30 Easy DIY Summer Fashion Ideas With Step by Step Tutorials

Branded Girls bring you the top 30 amazing and Easy DIY summer fashion projects that can make you look all smart throughout the season. In summers, we usually get free time where we can utilize the time and use it to do some simple DIY projects. To help you out with the ideas we have come up with some brilliant ideas for you all.

Being well dressed and up to date with fashion requires your effort. Staying stylish and fashionable doesn’t have to require much money but instead your effort to look good even with a small budget. You can make it true by coming up with easy DIY clothing refashion hacks.  It is not really that difficult to look stylish. Work with your skills and create a completely different and unique attire at home with DIY tutorials.

If you are a DIY lover and you have enough time to experiment and try different projects then you must try these very creative suggestions and projects. They are easy to do and can be done on your own without needing anyone’s help. With these incredible ideas you will be able to use your skill and spend your time in creating something that can be useful for you. I am sure you will fall in love with the projects once you get to see the result. The good part about these projects is that you can reuse your old clothes or accessories and completely change it by using different techniques.

When talking about accessories or fashion items, the first thing that clicks your mind is clothes and shoes. I am sure you would have an old shoe in your closet on which you spent some money but hardly wore it. Or an old shoe that you would want to spend your time on to change its look. Well you can use on but never really seem to wear? Well you can use glitter, buttons, gems, glue etc. to give it a nice and shiny look that could be worn at a wedding or to a party. With using the glitter it will enhance the beauty of it. Plus they are a perfect wear in summer weddings. This preferably could be heels.

All you need is, old clothes to get started with. With using your creativity and skills you can give the old piece of cloth a completely new look. Now i am sure that doesn’t need much money to be spent on. The question is that how is it possible to turn the old clothes to new? Well you can use embellishments on the outfits to change the look but try to do it neatly so that you don’t ruin the clothes. You can get items like beads, embellishments, lace, threads etc. For your ease we thought of bringing up some easy and interesting DIY tutorials with instructions that can help you with getting the work done easily. Whether it be clothes, accessories, hair accessories, slippers etc.

Step by Step DIY Summer Clothing Refashion Tips

summer fashion diy hacks

#1. T-shirt with the lace work at back

Summer Fashion DIY Projects (36)


To start this first fold the t-shirt in half. Now cut out the neckline and cut off the few inches from the bottom, and may be little off the sleeves. Then cut some of the length from the back that needs to be replaces with the lace. Once you are done with the cutting procedure, you can fold the shirt in half. The front should be on one side and the back on the other. Fold it again and lay the lace over it.

You can now attach both the pieces by sewing the two pieces together down. You can check the picture for more help.

Source: manouvellemode

#2. Easy Cut Out Dress

Summer Fashion DIY Projects (32)


For this you require:

– straps to make the halter

– a midi skirt

– needle and thread

– scissors

Wear the skirt on and measure the length you need. Should be the minimum length you require. Cut out half inch of length from the bottom. Once down now  cut the piece of leftover fabric. This should be a strip of fabric to be used.  Since this will be worn over as a top, make sure you measure the size of your chest. To start with the fabric behind your back you can now tuck the part of the fabric across your back. This will look like a dress.  Now hold the ends of the material and bring the two ends across your chest. Once done, twist the pieces of fabric in the middle at the bust.

For adding the straps, pin them in place once you are wearing the top. Now you can remove the top and sew the straps on according to your comfort.

Source: A Pair and a Spare DIY

#3. Dye Skirt for Summers

Summer Fashion DIY Projects (45)


You will need:

– clip hanger, bucket, salt & rubber gloves

– pink dye (or color of your choice)

– white silk skirt

Use a clip hanger to hang the skirt. But half of it should be in the bucket. Now add water & salt in the bucket and dip half of the skirt in it for few minutes. Do it again for more ten minutes. Then dip the last few inches of the skirt in the bucket again for 10 minutes. Hang the skirt outside to try. Out the skirt from bucket & hang it to dry. Let the dye to set now.

Source: lovelaughliveme

#4. Lace Shorts

diy lace shorts tutorial

Image source stylowi.pl

You will require:

one pair of denim shorts


needle and thread

two pieces of triangular-shaped lace or a doily available at stores


How to make Lace Denim Shorts– Cut out the lace pieces in triangular shape. Line up the tip of the lace with glue and stick it to the shorts. Pin the lace or a colored ribbon into place. Then leave it there for about  1/2 inch on the inside. Now cut out the fabric that is behind the lace so that the lace is visible.

Make sure that the space behind the lace is empty.

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#5. Galaxy Paint T-Shirt

Summer Fashion DIY Projects (11)


You will need:


bleach and a spray bottle

black t-shirt

fabric paint



Pour bleach and water into the spray bottle. Set a newspaper on the floor. Now lay a black shirt on the newspaper and spray the bleach and water solution on your shirt. Get your white paint which should be a fabric paint and pour some into your emptied spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with water and shake it. Now spray it on your t-shirt.  Squeeze blue paint and and rub with sponge. Make sure the blue is completely blurred. You can now apply the paint on the shirt along with other colors that you would like to use.

Once the painting is done, let your shirt to dry.

Source: Snapguide

#6. DIY Floral Sunglasses



You will need:

– sunglasses

– polymer clay in a few different colours

– an oven

– aluminum foil

– goop glue

Use clay and divide it into small pieces. Now start by making little balls out of the clay. Then make noodles out of the clay and use it as the spiral. Now flatten each of the balls between your fingers. Then you can attach each flattened ball with the spiral that you had flattened to make balls.

You can check more ideas by searching over the net.  Apply the flowers you made to your glasses one at a time so that you can redesign it. Keep covering the edges until it is completely done.

Source: chictopia


Summer Fashion DIY Projects (34)




Hair accessories are always in fashion. Specially the Dolce & Gabbana head pieces are trending.

For this you will need the following things:

– barrette

– pliers

– hot-glue gun

– pearls

– buttons, and/or gemstones.


While using the buttons , use pliers to clip off the backings on it. Use the layout design on it to apply the buttons, pearls, or the gems onto the marked design.


Summer Fashion DIY Projects (33)


Things required:

Besides scissors, you will need:

– 2 yards of woven sequin trim or fabric, about 1″ to 2″ in width.

– 2 shower curtain rings, or any wide ring.

DIY Instructions:

1. Use a thread first ring through trim. Now while stopping at the center you can wrap one end of the trim around ring until the circle is completely covered.

2. After that use a thread on the second ring through trim. This should be done from opposite end, until they meets the first ring at the center. Keep wrapping the remaining end of trim around ring. So that the circle is completely covered.

3. Once both the rings are covered, now wind each end of the trim around the center.

4. Loop each end of the trim under the opposite ring and make sure to pull it through.

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diy stud on shirt

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diy sleeveless collar design


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We hope you loved the ideas and you will surely try all of the summer do it yourself Hacks to stay all cool and smart in the heat. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends so that they can also make the use of it. Good luck girls 🙂

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