How to Style Your Boyfriends Hair in 2020

To ensure that your boyfriends look matches yours, it is important that you help him make the best choices when it comes to his personal style. Beyond finding a cute outfit for your boyfriend, it is important to find him a hairstyle that will complement the outfit and improve his appearance as well. However, it is important to consider a number of factors when selecting the best hairstyle for him which include his personal tastes, daily lifestyle and maintenance of the hairstyle after the initial cut among others. Fortunately, there are tons of haircuts to choose from that will bring out his best features and usher him into the New Year as a new man.

Modern Mohawk style

image002 How to Style Your Boyfriends Hair in 2020

The Mohawk style has been a favorite of many men that are creative and want to express themselves through their hair. If your boyfriend is such as man then this style is the perfect choice for his look because they can choose to adopt the classic Mohawk or change it up a bit by adding a modern twist to it. The modern version of the Mohawk has the basic structure of the style which includes the hair on the sides being cut short depending on their preference with hair left in the middle of the head which runs from front to back. However, in this version the sides of the head which have no hair or cut to look like a taper fade have designs or even words engraved on them giving the style a personal touch.

Undercut style

image004 How to Style Your Boyfriends Hair in 2020

This hairstyle is a favorite for many men and so choosing it for your boyfriend ensures that he will be trendy all year long. The undercut style is done by leaving some hair at the top of head, at least two inches while cutting the hair at the back and sides of the head much shorter. The remaining hair can then be fashioned as desired with the most popular styles being a  textured quiff, spikes, pompadour, curls or even having the hair slicked back. In addition, this hairstyle e gives your boyfriend a chance to change their hairstyle as often as they want while maintaining the basic look of the undercut style.

Clean cut style

image005 How to Style Your Boyfriends Hair in 2020

If your boyfriend is simple and laid back then a clean cut hairstyle may be an ideal look for him. The style involves cutting the hair to its shortest length and then styling the edges to give it a neat look. However, for the look to have an edgier look you can suggest that he includes a hard part that runs from the front to the back at the side of the head. For younger men, they can opt to include an angle part at the front part of the hairstyle to give it a different look from the usual one.Lastly, taking time to style your boyfriend’s hair  can be your greatest gift to him as it shows you care about his appearance.

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