Latest Agbada Outfits for Men – 20 Ways to Wear Agbada for Men

Agbada Outfits for Men. West Africa is home to probably the funkiest attires on the planet. Colorful designs, catchy prints, and so many different styles of clothing, it’s such exquisite madness! Fashion enthusiasts are slowly but surely accepting how dull the world without African touch in our wardrobes.

The Agbada has been a part of the African culture for centuries. Chiefs, rulers, or anybody with a commanding position primarily wore it. Earlier, only the royal families and rich were allowed to wear the Agbada. Times have changed, and so our styling ideas too.

How to Wear Agbada?

Let us take you through everything you need to know about an Agbada if you don’t already, the meaning of the word, the current definition, and of course, the history. Then we’ll dazzle you with amazing ideas for styling an Agabada for men!

Agbada for Men

What is an Agbada?

Agbada refers to a four-piece attire usually made with the same material: trousers called Sokoto, a long-sleeved shirt or vest called awotele, an open and flowing gown or outer-robe called awosoke, and a hat called fila, worn by the Yoruba people of West Africa, particularly Nigeria. It has a lot of other names, but ‘Agbada’ is the name used in Yoruba. Its other names are grand boubou, boubou, and mbubb, to name a few. The female version of the garment is called ‘Kaftan’ or ‘Wrapper.’


Agbada originated from a similar clothing style called babban riga of the Hausa people, the largest ethnic group in Africa. Only the nobility wore it in the beginning. After the Hausa people migrated to West Africa in the 1500s for trade and Islamic preaching, the attire became popular there. The popularity further increased during the 1800s.


Agbada is worn on formal occasions such as Eids, weddings, funerals, and other special ceremonies. People also wear it while going to the mosque or for Friday prayer specifically.

Ways to Wear Agbada for Men

Most recently, John Boyega, the British-Nigerian star wore a gorgeous blue Agbada to the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 19, 2019. His whole family attended the premiere proudly displaying their Nigerian roots.


The fabric can be cotton, an Ankara print, George fabric, damask, velvet as well as brocade. Typically, 4-7 yards of fabric is required to make an average Agbada. Men Agbada are decorated with beautiful embroidery that can be of a contrasting color or the same color as that of the fabric. Looking for what type of measurements are required for an Agbada? Here is the guide to Agbada’s standard measurement criteria for men.

↓ 20 – Hottest Look in White Agbada for Men

The silver Agbada outfit with ethnic embroidery is the perfect outfit choice for a traditional wedding. The ethnic design can be accessorized with gold chains and a pair of Ray-Bans. The bubble-gum pink hat is perfectly complementary and adds a much-needed splash of color to the look. Interested to know more about Ankara fashion? Head over to Ankara Styles for Guys.

Agbada for Men


↓ 19 – Embrace Summer Vibes with Pastel Colors

When in doubt, wear white. If white seems too plain and basic for you, then prefer adding another color with it so that it won’t sound too dull. Another way is to add a pop of color by wearing red coloured loafers with it. The white Agbada can be worn at a wedding, a luncheon, or even at a family gathering. This white Agbada styled with a creamy pink colored hat, will get your A-game on! The crisp and extensive embroidery and the stripes of color on the over-robe give such a soft and enticing effect!

Agbada for Men

↓ 18 – Agbada with Block Printing

The white Agbada with red and black block printing can be your style statement for the year. This particular Agbada looks closer to a Dashiki because of the shortness of both the shirt and the gown over it. Style it with a red hat, and you’re ready to go. The Agbada can be rocked at any occasion. If you go for one short-sleeved and tightly-fitted like this one, make sure to add some edgy accessories or jewelry to add to the modernity of your outfit.

Agbada for Men

↓ 17 – Sea Green Agbada for Young Guys

The sea-green version of an Agbada with a white undershirt will prove as a style inspiration for everyone this season. The subtle color can be worn at any time of the day without any second thoughts. Although this is a distinctly summer-appropriate look, the fresh color also reminds one of the winters. The neck of the outer robe has a smart v-neck, and the silver embroidery is incredibly elegant and soothing to look at. You can totally go without a hat if you don’t want to wear one, the lack of one enhances the sharpness of one instead of reducing it.

Agbada for Men

↓ 16 – Trend-setting Agbada

Now, see, this is what we call breaking boundaries and shattering stereotypes! This Agbada is as far away from tradition and norm as something can be. It’s almost plain except for the groovy embroidery, which is TO DIE FOR! The biggest compliment we can give this Agbada is that it’s a trend-setter for sure and certain. We recommend going with minimum or no jewelry and accessories as those tend to overshadow the outfit sometimes. Just keep it simple with this one, you won’t regret it.

Agbada for Men

↓ 15 – White Agbada with Rust Bodice

The color rust is a style statement on its own. The ethnic bodice adds traditional value to the very stylish ensemble. The subtly embroidered robe can be worn to a formal event or even for a night out with your friends. Here’s another idea: instead of a matching undershirt or vest, you can wear a t-shirt! That would look hip and add some modernity to the traditional style of the Agbada, balancing the two out.

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Agbada for Men

↓ 14 – Gold Agbada for Lunch or Dinner

We simply love this one. The vest has gold piping too, and the neck flap is left artfully open to display that. The thing about gold is, once it gets a hold of you, you can’t stop. With a touch of gold here, a dash there, this white and gold Agbada look would be perfect for a wedding or formal dinner. Style it with some bling and a hat that matches the embroidery to get your style game on.

Agbada for Men

↓ 13 – Black Agbada Casual Wear

Black is the color for every season and every occasion. It has never gone out of fashion, and it never will. In fact, it tends to add more class and elegance to an outfit. The black Agbada robe will display style and status with modesty. Wear it over your clothes to a festival or any other formal occasion. You can accessorize it with a black watch, dark-colored shades and matching black shoes.

Agbada for Men

↓ 12 – Stylish Silk Agbada

Blue is probably the most used color in Agbadas; it is recognized as a color worn to formal events. That is why there are so many pictures of blue Agbadas all over the internet. We love how the blue is contrasted with pink because the embroidery is of the same color and blends into the robe. It’s a decidedly festive and luxurious looking Agbada, complimented highly by the rad blue velvet shoes.

Agbada for Men


↓11 – Embracing Royal Touch

A perfect example of the fashion perfection you get when you balance out tradition with modern elements. This white and purple Agbada makes a style statement that you simply cannot ignore. The purple is added in generous amounts with the white: the piping is full on the robe and has neat trims on the undershirt and trousers. The buttons look so cute! The hat, of course, completes the look. We recommend white shoes, but black would go nicely with the outfit as well.

Agbada for Men

↓ 10 – Perfect Street Style Fashion

 Be a little daring and wear red! This fiery number needs no help from you whatsoever. It is bold, eye-catching, and will set fire to the party you wear it to. Add to the funkiness by wearing a modern hat instead of a traditional one in matching color. Avoid accessorizing and putting on more red.

Agbada for Men

↓ 9 – Angel in Blue

The angelic blue Agbada can be your go-to outfit for weddings. You’ll look no less than an Agbada aficionado! If you’re going with a color such as this, the material is essential. Silks go exceptionally well with light and soft colors and give such a pleasant rippling effect. Make sure your Agbada is of a similarly smooth and shiny material. Add a dash of color to give some life to the outfit.

Agbada for Men

↓ 8 – Creamy Yellow and Dark Blue Combination for Winter Weddings

Take your contrasting to a whole other level by not only going with different colored embroidery but a vest that is also of a different color! Pull your sleeves up over your forearms, and keep them there to better display this quirkiness. It will also bring out the gorgeousness of the front of the Agbada; the lovely and wide embroidery panels look so chic. Pair with cream-colored shoes for the full look.

Agbada for Men

↓ 7 – Symmetry Rules!

Ooh, la la! Please let us have a moment to recover from the absolute magnificence of this fashion-forward Agbada. The stripes, the light and dark shades of blue, the hat that defies symmetry, and the main attraction, the embroidery design of the Agbada, all give a crisp and refined air. You could very well wear this Agbada to a business meeting, that’s how glorious it is. The style of the neck and sleeves add to the sleekness, so do the smart shoes.

Agbada for Men

↓ 6 – Classy Black Evening Wear

To be honest, if you don’t own a black Agbada already, you’re missing out on a lot. Perhaps, that’s why this post has so many black Agbadas to choose from. The chest embroidery of these is incredibly stylish. With two different examples, you can approach this with whatever strikes your fancy: you can go for a black panel with white embroidery or a white panel with a different-colored embroidery. Your black Agbada will carry whatever you choose and look classy at the end.

Agbada for Men

↓ 5 – Hip-hop Agbada

Going to the concert of your favourite singer? Or even your own? Well, this is the perfect hip-hop look that will display your readiness to dance to the beat. This unconventional Agbada must be accessorized with lots and lots of jewelry, some beautiful and big shades, and a hat that is as quirky as the rest of the outfit.

Agbada for Men

↓ 4 – Beat the Heat!

The off white Agbada is cool for the summer! Bling it with a heavy chain and some shades to get your Nigerian aficionado on! White Agbadas are perfect for going to the mosque for common prayers, for Eids and summer weddings and birthday parties. You can make it more lively by adding splashes of color, either by jewelry or shoes.

Agbada for Men

↓ 3 – Sophistication at its Peak

The color blue is also a style statement on its own. The ethnic and chic embroidery adds traditional value to the very stylish ensemble with a hint of funkiness. The radiantly embroidered robe can be worn to a formal event or even for a night out with your friends. Blue is complemented by white and silver, so make sure to wear some silver accessories.

Agbada for Men

↓ 2 – Flared Sleeves Outfit

The flared blue Agbada outfit with the ethnic thread work is the perfect outfit choice for a traditional wedding or, in this case, a concert. It screams fashion, and the utterly beautiful floral embroidery gives such wonderful summer vibes. The shorter length of the Agbada can be worn with white pants and a white undershirt too. To complete the look, don’t forget the hat.

Agbada for Men


↓ 1 – Bring Matchless Versatility

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, our number one pick for the most stylish Agbada outfit you’ll ever see! First of all, the color! It’s rich and dark. Second, the material, which is perfectly stiff and glossy. Third and most important, the design on the over-robe! How delightfully artsy and eccentric does it look? Fourth, the matching hat. Let’s face it; a plain hat would never have looked this good, not even remotely. And lastly, the cane! BRING. THE. SWAG. ON!

Agbada for Men

Next time you go shopping, don’t forget to pick an Agbada for yourself!

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