12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2023

Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls: every wedding you are a part of brings a special kind of joy and delight to your life. Every little moment during the wedding event adds to a big heap of precious memories that hundreds of people collectively share, especially if you are a girl. Attending and dressing up for weddings is probably a girl’s favorite activity. But it is not just about marking your attendance at a wedding that’s so important, the way you dress is equally important.

Therefore, It is essential to choose the perfect dress which compliments the event you’re a big part of. Picking a dress and wearing a proper fit is not only limited to what’s trendy but is equally important for an accurate representation of your personality. For example, if you choose a minimalist dress, you will come off as modest and sober but if you go for a heavy dress, you will come off as bold and audacious.

Do’s And Dont’s Of Wedding Guest Outfits

  • You also have to be very considerate of the theme of the wedding you’re attending. You should not be overdressed or underdressed.
  • Make sure you have the perfect dress for the perfect weather. This will help you avoid feeling too hot or too cold and hindering you from enjoying your day.
  • Being a skinny girl, make sure you wear dresses according to your size. You will feel uncomfortable and feel less flattering in loose and big dresses.
  • Style your hair according to the whole look as your hair can frame your entire appearance.
  • Pair heavy accessories with a minimal dress and vice versa.
  • Wear high heels as your outfit will be incomplete without them.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022

Top 12 Wedding Guest Outfit Picks For Skinny Girls

Here we have a list of the 15 best wedding guest dresses for skinny girls. Have a look at these amazing outfits and note the styling tips!

You might also want to have a look at Best Hairstyles for Petite Women and pair up a nice hairdo with your wedding outfits.

↓ 12 – How To Wear A Black Dress To A Wedding

Black is one of the most favored colors all around the world. There are multiple reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that you are bound to look captivating no matter how you style a black dress.

Our first pick for your wedding wardrobe is this stunning slim-fit black dress. As we earlier mentioned, you can style it any way you want and still look the best dressed at any given place and time, in this case specifically, at your loved one’s wedding.

You can wear your favorite diamond jewelry with this dress and let your hair out loose. If you want to go for a unique look, you can tie your hair up with a few pieces of sparkly hair accessories. Wearing a shiny black pair of high heels is a must. To complete your look, grab your favorite branded black clutch. Also, have a look at 14 Stylish All-Black Outfits Worn By Pakistani Celebrities.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Split Front Maxi Dress €59.99

JIMMY CHOO slingback mules £825

↓ 11 – When to Wear Orange Bodycon Dress For Skinny Girls

Orange is a bright color and definitely statement-worthy. This radiant orange Bodycon with a thigh slit and a cut-out around the waist is not like the other dresses on our list. This bodycon especially has our hearts because of its uniqueness.
You can style it with orange strappy gladiator heels, matching your dress. These heels will further give a bold and daring feel to your whole look. For the accessories, don’t feel shy to try something new. You can wear chunky, colorful earrings or minimalistic gold hoops according to your preference. In addition to that, a high point tail is recommended as the hairdo so you can flaunt your beautiful collarbones and earrings. Also, have a look at 12 Best Bodycon Dresses For Skinny Girls With Styling Tips.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


One Shoulder Cut Out Dress $44.99

↓ 10 – Winter Wedding Guest Outfit For Petite Girls

We’ve got the perfect solution for you to stay warm and slay everyone with your fashion sense at the same time. The designers have meticulously designed and stitched this dress to make you feel like royalty.
This pure emerald green velvet dress with a slit in the middle should be a staple in the formal wear section of your wardrobe. We can bet you that once you step a foot inside the wedding venue in this dress, you’ll be the center of attention. To style this dress, you must have a classic white pearl necklace and earrings. The combination of velvet and pearls will remind everyone of the renaissance times when both of these things were a symbol of privilege, sophistication, and beauty. You can let your hair open or tie them in a low bun to allow maximum attention to divert to your neckpiece.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022



White Freshwater Pearl Necklace $229

↓ 9 – Pink Slit Dress For Skinny Girls

As we previously established, slim-fitted dresses are a skinny girl’s best friend. They have the ability to give you a model body. This hot pink dress is one of our favorites on the list of wedding outfits for guests.

This lightweight silk dress has spaghetti straps that will delicately rest on your shoulders. Not only is the dress made out of a comfortable fabric, but it is also designed to be the perfect summer dress. The high-thigh slit is perfect for a dramatic effect.

You can wear any colored high heels with this dress as long as they complement your whole look. Long dangly earrings and Swarovsky bracelets should be your preferred accessories. Don’t forget to wear hot pink lipstick too!

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


↓ 8 – Summer Wedding Outfit For Guests

Some girls might consider it a hassle attending a wedding in the summer but that is not the case when you have the perfect summer guest outfit. You have to make sure you go for a dress that is both relaxed and comfortable so your skin can breathe through the fabric and get as much fresh a breeze as much as possible.

We would suggest you go for this dainty summer frock that is comfortable as much as it is beautiful. Furthermore, if you are insecure about your skinny body, this relaxed fit will do a perfect job of masking your figure. The heavenly colors of this dress will also spread coolness all around you and radiate calm vibes.

Our favorite hairstyle with this dress is a high bun. Perfect for summers. Pearl studs and long-layered necklaces will suit this look a lot. Also, have a look at an important guide- 13 Pro Secrets to Sweat-Proofing Your Summer Makeup.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Astone Dress – Blue Floral $159

↓ 7 – What To Wear To A Moroccan Wedding?

Moroccan weddings are one of the most culturally rich weddings. They are celebrated worldwide with happiness and enthusiasm. Therefore, when you are invited to a Moroccan wedding, you need to make sure you are dressed according to their culture so that you are not a misfit.

To give you some inspiration, you can wear a gown like this to your loved one’s wedding. The light lavender color soothes the eyes and the delicate golden embroidery on it reflects the celebratory event. These Moroccan gowns are best for slim girls as they can accentuate their curves once they tie that special belt around their waist.

Don’t shy away from wearing heavy jewelry with this traditional ensemble. It will only help you be the best guest at the Moroccan wedding.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Moroccan Caftan Women $32.99

↓ 6 – What Accessories To Wear With A Mini Ruffled Dress

Ruffled dresses are the new trend of 2021. They have the ability to bring life into every event that you wear them to. Therefore, if you decide to go with this unique ruffled short dress, made out of silk, be prepared to be the lift of the party. Skinny girls have a special advantage of wearing short dresses as they allow focus on their legs which make them appear taller and fuller.

It is very important to wear strappy heels which lace up all the way around your legs. This will make your slim legs look long and gorgeous. You should pair big round golden hoops with this dress.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Cut Out Mini Dress Saffron $149

Lace-Up Gladiator Heels $44.80

↓ 5 – What To Wear To A Korean Wedding?

Korean weddings are also widely celebrated all around the world. Marriages are very sacred to Koreans and they become very joyous when the lifetime union of two people is announced.

It is a fact that Korean women are mostly petite, this is why their dresses often come in size small or extra small. This will surely work out in every skinny girl’s favor, as these dresses are specifically stitched according to their body types. Below is an emerald green sleeveless dress, made out of pure silk. There is delicate embroidery around the neck, making this dress fancier.

You don’t need to wear accessories as you wouldn’t want them to overpower the embroidered neckline of your dress. Tying your hair up or in a low bun will allow your neckline to be in the limelight. Wear your favorite emerald earrings with this dress.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Emerald Green Long Satin $74.99

↓ 4 – How To Wear A Two-Piece Wedding Guest Outfit?

A two-piece set is always a unique option to go for, as it has its own charm. But this specific floral set with puff sleeves and a ruffled skirt looks straight out of a queen’s wardrobe. As your neck and shoulders will be bare in this dress, make sure you wear some very unique neck jewelry that can draw attention to your beautiful collarbones. Cute hair accessories such as sparkly hairpins will suit this floral dress too.

We can never have enough of baby pink. It is the most royal color amongst the billions of gorgeous colors out there. This intricately designed floral dress is specifically made to bring out the best in you. Surely, this is a timeless beauty and will make you look like one too.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Linen Cake Skirt – Multi $89

↓ 3 – Elegant Dress For Slim Wedding Guests

Skinny women have a unique advantage when it comes to wearing Bodycon Dresses. They might be insecure about being skinny, but when they wear a Bodycon dress, they can notice that their chest, hips, and thighs look more structured than in other dresses.

Hence, our next pick is this pastel blue Bodycon with cutouts around the waist and a metal ring in the middle. Blue is not only a fresh color, but it is also perfect for weddings in the summer to make you feel cool and fresh. Other fellow guests will also feel a sense of relaxation when they lay their eyes on you.

With this dress, you can wear either transparent or nude heels. A choker on your neck and sparkly bracelets around your wrists are must-wear accessories with this dress!

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Light Blue Satin Dress $138

↓ 2 – What Should Skinny Girls Wear To An African Wedding

Africans live for vibrancy, as their own personalities are full of liveliness and joy. So if you want to honor your African traditions and customs while also looking radiant, then you can wear something like these dresses pictured below. These colorful patterned dresses will truly make the hearts of everyone around you flutter.

Different colors are used in different parts of the dress, each one adding its own charm to the entire fit. For example, a combination of brown and white is used on an orange dress, creating a unique design. Since both of these dresses are off-shoulder dresses, you should wear neck accessories to complete the look. Pair any bright-colored heels with these dresses.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


The Home Of African Fashion

Ray-Ban sunglasses

↓ 1 – What To Wear To A South-Asian Wedding Party?

East Asians, specifically Pakistanis and Indians celebrate their cultures and traditions with a deep passion. They take pride in their heritage, which is why their celebrations are always so heartfelt. Therefore, our next pick is an Indian wedding guest outfit.

So if you want to make a statement at a Desi wedding where the whole guest list will remember you by, then wear this! Black and white, a classic combination i-e the king and queen of the colors will not only make you look like a god-sent angel but also bless everyone else’s eyes around you! Do a middle part with silky straight hair or make a sleek bun with this outfit and we’ll be surprised if you don’t get lines of paparazzi fighting to take a couple of pictures of you.

12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls in 2022


Black and White floral lehenga

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay to wear black to a wedding?

A: Absolutely! Black is a classy color and one of the first colors on our recommendation list for any wedding event. It is also relatively easy to style as it has the ability to make you look ravishing no matter how you style it.

Q: What color should you not wear to a wedding as a guest?

A: We would suggest you not wear solid white suits. This is because, in most cultures, only the bride wears white. If you choose to wear the same color as her, it will be inappropriate.

Q: What type of dresses should a skinny girl wear to weddings?

A: In our opinion, skinny girls look the best in short ruffled dresses, long bodycons, and dresses that require wearing belts around the waist. All of these options will accentuate your curves and give your body extra shape.

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