Rangoli Design Ideas: 23 Best Rangoli Designs for Holi 2022

Rangoli design ideas: Holi, also known as Dhulandi / Dhulendi or the festival of colors and love, is a colorful and lively celebration celebrated in India and by Indians around the world. Holi is about more than just embracing Spring; it’s about excitement, happiness, and festivities.

The festival of Holi is observed on the Phalguna Purnima. Without Gulal and Rangoli, Holi is not complete. Rangoli is an age-old Indian tradition. Alpana, Aripoma, and Kolam are all other terms used for rangoli.

What are some Unique Rangoli Designs?

Rangoli, or “painted prayers of India,” is a traditional Indian artistic expression that has been used to decorate patios and gateways of homes, temples, wedding destinations, festival venues, inauguration ceremonies, and exhibition halls for centuries. The detailed pattern of the rangoli design varies between Indian states. The designs are defined by the ritual and event for which they are created.

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Rangoli is a vibrant art form that enhances the attractiveness of any occasion. When you look at rangoli, you’ll notice that the majority of them have symmetry in them. Rangoli’s symmetry attracts undivided attention. Therefore, these rangoli designs for Holi are something you must try this year, but first, here are some tips and tricks that you should know:

  • If you’re a beginner, start your Rangoli design by drawing dots of the shape that you want to make, you can then join these dots for a neat design.
  • Before you start working on your Rangoli, make sure that you have everything that you’ll need right beside you, including the colors, pencil and eraser, diyas, flowers or any other accessories that you plan to use.
  • Start by drawing an outline with a chalk.
  • You must be clear on what kind of design you want to make. You can find several tutorials online, through which you learn how intricate designs can be made simply by using hacks such as the use of comb to make a checkered design.
rangoli design ideas

23 – Rangoli Design With Diyas

Nothing compares to the beauty of diyas all lit up together. The diya rangoli design for Holi is a great option for those who are limited on time. If you want to use colorful diyas, you can paint simple diyas to make them more attractive at home and decorate them with colors and flowers.

rangoli designs for holi

22 – Neon Design

This neon-colored rangoli is contemporary and fashionable. Use neon green and pink rangoli colors to create this stunning pattern. This is the most colorful rangoli pattern. It is surely going to get a lot of attention from all Holi visitors to your home.

rangoli designs for holi

21 – Pretty Peacock Rangoli For Holi

This is a lovely rangoli with a brightly colored peacock. The vivid color combinations featured in the various sections of the peacock are the design’s features. This rangoli’s eye-catching characteristic is the spiral design in red between leafy shapes of appealing yellow and green combinations. This rangoli is simple to make and takes little time.

20 – Kundan Design

As time passes, we see various changes, and rangoli has taken on many different shapes, colors, and styles. Kundan rangoli is an example of such a change. The colorful stones can be put in a specific pattern in the Kundan technique. As you can see, this rangoli design features a purple and golden Kundan combination. Kundans are usually arranged in lovely patterns to create floral motifs.

19 – Checkered

Create a checkerboard pattern with outlines and spaces filled with marigold and rose petals when you can’t think of anything else to do. This rangoli design is just magnificent and comparatively easier to manage.

rangoli designs for holi

18 – Lotus Shaped

Lotuses are not only favorable, but they are also beautiful to look at. One of the most traditional rangoli designs is the Lotus rangoli. The colorful effect generated by employing colors in beautiful for the petals on this rangoli pattern is stunning.

rangoli designs for holi

17 – Elegant Mandala Rangoli Design

If all of the simple rangoli patterns aren’t enough for you, try this detailed circular rangoli. This two-toned mandala rangoli pattern is a true show-stopper, and it will look fantastic gracing your front door or gateway. There are no restrictions on the number of colors you can use. This artistically created rangoli pattern will bring a lot of class and style to your Holi celebrations.

rangoli designs for holi

16 – Holi Special

This just might become your family’s all-time favorite rangoli. Multi-color schemes are always a good idea. A combination of red and blue with a hint of yellow and a few other colors is unique and elegant. Furthermore, this design does not take a long time to complete but still looks quite satisfying. This might give your Holi the modern touch you’ve been looking for, with vivid colors and the perfect blend.

rangoli designs for holi

15 – Rangoli Design for Beginners

This Rangoli design is everlasting because it features a variety of colored flower petals and may be made for any occasion. Because the colors may be modified depending on the availability of flower petals, pattern, and occasion, this rangoli style is extremely versatile. Every beginner can easily create these rangoli. Use the design below, which features fascinating color combinations, to unleash your creativity.

rangoli designs for holi

Here’s a beautiful floral rangoli design for Holi that’s bright, innovative, and well-designed. Make this rangoli design in your living room, and you’ll get a lot of positive feedback. It expresses your excitement and inventiveness for Holi, thanks to the brilliant colors utilized in its creation.

rangoli designs for holi

14 – Artistic Rangoli

Now this is one design that not everyone can copy but if you’re an artist, this is something you must try. And if you’re into arts and crafts then you’ll surely love these home art studio ideas.

rangoli design ideas


13 – Illuminated Peacock

The eye-catching blue peacock design is the next rangoli design for Holi on the list. This circular form is adorned with many peacock feathers. If you’re the type of person that prefers to light the designs more than anyone else, this diya rangoli design for Holi pattern will come in handy!

rangoli designs for holi

12 – Colorful Circles

This is another stunning rangoli pattern to consider this year. This is a large rangoli that will take a long time to complete, and it will require attention to detail, and being skillful is another thing that is needed. There have been a variety of colors chosen and simple designs formed. You may combine them to create a simple design that appears significant due to various colors and forms.

rangoli designs for holi

11 – Classic Kolam Design

Kolams are typically white due to the use of rice flour in their creation. The elegance of these designs resides in their simplicity and aesthetically appealing symmetry, which appears to be too beautiful. The most popular kolams are giant circular kolams with delicate and detailed motifs.

rangoli designs for holi

10 – Geometrical Design

With the rise of modernity in everyday life, classic rangolis were given a modern makeover by incorporating geometry. The charming and elegant combination of yellow and black is gorgeous and distinctive. With its gorgeous color scheme, this design is sure to light up the occasion and the festival of Holi.

rangoli designs for holi

9 – Simple And Effortlesss Rangoli Design

Another lovely and simple rangoli design for Holi. This year, all you need is a simple yet attractive design. To make the festival pleasant, you’ll need a rangoli design for Holi that depicts the richness of colors. This design has outperformed all others due to the great color combination.

rangoli designs for holi

8 – Pixel Art

Holi is a joyful festival, so this bright pixel art rangoli design adds some color to the festivities. A flower design loaded with pixel graphics is unquestionably an impressive design. This pixel art rangoli design is an exciting idea worth pursuing.

rangoli designs for holi

7 – Colourful Rangoli with Diyas

This bright rangoli design for Holi features a paisley-shaped motif with floral designs and is illuminated by diyas. The color scheme of pink, green, yellow, white, and violet warms the look and appeals to the eye. This pattern is meant to brighten up your home and draw admiration from your guest. For any party or celebration, this is one of the most popular and simple Rangoli patterns with colors and diyas.

rangoli designs for holi

6 – Sun Shaped

This rangoli in the shape of the sun is incredibly cool and a lot of fun to make. This is a simple rangoli pattern for beginners. The orange and yellow colors in the border, along with the long and twisted lines, aptly depict the sun’s radiance. And there’s a lovely flower in the middle to add to its allure.

rangoli designs for holi

5 – Hibiscus

Rangoli is a type of traditional art that is usually inspired by nature. As you can see, the Hibiscus is the source of inspiration for this Flower-shaped rangoli. The combination of red and green leaves is quite lovely.

rangoli designs for holi

4 – Semetrical Squares

This pretty geometric rangoli with square motifs is simple and elegant. The lovely designs on it set it apart from other geometric rangolis. The arrangement of diyas inside the rangoli, as well as the lovely color scheme, make it even more dazzling.

rangoli designs for holi

3 – Simple And Easy Rangoli Design for Home

One of the most classic combos that are likely to impress everyone is leaves and flowers. Any beginner may quickly and easily create this rangoli with some leaves and colored flowers, and you’ll have a beautiful Holi rangoli.

rangoli designs for holi

2 – Floral Rangoli Design For Beginner

Start with the flower and leaf theme if you’re inexperienced with rangoli creating. You may make simple rangoli creations with your favorite colors and patterns. The whole point of the beginner’s rangoli is to bring forth a person’s originality. Place diyas around the rangoli to improve its overall aesthetic.

rangoli designs for holi

Step by step video tutorial:

1 – Flower Petals

This simple floral Rangoli has few colors and simple designs, making it suitable for beginners. You will adore how the design is kept as simple as possible, with common flower petals such as marigolds and roses, but it still looks stunning.

rangoli designs for holi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What material is used to make Rangoli?

Rangoli is one of the most beautiful Indian folk arts. In the creation of rangoli, various materials such as sand, flower petals, rice flour, lentils, and beans are used.

Q. What is the process of making rangoli colours?

Vermilion, turmeric, and other natural colors can be included in rangoli, commonly dry or wet powdered rice, or dry flour. Chemical colors are a more recent development. Colored sand, red brick powder, and even flowers and petals, as in flower rangolis, are used as additional elements.

Q. What are the different ways of making Rangoli?

There are two ways to make rangoli: shapes and ornamental. The most common shapes are used to make rangoli are circles, cones, and lines. Making of images of birds, animals, trees, petals, flowers, and deities can be found in ornamental rangoli.

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