26 Most Expensive Women’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020

Most Expensive Clothing Brands in Pakistan – Clothing is an expression of how someone feels about and sees himself.  The one who follows the trendy fashion styles is always conscious of the best clothing brands, and most likely revives their wardrobe four times a year with the changing seasons. People are becoming brand conscious day by day. It is actually justified because so many Pakistani clothing brands have proved to be very promising with their offerings.

The old school thought of international brands being good at quality and service is now broken by the very competitive local brands.

Expensive Pakistani Clothing Brands For Women

Clothing brands have also turned the simple desi clothing patterns into much transformed, stylish statements. The brands have relaunched the dressing trends and up lived them by adding strong support of a brand name behind them. The brands have also made people aware of global trends and how they should style themselves. Other than clothes, these brand names have also introduced accessories, footwear, and even makeup that is as good as international products. Do head over to Top 30 Clothing Brands That All Celebrities Love To Wear

expensive pakistani clothing brands

How Did We Decide?

The reason these brands make it to the top of the most expensive brands is that they are most widely purchased all across Pakistan and are also recognized internationally where ever Pakistanis exist. The brands are renowned and have been operating for quite many years now in Pakistan and have established a trust of quality and style deliverance.

 26 – Almirah

25 – Beech Tree

24 – So Kamal

23 – Sapphire

22 – Unbeatable

21 – Maria.B

20 – Cross Stitch

19 – Generation

18 – Thread and Motif

17 – Taana Baana

16 – Rang Ja

15 – Charizma

14 – Satrangi

13 – Warda

12 – Lime Light

11 – Ethnic

10 – Kayseria

9 – Sana Safinaz

8 – Nishat

7 – Junaid Jamshed

6 – Alkaram

5 – Khaadi

4 – Asim Jofa

3 – Gul Ahmed

2 – Chinyere

1 – Bareeze

The brands have revived the identity of the Pakistani clothing culture with an addition of style and personality to it. Through brands, the designers have also made themselves available to the entirety of consumers; those which once served just a particular niche of the market have seen these brands as an opportunity to tap into a very large segment of customers. Hence, every buyer now is aware of what the latest designers’ trends are.

For those who are brand conscious, and want to know who is the most expensive designer in Pakistan you can find a complete list of Most expensive designer brands in Pakistan in terms of quality and trend.

↓ 26 – Almirah

A brand that offers fashion solutions for all, men women and children. Almirah launches its own printed collections everywhere but is actually known for its ready to wear offerings.

Prices start at PKR 2,000.

Shop for products here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (13)


↓ 25 – Beech Tree

Initially, the brand started as a retail store for eastern ready to wear dresses for women. Their styles were unique and they offered both casual shirts and formals. Later on, they launched their first lawn volume in 2016 which was a huge hit for its amazing prints with embroideries and silk or chiffon dupattas. The brand’s ready to wear collection is pricey but their lawn suits are comparatively less expensive than other brands.

Prices start at PKR 3,000.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (12)


↓ 24 – So Kamal

The brand started in 2012 and is a division of the Kamal Textile Mills. For now, the brand is operating in cities of Punjab only and is yet to enter the business hub of Karachi. None the less, the brand has great prints and styles to offer to its customers. Their best product is their printed cotton silk. Prints of So Kamal are an assurance of high quality as their colors never bleed or fade.

Prices start at PKR 2,500.

Shop online here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (5)

↓ 23 – Sapphire

The Lahore based brand, Sapphire took the fashion cultures by a storm right after it was launched. Sapphire caters to all kinds of women apparel, from fabrics to dresses. The brand has a variety of unstitched fabrics to choose from and trendy styles that speak for themselves. Later on, Sapphire also expanded its productions into men’s wear. The brand also has its own line of accessories, handbags, and footwear. Its prints and styles are fashion-forward and it is definitely a ladies’ favorite.

Prices start at PKR 2,500.

Shop here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (7)

↓ 22 – Unbeatable

With its chic cuts and patterns, Unbeatable is one of the many expensive brands of Pakistan. Unbeatable was the pioneer of trendy cuts and creating fusion designs in eastern wear with western touches. To date, Unbeatable stands out for its highly fashionable designs.

Prices start at PKR 3,000 so shop online.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (2)

↓ 21 – Maria. B

Maria. B is a famous designer of the Pakistan fashion industry. In the beginning, the designer worked in formal and bridal dresses and did not have a brand particularly. She showcased her designs in fashion shows and had limited business through her boutique catering only to a certain niche. After a few years, the designer launched her own brand by the same name, Maria. B which offered formal, and casual stitched and unstitched clothes. Maria. B’s brand offers both, western and eastern clothes. She also has her own line of unstitched lawn fabrics and releases unstitched formal fabric volumes every year. Maria. B was the first brand to make sarees a part of regular yearly launches amongst its volumes.

Prices start at PKR 2,500.

Shop here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (9)

↓ 20 – Cross Stitch

As the name suggests, the brand is known for its cross-stitch embroidery patterns that are always included in one or two dresses in every volume. Cross-stitch initially started as a brand for formal clothing and had intricate cross-stitch embroideries which were their unique selling point. Later on, the brand tapped into the lawn business since it is a very running one in Pakistan. Their lawn prints are also very unique and are particularly well suited for women in their 20s or 30s. Here are 24 Ways to Wear All White Outfits Like Pakistani Celebrities.

Shop for products here for prices starting at PKR 3,000.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (11)

↓ 19 – Generation

One of the oldest original brands of the land of Pakistan is Generation which started off in 1983. At that time Generation was a big deal and was purchased by an elite class. Over the years Generation seeped into other segments as well and is now a beloved brand of many women. Generation is known for its minimalistic yet elegant designs and is invested in ready to wear offerings.

You can buy complete suits at Generation or go for their single pieces in tops, bottoms or even dupattas start at PKR 2,000.

Shop Generation clothing here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (10)

↓ 18 – Threads And Motifs

Initially started off as a brand for formal wear, Threads, and Motifz later expanded into the world of lawns and cotton as well. When Threads and Motifs, started, its unique product was the heavily embroidered chiffons. They were the pioneers of the machine embroidered shirts and dupattas that came under a brand name. The brand was very quick to earn favors of the customers and then expanded its product lines in terms of fabrics and styles. Now along with their embroidered chiffon fabrics, they offer embroidered organza, net, and silks to the customers. Also, you can find some great cotton silk and lawn kurtis at their stores. The brand also facilitates its customers with premium stitching and customized dresses.

Prices start at PKR 2,800 and can go as high as PKR 50,000.

Shop from here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (3)

↓ 17 – Taana Baana

A brand the basically originated in Punjab and is now spreading across the country is Taana Baana or its division Phulkari. Taana Baana offers a variety of unstitched fabrics to its customers and their designs aren’t following the monotony of the market. Taana Baana is known for its unique patterns, prints, and embroideries and if you are someone who wishes to wear clothes that don’t look like something everyone is wearing, this brand is just the right place for you. You can find Taana Baana stores in Centaurus Islamabad, Packages Mall Lahore and on main Tariq Road in Karachi.

Prices start at PKR 3,000.

Shop online here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (4)

↓ 16 – Rang Ja

Rang Ja is another top-notch local clothing brand known for its ready to wear garments. Bright colors and truck art patterns are the identities of fashion offered by Rang Ja. The brand is a little pricey but the offerings are very unique. They press on bringing forward the typical village cultures of Pakistan through their embroideries and choice of cuts. You can find really pretty Patiala Shalwar, Kotis, and Ghararas at Rang Ja, all of which are the true ethnic fashions of the country.

The price point begins at PKR 3,000.

Shop products here.

Most Expensive Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan (8)

↓ 15 – Charizma

Charizma is making totally unique collections each season and their designs are according to the demand of customers at affordable prices. The dresses are combined with embroidery gown with inner printed shirts on pure swiss voile lawn. Front Motifs, back motif, front full shirt motifs are the uniqueness and style.

Prices start at PKR 4,000. Shop here.

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↓ 14 – Satrangi

The Satrangi by Bonanza brings to you a fashionable, wearable, comfortable, colorful and glamorous collection of lawn shirts, which are paired with tights, trousers or cigarette pants. they also give incredible bonanza cambric prints in winters.

Prices start at a minimum of PKR 2,000.

Shop online from Satrangi here.

↓ 13 – Warda

 “Not just because it is a sale, but it is a relationship.” Warda is mesmerizing its costumers with beautiful prints of voile, lawn, chiffon, woolen, cotton, khaddar and silk with a class collection of embroidery patches for the neckline, borders, and sleeves. Digitally printed have their own charm and style.

Prices start at PKR 1,500.

Shop Warda fabrics here.


↓ 12 – Limelight

Limelight is ready to wear brand with stylish tops, short shirts, and casual Kurtis to pair with jeans, tights and straight trousers. It is also covering many international customers around the globe from Australia, America, UK, Spain and many other countries. The Prets are skilfully stitched and perfectly fashioned.

Prices of clothing at Limelight start at PKR 2,000 and can go as high as up to PKR 10,000.

Shop here.

↓ 11 – Ethnic

Ethnic is a very well known and reputed cloth brand by outfitters. It is the brand of modernity and style. The recent collection includes unique flower styles that are printed digitally on the shirts and designs. The printed shirts look so chic if they are worn with jeans and capris.

Prices start at PKR 3,000.

Shop here.

↓ 10 – Kayseria

Kayseria “Magic in Print” is the true color of Saffron. Exquisite color patterns of art and craft are the real sense of this brand. The brand is famous for the launch of new designs and colors in every season. The universal beauty of this brand is getting famous in countries like UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA. You should also have a look at these 14 Most Affordable Pakistani Bridal Designers You Need To Try.

Prices begin at PKR2,000.

Shop from Kayseria here.

↓ 9 – Sana Safinaz

Deeply associated with eastern culture the two sisters in laws Sana Hashwani and Safina Muneer are dominating the industry with designs of style and fabric of quality. Their Lawn collection is mostly a burst of colors and patterns on the supreme cotton that look cool and stylish. Embroidery on neck and chiffon dupattas add a formal element.

Prices start at PKR4,000 and can go as high as up to PKR


Shop here.


↓ 8 – Nishat

Nishat linen is the most favorite among every woman as of Superior quality. Every woman keeps waiting a whole year for Nishat Linen of new arrival because she knows better that she cannot get that type of quality linen from other clothing brands. The lawn prints are also stylish and stunning with beautiful floral designs and unique embroidery.

Prices begin at PKR2,000.

Shop from Nishat online here.

↓ 7 – Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed (late) iconic logo J. established his brand in 2002 and very quickly it became the most favorite brand of every man and woman. It has almost 14 outlets in big cities. The unique feature of this brand is its beautiful and unique kurtas. The vision of this brand is to provide its clients with the latest fashion trend with supreme and fine quality.

Prices start at PKR 2,500.

Shop here.

↓ 6 – Alkaram

It is one of the most leading and top-class brand in the fashion industry. The dresses are made with beautiful patches of embroidery patterns, magnificent cuts, and laces in both summer and winter. The prints also contain digitally printed blocks and stunning hues.

Prices start at PKR 2,500.

Shop for products here.

↓ 5 – Khaadi

Khaadi is the most famous brand and pioneer of the handwoven technique. It has introduced Khad Pret, Khaadi men, and Khas. The classy prints are the true essence of Khaadi.

The unstitched collection begins at a price of 1,500 and products can cost you up to PKR12,000. Khaadi khas, in particular, is their more expensive line with formal outfits.

Shop for Khaadi outfits here.

↓ 4- Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa dresses represent the unbelievable creativity of highly talented artists from 2009. Charmeuse silk is their main specialty. He is also producing his own fabric because of complete perfection. Embroidered long shirts are available with new and stylish trousers of silk are in trend with Asim Jofa nowadays.

Dresses start at PKR7,000.

Shop here.

↓ 3 – Gul Ahmed

Pioneer fashion brand the true essence of the tradition established in 1900 became the best clothing brand in a very short time period. The brand gives the treat in every season to its customers. The textile industry is producing Lawn, Cambric, Khaddar, Cotton and Silk fabric.

Their unstitched collection starts at PKR 1,500 and products can go as high as PKR30,000.

Shop here.

↓ 2 – Chinyere

It is one of the expensive clothing brands of Pakistan. It is the Brand of sophistication and style. The outlets are established in the UK and Canada too. An amalgamation of global cuts and traditional designs is the style of Chinyere.

Products start at a price of PKR 3,500.

Shop from Chinyere here.

↓ 1- Bareeze

The Bareeze the top most expensive brand includes pure organza, chiffons, cotton, supreme silk and much more. Bareeze is famous for supreme and fine hand embroidery whereas textile embroidery is keeping the traditional taste alive in each design.

Prices of products at Bareeze start at a minimum of PKR3,000 and go as high as up to PKR80,000.

You can shop for their products here.

These are all the expensive clothing brands in Pakistan for women. Most of you must be frequent shoppers from these brands as you all know how exactly to glam your selves the best.


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