7 Most Adventurous Girl Camping Birthday Ideas This Year

Most Adventurous Girl Camping Birthday Ideas: Camping has always been an adventure activity for years which mainly involves getting out of your normal house and staying in a camp or tent overnight. There will always be a great learning experience every time someone goes hiking or camping because it teaches you how to be on your own and tackle various situations differently. Every camping experience brings new lessons and memories especially if you plan it out with friends or family. It provides you with a special bonding time that helps you connect with everyone on the camp on a much deeper level.

With each passing day, people tend to be a lot more stressed and have a lot of anxiety issues. Each day almost all of us usually encounter a lot of pressure that is the reason why whenever we get time for ourselves, we should look for
some comfortable places and leisure activities to entertain ourselves. Similarly, we can celebrate our birthdays and other occasions out on a camping trip or we can customize a camping-themed birthday party in our courtyard.

Adventurous Girl Camping Birthday Ideas:

As an alternative to our usual boring celebrations, we can throw an amazing birthday party for our adventurous girlfriends. Or if you have an outdoorsy sibling with an upcoming birthday this blog post is surely going to help. Such
birthday events even in today’s modern times are enjoyed by many young and old alike.

  • A S’mores Themed Camping Birthday
  • A Woodland Themed Camping Birthday Party
  • Make Your Own Trail-Mix Camping Birthday Party
  • Wintery Camping Birthday Party
  • A Sports-themed Camping Birthday Party
  • A Floral Themed Camping Birthday
  • Arts And Crafts Themed Camping Birthday

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7 Most Adventurous Girl Camping Birthday Ideas This Year

↓ 7 – A S’mores Themed Camping Birthday: 

If you are an outdoorsy adventurous girl and a foodie at heart, this birthday theme would fit perfectly on you. It is quite obvious that camping is incomplete without the campfire and some yummy s’mores. You can also make s’mores cupcakes for the dessert table. Some chocolate cupcakes with some roasted s’mores are undoubtedly a delight for everyone’s tummy. You can also put candles on these cupcakes and they will serve as the birthday cake.

Moreover, you can get s’mores-themed party favors, birthday banners, and funky caps. A bonfire is also a great option for such a birthday party. Just light up some woods, play the guitar and enjoy toasting the yummy s’mores on the stick. 

Products that you may want:

S’mores Themed Birthday Party Invitations: 18.99$

S’mores Pinata: 29.99$

Marshmallow: 2.39$

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks: 14.44$

↓ 6 – A Woodland Themed Camping Birthday Party:

Girls are usually animal lovers at heart. They would definitely enjoy having an animal costume party. All the friends can dress up as different animals and play games. One of the activities could include whoever makes the best animal noises can win a jackpot. In food,  you can make animal-shaped cupcakes and a few tree cupcakes too as the woodland theme suggests. Animal cake pops are another great idea to implement at your birthday party.

Products that you may want:

Woodland Creatures Birthday Party Supplies: 27.98$

Woodland Birthday Party Decorations: 19.99$

Woodland Creatures Cupcake Toppers: 8.99$

Woodland Animal Headbands: 19.99$

You should also get the exact number of costumes for the guests joining you for your celebrations. You can decorate around with animal-themed plush toys to make the camp look completely adorable and cute! Set up a fire and a big projector outside the camp to watch “The jungle book” or some wildlife-related movie/series with your friends and family to make the most out of this woodland-themed birthday idea for an outdoorsy girl. 

↓ 5 – Make Your Own Trail-Mix Camping Birthday Party:

 A really fun and creative way to make your hiking-themed birthday party stand out among all others would be to introduce a trail-mix customization bar. This bar can have all sorts of camping nuts, berries, and granolas. To top it all off, you can even give your guests the option to make their own trail mixes. This little activity will not just be super fun, it will also make your birthday party a lot more exciting and happening. Trail mixes usually consist of dry fruits and nuts, but you can also serve candies and other snacks for a change. 

Products that you may want:

CraveBox: 23.95$

Birthday Party Supplies: 16.99$

↓ 4 – Wintery Camping Birthday Party:

For all those winter lovers out there, a winter themed birthday party will be just perfect! The best thing about this party is that you can host it right on your porch or backyard. All you need are some winter themed decorations such as pine cones, fake fire pits, snuggly blankets, and a whole lot of floor cushions. To make this party a total success, do not forget to incorporate the winter camping theme in your menu as well. With some really nice hot chocolate, smores, and fondant pops, this will be a party your guests would not forget any time soon! Moreover, you can also wear flannel prints and big boots to make it look wintery and cold. 

Products that you may want:

Three Dimensional Campfire Centerpiece: 5.24$

Winter Snowflake Hanging Swirls: 13.99$

Snowflake Birthday Banner: 10.99$

Snowflake Balloon: 12.99$

↓ 3 – A Sports-themed Camping Birthday Party:

For all the sports loving adventurous girls out there, this party will be a total hit! By introducing outdoor games such as tug of war, sack race, outdoor Jenga, egg and spoon races,  and three-legged races, you can give your girl pals a really good time. Giving prizes such as s’mores kits and sports equipment to the winners is also a great idea. This party can also use some sport-themed food and a cake that has sports equipment made with fondant on top. Another great idea would be to set a sporty dress code.

Products that you may want:

Outdoor Games: 23.79$

Sports Banner: 9.99$

Sports Whirls: 6.25$

Sports Paper Lanterns Party Decoration: 20.98$

↓ 2 – A Floral Themed Camping Birthday:

Who says camping themed parties always have to be rough and edgy? You can also throw a great floral themed camping birthday party if you are a fan of flowers. There is no doubt that there are loads of really beautiful flowers out there that you can incorporate in your decoration as well as the food menu. Executing the ideas for this party shouldn’t be too hard because flowers look great in any way you decorate them! You can either get fresh flower decorations or artificial ones. Moreover, there are some really gorgeous fresh flower cakes that you can choose from. Throwing this party in an outdoor setting that imitates a natural habitat would be a fantastic idea. 

Products that you may want:

Floral Party Invitations: 14.99$

Rose Vine: 11.89$

Birthday Decorations: 12.99$

Birthday Party Plates Set with Napkins, Cups, Cutlery: 17.99$

↓ 1 – Arts And Crafts Themed Camping Birthday:

If you are someone who loves arts and crafts and wants an art-themed outdoors party, this one will be just right for you. Get a whole lot of floor cushions, easels, and paints. You can also put art magazines and copies of famous paintings around so your guests can take inspiration from them. A paint splash birthday cake would go really well with the theme. You can also host little art competitions for the girls which can be a super fun activity.

Products that you may want:

Squishies Toy Painting Kit: 19.99$

Scratch Paper Art Set: 10.99$

Outline Metallic Markers: 16.99$

Rock Painting Kit: 14.99$

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Cake Ideas For Adventurous Girl Camping Birthday

The cake is the most important part of a birthday celebration. Without cutting a cake and blowing a wish on the candle, nothing feels complete. For the birthday party of an outdoorsy girl on a camp, the cake should be nothing less than the decided theme.

Cake toppers/candles:

You can either go with traditional candles on the cake or a customized cake topper. You can place a mini fondant tent on the cake, a camp fire with some crisscross woods, some roasted s’mores, or fix some cute green trees on the cake. You can be as creative as you want. Don’t forget to make cute little goody bags for your guests. 

Here are a few samples of the birthday cakes with toppers you can choose from: 

Camping Cupcake Toppers: 10.99$

Funny Magic Trick Relighting Candle: 3.98$

DecoSet Cake Decoration: 9.26$

Things To Keep in Mind While Implementing These Camping Birthday Ideas:

A birthday celebration x camping is a very effective and efficient get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Birthday parties are loaded with so many fun possibilities but can also make you feel overwhelmed. If you’re an outdoorsy girl and decide to celebrate your birthday while camping out in the woods, nature is not going to disappoint you at all. The plants and trees of the forest will give you a refreshing vibe leaving a very pleasant effect on our bodies and minds.

From every minute insects to very large mammals, forests have great diversity. The animal life, the buzzing of the insects, the chirping of the birds, and the howling of squirrels, all of these calming sounds fill the air with unforgettable music of nature that can let you have an amazing birthday party of your entire lifetime.

  • While camping it is important to learn whether the forest is protected and know about all the kinds of wild animals that one is likely to encounter in the open nature. You can also take a walk in the forest with the necessary gear in order to observe the kind of trees, shrubs, and wild fruits found there. Beware of eating anything.
  • If you choose the river or lakeside for celebrating a birthday this can be extremely fun and adventurous especially when you are a water animal and absolutely love water sports. Make sure to have plenty of life jackets and tools to encounter an emergency situation.
  • You should always choose a right solid ground for setting up the camp. You can also prefer picking one with a hiking trail for a great outdoor activity. It will be a very good stress reliever.
  • You should always keep in mind the logistics involved while sending birthday party invitations for the trip or a camp ground. Also make sure you get your party invitations out early, even if you send them electronically. 
  • While decorating your site, you should be aware of the fact that in outdoor parties there is a high chance of the breeze carrying away your balloons and party favours away. So it is always better to keep the decoration minimal but eye popping.
  • Make sure you have enough sleeping bags, sleeping pillows, medicines, first-aid box, flashlights, lanterns, weapons to encounter a wild animal.

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Q.1: What Are Some Fun Activities to do For Celebrating a Birthday While Camping?

There are myriad activities that can be done during camping as well as celebrating a birthday party. These activities often depend on the number of participants and the age groups but regardless of the age, the number of people they will always be something that everyone can enjoy and will be a part of it.
We can enjoy different activities such as sugary food punch, colorful balloons, noisy noise makers, and absurdly wrapped presents. This is literally everything a celebration should be. There is also a great saying about camping that if you are giving up on a party because of your camping, “Take the party with you”. 

Q.2: What Are The Food Tips For The Outdoor Birthday Celebration For An Outdoorsy Girl?

Now it’s time for food. Make it simple but special. Barbecue items and soft drinks are a must. Also make sure you have plenty of ice, disposable cups, plates, and cutlery. You can bring along your store-bought cake or you can make one at the camp. Definitely avoid cold cakes or ice cream cakes unless you have a larger refrigerator. One great idea is to build a pyramid of brownies and put a candle on top. It will look minimalistic and cute at the same time.

Q.3: Where To Get The Birthday Favors For The Outdoorsy Girl Camping Themed Birthday Party?

As far as the birthday accessories and favors are concerned, you can always get them from the nearest celebration shop. If they are not available, you can customize them or make them on your own. There are a number of diys
available on the internet for this matter.

Q.4: What Are Some Precautions to Take For Such a Birthday Celebration?

A camping birthday party is not about sitting around and admiring the trees. It is about having so much fun. So you should be sure to have plenty of easy activities planned before. But with these activities come a number of hazards. So you should be well equipped and mentally prepared. Make sure to bring extra supplies of sunscreen, insect repellent, and flashlights for your guests. Because the birthday party is going to be out in the wilderness which is filled with
wild things. Before going back you should clean up every last bit of garbage and do not forget to take extra paper towels and environmentally friendly garbage bags with you.

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