20 Best Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face Women

Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face Women.Your wrangled hair says a lot about you. If you keep your hair dead straight, chances are you love to keep everything neat and clean. If you are bold enough to show your curls to the world, it shows that you are pretty confident about your personality. If you love to dye your hair in bright colors, then it shows that you are fun loving party girl. Long hair shows your super romantic personality.

What Hairstyle to Opt For If You have Heart Shaped Face

Being a heart shaped women, sometimes it becomes difficult to pick and choose the perfect hairstyle. Facial features can be enhanced or can be spoiled by opting correct hair look for you. Here we have enlisted some of the eye catching hair styles for your face shape.

#20. Swag Straight Bangs

Having stylish straight long bangs can make you look just a perfect party material girl.

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#19. The Classic Bob Style

Bob style is one of the sophisticated hairstyle that a woman can carry. The good news is Bob style is one of the lowest maintenance style that require an occasional brushing and you are all set to go.

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#18. Sectional Separation Style

Apply a hair shiner and separate your hair section-ally for a bold and confident look that can beat everyone in the fashion race.

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#17. Wavy Waves

If you are of carefree nature and don’t want to go back to your dressing table again and again to touch up your looks then go for a simple short wavy hairstyle and you are good to go to any party.

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#16. Smart Layering Up

Layer up your hair strands in smart multiple layers. Make your cut hair in perfect layers according to your face cuts by taking help from some professional hair stylist.

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#15. Tom Boy Look

Not a girly pink girl? No problem! We have the right solution for you. The sleek crop hair cut is perfect for a Tom boy girl and easy to carry.

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#14. The Choppy Straight Blonde

If Bob style makes you look more like an older woman then you can add spice up in the Classic Bob hairstyle to sizzle everyone around the corner.

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#13. Angelic Pixie Cut

Want a prominence for your jaw bone? The angel like Pixie look has more to offer like highlighting your jaw bone and giving a boost to our cheeks.

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#12. The Ombre Eye Catchy Variations

Trim your split ends and give a dazzling touch of Ombre shade variation to liven up your look.

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#11. Tinged Hair Strands

Do a rough curler treatment to your hair if you have thin hair. Curling up will give them a denser volume to show up the real bounce.

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#10. Balancing Out Narrow Chin – Centre Parted

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#09. Flip Flop Flip

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#08. Ultra Style Mantra – Side Partition

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#07. The Bardot Bang Style

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#06. Thick Curtain Bangs

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#05. Compliment Your Actual Heart Shaped Face

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#04. Shoulder Skimming Layers

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#03. Crisp Hair Do

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#02. Collarbone Length Crop

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#01. Texturize Your Hair

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