Best Ankara Jewelry Designs- 16 Ways to Style Ankara Jewelry

Trendy Ankara Jewelry Designs for Girls. Jewelry is an essential component that makes every girl’s outfit look complete. Needless to say, women have always been passionate about trendy jewelry pieces as they are the symbol of femininity. For many, it also represents a symbol of social status.

Besides, jewelry plays a prominent role in making women feel confident and beautiful. Wherever you will go into the world, you will find women who love to wear trendy accessories, whether modern or traditional. Necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and earrings are some of the most common jewelry pieces among women. Jewelry has an enormous impact on women’s looks as it highlights women’s unique personalities while bringing out exclusive features, precisely when they wear the right pieces on the right occasion.

Latest Ankara Jewelry Designs Worth Buying

Ankara fabric is widely known for its versatility and vibrancy that it brings to its wearer in the form of outfits or jewelry. These traditional yet elegant and stylish jewels are ideal for giving a cool edge to their wearer.

The fame and acceptance of fashion accessories are continually increasing with every passing time as new styles and designs keep on coming into the market to make girls look stylish, elegant while making their special occasions more promising.

In our today’s post, we have brought you some of the unique, traditional, and trendy jewelry pieces that every girl must buy. But before letting you know about the trendy Ankara jewelry, let’s first discuss what exactly is Ankara and what makes it unique and trendy.

ankara fashion jewelry

Why People Love Ankara Jewelry?

Women love Ankara prints for various reasons, including their vibrant and bright colors that easily match with a person having a great sense of fashion and a strong personality. Girls who want to make a statement style in their attire often go for Ankara prints in both their outfits and jewelry.

African fashion is bold, bright, and, no doubt, beautiful. If you want to add some colors to your personality, Ankara prints are your great inspiration. Even if you prefer wearing solid hues, you can make your statement style by accessorizing your outfits with some trendy and bold Ankara jewelry to raise the spirits of your neutrals. Wearing Ankara jewelry pieces is like playing around with your best colors that match your personality and suit your skin tone. Here, you should note that African wax prints or Ankara print accessories are made from leather, beads, wood, and even fabric.

How to Wear Ankara Jewelry that Matches your Personality

Although Ankara jewelry is best known for its beautiful patterns, bright and bold colors, it is deeply rooted in the tradition, culture, and history of Africa and its people. Besides, African prints also reflect the fashion personality of their wearer. So if you want to express your style and exclusive personality, give this post a good read and choose the perfect Ankara pieces that best match your personality.

Color psychology has quite an important role to play in how people perceive us. Did you know African prints also have the significance of color? By knowing some of the color-associated annotations in Ankara prints can help you make your style more unique and meaningful. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

  • White color in Ankara jewelry is a symbol of spirituality and purity.
  • Green color in Ankara prints is linked with nature. If you are willing to create a relaxing and calm look, go for green Ankara jewelry. Besides, green is the representation of a healthy life and prosperity in African culture.
  • Red-colored Ankara prints symbolize love and passion.
  • Blue Ankara Jewelry pieces are the reflection of peace and love. Blue shades in fashion Ankara accessories reflect harmony, confidence, loyalty, and creativity. So girls, if you love the blue color and when you are going for a job interview, don’t forget to wear your blue-colored Ankara pieces. Besides, if you want to express determination in your life, the blue color is the perfect choice to go for when buying Ankara jewelry.

Now, after knowing the brief history of unique Ankara prints and their vibrant colors, you might be willing to make your style fashion-forward, right? If yes, let’s take a deep dive into the trendy Ankara accessories to buy this year.

↓ 16 – Ankara Bangles

It’s time to shine bright with these exclusive, handmade Ankara bracelets. Made from African print fabric, this piece will compliment your look. Wear this trendy, elegant, and carefully crafted bracelet is going to wow with any of your outfit and any formal or informal occasion. Pair it with one of these Ankara Blouses for a beautiful, semi-formal or casual look.

ankara printed bangles

↓ 15 – Elegant Rope Necklace

Of all the accessories, Ankara necklaces remain a must-wear for girls looking to add a unique flair to their look. This African-inspired necklace will look vibrant and gorgeous on anyone. Beautifully crafted, this necklace will easily fit around your neck. This lightweight necklace is all you need to wear on your upcoming occasion. This Ankara necklace can be worn on any outfit as its colors allow various combinations.

Ankara Jewelry Designs

↓ 14 – In Love With the Tribal Vibe

Being a woman who loves to make her style fashion-forward, these Ankara print earrings can be the ideal choice. Designs of Ankara earrings differ as it comes in diverse sizes, shapes, and styles. These earrings are valuable in helping you break up gloomy and dull colors due to the colorful prints. Incorporate this pair of earrings with an African ensemble and create an elegant entrance in these beautiful wooden earrings. To learn more about Ankara printed outfits visit Latest Ankara Styles & Outfits For Ladies To Wear.

ankara print earrings


ankara print jewelry


↓ 13 – African Bone Batik Zebra Striped Necklace

It’s time to add a glistening shine and a fresh dash to your outfit with this bone batik Ankara necklace. This handmade zebra-striped is ideal for creating an ethnic African look. Easy to wear, this lightweight Ankara necklace is perfect for any occasion. Interestingly, this jewelry piece is unisex and can be gifted to both him and her.

ankara jewelry piece

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↓ 12 –  Style It With Any Black Outfit

How about this African printed rope necklace? Quite simple yet elegant, this beautifully crafted Ankara necklace is ideal for girls who are passionate as well as creative and girls who love simplicity when it comes to jewelry.

ankara necklace

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↓ 11 – Chunky Set for Beach Parties

Made from cotton, this pretty Ankara necklace set comes with earrings and a ring. This fashion accessory is chic and is perfect for beach parties. You can complement it with your colorful floral outfits to make them more classic.

ankara fashion jewelry

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↓ 10 – Wooden Bangles for Girls

These Ankara print bangles made of wood are in trend. These beautiful earrings will go with any of your outfits and can be worn on any occasion. To give yourself an African queen look, wear these colorful African wax print bangles and spread your charm.

ankara jewelry

ankara jewelry

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↓ 9 – In Love With Color Vibrancy

If you want to create a bold statement, wear this Ankara print button necklace. Made from cotton wax print material, this piece is quite lightweight and can be worn comfortably. This trendy jewelry piece is perfect for grabbing the attention of the crowd.

Whether you have to go to a beach party or any casual gathering with your friends, this fashion ornament is awesome for any of your occasions. You can also gift this colorful necklace on birthdays, mother’s day, or valentine’s day and let the wearer create a priceless vibrant look.

ankara fashion jewelry

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↓ 8 – Breathtakingly Beautiful Ornaments

Ankara necklaces come in various creative outlooks, which are picture-perfect for any of your occasions. If you want to add some extra spice to your dull outfits, complement your dress with these vibrant and colorful necklaces.

This necklace is a strikingly, beautiful and ideal jewelry piece to draw other’s attention. Made with carefully chosen African wax print fabrics, these shoulder-to-shoulder strands will enhance the beauty of your neutral hues outfit and specifically off-the-shoulder dresses.

Wear this beautiful necklace to accentuate the glamour of your outfit and, of course, your personality. Interestingly, you can customize this handmade necklace by choosing the fabric, color, and print of your own choice.

ankara necklace

ankara fashion jewelry

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↓ 7 – Make a Bold Statement with these Ankara Earrings

Accessorize your ears with these elegant and stylish Ankara fabric dangling earrings. These fashion-forward earrings will look chic on your jersey and sweaters too. So, please don’t lose your charm, whether it’s winter or summer season. Be bold and create audacity in your personality and become the Centre of attention with this beautiful piece of jewel.

fashion ankara jewelry

↓ 6 – Ankara Neck Tie for Girls

Beautify the exquisiteness of your neutral-colored shirts with this colorful Ankara necktie.

ankara fashion necktie

This two-sided necktie reflects the beautiful Ankara African art-making this jewelry piece very stylish and elegant. Made of silk twill, girls can use this necktie as their headband, wristband, and for accessorizing their tote bags.

ankara fashion jewelry

ankara print necktie


↓ 5 – Double Loop Earrings have Extra Unique Charm

Most of the Ankara jewelry are hand-stitched that increases the worth it. These double loop Ankara print earrings in boho and hippie style are best for creating a bold statement in your fashion style. We recommend wearing these loop earrings on white and black color outfits to amplify their beauty.

fashion ankara print earrings

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ankara earrings

↓ 4 – Complement Your Dress with Matching Ankara Accessory

Naborhi is a renowned brand known for its unique and stylish Ankara print clothing and accessories. This African print clothing and jewelry brand take pride in its quality handmade ornaments made with high-end Ankara wax print materials. You can wear matching Ankara pieces that complement your African printed outfit.

fashionable ankara jewelry

Her Outfit Details

  • Thigh-high free-flowing Ankara maxi dress by Naborhi
  • African made print Headwear and Ankara print earrings by Naborhi

↓ 3 – Shredded Ankara Tassel Earrings 

Wear these shredded African colors that come in the shape of earrings. You can mix various prints of shreds to create this beautiful pair of earrings, which will give your outfit a lovely look.

shredded african wax print earrings

ankara print earrings

↓ 2 – Stud Earrings with Headwrap

These pretty colored African headwraps will help you create a feminine look. These African headwraps with matching ear studs are a trendy design which women prefer to make a statement style. These kinds of jewelry pieces have become essential accessories among fashion-forward women in the contemporary world.

ankara print headwrap

↓ 1 – Boho Knot Necklace

This boho-style necklace is made from African fabric and is one of its kind. Make sure you don’t unknot its beautiful knot, or else it will lose its charm. Wear it on baggy shirts with the skirt to create a unique look.

ankara necklace

Interesting Facts about Ankara Fashion

Ankara refers to the famous African prints which you will see on jewelry and of course on fabric which is usually worn by African people.

These unique African wax prints are also termed as ‘African Prints,’ or ‘African Dutch Wax Prints’. These names refer to the same print which you will find on both fashion ornament and fabric. Traditionally, African people wear Ankara prints, which now have found their way into the mainstream, and you will find Ankara jewelry and Ankara clothing everywhere in the world. Ankara is an umbrella term that embraces numerous styles, colors, and distinctive styles of accessories and outfits.

Ankara prints can be classified as bold, big, and vibrant colors, including bright yellow, red, vivid greens, blues, and so on. These lively colors on Ankara jewelry pieces make its wearer look outstanding from the crowd.

  • Back in 2018, African textiles have sold over 2.1 billion yards of wax printed fabric that is used in making outfits and trendy fashion accessories.
  • With the continual growth in its market, new designers and innovations are entering the market that can be seen in the shape of Ankara design jewelry and Ankara outfits.

So if you love playing with colors and want to add some vibrancy to your look and personality, you must try these Ankara fashion pieces to ornate yourself. Get your hands on these trendy jewelry pieces spreading the charm of African culture and traditions while making your occasions as bright as your personality.

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