15 Best Pakistani Saree Brands and Designers You Should Know

Pakistani Saree Brands. Sarees are popular in the desi culture, all owing to their diversity. Women have loved and adored this piece of clothing ever since it was introduced to the culture. The love for sarees is widespread in the subcontinent, with it finally introduced to the mainstream in Pakistan.

The Pakistani fashion scene is continually evolving. Although they have been around for the longest time, Sarees were never really introduced to the Pakistani mainstream every-day fashion. The acceptance of people of their own culture over the years has allowed sarees to make a comeback in a way like never before. Not only are the Pakistani brands now introducing casual sarees, but by the looks of it, people love it!

Where to Buy Sarees in Pakistan?

Sarees, although undeniably gorgeous, require that the wear-er knows how to wear it. This is not a piece of clothing that you can just tastelessly wrap around your body, and you’re ready to go. With so many saree styles on the market and little knowledge about the tips and tricks to follow when wearing a saree, it can get tricky for people who have never worn a saree to choose one. There is no need for worry, though, because we have got your back!

top pakistani saree brands

With so many varieties of this glamorous piece of clothing available, it can get a little overwhelming looking for the perfect saree. Too many choices can be headache-inducing, which is why we will help you find the perfect saree from your favorite local Pakistani brands. Keep reading because we are going to cover tips and tricks to do your saree justice.

Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing Sarees

It can be challenging to get the hang of how to wear a saree. It is not the easiest thing to do on the planet. It requires patience and practice- lots of it. Sarees are perfect for all body shapes and types, so if you feel like you don’t look your absolute best, you are probably doing something wrong. Wearing a saree is an art, and art requires practice. Next time you put this glorious outfit on, make sure to follow these tips to look your best self in a saree.

  • Fitting Matters: People tend to forget that the thing on the inside is also going to show. Blouse works as a medium in giving shape to the saree. Wearing a loosely fitted blouse can make the entire look less appealing. We recommend you pay extra attention to the fitting of the blouse and choose one that fits you perfectly. Tailored blouses, for this reason, work better than ready-made blouses.
  • Place Your Petticoat On Naval Area: Placing your petticoat at the extremes of the middle point of your stomach area can look unnatural. The best placement for a petticoat is on the naval area. If you haven’t experimented much with sarees, then follow this tip as a rule of thumb. But if you have worn your fair share of sarees, there is no harm in playing around with the placement to see what works best for you.
  • Make Pins Your Bestfriend: Not using pins to secure the loose cloth can end in a disaster. Free falling is very common when it comes to sarees because there is too much cloth. If you’re not an experienced saree wearer, we strongly recommend that you use pins to secure your saree in place. Pinning a saree up is essential to secure the pallu and the pleats in their place. Not doing so might lead to your saree not staying up, and that can be not very pleasant.
  • No Mix And Matching With Sarees: Mix and matching is something that we are all tempted to do at some point. We all do this. It is but natural. But when it comes to sarees, we strongly recommend that you hold back on that urge to experiment with mix and matching. In our experience, doing so has always resulted in downright disastrous situations. Your saree must match the petticoat. Mix and matching can dull down the beauty of the entire look, and that would be a disappointment.
  • Mid-length Pallus For The Win: Pallu length is something that people tend to experiment with alot. However, very long or very short pallus are seldom practical. It is uncomfortable, and in our humble opinion, it doesn’t even look great. Playing it safe is always the right thing to do. Make sure to pleat your saree before draping the cloth around your waist. This will allow you to manage the length of your saree’s pallu.
  • Say No To Color Coordinated Jewelry: Color coordinating jewelry is so 2000s. There is a fine line between tacky and fashionable. Too much color coordination can make you look tacky, and no one wants that. If you like to play it safe, your best bet is not to color-coordinate your jewelry and keep it light- accessories wise.

These are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when wearing a saree. We understand that it might not appear easy at first, but we promise that it will all be worth it once you get it right. Sarees can completely transform how one looks, and we want our dear readers to always look their best.

Now that we have gone over all the tips you need to keep in mind when wearing a saree; we will cover the top Pakistani saree brands. These brands do not compromise on the quality of their products, which we love about them. All of the sarees in our list are exquisite, and we think every woman should own a Pakistani Designer Saree.

↓ 15 – Meeras by Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid is a well-known name in the Pakistani fashion industry and under her label “Meeras” we have been seeing some really unique and eye-catching sarees. This gorgeous “Cleopatra’s vision” saree of hers features dabka work, an encrusted band collar that is heavily embellished with stonework on Organza and tissue fabric saree – perfect for the wedding season, especially when paired with these elegant Hairstyles to wear with a Saree.

pakistani saree brands

Price of 3-piece saree: PKR 98,500

↓ 14 – The Saari Girl

We love supporting new ventures and small businesses and The Saari Girl is someone we could just not ignore as she’s out on a mission to normalise saarees in Pakistan while crushing capitalism, sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well, her sarees are even more awesome!

pakistani saree brands

↓ 13 – Hath Ghar

This is an amazing venture that brings imported sarees from India, Bangladesh and Srilanka to Pakistan at very affordable prices. Their block-printed and banarsi sarees are truly exquisite and different from the stuff you find in local markets. If you’re looking for casual sarees, this should be your go-to saree brand.

pakistani saree brands


↓ 12 – Sanaa Tariq

If you want a truly modern saree, then Trousseau by Sanaa Tariq is the brand for you. On her website and Instagram profile, you can find a number of beautifully designed sarees in Western cuts and diamontees detailing that make them stand out.

best pakistani saree brands

↓ 11 – Maria B

For those who want a designer saree at an affordable price, Maria B is often the best choice as her sarees are comparatively reasonable, especially during the sales. This beautiful silk saree of hers for example, a beautiful combination of classic embroideries and modern digital prints, is available for 31,590 and a sale price of just PKR 14,216.

pakistani saree brands

↓ 10 – Tena Durrani

The Pakistani fashion industry has been making rounds in the world of fashion. It is versatile and does not disappoint when it comes to introducing new fashion trends. Tena Durrani is a leading name in the fashion industry that is notorious for its versatility. This brand is one of critics’ top few favorites since it has consistently produced beautiful clothing designs.

Tena Durrani embarked on her designing career in 2005 and has not looked back since. Her designs are inspired by architecture and art from the Mughal Era, which has had a strong influence on Pakistani culture. She personally designs all designs that ensure all her pieces are up to the standards of her client base. The embroidery on her clothes is exquisite and is definitely one of a kind.

This gorgeous Teena Durrani Saree is one that every saree-loving person needs in their closet. If you are looking for something fancy that exudes classy vibes, then this is the one you should be getting your hands on. You should also check out these Best Pakistani Lawn Brands to Watch This Summer.

Price: Rs. 100,000

tena durrani

Shop Here

↓ 9 – Sanam Chaudhri

Sanam Chaudhri, although new to the Pakistani fashion scene, has made a mark in the industry with her gorgeous saree designs. Get your hands on this beautiful pastel blue net saree with a voile blouse. A saree like this is perfect for formal dinners. If you are looking for a multipurpose saree on a budget and can be worn on multiple occasions, this is definitely it! We love everything from the choice of colors to the gorgeous embroidery design on the blouse. Pair this look with silver jewelry, and you are set to serve looks.

Price: Rs. 35,000

sanam chaudhri

Shop Here

↓ 8 – Rizwan Beyg

Rizwan Beyg is a renowned name in the fashion industry of Pakistan. This brand has a focus on luxury wear with an emphasis on traditional elements. Rizwan Beyg’s saaris are one of a kind, and if you are looking for a saree that will allow you to stand out of the crowd, you need to get your hands on at least one Rizwan Beyg saree.

This saree is perfect for formal and semi-formal events. The net drape on the cotton blouse gives this saree a whole new character. If you like to keep it chic while also playing with different patterns, this is the saree you need. Pair this look with a simple black choker, and you are set for the event.

rizwan beyg

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↓ 7 – Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

MNR’s designs put an emphasis on the cultural heritage of Pakistan. Their sarees are a treat for sore eyes. This gorgeous saree design is inspired by the 90s Pakistani fashion icons. The gorgeous embellishments on velvet with a combination of different fabrics really make the look pop. This saree is one for the royalty. If this is the look you are trying to achieve, we would strongly recommend you check out Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s sarees.

Price: Rs. 107,500

mohsin naveed ranjha

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↓ 6 – Kastoor

Sky-blue goodness will never go out of fashion. If you are looking for a casual looking saree that you can wear to one of your girls day out, then this is the one for you. Sarees don’t always have to be heavily embellished. This is the perfect example of a saree that clearly proves “less is more.” Sometimes keeping things simple can really make you stand out from the crowd. Kastoor specializes in contemporary desi fashion, and we are loving it. This particular saree speaks to us on a different level.

Price: Rs. 14,500


Shop Here

↓ 5 – HSY

Hassan Shehryar Yasin is one of the biggest names in the fashion designer world. This saree design is absolutely regal, and we are obsessed with the colors used in this. This heavily embroidered saree is one that is sure to make you look like royalty.

The distinctive gorgeous designs on carefully selected fabric make this saree perfect for a bridal event. If you want to try something different on your big day, we would definitely recommend considering this saree design. Not all women want to look like the conventional desi bride. If you do not want to follow conventional styles, you should try this look. Here are the Best Winter Saree Styles.

Price: Varies with customization


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↓ 4 – Faiza Saqlain

Maya looks like a gem in this Faiza Saqlain saree. Looking at this stunning saree, the only words that come to mind are serene and regal. Want to look like a princess at that event you’ve been looking forward to? Look no further because this saree has all the elements of a royal saree. The beautifully beaded blouse and a lightly embroidered drape make this saree one of a kind. You don’t have to go all-in with all the colors of the rainbow to look like a dream. Pair this gorgeous pearly saree with a jeweled neckpiece and matching earrings to look like a million bucks.

Price: Rs. 170,000

faiza saqlain

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↓ 3 – Ayesha And Usman

The eye that appreciates beauty in the simplest of things is the eye that pays attention to detail. This Ayesha and Usman saree is one that has paid attention to detail. The use of monotonous tones with a hint of gold in this saree has made it one of our absolute favorites. The combination of colors, embroidery, and the choice of fabric in this saree is spot on. If you’re looking for something traditional for a special night out, then this is the saree you need to get your hands on. Every woman deserves a saree this pretty, which is why we highly recommend this particular style.

Price: Rs. 95,400

ayesha and usman

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↓ 2 – Anaya By Kiran Chaudhry

This saree has everything that one can possibly want in a saree. We are in love with the Kiran Chaudhry saree that would make anyone look like a dream. Get your hands on this saree to look your absolute best.

Price: Rs. 74,450

anaya by kiran chaudhry

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↓ 1 – Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan makes use of stunning colors to give his designs that oomph factor. We love how beautifully embroidered the blouse is and how the royal blue makes the entire saree pop. Get your hands on this saree to look like a desi queen.

Price: Rs. 71,900

ali xeeshan

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This is all we have for the list. We had so much fun compiling these for you because our obsession with sarees is never-ending, and if you can relate to that, you would understand how exciting it is for us to be bringing this to you. Your feedback helps us grow. Please leave your feedback in the comment section below to tell us which one you love the most. Till then, happy saree shopping!

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