30 Top Korean Male Bloggers on Instagram that We’re Loving

Top Korean Male Bloggers – Korean bloggers and influencers are some of the most followed and respected in the fashion and beauty world. With their impeccable taste and enviable style, it’s no wonder that they have such a devoted following.

All over the world, we see more female bloggers than male bloggers. However, a great number of Male Korean bloggers-influencers have been amazing.

Korean male bloggers are a powerful voice in the online sphere. They often tackle issues that are important to Korean men, such as fashion, lifestyle, and mental health.

In recent years, they have also become more vocal about social justice and feminism, opening up a much-needed dialogue about these topics.

From style mavens to makeup gurus, they’ll help you up your fashion game and give you some serious beauty inspiration. This article has all the Instagram Male Korean bloggers, which you need to follow.

How Did We Decide?

As you might have guessed from our previous posts on Best Korean Movies and Top Korean TV Shows to Watch, we’re in love with Korea!

Korean bloggers and influencers are some of the most popular content creators in the world. Their unique blend of style and personality has made them a hit with audiences all over the globe.

In the list of Male Korean bloggers-influencers on Instagram, we considered the attractive news feed of these influencers, which kept us fascinated. Moreover, Instagram fan-following of the chosen influencers is surely the top factor considered for making the list.

If you’re looking for inspiration from the best of the best, check out the Korean bloggers and influencers that are jotted down in this article.

Top Korean Male Bloggers and Influencers

Male Korean BloggersInstagram Fan-Following
1LEE MIN-HO 30.6 M
2Jang Ki-yong 3.6 M
3Jeon Changha 3.4 M
4Ahn BoHyun3 M
5Jason Coreano916K
6Chomad 714K
7Han Seung-ju 634K
8Choi tokkii 553K
9Choi Jin-heon549K
10Park Hyung Seok501K
11Junghwan Lee419K
12Edward Avila393k
13Phan Nhân 374K
14Yuan Lee
15Jung-hoon Kim328K
18Sunghoon Jang201K
19Ethan Sol 233K
20Kevin Poon130K
21Jun Choi126K
22Sang-hyuk Kwon97.2k
24Aura M 73.4K
26Seung-Hyeon Kim63.3K
27Kwak Min Jun19.8K
28Kai Notebook11.3K
29Hong Sukwoo6.2K
30Jae Doo Lee4.2K

Korean Male Photography Bloggers

If you are a passionate photographer so you might want to share your art with the world. But how do you get started? One popular way to showcase your work is through blogging.

There are some good reasons to start a photography blog. A blog can help you build a following and attract new clients. It’s also a great way to showcase your work and share your ideas about photography.

By starting a photography blog, you can share your photos with a wide audience and build a following of devoted fans If you are someone who finds solace in blogging and showcasing their aesthetic feed, then you should be really checking this Korean male blogger with a photography niche!

Jae Doo Lee

Followers: 4.2K

As a photography lover, you may be wondering if you should start a blog. After all, there are thousands of photography blogs out there, and it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

However, Jae Doo Lee can be an inspiration to you as this Korean blogger has a moderate fan following but he is gaining new followers day by day. Well, the credit goes to his hard work and a nice Instagram feed.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Korean Beauty Bloggers (Male)

Beauty bloggers are a dime a dozen these days. Just about everyone with a makeup collection and a YouTube account seems to be getting in on the action. But what separates the best beauty bloggers from the rest?

For starters, the best beauty bloggers have a strong sense of personal style. They know how to put together a look that is both stylish and unique. They also have a vast knowledge of the beauty industry and are always up-to-date on the latest trends.

Another important quality of the best beauty bloggers is their ability to connect with their audience. They know how to engage their readers and keep them coming back for more. They also have a knack for networking and collaborating with other bloggers, which helps them grow their following even further.

The Korean male beauty bloggers we have jotted down below in the article seem like they know what they are doing. So you should check them out to get some inspiration.


We definitely love our hair, whether you are a male or female. Issac is a Korean hair-dresser and his feed is fascinating enough to get us hooked.

Followers: 66.7K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Aura M

If you are looking for some good beauty products, but are unable to decide which one to go along with, then this Korean beauty blogger is surely going to help you out by giving some helpful tips.

Followers: 73.4K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Jung-hoon Kim

Followers: 328K

Another top-followed Instagram male beauty blogger is Jung-Hoon Kim. You can find reviews of several beauty products on his Instagram profile.

So if you are looking for a good male Korean beauty blogger, then Jung-Hoon has got your back.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Edward Avila

Looking for some makeup and beauty tips? Then you should really be checking Edward.

His makeup skills have gotten not only males but females fascinated as well. Do not forget to visit this amazing beauty blogger who is almost about to cross 400K followers on Instagram.

Followers: 393K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Korean Male Health and Fitness Bloggers

Health and fitness bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. Some blog about their personal journey to health and fitness, while others blog about the science of health and fitness. Some are certified personal trainers or nutritionists, while others are simply passionate about health and fitness.

There are many health and fitness bloggers out there. Some are more popular than others. Some have a large following, while others have a smaller but more engaged audience.

I would also recommend that you check out this list of Top Korean Actors.

Seung-Hyeon Kim

If you’re looking for some health and fitness inspiration, then you should surely visit Seung’s Instagram profile.

Followers: 63.3K

Top Korean Male Bloggers


Who doesn’t want to get a fit body? But all the hard work associated with gaining a fit body is a difficult task.

Well, you are not alone on this journey of fitness, as our next fitness Korean blogger has made fitness his passion.

Followers: 93.3K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Jun Choi

Keeping up with a strict fitness routine can be hard. However, Jun Choi makes it look so easy. Why don’t you check the Instagram profile of this handsome hunk?

Followers: 126K

Top Korean Male Bloggers


Followers: 155K

The list of fitness bloggers does not end here, because Ijaegyo seems like our top fitness Korean blogger.

His perfect and fit body makes us want to hit the gym too!

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Male Lifestyle Bloggers

Korean lifestyle bloggers are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their unique take on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

But do you wonder what makes Korean lifestyle bloggers so popular? For starters, they have a unique approach to fashion and beauty and they keep experimenting to be trendy.

If you’re looking for some new inspiration, be sure to check out some of the most popular Korean lifestyle bloggers. From fashionistas to beauty junkies, these bloggers have a lot to offer.

Kai Notebook 

This lifestyle Instagram blogger and YouTuber shows us around his life.

You will not see much of him on his Instagram profile because he prefers to show us around.

Followers: 11.3K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Kwak Min Jun

If you are looking for a lifestyle blogger who might leave you awestricken, then following Kwak Min Jun is a must.

His luxurious yet minimal lifestyle is so attractive that would like to visit his profile over and over again.

Followers: 19.8K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Kevin Poon

Followers: 130K

Kevin’s Instagram profile is just what you would love to go through over and over again.

We all adore the cute and sweet pictures he shares. Moreover, his lifestyle blogging is definitely worth it.

Top Korean Male Bloggers


Followers: 301k

Sometimes we see a blogger become a fan of his lifestyle because of how fun or ideal it seems.

The lifestyle blogging of this Korean blogger can get you going amazed too!

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Junghwan Lee

Followers: 419K

We absolutely love Junghwan because he is not afraid to experiment with new trends and styles, and he always looks flawless.

His fun and crazy pictures are worth visiting and scrolling through his profile.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Choi Jin-heon

Followers: 549K

As the world of online media continues to grow, more and more people are turning to lifestyle bloggers for advice and inspiration.

Choi Jin-Heon is an inspirational Instagram blogger with 549K followers.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Jason Coreano

Followers: 916K

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on Korea and Korean culture, then be sure to check out some of Jason Coreano.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Male Fashion Blogger-Influencer

A great sense of fashion inspires us all; however, not every one of us is great when it comes to fashion and style.

But it is not a problem now, as there are many male Korean fashion bloggers whose sense of fashion leaves us charmed.

What makes these fashion bloggers, so loved and adored by the people around them? They have a great sense of style, and they know how to put together an outfit that looks effortless and chic.

The following Korean fashion bloggers will teach you how can you rock each and every outfit. And if you still can’t find the right inspo, do check out these Korean Male Models.

Hong Sukwoo

Followers: 6.2K

No matter what their background or niche, all fashion bloggers have one thing in common: they want to help their readers look as cool as they could.

You will not find many pictures of Hong Sukwoo himself on his profile, but you will find several fashion style ideas with cool outfits.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Ethan Sol

Followers: 233K

If you’re looking for some guidance on styling your outfits in a better way, then Ethan Sol can give you some tips and tricks. He is worth following.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Yuan Lee

Followers: 324K

Looking for something cool and fun? Make sure to visit the profile of Yuan Lee!

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Choi tokkii

Followers: 553K

If you are a teenager and you love the boy look, then you should be visiting Choi to get some cool ideas.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Ahn BoHyun

Followers: 3M

There are many different types of bloggers out there, but one of the most popular genres is fashion bloggers.

Fashion bloggers share their tips and tricks on everything from styling your outfits to carrying them flawlessly.

Ahn Boyhun can be an inspiration for all the men out there who want to look classy and fashionable.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Jeon Changha

Followers: 3.4 M

If you still want to look young by choosing a cool outfit for you, then Changha can show you the way.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Jang Ki-yong

Followers: 3.6M

Jang has a captivating newsfeed, with all his amazing fashion sense, we feel totally absorbed. Make sure to lend a visit to his profile.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Korean Male Food Blogger

Besides music, food is the one thing that can connect everyone around the world. Who doesn’t like to try different delicious food?

Sang-hyuk Kwon

Followers: 97.2K

Well, if you are someone who loves food as much as we do, then you would love to check out the feed of this Korean food blogger who we are loving.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Korean Travel Blogger

The Korean travel bloggers present in these articles have an extremely attractive feed which we totally love.

Phan Nhân

Traveling is one of the best niches for blogging. Not only do you gain tons of audiences quite quickly, but you get the chance to explore beautiful places all around the world.

Phan Nhân is Thai who loves Korea. Currently residing in Korea, his travel blogs get us engrossed.

Followers: 374K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Han Seung-ju

Followers: 634K

We never get bored of some good travel bloggers. This Korean travel blogger not only have some nice looks, but his taste in exploring makes us more fond of him.

Top Korean Male Bloggers


Followers: 714K

Chomad is our favorite Instagram travel blogger. He has visited different countries and he knows so much about different cultures by now!

His profile is worth following.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Korean Male Entertainment Blogger

Korean industry has never lagged behind in its entertainment industry. From giving us fun and entertaining television shows to bringing new talents before us, it has never been disappointing.

Seems like some Korean males belonging to the entertainment niche have marked our list too!

Sunghoon Jang

Looking for some entertainment? You can visit his profile of Sunghoon to get some inspiration from the beautiful pictures he uploads.

Followers: 201K

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Park Hyung Seok

Followers: 501K

Park Hyung Seok is an entertainment blogger who has aced not only in music but also traveling and lifestyle blogging, which makes him a top-list Korean Male blogger.

Top Korean Male Bloggers


Followers: 30.6 M

Being an actor, along with maintaining a perfect aesthetic feed, we can’t help ourselves except feeling hooked up on the profile of Lee Min-Ho.

Top Korean Male Bloggers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the hottest male model in Korea?

 Lee Soo Hyuk can be considered one of the hottest Korean male models.

Q. Is Instagram famous in Korea?

Instagram is famous in Korea, and its popularity is still growing.

Q. Who is the most followed Korean on IG?

Lisa from Blackpink is the most followed Korean on Instagram with 79.2M followers.

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