Purple Hair Trend-50 Best Purple Hair Colors & Styling Ideas

Cute Purple Hairstyling Ideas. Are you bored with your natural hair color and hairstyle? Are you craving to unleash the inner wild child within you? Then it’s high time for a new and exciting hair makeover! The best way to completely transform your look is to dye your hair!

Nowadays, purple hair color is trending and has become the undisputed queen of shades in 2020. It too looks good with all skin tones. Whether you are fair, dark, Caucasian, or South Asian; purple hair will look good on you! Although purple is not a naturally-occurring hair color; however it can’t stop you from dyeing your hair with this pretty hue. Purple hair color might not suit every person, but it still remains an excellent color idea for those seeking a serious change.

Latest Purple Hair Color Ideas

When this purple color is used as hair dye, it may vary from silvery lavender to deep plum and everything that comes in between. In this article, we have brought some cute purple hairstyles in different types of shades and for different face shapes. I bet you can’t resist one of these purple shade hairstyles.  You will find a wide array of hair dye options and hairstyles to choose from. Let’s explore!

Chic Purple Hairstylesdifferent hairstyles in Purple shades

Help Guide on Choosing Best Purple Shade Hairstyle

Colors like purple, lavender, lilac hair dye have maintained fame for quite a while now.  Everyday babes and many celebrities have said goodbyes to their previous brunette or blonde hair in favor of these stunning hues of purple. But many of you might be dubious about this new trend and thinking whether this hair color is a good choice for them or not. Keeping in view this dilemma, we have tried to answer some of your queries.

  • How do I know if purple hair color will look good on me?

If you have dark skin tone and darker hair, you should preferably go for a deep rich purple. However, for people with fair skin tones, pastel purples can do wonders.

  • Does purple hair color fade faster?

If you have dyed your hair with lighter shades such as lilac or lavender, your hair dye may fade faster as they use less pigments. However, darker colors like violet shades and eggplant color will stay comparatively longer.

  • What does purple hair dye say about me?

Girls with purple locks are perceived as highly calm, imaginative and creative. Besides, purple hair dye also depicts royalty, wealth, and intuition.

  • Which color will outfits go well with purple hair?

If you have dyed your hair purple, colors like orange, yellow soft pale greens, red, pink, rust, and lighter shades of blue and purple outfits will complement your hair.

↓ 50 – Curled Purple Hairstyle

For a more appealing style, keep your hair matte purple from the top, and glossy from the tips!

Purple shade Hairstyle


↓ 49 – Long Ombré Style

Ombré hair is the hot hair trend in 2020, which is worth trying. It looks mighty with purple hair. Keep your hair natural from the top, yet dye it purple from the ends. Right from walkways to high streets, you will find Ombré look almost everywhere.

Opt for purple Ombré hair which can be the best option. What’s more interesting? This color turns out natural when blended with your natural dark brown or black hair.

If you have long hair; believe me, you are going to rock with this Ombré hairstyle.

purple Ombré hairstyle

↓ 48 – Multi-Hued Style

If you are looking for a style that will turn heads, go all-glossy yet dye the purple in a range of hues. This keeps things more interesting.

Multi purple Hued hair

↓ 47 – Curled Purple Hair

Black women can dye their hair pink, magenta, and purple and mix it up with their wavy hair. This purple shade hairstyle is going to work wonders wherever you will go.

Curled Purple Hairstyle

↓ 46 – Eu Naturale Purple Shade Hairstyle

Purple hair does not necessarily have to be bold all the time. It can be subtle and natural with lowlights mixed into your natural hair color. This purple hair color is perfect for those who want to dye hair but at the same time want to keep the natural look of their hair.

Eu Naturale Purple hair color

↓ 45 – Deep Shade of Purple

Deep shades of purple are considered to be the color of royalty, dignity, nobility, and wisdom. So, why not choosing a deep shade of purple and dye all your hair in one tone. This deep purple is the perfect option for women with dark skin tones.

Curl your dyed hair it into tight ringlets at the bottom, and make sure to add a lot of back-combing. And you’ll have the most awesome purple party girl hairstyle!

Let the world know you have ambitions that are powerful and noble just as your hair color.

Deep Shade of Purple Curl Hairstyle

↓ 44 – Flossy Style

It’s time to flare up your dull hair with this purple shade flossy hairstyle! Many celebrities love the glossy style, which is to dye your hair a metallic, pinkish-purple shade. This cute purple shade hairstyle looks great on girls with fair skin tones.

Flossy Purple shade Hairstyle

↓ 43 – Bold Streaks of Purple

Add purple streaks only to the front of the face, and straighten all your hair. This will draw attention to your face yet keep it natural. Want to explore some organic hair dyes to prevent damage? Check out our list of the top Natural Hair Dyes Brands.

Purple Hair color streaks

↓ 42 – Katy Perry Inspired Purple Hairstyle

Celebrities have been experimenting with new and bold hair colors. And the name of Katy Perry tops the list. She has been rocking many shows with her purple hair.

You can also choose Katy Perry’s style by mixing black and purple dye and leaving your hair with a lot of back-combing, styling gel, and volume.

Katy Perry Purple Hairstyle

↓ 41 – Best Bottoms-Up Purple Hairstyle

Make your hair vibrant with this purple color. For girls who wish to look more punky, dying half of your hair purple is a suitable idea. It looks fun, edgy and sporty!

purple hair highlights

↓ 40 – Purple Lowlights

Purple lowlights can be done in a range of purple shades, with long, tousled hair that flows naturally.

Purple Lowlights

↓ 39 – Subtle Purple Balayage

Balayage is one of the burning hair trends this year. Your long hair with subtle purple Balayage will surely take your breath away.

Purple Balayage

↓ 38 – Peacock Purple Hair

Dye your hair this year with some blue, purple, and emerald green to give it a peacocky look.

Peacock Shade

↓ 37 – Black and Violet Hair

Stand out in the crowd with this perfectly blended violet hair look.

Black and Violet Waterfall Braid

↓ 36 – Lavender  Hair

If you have long hair, color it lavender to look strikingly beautiful. See the lavender-colored long hair to have an idea of how it looks.

Lavender Hair

↓ 35 – A Simple Touch of Purple

A simple and soft touch of purple on your light brown hair will amplify their beauty, specifically when you make a braid.

Purple shade in Braid Hairstyle

↓ 34 – Milk Maid Purple Braid Style

Do you love braids? If yes, consider this purple shade braid hairstyle. Purple shade incorporated in your braid is enough for you to rock in parties.

Milkmaid braid hairstyle

↓ 33 – Purple Hair for Brunettes

If you are a brunette and thinking whether purple hair color will suit you or not; well, look it for yourself!

Purple Hairstyle for Brunettes

↓ 32 – Purple Fishtail Braid

Though fishtail is not an easy hairstyle to make, it looks stunning on your purple locks.

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle for Purple hair

↓ 31 – Purple Shade on Blonde Hair

If the ends of your hair are dipped in purple color or are dyed in streaks, then go for this outstanding look. How sexy this fishtail braid looks with this hair color!

Purple and Blonde hairstyle

↓ 30 – Dreamy Purple and Blue Hair

Create this dazzling look with purple and blue hair. This purple shade with blue is going to remind you of mermaid stories. You should also have a look at these 2020 Hair Color Trends That You Must Try.

Blue and Purple shade hairstyle

↓ 29 – Dark Purple Hair for Brunettes

Brunettes can also go for this dark purple shade that is not too bold and flashy and can be easily worn for office going girls.

dark purple hair style

↓ 28 – Bright Blue and Purple Mixed Braid Hairstyle

This cute braid hairstyle is perfect if you want to try something different and unique to your hair.

For this hairstyle simply divide your hair in two parts and then for the top part, make a cute and neat fish braid starting from the roots of your hair and extending towards to tips of your hair. It creates such a magical look that no one can resist.

Bright Blue and Purple Hair color

↓ 27 – Mix Purple with Grey

Catch everyone’s attention with this purple shade mixed with grey. If you have grey hair, tone it with purple to make the overall look more interesting.

Grey and Purple hairstyle

↓ 26 – Purple and Pink

If you have hair in the mixture of purple and pink, then this is the style for you. Simply go for a classic braid to make your hair color more prominent.

You can go for a messy classic braid that starts from the center part of your head. You can pull a few strands out to make your hairstyle look messier and less made up.

Don’t forget to add the hairspray to fix the whole look in place.

Purple and Pink hair color

↓ 25 – Braid Bun Style

Are you out of hairstyling ideas for your purple locks? How about a braided bun? Simply make a braid and wrap it in the shape of a bun. It’s simple, yet chic and pretty!

Purple Braid Bun Hairstyle

↓ 24 – Floral Bun with Purple Hair

Create a flowery look with this floral bun on your purple locks. It is a perfect hairstyle to wear at weddings.

Purple Floral Bun

↓ 23 – Waterfall Purple Braid

Flaunt your purple locks this year with waterfall purple braid.

Waterfall Purple Braid Hairstyle

↓ 22 – Loose Curls Medium Hairs

Loose curl is another eye candy hairstyle idea for your natural hair that has just gone purple.

Loose Curl Purple Hairstyle

↓ 21 – Light Purple Shade

This light purple hair color will bring out the inner fairy dwelling within you. This shade hairstyle is feminine and timeless at the same time.

Light Purple Haircolor

↓ 20 – Chic  Style

Waves combed with side partition are the best combo if you have purple Ombré hair dye and you want to flaunt your Ombré.

To make this hairstyle, all you have to do is to start by making curls or beachy waves of your hair. Then part your hair in the side portion and don’t forget to backcomb a little to make sure that you add volume to your hair. Do add hairspray to keep everything in place all day long.

Purple Hairstyle

↓ 19 – Blue and Purple Hairstyle

Blue and purple is a fantastic combination to wear this year as it will take your mermaid hair to the next level. If you have already blue or purple-dyed hair, all you need to do is to dye your hair with any one color to give your hair a new twist.

Blue and Purple shade hairstyle

↓ 18 – Purple Emo Hairstyle

Give your looks an outstanding charm by wearing this purple color in a curly emo style.

Emo Hairstyle for purple hair

↓ 17 – Cara Delvingne Style

This hairstyle is highly popular because of the backcombing. Backcombing is the real key of the hairstyle, and backcombing is what makes this hairstyle unique and stand cut.

For this hairstyle, all you have to do is to backcomb your hair from the front part of your head to make a nice and puffed puff catch all the attention.

Cara Delvingne Purple Shade Hairstyle

↓ 16 – Straight Purple Hair

You can also maintain a graceful impact with your straightened purple hair.

Purple Straight Hair

↓ 15 – For Tattoo Loving Girls

If you are the girl with a lot of tattoos, you can amplify your wild look with purple hair dye. Make this hairstyle to go wild. Start by making waves or curls in your hair then backcombing them on the crown part of your head. Put your hair in a messy high pony.

Make sure to keep a few strands outside of the pony to perfectly frame your face. This hairstyle is perfect and will let you flaunt your tattoos and will also make your hair color prominent at the same time.

Purple Hairstyle for Girls with Tattoo

↓ 14 – Dark Purple and Green Locks

Another purple shade that you must try this year is to dye your hair green at the ends while purple on the top. The transition from deep purple to turquoise is recommended.

Dark Purple and Green hairstyle

↓ 13 – Purple Hair Color for girls with Blue Eyes

You can see that purple hair look particularly cool on girls with blue eyes. So if you have blue eyes, this is something you must try.

Purple shade Hairstyle for girls with blue eyes

↓ 12 – Mixed Colors

Whoever said that you should settle only for one or two hair colors? This is the time to change this trend and give your hair bold colors. You can go for pink, blue, purple, turquoise, and any vibrant color that you want.

Mixed Color braid hairstyle

↓ 11 – Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is another popular purple shade hairstyle that suits on long hair.

Frizzy purple Hair

↓ 10 – Step by Step Tutorial to Make a Cute Hairstyle

This simple yet chic hairstyle is best for girls with purple-dyed hair. For more hairstyling ideas, head on over to these Easy and Quick Hairstyles.

Cute purple Hairstyle tutorial

↓ 9 – Purple Hair for Working Women

If you are a working woman, try this soft purple shade hairstyle.

Purple shade Hairstyle for Working Women

↓ 8 – Indigo

Purple shade also looks gorgeous on girls with a dark complexion. This color gives you a feminine look that symbolizes power.

purple hairstyle for black girl

↓ 7 – Royal Purple Bob Hairstyle

Give your personality a royal look with this royal purple hair color. If you have an oblong face, this is the best haircut for you that highly complements this purple shade.

purple bob hairstyle

↓ 6 – Light Purple Bob Haircut

Take your bob haircut to a whole new level with this purple shade.

Purple Bob Hairstyle

↓ 5 – Dusty Purple Straight Hair

Try this dusty purple shade to give your personality a sophisticated look. This color highly suits for long straight hair.

Dusty Purple Shade hairstyle

↓ 4 – Korean Girl Hairstyle

Try this cute Korean girls’ hairstyle on your half pink and half purple locks. This cute hairstyle gives you a doll-like cuteness.

Purple shade Korean hairstyle

↓ 3 – Bright Purple Tone

Daring girls don’t fear to go wild. Blowout can bring volume to the hair and makes your face look so much more appealing.

Go with this bright shade of purple and express your confidence and outgoing personality.

Bright Purple Tone Shade hairstyle

↓ 2 – Purple Shade Hairstyle for women in 30s

If you are in your 30s, don’t think you are too old for purple hair. You can still dye your hair purple to show you are young inside and out.

Purple Shade Hairstyle for women

↓ 1 – Purple Shade Hairstyle for Teen Girls

Teen girls who are outgoing and try to experience new adventures should also try purple hair color.

Purple hair color for Teen Girls

With countless flattering shades of purple available, you will surely find one that suits you most. So what are you waiting for? Choose any charming purple hairstyle idea and color your life!

You can also try out all the fishtail braid ideas, curls, straight hair, lowlights, braid bun etc. We’re sure that you will look absolutely gorgeous with a new change and new hair color.

Among all the popular hairstyles mentioned above, these 4 are my favorites, so I made a collage of it …

Purple Shades Hair color and hairstyles

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