17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations

Boyfriend Jeans Outfits for Plus Size Ladies. Many women adore their boyfriend’s clothes and love to steal them. If they are to take their jeans, they will find out that these jeans are quite big on them. And that’s precisely where boyfriend jeans get their name!

These jeans are looser around the thighs, but not lose enough that it may appear that you are wearing someone else’s jeans. These jeans are not only trendy and gorgeous but also very comfortable and easy to style. You do not need an actual boyfriend to steal them from, and you can just buy them for yourself and look fabulous. They are not too form-fitting, which is excellent, especially if you are a plus size woman as finding skinny jeans that fit right can prove as an absolute nightmare for you.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans If You’re Curvy?

If you own a few pairs already or planning on buying them, you must be looking for outfit inspirations. Because who doesn’t want to look their best? Well, you are in the right place. Read on to take a look at 18 outfit ideas we have compiled just for you! These explain in great detail how you can style yourself in multiple ways and we have also attached pictures to give you a better idea of what it’s going to look like!

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Tips and Tricks to Style Boyfriend Jeans

Here are some tips and tricks to wear your boyfriend jeans with some style, even if you have a curvy body.

  1. Use a blazer or cardigan if you are not comfortable showing off your curves.
  2. Opt for shorter shirts as boyfriend jeans look best paired with those.
  3.  Once you’ve got your jeans, consider your other items carefully. Simple is often best here, such as matching your jeans with a plain black tee for a dressed-down feel or a loose white tee with rolled sleeves.
  4. If you want to go for something a little formal, then a blazer is your best bet. These look great with boyfriend jeans.
  5. Always roll up the ends! Since boyfriend jeans are looser than traditional jeans, they may appear sloppy, and rolling them up at the ankles is a great way to counter that.

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↓ 17 – With Denim Shirts

plus-size-boyfriend-jeans-outfits-697x1024 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations

↓ 16 – With Striped Shirts

plus-size-boyfriend-jeans 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 15 – With Blazers

If you’re looking for a semi-casual outfit that you can comfortably wear to work or a presentation at University, then this is the pick for you. Using a blazer to add a hint of formal to your outfit is a trick as old as time. If you work at a chill office, then you can go for a red blazer, but if your boss is more strict, then opt for a beige or white blazer. Tie up your hair in a messy bun or an intricate updo, depending on the kind of environment you’re going into. And just like that, you are ready to look gorgeous!

pb1o-500x445 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


Wearing modern and different dresses always need courage. Go for a modern style blazer with a plain grey tee and boyfriend jeans. Do not forget to put on some makeup for a modern look. This look is especially great for a night time first date or a dinner with your co-workers, where you want to look put together but not too stuck up. The heels really add the completing element to the outfit.

pb2-393x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


Who says one can’t look modern and awesomely good in boyfriend jeans. All you need to do is pick the best from your wardrobe and wear it differently. Use this outfit as inspiration for a date night look as everyone knows red puts every man in a trance. The gold heels really glam up the whole look, and so does the gorgeous smokey eye.

pb7-227x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 14 – With Kimonos

This should be your pick when hanging out during the autumn season or at the start of winter. Jeans with a peachy pink shirt and lace kimono along with statement jewelry look very cool. Compliment your look with heeled boots as these make your legs longer and help you look slimmer. Pairing a big and chunky necklace with any outfit makes it appear a little more dressy, so it is an excellent way to vamp up your daily looks when it’s a special day. Although make sure that you do not overdo it with multiple big pieces of jewelry.

pb9-500x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 13 – With Plaid Shirts

Wavy hair along with a casual, plaid button-down shirt and your daily boyfriend jeans looks very rough but stylish and sassy as well. This is the ultimate casual look. It does not make you seem like you put in too much effort into it but still makes you gorgeous. This outfit is ideal for the summers; you can rock your natural summer waves and roll up the sleeves of the shirt to get a just rolled out of bed look that is to die for. Add in some cute boots for the beginning of fall or strappy sandals for a summer look, and you are good to go!

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pb11-333x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 12 – Boyfriend Jeans With Jackets for Winters

Girls blessed with curvy bodies are the luckiest. Your curves fit clothing perfectly and help any outfit lay on your body with grace. Jeans with an orange top and a black and white printed jacket are ideal for office wear.

Shades and heels will give you a smarter look and really bring the whole outfit together. Some thin hoops may also work if you are fond of letting your hair down. If you are more of an updo girl, than we would suggest going for smaller stud earrings.

pb12-326x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 11 – With Black Top For Date Night

There is no rule that BF Jeans can not be worn for romantic days. You can wear them in any way you like, such as with a solid black color stylish top. Wear hot pink lipstick and a pink clutch to add a little color and pizzaz to your look. Let your hair hang effortlessly in loose waves. If it is a nighttime date, then go for strappy heels that match the color of your top. If it is a lunch date, however, then opt for some open sandals to give a fresh and summery vibe. Try to keep it simple with jewelry as heavy and chunky pieces will overdo your outfit and make you look out of place.

pb13-333x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 10 – With Floral Detailing

Floral tops always look amazing with any color jeans. A bright color sweater with your regular jeans and stylish hairdo will make you look stunning. Floral tops are ideal for the spring and summer season, as they go with the theme of these seasons. They can also be worn in the fall and winter to counter the dullness all around you. Hence, they work all year round! Adding in a sweater that is just one color really helps your floral shirt show it’s magic so that you can try this trick in the colder seasons.

pb15-326x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 9 – With Your Everyday Tops

Going for a shirt with a longer back might help you, in this case, if you want to cover up your hips. But we would suggest you own them with confidence and go for a basic tank top or a snake print loose blouse.  Add in light jewelry with a printed shirt as the shirt must be in the spotlight. Pair, a chunky necklace or bracelet with the plain tank top as that, might need a little extra something to counter the blandness. If you are ready for a day out exploring, then go for comfortable shoes like trainers or sneakers.

pb16-500x401 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 8 – With Off-shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder shirts are not only made for slim and petite women. Do not be afraid to own up to your broad built and let those shoulders out. An off the shoulder top is ideal for summers but make sure you lather your exposed skin in sunscreen, or you will end up with horrible tan lines! Add some color using strappy sandals that just yell summer. And let your hair hang loose in gorgeous waves. The addition of a simple chain around your neck or a small pendant will help fill up the space that the top leaves behind.

14272207 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 7 – With A Peplum Top

Do you want to look sassy and stylish just by wearing boyfriend jeans? Then go for a flared peplum top, wavy hairstyle along with a statement handbag. The flared top is especially ideal for women with broader hips as it gets looser towards the bottom. Put in some gorgeous platform heels and rounded shades to add swag to your every step. You will turn many heads for sure.

pb18-341x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 6 – With White Tees & Tank Tops

Don’t want to take pain for your regular dresses, just pick a tank top of any color and put on your boyfriend jeans. Platform heels and nude color lipstick can give you a simple but modern look for sure. Roll up the ends of your jeans and let your hair hang loose to get the ultimate summer day outlook. Something simple and comfortable yet trendy.

373f2c2a2eefd8273c9fe7b7521a2241 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations

White is the most decent color, a pair of statement earrings with a white top and jeans along with light make up looks very good on plus size girls who feel shy to flaunt their skin. Pair it with plain white sneakers to make it more casual or some heel for a more dressy end result.

16be1f4ca53d4ed4a1e025631e1accee 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 5 – With Sweatshirts & Beanies

This is the most comfortable look among all. Wear your sweatshirt and boots with boyfriend jeans. Add in a beanie to complete the cute aspect of your look, and you are all set to go to your early morning winter class! Although plus size women are often told to wear darker colors to paper slimmer, it is a fact that they look just as gorgeous in lighter shades as well. Pastels make you look fresh and absolutely beautiful!

pb14-326x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 4 – With Camo Jackets

Love pop music? Then why not dress like your favourite stars? Jeans with a printed tee along with camo print jacket and shades instantly turn you into a star. This jacket truly is a piece that can go along with anything. And of course, we all know how important layering is sometimes. This outfit is perfect for a fall concert, just before you get back to college.

pb4-343x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


↓ 3 – With Pastel Tops

Pink color or any bold top with a big size pendant along with some sassy hairstyle looks awesome on every plus size girl. A sleeveless flared top is a great pick for summers. Something made of chiffon will keep you cool during the heat and look gorgeous at the same time. Big pendants prove a great fit over statement necklaces as they are not as close to your throat and do not seem overly suffocating.

pb5-386x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & CombinationsSource

↓ 2 – With Sweaters & Solid Colored Scarves For Work

Use a grey sweater shirt along with a bright yellow scarf to put together your winter boyfriend jeans look. Go for a matching satchel bag and pumps to complete the look and accessorize it with a gorgeous watch and some small pearl stud earrings. You can wear this as a daily look for running errands or going to work.
8995618fc7465a7b0d2eb9d4cc67777f--resin-bracelet-bracelet-watch 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations

↓ 1 – With Plaid Scarves

Winters cannot stop you from looking gorgeous without any hassle. A sweater with a check print scarf and a knitted cap make you look very elegant but cool as well. This is the look that can be opted by college girls. Layering always proves best when you are unsure of what to wear, and this is just one of many examples of this. The bangles really add the finishing touches to this look, so we highly suggest you also use this trick in your own outfits.
pb8-333x500 17 Best Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits & Combinations


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