Fawad Khan Hairstyles-18 Top Haircuts of Fawad Khan of all time

Fawad Khan Hairstyles. Fawad Khan’s hairstyle has revolutionized so much over the years that fans have come to love and adopt nearly every single one of his awesome hair styling approaches. But what has not changed in the famous 34-year old, is his timeless class that pops up inevitably with every look he possesses.

Here are 18 top and also the best haircuts of Fawad Khan to date and will surely charm his fans and followers. Have a look and add a bit more glamor to your mundane look with the endlessly classic fashion of Fawad Khan. Happy hairdos!

Latest and Mindblowing Haircuts of Fawad Khan

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#18 – The Winter Hairdo

The winter hairdo of Fawad Khan makes him utterly the most sophisticated fashion icon — best dressed, best looks and apparently, he has got the best hairdo as well.


 #17 – The Luxurious Cut

The luxurious-looking, shimmering and glossy hairdo of his, makes it quite advertised-ready and that’s just one of the features of being a star.


 #16 – Fawad Khan Haircut from Kapoor and Sons

Fawad’s idyllic and quite distinct hair from his previously released film ‘Kapoor and Sons’ caught the audience’s attention a bit too far that people now look up for terms such as ‘Fawad Khan hairstylist’. Alia Bhatt looks gorgeous as ever when paired next to Fawad, here are some amazing Alia Bhatt Outfits-32 Best Dressing Styles of Alia Bhatt


 #15 – Haircut in Photo Shoot with Sonam Kapoor

The haircut he especially got for his photo shoot with Sonam Kapoor when he was marketing for his film with posters, photos, etc. For a more closer look into his impeccable outfits, check out Fawad Khan Dressing Styles-27 Best Outfits of Fawad Khan to Copy


 #14 – The Mysterious Look

The mysterious look in his eyes carries on to his hairstyle and the overall glimpse of his style just sheds a whole lot of mystery.


 #13 – Fawad Khan Haircut

Fawad’s famous haircut and his many other haircuts have surely contributed a lot to his $2 million net worth. And it is quite easy to see why that would be, as this one depicts endless class.


 #12 – Fawad Khan Haircut from Zindagi Gulzar Hai

His gorgeous hairdo and the beard style that he adopted in his novel-based play Zindagi Gulzar Hai, left viewers awe-struck. Not only is the hairdo an absolute pro work of a stylist but also sheds light on some unrealistic features of TV shows and plays.


 #11 – The Slid-back Hairdo

The slid-back hairdo or a pushed back style as one may say, depicts a lot more Pakistani culture than his other styles may do, and as per so much advancement in fashion, this may not appeal to many. Or you happen to be an extensively good fan, then have your try.


 #10 – His Promotional Haircut

So this falls in for the times when he plans a promotional visit to any of the media outlets and the look he plans on adopting is a whole lot distinct from his regular style. The stylishly slid back style and the overgrown beard is surely some way to go.


 #9 – His Hairdo

His hairdo that he adopted as per syncing to his singing career added an absolute poetic look to his personality. Although this hairdo did not win as much of hearts as his hairdo did and have much more ranking in google searches.


 #8 – Fawad Khan’s Humsafar Look

His look of Humsafar is quite the most distinct ever. The dressing, the facial style and of course the hair — to give him the scripted look of a married man.
Well, Fawad’s Humsafar hair occupied no lesser hearts and is still a hit.


 #7 – His Haircut for Khoobsurat Poster

The slid back and all-gelled hair of Fawad Khan in Khoobsurat captured another kind of interest and audience attention.


 #6 – His Most Recent Haircut

His most recent haircut and perhaps also the most original one with half side of the hair all slid back and shiny while the rest set aside.
It is different from others as it particularly gives a much thinner look to his features.


 #5 – Fawad Khan Hair in Maula Jatt 2

The haircut he will supposedly adopt in his upcoming film Maula Jatt 2. And his character in the film pours deeply into his personality and looks, and once the film is released it will surely set audience’s attention on fire.


 #4 – Fawad Khan in His Shoot for Humsafar

In his shoot for Humsafar play, his hair was given a distinct look to match his disturbed character in the play. And even though, it gave him a much older look than his gorgeous current hair right now, it still had such a strong of an impact on his fan following.


 #3 – His Vintage Hairdo

His hair back in the times when he devoted much more to Pakistani media than he does now.


 #2 – The Poet-inspired Style

The poet-inspired style is surely some great way to go about as your look as a singer.


 #1 – His Cultural Hairdo

The hairdo he usually takes on when he wants to dress up culturally and in a native manner.


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