15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

Jewellery Brands For Girls: Jewellery is often seen as a glamorous piece for women to complete their outfits but did you know jewellery was considered more than just an additional object to clothing? For decades, Jewellery was considered a great symbol and defining piece for women. People, and especially women in the Victorian era wore it for social wealth, status and power. Not only that, Jewellery is considered a form of self-expression and femininity. From bracelets, serving a spiritual purpose of protection to necklaces considered an object for celebrating women’s bodies, Jewels are known to uplift feminine beauty and radiate confidence within.

Although jewellery trends may have changed during the time, the meaning and value behind jewellery pieces never change. Even today, women of high status wear designer gold and diamond jewels. However, the value of certain jewellery is different depending on various cultures. In China, the Jade stones are considered most luxurious because of Chinese history and the balance of beauty and hardness. The Persians wear turquoise stones as a symbol of purity. So whether you’re wearing jewellery as a rite of passage from your grandmother or just to fulfil a fashion accent, jewellery is as important as any other material in a women’s life.

We all know that every woman has that one statement piece she never leaves the house without. Today, the designers are making jewellery that suit every woman preferences. Whether it is your wedding, birthday, art exhibition, or you need just some minimalistic jewels for everyday wear, the makers have it in store for you! Our women today have multiple outfits. They need matching contemporary pieces for each of them according to their style and mood, so don’t worry because we have collected some best designer and affordable jewellery brands that will leave any female mesmerized.

What Is Popular In Jewellery Brands For Girls

Jewellery today is not just limited to basic gold and silver pieces, it has widened its horizon from artificial to stone pieces. Fusion jewellery is worn today by women and girls of all age which is a mix of gold and diamond, and makes the perfect item for western-eastern mix. Being the everlasting symbol of elegance and royalty, pearl jewellery is one of the most demanded pieces in Western countries and is highly valued. Colorful or monochromatic gold/silver plated charm jewels have also been quite popular among teenagers and girls of younger age. 

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15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

From chunky gold chains to multi-functional jewellery, we have made a list of A-list brands that will not only perfectly compliment your attire and personality, but will make you stand out in a room full of glamorous women! 




$9,999 - $1,000,000

Taylor & Hart

$580 - $14,815 

David Yurman

$750 - $5,000

Blue Nile

$28 - $120,000

Bryan Anthonys

$5 - $159

David Webb

$1,000 - $1,000,000


$50 - $150 & Over


$1 - $700000

Daisy London

$22 - $577

Harry Winston

$37,000 - $1.2 Million


$730 - $42,881


$1,170 - $62,000

Tiffany & Co.

$500 & Under - $5,000 & Over

How To Style Best Affordable Jewellery Brands For Girls

It is true that a signature jewellery item can turn an outfit from zero to ten. But are you confused about wearing the right jewel accessories with the matching outfit? We have gathered the most trendy and amusing tips and tricks to style Jewellery in the most fashionable way, so keep reading fellas!

CORRESPONDING COLORS: Often we dont pay much attention to the details when it comes to jewellery. However, It is important to do so because wearing gold ring on a silver designed outfit can look a bit bizzare, trust me. You have to make sure that you wear silver on silver, gold on gold and black on black. Ofcourse you can mix up pieces and create some fusion jewellery but that requires expert advise, so careful into that. So playing safe wearing monochromes together will not only give off an lasting impression but will also look that you have actually made effort in dressing up! 

SIGNATURE JEWELS: Consider wearing a basic outfit but dont know how to rock the look? Well just throw in some statement jewellery pieces with neutral attire, and you will be a totally different person. Style rubies or amber gem stone rings with french manicure nails, or bold ethnic hoops on a simple dress. You can pair a flashy necklace of bright colors like yellow, red and orange on a simple white shirt, and you are sure to rank up in one of the trendiest people of year! The idea is to not be afraid of experimenting with new and different jewellery designs just because they are not traditional. 

MULTIPLE JEWELLERY PIECES: The most famous ongoing trend this year is stratification of jewellery. The V shaped necklace whether gold or silver plated have made their way among women of all age. The layered up necklace creates a very aesthetic and cool look for modern day females. The same you can do with rings.

Piling up rings of different proportions and design makes a classy mixture now a days. Try similar with earrings, wear thin earrings on the upper piercings and chunky thick ones on the lower piercing parts, and it definitely will create a very stylish design. 

SIMPLE/MINIMILISTIC JEWELLERY: Gone are the days when heavy jewellery was considered as top notch. Try investing in solid colored jewellery whether necklaces, rings or earrings because they will make you look chic. Also wear minimilistic white gold or rose gold which is an popular choice among buyers now a days. Furthemore it looks excellent if paired with any outfit!

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↓ 15 – Where To Find Finest Diamond Jewellery?

For thousand of years, Diamond has been one of the most valuable stones on earth. And it is true when they say that Diamond is a women’s bestfriend. From engagement rings to diamond necklaces, designers today encraft luxurious jewellery out of diamond. If you’re looking to gift an exclusive gift to your precious one, Barry Verragio should definitely be on your list. 

Or you can get these beautiful stud earrings from no other than Blue Nile. These colorless white diamonds nearly weigh 1/2 carat, and are absolutely stunning. 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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Or if you’re looking for best affordable jewellery brand, then you can try Stone & Strand. Their Slide Diamond Tennis Bracelet is perfect for any formal occassion. It is a mix of pure gold and conflict free diamonds. 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 14 – Graff

Portfolio: Founded in 1960, It is a multinational luxury jewellery brand with its headquarter in London. Founded by Laurence Graff, the brand is known for its quality diamond and gold. Donald Trump gifted his 3rd wife 15 carat diamond ring, and since then graff has remained in top charts of popular jewellery brands. 

With their variety collection of butterfly, tribal, icon, spiral, kiss and new dawn, Graff is famous for their unique and spectacular jewellery designs. This exceptional yellow cut diamond necklace is worth every penny, and will be a favorite teenage jewellery brand among all the fashionistas! 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 13 – Taylor & Hart

Portfolio: Founded in 2013, Taylor & Hart is privately held jewellery company with its headquarter in London. They are known for bringing magic to engagement and wedding rings. So if you’re a girl get married or engaged, then look no further because it is easily one of the best affordable jewellery brands in town today. 

Taylor & Hart makes custom designs as well, so of you’re planning to customize a ring for your fiance then this is your place! Surprise your girl with this oval diamond hope ring now. 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 12 – David Yurman

Portfolio: Founded in 1980, by David Yurman and Sybil Yurman, It is a privately held American designer jewellery brand for women and men. They are notable for their ‘Silver Ice’ category and inventive stone cuts. Celebrities like Ashley Judd, Kevin Spacey and Mary J. Blige have been spotted wearing Yurman’s jewellery. 

If you’re looking for something trendy this year, then try this crystal wrapped amulet with imperial topaz which is a classic mix of gold and pave diamonds. It will look absolutely charming with a white dress! 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 11 – Kalyan Jewellers

Portfolio: An Indian chain of Jewellery showrooms, Kalyan jewellers was founded by T. S. Kalyanaraman in 1993. The jewellers are easily one of the top Indian Jewellery brands. With its ambassador as Amitabh Batchan, Kalyan Jewellers continues to represent the Indian culture and heritage with their gold, diamond, precious stones and other metals jewellery. 

If you’re looking to dress up with a touch of ethnicity in a friend’s wedding, then this is the best popular teenage jewellery brand for women and girls of all age. 


15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year


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↓ 10 – Bryan Anthonys

Portfolio: Named after Bryan Anthony, brother of co-founder Amber Glassman, the brand was founded in 2015. It is renowned jewellery brand for women with the purpose of bringing modernity and meaningfulness to women’s lifestyles. With their holiday gift collection and delicate designs they are easily the best affordable jewellery brand for women this year!

Want to gift your bestfriend something memorable and creative? Buy these Inner beauty hoop earrings of 14k gold this season to make her happiest on big day!

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 9 – David Webb

Portfolio: The brand is named after famous American Jeweller David Webb (Late). He founded the company in Asheville, North Carolina. The brand is most famous for geometric gold necklaces, colorful enamel animal bracelets and unique gemstones. Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Beyonce have worn Webb’s Jewellery. 

If you love the touch of luxury jewellery brands then this should be your stop. Wear this Snake Charmer Bracelet as your statement piece. 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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Or wear these Pagoda Tassel Earrings for a funky touch to neutral outfit! 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 8 – Pandora

Portfolio: Founded by Per Enevoldsen in 1982, Pandora is one of the largest Danish Jewellery Manufacturer today with its stores in almost 100 countries. The brand is notable for their rings, charm bracelets, and watches. They mainly use cubic zirconia, silver and gold platings. 

Express your personality in any party with this cultured baroque pearl set. It will not only look beautiful but is sure to turn heads around!

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 7 – MikiMoto

Portfolio: The luxury pearl brand is named after Mikimoto Kokichi. It was founded in 1893 in Tokyo, Japan. With Its American Subsiadiary, Mikimoto is famous for cultured pearls and jewellery. 

If you’re in search of fine pearl jewellery then look no other than Mikimoto’s aesthetic pearl collection this year. Buy this Black south sea set of black pearls and look glamorous as ever!

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 6 – Daisy London

Portfolio: A London based designer jewellery brand created by women, for women. They are renowned e-commerce platform today for affordable jewellery and have networks all over Europe, America, and Asia. Celebrities like Kanye West have worn their famous bracelet design. 

Layered necklaces are trending these days, wear this brilliant high quality gold plated sun necklace on a girls day out and look sassy as ever! 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 5 – Harry Winston

Portfolio: Named after the ‘King of Diamonds’ Harry Winston, the American luxury jewellery brand was founded in 1932. The brand has a notable reuptation for exceptional crafting of diamonds and their special ‘Hope Diamond’. Celebrities like Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lopaz have been spotted in Winston Jewellery. 

If you’re looking to gift your daughter a timeless watch or bracelet then this shall be your spot. Check out this emerald timepiece yourself, its enchanting pattern will look flawless on your girls wrist!

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 4 – Bvlgari

Portfolio: An Italian luxury jewellery brand which made its name through watches, jewellery, and fragnances in the world today. They are known for quality and reliability of their jewellery. 

Buy this elegant and timeless rose gold flip ring set for your wife on your anniversary!

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 3 – Cartier

Portfolio: Founded by Louis Francois Cartier in Paris in 1847, the company has stores in 125 countries and Historical Masions in London, NYC, and Paris. It is considered Forbes most valuable brand and therefore is easily among popular teenage jewellery brand. The brand is not only famous for its love bracelet and symbolism but for its worldwide reputation as well. 

Whether you are going on a casual hangout or on a brunch date, wearing this Cartier bracelet will reflect bold spirit of the era. 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 2 – Tiffany & Co.

Portfolio: One of the leading American luxury jewellery brand, Tiffany & Co. has its headquarters in New York since 1837. It is notable brand with CEO Anthony Ledru. The brand has made its name across Europe, America, Japan, and Pacific Asian countries, especially for high quality diamond craftsmenship and sterling silver jewellery. 

Create the natural beauty on a beach day out by wearing these signature High tide earrings! 

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year

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↓ 1 – When To Wear Enchanting Jewellery

A jewellery is a women’s bestfriend. Whether its a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, you can try these enchanting and luxurious jewellery brands to style up your outfit and look glamorous as ever! Wear a Swarovski Bracelet and Take Inspo from the very stunning Anya Taylor Joy who is popular among teenagers and young women for her graceful style!

15 Best Jewellery Brands For Girls This Year


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Q. Which is the most famous jewellery brand?

A. Van, Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co. make up the most reputable jewellery brands. 

Q. What jewellery brands do celebrities wear? 

A. Bvlgari, Chanel, Buccellati, Boucheron, and Alexander Sparks are most loved. 

Q. Which is the most costly jewellery brand? 

A. Harry Winston, Graff and Piaget. 

Q. Which is the most high end designer? 

A. Chopard, Hermes, David Yurman, and Mikimoto. 

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