Accessories for Skinny Guys – 8 Style Essentials for Slim Men

Accessories for Skinny Guys. Wearing stylish clothes is not so difficult, but accessorizing them surely is. It has its own obstacles. Most guys fail to find accessories that flatter their slim physiques and engulf their thin bodies.

Skinny fellas don’t have it made in the accessories department. Although you may think so, the reality is they struggle a lot more than buff guys. It is much harder than you think to find clothes and accessories that fit and flatter at the same time. Although most outfits are made with slim men in mind, the pieces tend to accentuate their slim figures a little more than intended.

 Best Style Tips For Slim Men

Here are some fashion rules that will make it easier for slim guys to shop for accessories, and you’ll never have to look back at that voluminous and bulky watches and belts ever again! So all the slender guys out there, pay close attention. We have lined up eight style essentials and accessories for slim men. Here is a breakdown of what we think will look best on slim men.

Style Essentials for Skinny Men

Fashion Hacks for Slim Guys: How to Dress if you’re Skinny

Don’t lose your self-confidence just because you are one of those skinny men. We have come up with some fashion tips and tricks that can help you out in your daily life struggles of dressing, which are mentioned below for your read. We hope you will be happy following fashion fundamental rules specifically designed for skinny guys.

  • Avoid Big Sized Accessories: Say no to big and over-sized accessories. Avoid wearing boldly designed belts, big gemstones rings, long necklaces or big designed bracelets because it will only make you look slimmer.
  • Smart Outfit Layering: If you want to create an illusion of being bulky and healthier, then prefer wearing up your outfits in various layers. Unfortunately, this fashion hack can be applied only in the winter season.
  • Avoid Vertical Stripes: Wearing shirts with vertical stripes may make you look slimmer. However, if you have already shirts with vertical lines, then prefer wearing a jacket or light cardigan over vertically striped shirts.
  • Straight Leg Denim Pants: Avoid wearing skinny jeans if you are one of those skinny guys. Prefer wearing straight cut denim jeans as it will suit you best according to your body type.
  • Wear Right Fit Outfits: Always buy those clothes that perfectly fit your body type. Your outfit should not be too tight or too loose. Your outfit should perfectly fit you so that it will suit you well. Avoid baggy jeans and oversized shirts.
  • Shoulder Pads are Optional for some! We’ve observed some fashion bloggers suggesting skinny men wear shoulder pads, but we perceive this as a big no-go area (in some cases). You may get away with very subtle shoulder pads, but there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about if you are of a more petite build. Don’t consider like you have to look butch and stacked. Be happy in your body shape, and welcome it. Besides lightweight wools, you should also have amazing thick-knit sweaters or cardigans in your closet for casual wear.
  • Which Colors to Wear for Skinny Men: Here is the deal: Wear brighter shades like white, beige, or pastels. Many skinny men know that darker hues slender you down, but few know that lighter colors have the inverse effect. This is also why rooms with more moderate colored walls feel like they are spacier than same-sized rooms with more dull and dark-colored walls.
  • Neck Designs for Skinny Guys: Looking for suitable neck designs for slim guys? Avoid wearing V-neck designs of a shirt. Prefer wearing crew necks instead of v-neck designs if you are one of the skinny guys. The reason why a skinny guy should avoid v-neck designs is it will give an awkward elongated illusion of body type.
  • Belts for Skinny Men: Opt for a belt that is just a few centimeters (2.5 – 3.5 cm) wide. Go for subtle colors if you want it to keep the size of your skinny waist discreet. The belt size should be more than half inches longer than the size of your pants’ waist, which means if you take a 40 waist size in pants, you want a 41-42 inch belt. Alternatively, you can work out the size of your new belt from your traditional belt. Measure from where you always buckle it to the opposing end of the strap and get the nearest size to that. When buying a plate buckle, remember the throw (distance from chape to hook) scores to the length of your belt. If you love a belt that’s the wrong size (or your size has changed since you bought the belt), then try to avoid the temptation to dig a hole in it with your pocket knife or kitchen scissors. It will be visibly odd, and the belt will end up breaking. Drive it to your local cobbler to get a hole made correctly according to your waist size.
  • But Wait! Which Shoes to Wear? A pair of well-fitted sneakers can never fail, especially when it comes to wearing white sneakers! But make sure they are sparkling clean before you wear them because women pay attention to details. Another fashion key rule for skinny guys is to wear ankle boots as it will make your legs look a bit bigger in size.

accessories for skinny men


↓ 8 – Ties for Skinny Guys

A tie is usually the first thing that people look at, especially when you’re wearing a suit. But before picking a tie, know what size works best for you. A not very super skinny yet narrow tie is made for a skinny guy’s petite body. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a misfit member of Congress. A few inches at the widest point of the tie will do the trick. The thinner width will work well with your slim physique and will prevent it from clashing with the rest of your outfit.

You don’t want it to look like your tie is an anchor to the outfit, right? Go for a button-down shirt that falls slightly tapered from top to the bottom and fits your shoulders well. And pull the look together with a boldly patterned tie. Nothing shouts out ‘tacky’ more than a dizzying print business tie. Always try on the tie before you buy it! Slimmer ties are appropriate for professional office wear. The 1.5-inch tie is more suitably paired up with a casual look which you can wear it with leather or with vintage anything. The excellent news is skinny ties are not out of the fashion yet, so enjoy wearing it.

best accessories for skinny guys and men

↓ 9 – Belts for Skinny Guys

There’s more to a belt than just holding your trousers up. Belts can add a personal touch to your style without putting in much effort. They can boldly hold an outfit together while making a style statement. The classic accessory reflects your personality, so you must make the most of it by choosing the correct belt!

A belt isn’t worn to steal the show but to play a supporting role to complete your outfit. You don’t want to look like you’re playing dress-up in your dad’s belts rather than looking stylish, now do you? Several belts also have a keeper loop and/or an end tip (the end tip is normally metal or leather on cloth belts). The end tip guards the end of the belt and can make it more accessible to buckle. After it’s buckled, the keeper loop closes the free end flapping around. When you are carrying a formal belt, be alert to match your leather shade, and balance your metals. Your belt should be not only the identical hues but also the equivalent level of shininess as your shoes and other leather accessories, and the buckle should be the likewise tone as your different metal accessories. Dress belts should only have a small tail endYou want a few inches of leather to the left of the buckle when it’s fastened, long enough to tuck through the first belt loop or the loop on the belt itself if it has one. Casual belts can have a few bits more of a tail, although Additionally long will still look clumsy. The Military style canvas belts with brass buckles conventionally get their tails under right down to the buckle.

best accessories for skinny guys and men


↓ 6 – Shoulder Pads were made for Skinny Guys

A lighter version of shoulder pads, rather than heavy shoulder pads that secretaries from the ’80s considered a style statement, can help you add a little extra bulk and define your shape. Another best bet would be double-breasted jackets and coats. The added depth of fabric will give you a more mature and classic look while bulking up your skinny frame a bit. Padded shoulders in jackets will also make you appear broader. Here are some awesome Jeans for Skinny Guys-15 Perfect Ways to Wear Jeans Skinny Guys

To fill out your waist, the use of pleats with suit trousers is the best option to go for. If nothing works, then shapes and patterns, for example, windowpane checks, will give an illusion and make you appear bigger than you really are. Checks tapering down from the knees is another way to bulk that skinny physique up. Checks and boxes can also combine visible heft to your body, much in the same style that textures do. The shorter the scale of the pattern, the more it grows your visual heft, and the more powerful it makes you look.

best accessories for skinny guys and men

↓ 5 – Huge Accessories are a No-go zone

Heavy and chunky watches will draw more attention to your slim wrists. The same goes for bags, and sunglasses. Go for accessories that go well with your slim figure. Opt for styles with denser fabrics like flannel or wool and prominent buttons. It will bulk up your size a bit. The brand and price of the accessory don’t matter, but if it’ll make your face look like a novelty piece, avoid it. Think and pay attention to narrow bow ties and keep ties straighter. Keep your eyewear, bags, and watches small.

best accessories for skinny guys and men


↓ 4 – How Skinny Guys Should Wear Beanie Hats

To be honest, there’s no wrong way of wearing a beanie. It’s the one thing that goes well with any physique and face. So just pick a color you love and add a statement to your outfit.

best accessories for skinny guys and men


↓ 3 – Cufflinks for Skinny Guys

A cuff link is a piece of jewelry that is both ornamental and functional. If you’ve never tried a cuff link, then you’re missing out. Is it because you think the cuff link will weigh your wrist down? There are three secrets behind picking out the right cufflinks for your wrists. The style, material, and type of the cuff link.  To avoid the cuff links from looking like barrels on your cuffs go for an overlapping, business-like slim style rather than the traditional ornamental look. Platinum, silver, and gold are obvious favorites.


best accessories for skinny guys and men


↓ 2 – How to Wear Glasses If You’re a Skinny Guy

Pick unobtrusive frames of glasses. The goal is to prevent the glasses from masking your slim features. Select frames that blend well with the shape of your features and face. Don’t miss out these 48 New Hairstyles for Skinny Boys Trending These Days

Glasses are an active piece of accessory. Know the kind of glasses that stand out. There’s a lot more to think about than what’s trending when picking the fashion ensemble. Here’s a basic rule, pick thinner and lighter frames that aren’t too heavy on your face.

best accessories for skinny guys and men


↓ 1 – Scarves for Skinny Men

Skinny scarves, circle scarves, square scarves, headscarves, and bandanna scarves will all suit your skinny needs. Go for scarves that are thinner in width. They’re available in widths from 6 to 14 inches. So a skinny guy like you should go for a scarf 10 inches maximum in width. It shouldn’t be strangling the entire length of your neck. The typical materials you can go for include synthetic materials, silk, linen, cotton, angora, cashmere, and wool. Just know that bulky scarves made out of thick yarn aren’t a practical choice for a skinny guy.

Take it from us, and these ideas are your go-to for making it to the list of stylish dudes!

best accessories for skinny guys and men



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