How To Style African Skirts For Plus Size Women

African Skirts For Plus Size: Skirts are a fashion statement that will never go out of style. They have been around for the longest time, gaining fame all around the world through different time periods all courtesy of how fashionable and comfortable they are. Interestingly enough, this is the one piece of clothing that is common to a good majority of cultures all around the world. As the years keep passing by, exciting new skirt designs keep getting introduced and we are so here for it!

The African culture is unique in every sense of the word. African fashion has so much character, it is difficult to describe it in one word. So when we say African Skirts are something else you best believe us. The fashion world is finally taking steps towards inclusive fashion and this is a matter that is very close to our hearts. So if you are a plus-sized diva looking for skirt inspo, you have come to the right place because in this blog we are going to go over the different kinds of African Skills you can style to flaunt your unique sense of self-expression.

How to Style African Skirts For Plus Size Women?

There are no limits when it comes to the world of fashion. Different eras have had different ideas of what it meant to be fashionable. In 2021, we bid goodbye to any and all ideas that are not accepting of inclusivity. A decade or so ago it would have been a task to find the right skirt for plus size women. The fashion world is evolving and different brands are now introducing inclusive fashion lines for people of all shapes and sizes. With increased ease in access to diverse options, there is so much to take inspiration from. African Skirts are one of the kind and this is why we want to introduce you to the world of African Skirts. There are such a wide range of options you can experiment with when it comes to African fashion and this is why we are bringing different outfit ideas involving African skirts to this space so you can look for yourself and choose the outfit that speaks to your sense of style. Keep reading to explore all the latest trends of African Skirts and how you can style them to make a fashion statement.

How To Style African Skirts For Plus Size Women

Styling Tips For Plus Sized Women To Rock African Skirts

People come in all shapes and sizes. Not too long ago, the general population did not have a lot of regard for diversity. This led to people who diverted from the “normal”, to have to follow a certain set of rules that made no sense, because really who even cares for rules when it comes to fashion? Keep reading to explore our list of tips on how you as a plus-sized woman can style your skirts.

  • Don’t Shy Away From Fitted Tops With African Skirts: Fitted clothing looks great on everyone regardless of their shape or size. The right fit can actually accentuate your shape and make the entire look come together. There are so many top options you can choose from. You can pair your skirt with a frilled fitted top or opt for a spaghetti top that looks great with all skirt looks. We highly suggest you look into investing in crop tops as well because they have a tendency to give the illusion of an hourglass figure- if that is something you want!
  • Pick The Right Shoes: With skirts, people tend to forget the importance of the right shoes. This happens especially with floor-length skirts. It is important to pick the right shoes with different skirt looks. Stilettos work best with knee-length skirts but they also work really well with floor-length skirts. With so many options to choose from, we recommend you explore and find what works best for you.
  • Know Your African Skirt Fabrics: If you don’t know already, go on your fashion exploration journey and figure out what African print fabrics look best on you. Make use of those fabrics in your skirts to really stand out of the crowd.
  • When In Doubt Accessorize: You can never go wrong with making use of accessories to add that oomph factor to your fashion statement. So if you ever feel like there is something missing from the mix, add in accessories and you will be good to go.

Now that we have got that covered let us move on to all the ways you can style an African Print Skirt. Keep reading to explore our list of skirt-style inspirations!

How To Style African Skirts For Plus Size Women

↓ 14 – Matching Separates For The Win

We have been drooling over this uniquely gorgeous outfit. If you love to experiment with new textures and prints, we highly recommend you take inspiration from this jungle-inspired top with a low-cut V-neck and a High-rise skirt that goes all the way to the ankles. We love how this particular skirt style gives the appearance of a waterfall. If you have been looking for something different, this is it! You can pair this look with a head accessory and let your matching separates do the talking for you! Also, have a look at Modern African Dresses-18 Latest African Fashion Styles 2020.

African skirt inspo 1


↓ 13 – Floor Length skirt with A White Top

You can never go wrong with white. The one color that goes with literally everything is white. We love how the celebrity in the picture has paired the gorgeous African printed floor-length skirt with a white top to put the skirt in the spotlight. The fabric adds that gorgeous shine to the red patterns while letting the blues fade into the background. We highly recommend this skirt style paired with the white shirt for the sophisticated persons who like to change things up from time to time. This particular look is appropriate for informal as well as formal events.

African skirt inspo 2


↓ 12 – Yellows And Black combination

African fashion is really something out of this world. We absolutely adore this particular African patterned skirt. Love experimenting with colors but like to add muted elements to the mix? This is the perfect outfit for you. We love this floor-length patterned skirt and that cute little bow tied at the waist to give a new dimension to the skirt. We love how the same style has been replicated and added to the top. Bows will never go out of fashion and if you are looking for a cute African Printed Skirt that adds a flair to your day, then this has to be it!

African skirt inspo 3


↓ 11 – When to Wear Knee Length Tied Up Skirt

Going on a vacation but don’t know what to pack? This skirt-style is the one you need. We love how casual yet sophisticated it looks. If you’re planning to go on a vacation to a beach, then we highly recommend you get your hands over this African Printed Tied-up skirt. Not only does it look chic paired with a white tank top and a gold watch but it can also provide you with the right amount of comfort you need. The thing we absolutely love about this particular look is that the skirt emphasizes on her curves while also being the star of the show. If you want statement pieces that do the talking for you, you need this in your life!

African skirt inspo 4


↓ 10 – What to Wear With Pink Long Skirt

This skirt is perfect for a night out with friends. It is glittery and it is bright. What else can you possibly want from a skirt this gorgeous? Pair it with a blouse cut in the middle to complete the look. You can also style this skirt with high heels and a bright lip, like the girl in the picture can be seen rocking.

African skirt inspo 14


↓ 9 – Peacock Inspired Skirt

We love nature-inspired statement pieces. This African-print skirt has a gorgeous combination of greens and orange and is paired with a gorgeous washed-out denim shirt. The fabric appears to be a lightweight summer fabric that is perfect for those hot days when you don’t have the energy to look your best self. The shirt tied at the waist accentuates the waist area giving the illusion of an hour-glass figure, while the peacock-inspired skirt gives those spring/summer vibes. To complete the look, pair this style with a cute bag and shoes that offer the right amount of comfort. Adding a bag to the mix adds a whole lot of personality to the entire look- not that you need that with a skirt like this!

African skirt inspo 5


↓ 8 – Flowey Orange Skirt

Looking for a casual skirt that will make you look effortlessly beautiful? This gorgeous African-print skirt has to be it. For days when you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your style and want to pull off that effortlessly gorgeous look, this skirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Get your hands on this skirt and pair it with dainty little accessory pieces like the model, in this case, has made use of a cheetah belt tied at the waist. The blues greens and different shades of orange on this skirt come together in such a beautiful fashion to make this skirt a must-have. We highly recommend adding this skirt to your wardrobe!

African skirt inspo 6


↓ 7 – African Geometrical Print Skirt

If you are like us who like to add vivid colors to clothing pieces then this is the skirt for you. The different vibrant colors in this skirt add a whole new dimension to the entire look. Paired with a white crop top and a shiny neckpiece, this look has to be one of our favorites. You can also vibrant earrings to the look to pull your look together. This skirt is perfect for casual days out, but can also work well for formal settings.

African skirt inspo 7


↓ 6 – Knee Length Prints For The Spring

This entire look has our heart. This knee length skirt has the right amount of colors and flair. If you want to experiment with different patterns but also don’t want the colors to be too overwhelming. This is the right skirt for you. We highly recommend you try this look out. It is perfect for informal and formal events and can even be worn to a wedding just with an added bling in the form of accessories.

African skirt inspo 8


↓ 5 – Gorgeous Blue Skirt With A T-Shirt

This skirt, tied at the waist accentuate the entire look of the outfit. We love how the blue T-shirt is pulling the look together in a subtle way. Pair this look with a pair of big sunglasses and a cute bag to complete the look.

African skirt inspo 9


↓ 4 – Patterned Skirt With A Frilled Top

We love how there is a wide variety of unique prints available in the African market. All prints all amazingly unique and have so many dimensions to them, one can not simply ignore it. We are in awe of this gorgeous print and the colors of the skirt. The almost-neon shade of green with a hint of purple and a faded yellow paired with a cute frilled top is all you need to complete a Coachella look. If you like to funk things up every now and then, then this is the perfect outfit for you. This outfit screams fashion diva and if that is something that speaks to you then we highly recommend you try this look out.

African skirt inspo 10


↓ 3 – Denim With A Flowey Skirt

African skirt inspo 11


↓ 2 – African Print Ballerina Skirt

This skirt is perfect for those of you who like to keep it fashionable all the time.

African skirt inspo 12


↓ 1 – With Boots

African skirt inspo 13


Where to Buy Skirts? – The Best African Brands To Buy Skirts

Wondering where you can get your hands on such beautiful skirts? There is no need to look any further because we have got your back! There is a wide range of options available on the internet to buy African skirts. Keep reading to explore our top picks. Also, have a look at African American Clothing Brands-Top 15 Black Clothing Designers.


KISUA is an international brand that offers diverse African clothing items and ships worldwide. They have everything from traditional African clothing to fusion clothing. You can check all they have to offer here.

Price range: $60 – $115


Afrikrea is one of the biggest international African clothing brand that offers diverse options in all price ranges. They are famous for their traditional African clothing pieces but they also offer modern African clothing. You can check them out here.

Price range: $50 – $150

3. Thebe Magugu

This is a famous contemporary South African brand that has a special focus on African high-fashion. Their pieces are one of a kind, which explains their popularity all around the world. You can check them out here.

Price range: $340 – $500

This is it for our list of all the ways you can style skirts for plus-sized women. We have tried our best to cover everything in the blog, but we realize that you still might have some questions, which is why we are going to address the frequently asked questions regarding this topic.


Q. What skirts look best on plus-size?

A. It completely depends on your personal preferences but generally any skirt that accentuates the mid-section should do the job well. Pencil-skirts and high-waisted skirts do this job particularly well.

Q. How to flatter a plus size figure?

A. You can make use of shapewears to achieve this. Choosing the right fabric for different styles can also help you achieve this goal.

Q. What should you not wear if you are plus size?

A. There are no rules. It depends entirely on you, what you like to wear. If wearing something makes you feel good about yourself, you should go ahead and wear it.

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