Latest Green Hairstyles-These 23 Shades of Green Hairs you Cant Resist

We have brought you some of the pretty green hairstyles ideas to try this season. As you all know girls are getting smarter and they want to try out different colors to change their appearance every then and now. That is why we keep introducing new colored fashion trends .

Coloring hair has now become the most followed trend and has been trending since many years now. The young generation likes their hair colored. In many parts of the world, a large portion of population likes to follow this trend. They all want to change their hair color time to time to look different unique. Well color can also damage your hair but it all depends on the quality of the color. Harsh chemicals can damage the hair and can reduce the volume of the hair. Teens and women both like colored hair and the trending one now a days is green.For the teen girls who love to get funky look you must try this. Brandedgirls has got some brilliant ideas for all you girls to try. You can choose any style from this collection which goes as per your face type.

These days people try unique colors and hairstyles that can gain attention in the public.That is one reason you would find many top celebrities in green hairs. If you plan to color your hair for the first time then make sure you get it colored by a professional rather than doing it yourself. Women earlier would think twice before coloring hair but today it is a lot common.  A good hair color gives a very nice look and changes the appearance. With amazing hair color and cut, anyone can look great. Here are some trendy unique hair color styles that can make your haircut more trendy and stylish.Lets have a look now.

23 Cute Green Hairstyles


23- Straight Hair

long hairstyles green colors


22-  Kylie Jenner Long Hairstyle
21 – Short one

kylie jenner green hairstyles

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20- Katy Perry the Queen of Colored Hairs

katy perry green hairs


19- Green Shade for Black Girls

Green shade hairstyles for black girls


18- Green and Purple Mix Layered

green and purple mix hairs


17- Emo Style

emo style green hairs


16- Blue and Green Ombre

Blue and Green Ombre

15- Light Shade

light green shade hairs


14- Black and Green


13- Braided Style


12- Layer Cutting

Green hairstyles for girls (1)

 11- Straight Hair

Green hairstyles for girls (2)

 10- Short Hair-Cut

Green hairstyles for girls (3)

 9- Front Bangs with Pony

Green hairstyles for girls (4)

 8- Short Bob Cut

Green hairstyles for girls (5)

 7- Green Highlights

Green hairstyles for girls (6)

 6- Hair Bun

Green hairstyles for girls (7)

 5- Green Long Curls

Green hairstyles for girls (8)


 4- Dark Green Wavy Hair

Green hairstyles for girls (9)

 3- Green Long Curls

Green hairstyles for girls (10)

 2- Light Green and Blue Highlights

Green hairstyles for girls (11)

 1- Green Hair Style Braid

Green hairstyles for girls (12)


Few years ago, coloring the hair with funky hair dye’s was considered crazy. Not many women appreciated it but now it is a lot more common to see someone with it. Girls and women are now experimenting with the whole hair dyed different colors such as pink, blue or green color. It is your personal choice to go with a color that suits you a lot. However, this requires a lot of hair maintenance.  You need to make visits to the salon in order to make sure that the color doesn’t go away soon. So decide before you color your hair. Once you do, you can try the following hairstyles that can make you look good.At the end i could not resist making the collage of these best ones.

cute green hairs

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