch up to a whopping 56 inches.
  • The design is slim and flat, allowing you to conceal it under your clothing and not attract attention to it.


  • The fabric is not cut-proof.
  • The RFID materials used are detectable in metal detectors.

Prices: $12.99

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 2 – Miolle

Miolle is an American brand that sells protective as well as organizational gear. They sell everything from trunk organizers to RFID blocking wallets. Their brand focuses on producing products that give protection to your valuables like your documents, cards, and passports.

Why Should You Shop It: The product has been tried and tested by many amazon users who sing its praises. The product is light and slim, allowing it to be easily concealed under clothing, so it doesn’t ruin your outfit while also inhibiting attention towards it.

Best For: Durable Fabric


  • Two thickness options so you can choose if you want your’s to be slim or bulky.
  • It is waterproof.
  • There is a slot for your earphones so you can listen to music without having to take your phone out.


  • Only available in 2 limited colors.
  • Some users have reported that the clip used to secure the belt is cheap and not durable.

Prices: $4.73

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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↓ 1 – Matein

The brand was started in 2014 after two friends found themselves talking about a recent passport incident one had faced while traveling. It pushed them to start a backpack brand that later started producing multiple trave products such as the money belt itself.

Why Should You Shop It: The product has no bad reviews, and people are only singing it’s praises. The product does its job well for a good price. The belt is not bulky yet stores many things, including a 7-inch phone.

Best For: Lightweight traveling


  • It has a hole for your earphone wires.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It’s made of a breathable material that helps in evading sweat formation and rashes or blisters.
  • The design is very slim, leading to the belt being virtually invisible under your clothing.


  • It is only available in one color and design.

Prices: $8.99

Top 10 Travel Money Belts for Men & Women To Buy

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Q. What are alternatives to a Money Belt?

A. Money Belts are a great investment when it comes to keeping your belongings safe as well as easily accessible during travels or merely a trip to the local grocery store. If you’re more inclined towards making a style statement, you can do for an RFID wallet that can store all your valuables and can be easily slipped into a purse or pocket. Another great alternative is the secret bra pouch that can be easily clipped on to the middle of your bra and store items like your credit cards or important documents. Buying an Anti-Theft bag could also help you out in this regard.

Q. How to wear Money Belts?

A. We understand that fashion and style is one of your biggest concerns while thinking of what money belt to purchase. With the media portraying the use of such items as “uncool,” it can often become hard to choose between looking your best or being safe. We say why not both?! You can style your money belt easily by owning it with confidence and letting it take its place on your waist. Or you can easily hide it under a sweatshirt or a baggy blouse if you wish to do so.

Q. What to look for in a Money Belt?

A. When deciding on which money belt to by, your own needs matter more than the reputation of the brands. Keep these factors in mind while taking your final pick:

  • How many things you want to keep in it.
  • What will you be doing while using it?
  • Do you need a waterproof belt or a one that sucks up moisture so it helps you keep dry from sweat?
  • The weight of the money belt and it’s thickness depending on whether you’ll be wearing it outside your clothes or inside.

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