Latest Hairstyles for Men- 30 New Hair Looks to Copy in 2020

Hairstyle for Men. There are so many ways to style your hair this year that you, yourself will be overwhelmed with the number of options available at your disposal. As we already know how the year 2019 was a continuous series of experimentation.

It carried out by the hairdressers and hair specialists around the world that we never imagined that so much diversity could be out into men’s hair fashion. You can have a glimpse of all sorts of men’s hairstyles in our superb collection of Latest Men Hairstyles- 150 Most Trending Hairstyles for Men.

The new year 2019 has arrived with every bit of style, creativity and glamor that men want in their hair fashion approaches, from long hair looks, medium-length styles, shorter cuts, messy looks and much more, all because of the fact that young men always walk into salons with the hope of coming out with a style that makes them stand out like never before.

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What Men’s Hairstyles are Trending These Days

In this post, you will come across a lot of styles that will match your taste including various long and messy cuts, texture cuts, fringes, faded styles, some slicked back madness to will be found here, so, gear up and prep yourselves for some utter hair swag.

Best Hairstyles For Men In 2019 (1)


↓ 30 – Man Bun

The man bun is one of the coolest ways to wear your hair. Some men wear this style in an equal long length of hair tied up in a bun. Others choose to go for clean shaved sides and the center hair left to a length where it can be tied up in a bun. Either way, the style looks fantastic.

Best Hairstyles For Men In 2019 (5)


Best Hairstyles For Men In 2019 (4)



↓ 29 – The Simple Wavy Side Part

An elegant and stylish look for men with wavy hair is this one where you only need shorter sides and the center hair cut to midlength and styled in a neat side part. This style is easy and fashionable to do and looks nice and formal.

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↓ 28 – Short and Messy Style

A short and messy hair look with soft cut upper layers and a deeply faded look below that to give you the style you want. A perfect style to initiate your first day at work, giving you the right amount of sophisticated look along with the friendly posterior as well. RECOMMENDED: Hairstyles for College Guys-25 New Hair Looks to Copy in 2019.


↓ 27 – Hair with Longer Top

Hairdo for guys that is unlike any you have seen before. Because this hairdo has much longer spiky top with layers curved in one-pointed direction and a very light fade below it continuing to the back. Ideal for all guys who want to retain simplicity yet also wants to be stylish and updated.


↓ 26 – Slick Back Wavy Hairdo

For guys with oval shape faces because this hairdo seems technically meant for that particular face shape. An appealing and catchy style with a slick and pushed back layers, which will appear much better if you keep them wavy and gelled. The side fading of the hairdo will be much lighter, but the layers will be thick and long.


↓ 25 – Textured Crop Cut with Fade

Cute and appealing textured crop cut for guys with or without fade but fade will be much catchier than you may expect. So this hairdo includes classy textured cuts with lower directions mostly and a light fade continuing to the bottom of the head. This is probably more suitable for teen guys, but older guys can also opt for this if they want a younger look.


↓ 24 – Silky Textured Haircut

This is an excellent way to style silky and light hair. Side fade and medium center length so that the silky hair that is styled using wax stays put instead of withering due to long length.


↓ 23 – Lower Undercut Style

This style is also a unique one for men who don’t want to be too experimental with haircuts. A light fade on the sides and center hair cut to an equal length.

chambers_sheffield cool short textured mens haircut 2017 new


↓ 22 – Cute and Messy Texture Cut

The cute, messy and oddly sophisticated texture cut that will turn out to be suitable for both men and college or high school boys because of the formal yet youthful look it gives to the person who applies it on himself. This classy cut consists of cute, and messy texture cut with a messy uppercut and a clean fade at the bottom. It would look best if you match it with a light beard.


↓ 21 – Hairdo with Longer Fringes

Cropped or shaved sides are the new trend. For the center, you can choose this brilliant hairstyle with longer lengths on the front growing shorter towards the back of the head.


↓ 20 – Combover Haircut with Side Part

The combover hairdo for guys to try in 2019 has impressed many guys in ways not known before. The impactful hairdo consist of a flashy side part with long silky layers shifted on one side and smaller cut layers on the side opposite to it. Mostly appropriate for guys in their late 20’s or so but not a bad option for men of other ages at all, plus, it is always a good idea to try new things in fashion.


↓ 19 – The Quiff Haircut for Guys 2019

With shave cropped sides and center hair cut in multiple textures, this hairstyle is the one to go for in 2019. Many hairdressers achieve the quiff style using blades or even lit candles instead of scissors to give texture to the ends.



↓ 18 – Curly and Clean Shape Up Look

For all guys out there with uniquely curlier hair and they often find themselves confused for as to how to get the best look out of hair which is not so easy to style. But worry not, because this style is your answer to the hurdles, with a curly and clean shape up hairdo, you will finally be able to get the style you want and your hair in stylish order. Don’t forget to have a look at Ranveer Singh Hairstyles-20 Best Hairstyles of Ranveer Singh


↓ 17 – Medium Length Hairdo with Taper Cut

The chic and reckless style of the year: the taper cut with long and free upper layers and shorter deeper cuts underneath it. To get the most out of it, the hair state should probably be silkier and straighter rather than wavy. A must-try for all men this year.


↓ 16 – Light Fade Cut

If you enjoy a fade style for your hair and don’t want to go overboard with it, this is an excellent way to have both your wishes fulfilled. Go for a light fade on the sides with a little linger lengths than a cropped fade. The textured cut on the center makes this hairstyle very robust.



↓ 15 – Short Men’s Hairdo with disconnected Beard

The fade over the sideburns is making a clear demarcation between the beard and hair. This makes both the features more prominent.


↓ 14 – Cool 2019 Look for Boys

If you are the kind of guy who cannot imagine a hairdo without a little bit of swag, then this brand new style for guys in 2019 is ideal for you. And we are sure that you will give this a try because the sample image is enough to tell why it’s worth a try. With short shaped layers pushed back continuing into discrete cut layers at the bottom and the stylish sideburns forming into a beard is probably enough explanation.


↓ 13 – High Fade with Crisp Parting

This laser razor cut defines the parting in the hair. It adds more dimension in the look because there is a clear difference between the two varying lengths kept in the hairstyle for texture.


↓ 12 – Temple Fade for Curly Hair

Men with curly hair and deeply into fashion can try this ultra-modern style of hair. With hair completely shaved to cropped sides over the temple and much fuller on the head, this style is pretty unique. The hairline is neatly shaved to enhance the forehead.


↓ 11 – Short and Subtle Texture Cut

The sides faded and hair on the to cropped to a crew cut length is an amazing way to style your hair, especially if you are someone who enjoys having their hair short.


↓ 10 – Short Disconnected Undercut

A short and unusual disconnected undercut for guys who want something different for this year. This hairdo will be unlike anything you have seen before, with a thick bundle of layers shaped and gelled on the top, a thick deep partition and a light fade at the bottom with a shaved design which is optional for you.

rafa_underground short mens haircut 2017


↓ 9 – Short Spiky Cut for Men

Spikes have been in fashion for over a decade now, and they still look equally fabulous on men who wear the style. Cropped sides with center hair left to a length that can be carefully styled into spikes with the help of some gel or wax is a nice and easy way to style your hair.


↓ 8 – Combed Back Center

While mostly this hairstyle is being tried in a way that a parting on one side is very defined and the hair is combed towards the back slightly bent over to one side, this way is different and unique. For this style, you don’t need a defined parting in your hair, and instead, right over the cropped sides, the entire hair is carefully styled into a combed back look keeping it intact in its natural direction rather than forming a side part.

Best Hairstyles For Men In 2019 (7)


↓ 7 – Heavy Fade with Short Hair for Boys

As we have already seen how much the faded haircuts are at the peak of hair fashion, so the element of fadedness will mostly be there in nearly all new hairdos like this short haircut with a high faded style for boys.


↓ 6 – Crop Hairdo with Surgical Style

Laser razor art always makes hairstyles look more fashion-forward. This is a great style to have a laser razor cut style added to your regular cropped sides and messy center haircut.


↓ 5 – Short Quiff Hairdo

A manner that is very popular among men these days. Men of all ages are choosing to go for this specific hairstyle for all events. The neatly styled hair the crown and short-cropped hair on the sides make this look very crisp and formal.


↓ 4 – The Side Part With Long Center Lenght

This style is trendy among males in 2019. The style looks great on men with silky hair. With the center hair cut longer than the sides, this hairstyle is very chic. If you have silky hair that that is just what you have to do; get a similar haircut, and your gorgeous hair will do the rest on their own.

Best Hairstyles For Men In 2019 (3)


↓ 3 – Ideal  Hair Cut for Men with Wavy Hair

This is a very fine hairstyle for men with wavy hair. It is difficult to have your hair wavy hair blowdried into straight and silky versions every day, and not everyone can do that on their own. However, this is a nice way to get your haircut so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of styling your hair day in and day out. With this cropped sides and longer center, you can leave your wavy hair be and look very stylish.



↓ 2 – Mid Length Curls with Fade

Guys with the tightest curls can’t do hairstyles with mid-length hair. The best hairstyles for such men are either completely long lengths such as afros or hair down styles or cropped styles like this one. This hairstyle is sure to look good on guys who want to keep their curls short and crisp. With the sides shaved to particularly very short lengths, the center of the head remains full of hair to a decent length. The style looks very neat.


↓ 1 – Heavy Textured Cut

Men who have thick hair are truly blessed. If you are someone out of those lucky ones, you should try this hairstyle. It makes you flaunt your thick hair and is a very fashionable style that can be easily maintained. Decent length sides with a heavy top that is cut in a textured style give more volume to the hair. The heavy beard is the perfect way to go for when doing this hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles For Men In 2019 (6)


These were the best ways for men to style their hair this year to look fabulous. The hairstyles are easy to manage and to recreate at home as well after you have paid your visit to the hairdresser for the particular haircut. All these styles will definitely make you males look extra handsome which is exactly what you wish for. So, hurry up go ahead and try your favorite styles now.

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