Top 5 Men Celebrities With World Most Expensive Cars

After bringing the top 5 female celebrities who own world most expensive cars , its time to dig in male celebrities garage.Which male celebrity has most expensive car?World most expensive car brands with celebrities ? this post intends to cover this list so lets check it.

Men Celebrities With World Most Expensive Cars

# 1 – Jay Z – Maybach Exelero – $8,000,000.

With that price tag you would expect nothing but high class quality all round and with this car being a one off it is not surprising that it has exactly that. Jay Z will often have his cars in his music videos and this one is no exception. Featured in ‘Lost Ones’, this V12 coupe which hits 60mph in 4.4seconds is the perfect car for combining luxury, practicality and power as well as looking gorgeous in the process.

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# 2 – Flo Rida – Bugatti Veyron – $2,700,000.

Everyone knows the Bugatti Veyron. Other celebs who own a Bugatti Veyron include Lil Wayne ($2,700,000), Birdman ($2,000,000) and Simon Cowell ($1,700,000). What was the fastest car ever made it is available in so many different colours and with different additions they can be easily customised to any celebs liking. Flo Rida had his Veyron gold coated which goes to show when it comes to bling the celebs won’t hold back. The Veyron has an 8litre engine and will reach 60mph in a staggering 2.2seconds!

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# 3 – Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959 – $700,000.

Jerry Seinfeld’s car collection will easily cost around $15,000,000 and will house many different Porsches. This includes his featured gorgeous silver Porsche 959. This Porsche is a stunning classic shape and is fully loaded with sophistication. It does 0-60mph in 3.7seconds and was voted the number one sports car in the 1980s. This car is only one of 337 ever made which adds even more class and uniqueness to it.

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# 4 – Jay Leno – Mercedes SLR Mclaren – $500,000.

The Mercedes SLR Mclaren is a personal favourite of mine. Sleek and stylish it is not surprising they are chosen by celebrities. Jay Leno’s Mclaren is the classic silver and is also only one of his cars in his 130 space garage collection. It holds a 5.4litre V8 engine and will hit 60mph at 3.4seconds.

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# 5 – David Beckham – Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead – $407,000.

Another car with reverse hinged doors, Beckham’s fully black Phantom was customized to suit not only himself but even his fully black garage. Cream leather seats, wooden decked backing and DVD player embedded into the seats, not only is it built for leisure but he also used it for the day to day family car runs. With a 6 litre V12 engine it can hit 60mph at 5.9s econds.

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 Although these are now considered the most expensive cars for the celebrities they do not even come close on price tags to the world’s most expensive car. Paul Pappalardo’s Ferrari 250 GTO comes top ranking at $52,000,000! They definitely outweigh this car of mod cons, custom seats and other luxuries but none will ever meet that price range. This car however was not considered a luxury vehicle as it was a racer so people would pay more for the investment rather than looks or gadgets.

Top 5 Men Celebrities With World Most Expensive Carsvia

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