Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

Korean male models: Internationally, Korean fashion has exploded. The fashion-forward styles are simple to carry but eye-catching. As the popularity of Korean fashion grew, so did the interest in Korean male models. These models put in a lot of effort to make the brands they represent stand out. These Korean models have done it all, from following a rigorous regimen to making exercises a regular ritual.

Korean males are athletic, beautiful, and well-dressed. Korean fashion, like some other parts of Korean culture, is gaining prominence, and Korean models are at the vanguard of this trend. Furthermore, Asian models are becoming more popular in the worldwide fashion industry. Korean models are achieving remarkable success both domestically and overseas.

Who are the Most Popular Korean Male Models?

In our last post, we looked at some Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men but Korean male models are at another level when it comes to fashion.

As a resident or a foreigner, modeling in Korea could bring a multitude of interesting options. You are paid to put on fashionable outfits and encounter fascinating folks from all across the world. Most everything, modeling firms in Korea are continuously on the lookout for new talent.

These beautiful Korean male models seem distinct and flexible whether modeling for Korean brands or walking down a runway for foreign labels. Some are sweet and adorable, while others are edgy and more typically masculine, yet all of them drive our hearts race. In any case, to become one of these aspiring models, you would have to grasp their qualities. Some of which are:

  • Three crucial abilities to establish yourself in the modeling world are self-confidence, dependability, as well as the capacity to seamlessly transition into diverse roles.
  • An outgoing personality, compelling appearance, decent posture, and synchronization are all things that the modeling profession looks for.
  • Modeling is a highly demanding industry. You must always be prepared if the opportunity arises. Eventually, someone else will take advantage of the chance that was meant for you. Being in the spotlight necessitates health and appearance.

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Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

10 – Ahn Jae Hyun – Korean Male Model Turned Actor

Ahn Jae Hyun is the greatest (“beautiful face”) model to always enter the acting industry. He started his career as a fashion model in 2009, but it wasn’t until he appeared in music songs that he gained notoriety.

After he portrayed Jun Ji Hyun’s brother in the blockbuster series “My Love From the Star,” he most likely skyrocketed in his profession. He later won the main part as a vampire doctor in “Blood,” wherein he found his wife, Ku Hye Sun, thanks to his light skin, red lips, and smart appearance. In the marriage television show “Newlywed Diary,” see just how he plays the ideal spouse.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

9 – Jang Kiyon

Jang Kiyong was born in the South Korean city of Ulsan. He was a farm kid who aspired to be a supermodel in the big capital. He raised his eyes to supermodel Lee Soo-hyuk, who was tearing up the runaway. At Seokyeong University, Kiyong specialized in modeling and theatre.

He began modeling in 2012, and in 2014, he received the Asian Fashion Model Award. He also began acting, and his debut drama on the SBS network was titled “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” Kiyong’s burgeoning star has landed him roles including over 12 plays, two motion pictures, seven awards, and a slew of other projects.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

8 – Sang Woo Kim

Sang Woo Kim is a well-known Korean male model who has modeled all around the world. She was raised in Seoul and reared in the United Kingdom. He is an artist who works with topics of identification and connection as a first-generation immigrant, who began studying fine arts.

He began modeling as a means to supplement his income while pursuing his academics. In the AW14 season, he is the very first Korean professional model to perform for Burberry. He has featured in advertisements for Diesel, DKNY, and Dolce & Gabbana, among others. Sang Woo Kim has established himself as a respected model and artist in the media spotlight.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

7 – Lee Jong Suk – Korean Male Model with Long Hair

At the age of 17, Lee Jong-suk made his modeling breakthrough in 2005. He was incredibly skilled, debuting as the youngest male model in the Seoul fashion shows. Though he appears to be fun and energetic in the characters he plays, Lee JongSuk’s true demeanor is considered to be reserved with strangers. Only when he’s around someone he has known for many years does he relax. His genuine attitude only adds to his charm.

In the Korean modeling world, his reputation is unrivaled. He has the perfect mix of boyish appeal and manly attributes. Lee Jong-neutral suk’s appearance drew a huge amount of attention, and he obtained a great deal of work as a top model as a result.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

6 – Joo Woo Jae

Joo Woo Jae is a model, DJ, and radio personality from South Korea. He was born on November 28, 1986, and his first ambitions were to pursue mechanical engineering at Hongik University. However, he began taking work as a freelancer model instead, and the inevitable happened.

He’s featured in a variety of Korean dramas, notably “Best Chicken” (2019). Because of his pleasant personality and stylish taste, model Joo Woo Jae has garnered tremendous popularity among the public. Ever since he first appeared, he was also a major subject in the internet community.

He grew increasingly acquainted with Korean audiences by cultivating his affable image through numerous activities. He’s currently appearing in a slew of TV episodes, dramas, and films, all while bolstering his modeling career.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

5 – Kim Won Joong

The first Asian model to go on the runway for the Prada collection is Kim Won Joong. After completing his compulsory army duty in South Korea, he went to work for American Apparel, a textile manufacturer. Then, after being discovered by a recruiting agent, he began modeling in Korea.

Eventually, he relocated to Europe and joined the I Love Models agency. Fortunately, he was picked to model for Prada’s collection during the same year. Following that, he rose to become one of the top ten Korean male models.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

4 – Juno Song

Juno was raised in South Korea before moving to Montreal when she was 15 years old. Following that, he pursued a career in fashion and entertainment. Juno Song ought not to be taken lightly. Although he strikes a stance as a model and has been branded a “superstar” following appearing in most of the world’s most famous fashion shows, there is surely more to him. He didn’t set out to be quite a model; instead, he was discovered while serving at a Korean restaurant in Montreal.

His distinct appearance and engaging demeanor leave you looking twice at the way he dresses. Juno’s style goes well with high-end fashion labels and has been praised by Korean designers and premium companies. His high fashion sense is the reason why he is so popular.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

3 – Sung Jin Park

Sung Jin Park is a Korean male model and rapper with a wide range of skills. Upon qualifying from the modeling academy, he made his modeling breakthrough in 2010. He’s a motivated individual who carries through on his individual ambitions. As a consequence, he has been capable of distinguishing himself from the throng and be a well-known model and musician.

He has worked for Hermès, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, UNIQLO, and Calvin Klein, among others. He’s also rated on and has earned global notice. To cap it all off, he largely succeeded the “Silencion” apparel line, which was inspired by his absolute favourite athletic idea.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

2 – Jin Park

Jin Park made history as the very first Asian male model to walk the runway at Emporio Armani’s 2016 fashion show in Milan, Italy. He got discovered on his social networking site at the age of 23, despite being tardy to the modeling field.

He has now been modeling for international companies as well as local Korean businesses since signing with his present firm, YGKplus. He has appeared in Dries Van Norton, Marnie, and top overseas premium brand runway shows with his light white skin and height of 189 cm.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

1 – Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk has a huge spectrum of modeling and theatrical experiences. In 2020, he will be at the pinnacle of his profession, starring in KBS’s mystery romance drama “Born Again.” He quickly rose to prominence as just a leading supermodel, admired by several designers for his emaciated physique, fair skin, and weak appearance.

He has modeled for well-known Korean fashion labels such as the Knit Company, General Idea, and Song Zio. He’s additionally done cover shoots for GQ, Bazaar, and Elle, among other fashion publications.

Top 10 Korean Male Models of All Time That You Must Follow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the youngest model in Korea?

Lee Jong Suk is the youngest model in Korea. He started modeling just at age of seventeen in 2005 and became the youngest male model to appear at Seoul Fashion Week.

Q: Is it easy to become a model in Korea?

Ans: Yes, there seem to be numerous examples of this. It’s indeed, in certain ways, the easiest job that foreigners could get in South Korea right now. It is usually preferable to be there in the region and employ a modeling agency; nonetheless, there are numerous informal modeling jobs available, but you must actively seek them out.

Q: How tall the Korean Model has to be?

Ans: If you would like to work as a model in the Korean entertainment business, height isn’t as important as it is in the United States or other Western nations. A male Korean model’s average height is 5’6″.

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