18 Cute Pink Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls – DIY Decoration Tips

Cute Pink Bedroom Ideas – Pink is a girl’s favorite color. When you think of decorating your room with pink color, it will always remind you of your childhood memories like Barbie’s room. But as a teen, you wouldn’t want your room to look like a childlike room. A different touch and creative ideas can create an amazing look in the room. Pink is itself a very fun color, and if combined with any other color it can create a cool look. This article will be a perfect guide for girls who are looking for ideas how to decorate rooms with pink furniture , accessories etc. Branded Girls has a huge collection for teen girls lifestyle, See here

Branded Girls has a huge collection for teen girls lifestyle, See here 20 Chic ways on how to dress with pink outfits.

DIY Tips – How to Decorate Bedroom with Pink Color

You should know how to use colors in order to make a creative design. With the combination of dark and light colors and a good balance of accessories, one can really add charm to life. When using several other colors with pink, make sure that you choose the perfect colors palette.

Pink Wall Color

Pink color along with white or black can look great. If one wall is pink, the other three can be white. Whereas, the furniture such as a couch or the chair can be of any color. Create a modern space by putting cushions in any bright color.

Pink Pillows

For a fun and fresh feel in the room, add any bright color pillows. A right amount of pink or any other girly shade is appropriate.

Animal Print Bedsheets

Pink always looks cool with animal prints. If the bedsheets are animal printed such as leopard print or zebra print, then it would look glamorous. Try to mix and match the animal prints on pillows or bed sheets.

Wall Hangings

In a room, a wall hanging is a must. Hang it either above the bed or beside your window. If you can get your hands on some abstract art in shades of pink then that would be superb.

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Pink Room Accessories

Be creative with accessories. They add life to everything. Put unique objects on the dressing table or anywhere else where they can be adjusted. A stand, a coffee table, a lamp or any hanging. Pink accessories in the room look fantastic and classy.

 Teen Pink Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Girls

#18- Cute Pink hangings in the room add life. You don’t have to add only pink colored things even if your theme is a pink color. It is always a good idea to work with your imagination and try to go for few other combos as well. For example, in this picture the curtains are made up of pink and white contrast and it still looks all chic and girly. For more combos, you can also go for golden, turquoise and silver colors they look perfect with pink.


#17– Pink trunk type table looks antique and stylish.

This antique styles trunk table is perfect for living room and to pimp it up a little more. You can go for shocking pink colored vintage trunk and then put opposite colored decoration pieces over it. For the flowers, you can go for pink colored flowers. It is always a good idea to add a touch to gold or silver to whatever there is that you add to your trunk. For more chic look you can add a beautiful wall art behind the trunk.


#16– Very chic style room for Teenage Girls

Teenager rooms can be very vibrant and colorful and they will still look perfect and pretty. All you need to do is to find a common theme in your room and then go with the contrasting colors of different little things. For example, you can add different and contrasting colored cushions, throws or even rugs. This idea is perfect for those girls who don’t really like their room to be all pink and barbie looking but they still want a little element of pink in their room to give it a girly and elegant touch.


#15– White and pink are girls favorite.

The right pair of lamps on the table look great. This is the classic combo that will never fail anyone. This room idea is very simple as well. You can simply go for pink and white colored different things, but it you think that this combo will be too plain for you then try adding a third color, for example, you can go for turquoise, gold, black etc colors for a more contrasting look to your room.


#14– Too girly but perfect for a teen.


#13– A gorgeous pink chair

If you don’t like the feel of the simple chairs in your room then you can simply go for a cute sofa chair or couch. Add a floral touch to it using a cushion and you’ll have a cool statement-making piece of art in your room.


#12– Black and pink when combined look fabulous. Only if properly balanced with accessories.


#11– Little pink wall accessories can make a huge difference in the room.


#10– Shocking pink and blue compliment each other very well.


#9– Black and Pink Room

Like mentioned earlier, the black and pink combo is the best combo in the world but if you are more inclined towards black and less inclined towards pink then this next bedroom inspiration idea is the perfect one for you. For this, all you need to do is to go for black color in most of the items in your room. For example, you can go for black bed, black lamp shades, black colored bedding. But for a few things you can go for pink color to key the pink color element in your room. But make sure that you don’t overpower the pink color and you keep black color as the dominant one.


#8– Simple white walls with pink furniture is perfect. With the right kind of furniture for a teenager.


#7– Polka dots can never go out of fashion.


#6– Light pink room with a wall painting looks simple yet stylish.


#5– The room can look funky with accessories. A gorgeous light on the ceiling looks absolutely fantastic.


4– A shocking pink room with a black shelf for shoes or accessories looks cool.

This is a great way to place things in style. For the color of the shelf, you can go for black color and for the brackets you can alternate between pink and white or you can opt for black and white patterned baskets as well. They look super cute in a room with the matching theme. These baskets can be used to store anything in them from jewelry to purses to books (check out this article 10 Best Fiction Books of All Time for Teenage Girls to Read)


#3– Zebra print bedsheet in a light pink room looks amazing. The room is decorated with all kinds of wall hangings.


DIY Room Cute Decor Tutorial

#2– Pink accessories such as flowers look beautiful. You can place a vase on the table or dressing table.


#1Modern Bedroom Style -Pink stripes wall can never go out of fashion. With polka dot lamps, the room looks even more classy.


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